California Woman Forced To Change Airline Seat To Accommodate Muslim Passengers…

It is always rather ironic how the mighty enlightened, limo-liberal, progressively-minded people can’t see the inevitable conclusions of their ideological and culturally Marxist arguments.  If it didn’t effect all of us, it would be somewhat humorous to point their insufferable hypocrisies back at them.

Oh well.  At least in this story they were not baking a cake….

All Your Accomodations Are Belong To Us

All Your Accommodations Are Belong To Us

COTO DE CAZA, Calif. — A Southern California woman said she is the victim of discrimination, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Mary Campos said her pre-booked ticket was given away by United Airlines. The reason? She’s a woman, and two men didn’t want to sit next to a female.

A million-mile flier, Campos, a mom who lives in Coto de Caza, said she thought she’d seen it all – until a gate agent handed her a new boarding pass just before she got on a flight to Houston last Monday.

“He said, ‘This is your new seat,’” Campos said, “and I said, ‘Excuse me?’ And he said, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this.’”

She said she continued by saying, “Yes?”

And the agent told her, “The two gentlemen seated next to you have cultural beliefs that prevent them for sitting next to, talking to or communicating with females.”

She was shocked.

“I thought I lived in a culture where females were equal to men,” she said.

Campos is a senior consultant in the oil and gas industry.

She said she had no choice but to take her new seat assignment.  (read more)

Democrat Voter - Typical Progressive

…Discriminatory accommodation liberals force upon others, they call progressive tolerance. Discriminatory accommodations liberals have forced upon themselves they call bias…



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260 Responses to California Woman Forced To Change Airline Seat To Accommodate Muslim Passengers…

  1. Pam says:

    It’s his right for him to believe what he wants to but I shouldn’t have to give up my seat because I’m a woman. This bowing to Muslims in order to be PC is stepping all over our rights as Americans and it’s just sickening!

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    • grlangworth says:

      To me, the only response should be a first class upgrade for the lady. When is the next time these Pakistani monks will be able to afford to fly on United? Million mile fliers do not grow on trees. Major mistake, United.

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    • The Other Jim says:

      In Islam, Muslim women are worth half as much as a(one) Muslim man. Non-Muslim women, regardless whether they are Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, etc, are legally worth even less according to their Quran, every Muslim legal school, and Islamic scholar.

      That is the reality for all non-Muslims, especially non-Muslim women.

      This is there reason why so many Muslim men have few problems raping non-Muslim women as has happened in Rotherham, UK to Malmo, Sweden (now the rape capital of Europe due to Muslims), to their mass rapes going on across Germany like Hamburg.

      This is what is likely to happen in the US unless Trump is elected.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        It’s already happening.

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      • Mike says:

        Yes, ladies, a vote for HRC is a vote for uncontrolled muzzie rapists, even before she grabs for our guns…

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        • dekare says:

          And if hiLIARy does win, will these muslim leaders speak with her, deal with her, or let her do anything. I mean, they can’t even let a woman sit near them, serve them drinks or talk to them…so how are they going to react to our country being run by a woman?

          For muslims, women are only good for raping, producing baby terrorists, and covering up and hiding them away in shame. Yeah, lets let hundreds of thousands if not millions of like minded people come to our country. What could possibly go wrong? I am sure they will assimilate with no problems and become good Americans. Right?


        • UKExpat says:

          Islam does not believe in Nation States or Mans Laws and every Muslim that lives in a Kafir country is obliged to perform Jihad, either by deceit or by violence, until Islam and Shariah rule there.


    • Jeaneen says:

      You can thank liberals for this and our Muslim Obama. Americans must stop giving into Muslims, this is our USA, they either assimilate are leave.

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    • Ozzie says:

      My question is, when did Christians get that luxury? When did non smokers until laws were passed? And if laws just applies to public places then why did it get enforced everywhere?
      Our country is great because of God, don’t ever forget that. It’s got nothing to do with anything else. When you start from there we can put the pieces back together.

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    • Nycgal says:

      I’m just dying for some reporter to ask Hillary, the supreme feminist, how she would have reacted if asked to change her seat

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    • Like everything today, the mistake was made from the beginning and then others have to be put out to correct it. I don’t care what you believe as a muslim or a Paki Monk. You, are supposed to know what you believe and will except. You bought your tickets and at the time should have explained all this. If no man could have been given the seat, or it was to complicated to insure a man would sit there, then these two needed to purchase the third seat. No price should be to great for what you truly believe in. If you truly believe.

