Donald Trump Engulfed in Massive Crowd At Ohio Fair (video)…

update-1Updated with more pictures of event:

Candidates Donald Trump and Mike Pence went to a fair near Youngstown, Ohio today and were engulfed with thousands of enthusiastic supporters:

trump ohio fair

trump ohio fair 2

trump ohio fair 6

trump ohio fair 3

trump ohio fair 4

trump ohio fair 5

trump ohio fair 7

trump ohio fair 8

trump ohio fair 9

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183 Responses to Donald Trump Engulfed in Massive Crowd At Ohio Fair (video)…

  1. MfM says:

    If you aren’t friends with Daniel Scavino on Facebook you might want to be, he does short clips of Trump’s activities. He has one in a diner in Ohio that is several minutes long. He’s Trump’s director of Social media.

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  2. cycle1 says:

    Best Labor Day ever for Canfield!

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  3. Betty says:

    Donald Trump is traveling to our villages and towns. He is raising an army the old fashioned way.

    God Bless him and all who answer his call !

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  4. cycle1 says:

    The people love this. Smelling victory in OH!

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  5. Hillbilly4 says:

    The Warrior will not back down. We need to support him even more now.

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  6. getfitnow says:

    It is quite telling that a spontaneous stroll through the Canfield Fair by Trump instantly drew, by far, a bigger crowd than a planned (rigged) Hillary rally in Cleveland where approximately 200 fans were there to greet her.

    The compare and contrast optics for the Hillary are brutal.

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  7. jeans2nd says:

    Local news, re: Trump/Pence at Canfield Fair –

    WMFJ, nice article by Michelle Nicks, an excellent local reporter, good article.

    WKBN, WYTV have the identical story, pure garbage, devoting most of the article to Clinton/Democrat talking points on Mr. Trump, written by “staff” (read Clinton Campaign).

    I won’t mention the Y-town Vindicator articles, as that paper is not worth mentioning.

    O/T – Canfield is where H Clinton came last summer to visit some of her old “friends” for a fundraiser, recently released from prison after completing their sentences for RICO violations. Ya, we noticed. And remember well who these guys are.

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    • ALEX says:

      It is sad what goes on…I live outside Annapolis and checked the Baltimore news tonight( 35 miles away) and it is same old same old. They led off with 4 triple shooting the last 3 days…To think I was born in Johns Hopkins. I have family members who have graduated from the medical school their for over a century.


  8. Stephen Norman says:

    seeing the current pictures of the crowds this pair draws is quite impressive.
    think the polls are skewed? you bet they must be.
    Go Mr. Trump.


  9. The Recent Republican says:

    But remember, kids. He’s only tied up with Hillary according to media polls.


  10. distracted2 says:

    The crowds and the enthusiasm make me so happy!

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  11. Joseph says:

    I’m Catholic and I am praying every day, in the Holy Rosary, that God keeps Mr. Trump “safe from all harm”, that Mr. Trump “wins the election in November” and that he becomes “the next president of the United States”. I honestly feel like it is THAT important. The future of our beloved country depends on Donald Trump becoming the next president. Please God.

    If you feel the same: REGISTER TO VOTE. And VOTE Trump on Nov 8!!! C’mon, People!!!

    Because think about this. In 2012, more than…[please make sure you are seated to read this]… THIRTY MILLION [that’s 30,000,000+] Evangelical Christian eligible voters…wait for it…DID NOT VOTE. And that allowed Obama – that DEVIL straight from Hell – to become president. The thought SICKENS ME. 30 Million devils stay home so that one devil can become president.


    Obama won by, what, 8 million votes? And come to find out that [more than] 30 Million Evangelical Christians DIDN’T VOTE??? I wouldn’t want to be one of those people at the JUDGMENT seat of CHRIST. That’s all I’m saying. Those “lazy and slothful servants” will be cast outside “where their worm dies not and the fire is not quenched”. It’s some HELL to pay, people.

    p.s. I say all this knowing full well that…53% of CATHOLICS voted FOR that devil, OBAMA. WHAT?!? So, this is not to judge the Evangelicals too harshly, I promise you. My fellow Catholics are EVEN WORSE. Those demons. They got off their behinds and went and voted FOR Obama. Can you even imagine?? No, I am the last one to sow division among the Brethren. ALL Christians (Catholic AND Protestant) need to STAND UP and stare down this DEVIL, Hillary Clinton.

    PLEASE! Register! PLEASE! VOTE [Donald J. Trump] on November 8!!! TRUMP/PENCE 16-24!!!

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  12. Ask says:

    So happy. Such a contrast to the sick dangerous detached CONVULUTED bigoted Hillary.


  13. Ask says:

    Yes you Go Trump


  14. wodiej says:

    This is really good news. Just pray.


  15. Lloyd Brooks says:

    What shits me about some people is that they’re only go to Trump appearances to get Trump’s autograph.
    If you go to ebay, you’ll find a lot of autographed paraphernalia for sale.
    Some people are only in it for a quick buck.
    If Mr Trump signed anything for me, I would treasure it for the rest of my life.
    Donald Trump realizes this, and he does it anyway.


  16. shirley49 says:

    I do worry about him being in those massive crowds. Sure hope he is well protected. The Dems and some Rhinos will stop at nothing.


  17. JJ says:

    I wish I could have been there! I pray for Donald Trumps safety and that he will win! We can’t let hiLlARy beat us! GO TRUMP!!!


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