Tenuously Feeble Clinton Campaigning in Fort Pierce and Coral Springs Florida….

Omar mateen clinton rallyFort Pierce is approximately 100 miles North of Coral Springs; both on the East coast of Florida. Fort Pierce is also the location of the mosque were Omar Mateen (Orlando terrorist) attended.

Seddique Mateen, Omar’s father, is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, Fort Pierce is not as favorable toward her. Additionally, during her campaign stop in Fort Pierce today, Hillary Clinton’s ever-present two-year cough was pronounced:

Stairs continue to be an issue for the candidate:



After leaving Fort Pierce Secretary Clinton heads South 100 miles to Coral Springs Florida is Broward County. There was/is a respectable turnout for her visit to the Coral Springs gymnasium:



For perspective, this Coral Springs gymnasium is right down the road from the BB&T Center where candidate Donald Trump held his rally last month:

trump fort lauderdale 2

Trump fort lauderdale

trump fort lauderdale 4

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205 Responses to Tenuously Feeble Clinton Campaigning in Fort Pierce and Coral Springs Florida….

  1. aprilyn43 says:

    I especially loved her, “Do all that you can” speech, too bad HildaBeast didn’t do all SHE could for the Benghazi 4 !!!
    But, she sure did all she could “for herself” using her private email server! And, by using the Clinton Foundation Fund, to fund her criminal dealings!

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  2. aprilyn43 says:

    The Trump campaign needs to start giving out hard hitting campaign adds! The issue of “Billy ‘the Rapist’ Clinton” needs to be addressed! Chelaese is a big girl, & she does PR for momma! Benghazi needs to be addressed, as does the private email server! These adds of HildaBeast need to be countered! And, they seem to be all I’m seeing!

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    • ZurichMike says:

      He is saving his ammunition for the latter half of October. This he has already said a couple of time — no sense tipping your hand too soon to give the Beast time to react.

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      • aprilyn43 says:

        ZurichMike – I want Trump/Penske to win! They’ve got to win!! Ppl are making up their mind now, this. This to be addressed! We get 1 add for Trump and 25 to 50 for HildaBeast! I know she’s out spending him, but … these damning issues need to be addressed.
        Just like Machado, she’s a criminal, a piece of horse manure. Put an add up that shows who HildaBeast is supporting! Machado’s record speaks for itself! AS DOES HILDABEAST AND BILLY’S !


        • ZurichMike says:

          Estimated 115,000 ads that Hillary or her surrogates have aired. Trump and his surrogates have aired about 20,000. That means Hillary has 6 times the number of ads. And she’s still losing more and more each day.

          Laura Ingraham telegraphed during an interview that you can expect Trump’s ads to be released in a couple of weeks to be upbeat and positive. We’re moving forward, leaving Hillary in the dust.

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      • dreadnok89 says:

        You can think that if you like but it’s not gonna happen. He is listening to too many pussy politicians and it showed at the debate


        • ZurichMike says:

          Really? Is that why reliable polls show him increasing his lead over Hillary after the debate? Is that why the Clinton campaign stopped talking about the debate after one day? Is that why she sent and unvetted porn star as a surrogate to attack him after the debate? Would you have preferred him getting into the mud with filthy Hillary and giving her the “victim” status she craved?

          His job — his only job — was not to appear as a crazed person as she had been saying for months, and not to take the bait that would give Hillary ammunition about Trump’s “unpresidential” demeanor. He did this exceptionally well.

          He also held his own for 45 minutes, she the other 45 mintues — which is extraordinary because with all of her cheating and being prepped and having the questions in advance, she should have dominated for 90 minutes. She may have won technically on debate points, but lost on empathy, and it showed.

          He has also stated, as has his campaign manager, that his ad blitz will be the last 3 weeks of the campaign.

          These are facts, not opinion. Unless you know what “pussy politicians” he’s been listening too, you’re just posting ridiculous conjecture.

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