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    • shark24 says:

      I’m over in the ME right now working a temp assignment. Had a nice get together with some current and ex USAF guys here just last night and one of the guys related going into Saudi for a logistics run and the aircraft commander, a woman, was not allowed to go into base ops to file the flight plan but had to stay on the plane. To say he and the rest of the crew was angry would be an understatement.

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    • kellymoncus says:

      They did her a favor by her not having to sit beside or between the two pieces of Camel Dung !


    • vedura says:

      The men should have booked an entire row or flown first class if they were that devout, not forced someone else to lose their seat.,


  2. Larry klitgaard says:

    United should have seated the two muslims to another seats/row rather than moving a passenger who had a booked seat. Seems rather unfair in a democratic(suposedly) country.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Totally agree. Why should anyone be displaced? The problems passengers should be given other seat options, and if unwillingly to move, the ball is in their court. Stay in originally assigned seats or don’t fly. Their choice.
      Displacing another SHOULD NOT Be an option.
      Publics’ option: DON’T FLY UNITED or if having no choice, DEMAND TO A SEAT ASSIGNMENT NEXT TO A NON-MUSLIM.
      IMO people need to start demanding that such companies uphold such policies from the perspective of both parties.


    • paulyho39 says:

      Yeah…my question, too! Why was SHE the one who had to change? Why couldn’t those Monks have been re-seated to suit THEIR precious requirements?? It’s just so stupid how these companies immediately kow-tow..bow down to their every request…our people..and in this case THEIR frequent flier meant nothing to them! Sick!

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  3. Howie says:

    In the PC/Social Justice heirarchy looks like Muzz are more protected than women identity groups. Wonder how they add up the points? Would it be different if it was one Muzz v two women?

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    • Davey says:

      Would the airline remove the muz if a group of women felt threatened by them?

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    • dekare says:

      All animals are equal…but some are more equal than others.

      If you want to know who has control over you…simply see who it is you are not allowed to offend.

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      • The biggest issue currently is how pro Islamic the Democrats have become. Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s handler, is technically president of US. Should Clinton be elected, Huma Abedin will become president. America is slowly but surely being subjugated to Islam by American voters obeying the media’s instructions on whom to vote for. Why do Americans so desperately want to be governed by third world barbarians? Why do they want to destroy their children’s futures?

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    • Muhry says:

      She should have identified as a man for the duration of the flight and got some tranny points. That might have cancelled out the muzzie points.

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      • Duhders says:

        Rofl, that would have been the greatest response.

        Just wait until this actually happens, hang on to your flotation-approved seat cushions everybody. I can see it now:

        “They have nothing to worry about, I’m transgender honey. All of this (as he/she points to herself)…fake! I’ve always wanted a little Tibetan monk sugar…oh was that wrong? Get over it baby cakes”

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        • Actually, Tibetan monks are warm, funny, and like women. I drove several of them around Philadelphia and New Jersey in my 1969 Plymouth VIP many, many decades ago. At the week’s end, we posed for pictures together, and their Tibetan translator actually has his arm around my shoulder!


    • bofh says:

      It’s too bad that Ms Campos was of the light-skinned persuasion. I’d like to have seen what United would have done if she were a black woman. I’m betting they would have made other arrangements. But it all depends who’s higher on the entitlement scale.

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      • bluesky says:

        too bad that Ms Campos was light-skinned and physically able. What would have happened if it was a handicapped minority with a service dog?


  4. HBD says:

    To the back of the bus you go………..

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  5. mike says:

    This is what you get with the over-accommodating American leftist. Biggest “victim” of white males, America or the West gets their way. It’s called being PC, welcome to the nightmare. You are about 25 years late.


  6. Artist says:

    down the road of groveling Dhimmitude to the stinkin’ cesspit of Sharia! Pay your Jizyah , infidels!

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  7. Artist says:

    If nothing else I would have DEMANDED an upgrade, free tickets, something, energetically and very enthusiastically

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  8. ZurichMike says:

    This happens all the time on flights to and from Israel. Ultraorthodox men refuse to sit next to women. It causes a huge uproar. What happens now is that the women are asked if they would like to be moved to business class, and leave the men in economy class. LOL!

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    • TrumpFanGirl says:

      The difference is the Ultraorthadox are not doing this because they look down on the women. It really is their religion and when they get off the plane, they aren’t likely to look to corner that same woman in a dark alley.


      • Jenny R. says:

        No, it is their interpretation of their religion (which is a slight but significant difference) and while they don’t look down on women persay, they do have a mighty chauvinistic attitude towards them (at least from the rest of society’s pov).
        The major difference is: the rest of Jewish society won’t allow them to completely run the show; they are accommodated but they get publicly griped at and left in economy. In short, the rest of their society let’s it very clear that while they will respect their traditions, they won’t put up with bs after a point.
        And that is the

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        • ThankYou,Treepers says:

          “The major difference is: the rest of Jewish society won’t allow them to completely run the show…”


          Just as we need to stop letting Jewish Leftists run the show here. They don’t target islam but rather use it against their true target, the Christian West.

          Sundance mentioned Marx in his opening sentence. Appropriately, Marx being among the first and certainly the most famous of the race to wage radical ideological warfare upon the order and morality that built Western Civilization.

          Professor Kevin MacDonald in his 1998 scholarly volume “The Culture of Critique” provides devastatingly persuasive evidence, primarily using quotes of the provocateurs. Intellectual honesty compels recognition of this very powerfully destructive dynamic. Political correctness can no longer limit this necessary inquiry. It has been admitted among the Jewish Left that they use “anti-Semitism as both a shield and a sword” and it is foolish to continue to tolerate that silencing mechanism.


    • Then they should buy up enough seats around them thus preventing any filthy women from being near them. The burden on them is to fix the problem buy using their money. They want the airlines to handle the problem and insult women by doing so.

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      • Linden says:

        Well said. Just as, if I had wanted to support GM in 2008, I would have bought a GM car, rather than have my tax dollars stolen from me to bail them out.

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  9. Gov Jay says:

    I would have had two words for the airline… and they wouldn’t have been “Merry Christmas”…

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  10. Summer says:

    Ms. Campos, better vote for Donald Trump or next time you will be required to wear hijab when boarding a plane.

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  11. mari says:

    I hope this woman is voting for Trump. She would be a fool to vote for Hillary who wants to increase these people amongst us.

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  12. Sorry but i’m a million . 4 mile flier and we all know by then that you buy a ticket for a flight not a seat. If rule number one was not broken ‘ never move back in the cabin on a seat reassignment’ then you are at their mercy. Rule number two ‘let them hear it’ write a very respectful complaint about your next ten flights you might score some miles.

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  13. barton2016 says:

    Surely there’s a lawyer who would pick this up as a discrimination suit. After all women are a protorotected class. 6 figure settlement probably.

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    • bolshevict says:

      Just what I was thinking. Could an Amish person demand a young woman to be seated elsewhere? (yes, I know Amish don’t fly) Why only Muslims?


      • Amish do fly, but they do not make a fuss about anything.

        I sat next to a young Amish woman who was accompanying a young ” English” boy on a flight to visit his father for a custody visit.

        She was hired , I did not ask about the details, to fly with the boy to and from his mothers house.

        There are many Amish in my area and they hire out to work for the “English”.

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  14. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Pakistani monks in orange robes? What religion were they, actually? Inquiring minds…

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  15. Lulu says:

    I’d like to see her use and the airline go out of business. But even if she did the media and underworld treat the muslim invaders as the victim. We aren’t far from being the UK and after that Europe.


  16. satmfs says:

    I would have said as long as my new seat assignment was in first-class…for the return leg of my trip also or a free upgrade voucher for my next R/T trip, the seat change is fine. Otherwise, I want my originally booked and paid for seat. Don’t want to provide that seat? I’ll call my lawyers and get them working on a resolution, a costly resolution for United.

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  17. JD says:

    She has a great gender discrimination lawsuit. United Airlines should have said “no” to the Muslims. This is a textbook example of creeping Sharia. It’s disgusting to watch the capitulation to Muslims by western businesses and politicians. Sharia advocates extermination of any and all humans who will not submit to Islam. Muslim nations, like Saudi Arabia, treat women like cattle and toss gays/lesbians off buildings.
    Trump 2016, is our only hope to stop this insanity and national suicide. We either have a country or we don’t.

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  18. laurelmarycecilia says:

    No accomodation … in this culture a man sits next to a woman on a plane. END OF STORY

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  19. rightie says:

    If that had been me, and if my time schedule would have allowed it, I would have requested another flight. You never know if your flight is going to make it all the way with muslims on board.

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  20. getfitnow says:

    I know someone who operated several Curve franchises ( women’s fitness studios). Several Muslim women, from one family, signed up at one of the locations. As was the normal routine, my friend’s husband, stopped by one day to delivery office/bathroom supplies. These women were working out at the time. I don’t recall the timeline, but shortly, they requested that he make his deliveries when they weren’t at the gym. The request could not be accommodated, so they quit.

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    • And that is how the world works. You can request things. But if it can’t be meet, it’s on you to change. Not the world, or in this case some other business, to accommodate you.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Please thank that franchise owner for all Americans next time you see them. That’s exactly how it should have been handled.

      The Muslim women have every right to ask.

      And it was the owners DUTY to refuse to accomodate. If they don’t , this stuff spins out of control, pretty quickly.

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  21. Angry Dumbo says:

    And the government can force seniors and the Little Sisters of the Poor to buy birth control. We are no longer in control of our government, we serve it and it no longer serves us.

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  22. southernmom19 says:

    Ugh, I’m so, so sick of Muslims.

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  23. Deplorable ZZZ says:


    Get your own airline if you can’t play nice with the rest of the civilized world.

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  24. joanfoster says:

    Frankly, I think while offended on many levels the passenger was lucky in the long run not to have to smell garlic, curry and bo the entire flight.

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  25. susiepuma says:

    I would’ve told them to kiss my azz and proceeded to sit said azz right in the seat. If the muzzies didn’t like it, tough shit….they can move.

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  26. I recall the story (probably an urban legend) about a flight where a woman demanded a new seat because she objected to being seated next to a black man. The airline left her in her seat and moved him up to first class.

    I don’t necessarily object to accommodating the monk’s seating request, but the airline employee handled it poorly. He should have offered her a free upgrade without the explanation, or else moved the monks (no upgrade for them!)

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  27. paul vincent zecchino says:

    The airlines were taken over by Mohamed atta and his zany barnstorming pals in 2001.

    Two things were obvious the afternoon of 911, 2001:

    This was a one shot deal, their last big stunt, because Americans would not tolerate any further, Todd Beamer “Let’s Roll”, case in point.
    Allowing Americans with CCW’s to carry aboard aircraft should have been the immediate rule.

    That would have ended this BS.

    But instead, Mr. Kinder & Gentler Nation, Jr. turned the guns on American citizens with his airport security crackdowns which to this day harass blond, grandmothers of Nordic ancestry while waving burka-clad who-knows-what right on thru.

    Fifty megatons over Mecca might have been a good evening aperitif for Mo’ Atta’s feast.

    But it’s obvious the Elites are owned and/or are using the jihadists as a battering ram against the civil society they wish to destroy, and replace it with people who can’t sit next to women.

    Our answer? Do not fly. Don’t feed the beast.

    Not everyone can do that. But if one can, keeping one’s money in one’s pocket denies it to the airlines which take us for granted, at best.

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  28. mimbler says:

    The simple solution is to ask them to pay for empty seats next to them if they don’t want to be seated next to a paying customer.
    I don’t like being seated next to an obese person that flows into my purchased space, but they would not move that person if I requested them to.

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  29. racerxx says:

    This will be a nice fat lawsuit for whatever attorney picks it up. Way to go United!

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  30. bluesky says:

    new standard carry-on items: a bible and bag of pork rinds.

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  31. Mr. Morris says:

    Who are these 2 intolerant men who for religious reasons refused to sit next to a woman? What are their names? Where do they live? Are they U.S. citizens ? Why don’t we see pictures of them, as there are security cameras in all airports? Why did United Airlines discriminate against the female passenger ? Is it the policy of United Airlines to accommodate the demands of orange clad Monks?

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    • Yes, Mr Morris, also what is the name of the United bigot that moved the female without her permission.

      I don’t mean the lower down official that will take the blame. I mean the Big Shot in the company, the one that makes the the very large salary.

      The one that we really need to find and put their feet to the fire.

      If United is to survive this we want the real person behind this horrendous decision.

      He or she is very far up the chain, hopefully we will reach to the top of this one.


  32. Joe says:

    Always fly with bacon bits to scatter around as a prophylatic.

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  33. Muslims are obeying Satan who is Lucifer who is the abomination of desolation who wants to stand on the earth saying the is God not telling the truth. Muslims think they are obeying God. That is why they are the way they are. The Devil in them gets angry saying Jihad when the truth is spoken. That being is speaking through a Quran follower.

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  34. Scott says:

    This entire “philosophy” of accommodating Islamic death cult members comes straight from Europe. I’ve always said, Europe will be our undoing as a nation.


  35. Ayn Galt says:

    There is only separation of Christianity and state.

    Under Islam, the church IS the state.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      That’s why new schools in Michigan, Minnesota, and other muslim states have prayer rooms that face Mecca.
      They can cut class and go pray five times a day in school, but if a student were to bring a Bible to school the principal would call the cops on him.


  36. lawrencepaul1 says:

    Well if two crackpot religious fanatic woman refused to sit next to me I would be very grateful that the airline moved me.
    You can do either one of two things if someone gives you lemons. Bitch and moan about how bitter they are or make lemonade.

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  37. Muslim terror cells are active in the US says:

    Am I allowed to request the airline move any Muslims seated next to my family because I do not feel comfortable with people who worship a child molester seated near my children?

    I believe in the free market eight for businesses to conduct themselves as they see fit, but if they act against American interests I will make sure this American’s hard earned dollars do not go to any such businesses.

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  38. katherine009 says:

    This is Sharia law in action.

    Can you imagine Rosa Parks changing her seat on that plane?

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  39. NJ transplant says:

    Can this country be any crazier?

    What will happen if Hillary wins? Will they all leave the country?

    Will they vote for Trump because he’s a man? Somehow, I think they will vote for Hillary. As Trump says – follow the money.

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  40. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    The frogs in the pot set to boil !!! Those bubbles are NOT FART BUBBLES !!

    Political correctness began long ago in America . Setting the stage by the communist infiltrators for this moment in the History of America .

    PC is designed to make us vulnerable and FEARFUL !! all in the name of “civil rights ”

    right out of the communist doctrine of conquering America from within ..”fundamental transformation ” indeed .

    Profiling is the science of percentages and applying statistic to policing . The IDF has mastered profiling to keep their citizens safe while surrounded by people who hate them . NO PC …no JIHAD !!

    Here in “progressive ” regressive America the HUMAN HERD has been CONDITIONED by PC to bow down to their HUMAN FARMERS .

    ” move up side …let the muslim go through ”

    Now coincidence that Homeland guy Johnson is a muslim . Nor CIA dude Brennan a muslim convert .

    NORMALIZING submission to Islam !!! Under a president Hillary the TSA will expand to restricting movement on the ground as well as the rails .

    THEN …..then the REAL PROFILING will begin …only it will be WHITE MALES …who are profiled and their movements restricted …citing them as ” domestic terrorists “

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  41. CBO says:

    The only thing these airlines will listen to is money. She should sue. I won’t ever fly United Airlines again. They are a downright crappy airline. They don’t care about their customers.


  42. Dehbashi says:

    These are how airlines are. True bigotry against in their blood. For the longest time at least in Britain and Australia until they got sued men, not women, were banned from sitting next to unaccompanied minors basically treated as if all men were child molesters. This is the next step which seems obvious they haven’t learned
    This is an example


  43. SallyMJ says:

    Pakistani monks? You mean Pakistani imams, who would be Muslim. They’re so afraid to say the M word.


  44. Sandra says:

    We should all learn from this incident. What do we do when it happens to one of us? Video video video. Take a video of the Muslim a-holes and the flight attendant. If you chose your seat in advance, while videoing tell the flight attendant that you specifically chose your seat and request that the a-holes be moved. Ask for the flight attendants name. Inform him or her that you will be contacting an attorney if you are forced to move. Video video video.


  45. Major Styles says:

    It’s California…I’m surprised they did not force her to convert.


  46. Buck Turgidson says:

    We need to being the deportation process of all muslims out of the United States. As the muzzies have shown in every country in the world where they have a % greater than about 5%, it either is you, or it is them. Either we have sharia law and all its wonders, or we do not. If there are muzzies here in significant numbers they will push sharia law forever. The grand diversity experiment is a huge failure. Shut down the mosques and start rounding them up and taking them to the airport. Give ’em a first class ticket for all I care, just GET RID OF THEM


  47. RuckusTom says:

    The first tip off for everybody should have been the allowing of Bin Laden family members (muslims) to take to the skies right after 9/11 when all other flights were grounded (for Americans).


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