Venezuela On The Brink…

If, like me, you haven’t been keeping up with the escalating crisis in Venezuela, you might be surprised at the scope of the protests in the past few days.

With massive food shortages still ongoing as a result of the economic crisis created by Nicholas Maduro policy, millions of people are now taking to the streets of the capital city of Caracus; and even chasing Maduro out of small towns and villages.

(Via ABC) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reportedly was greeted by angry pot-banging protesters during a visit to Margarita Island.

Grainy cellphone videos said to be from the Friday night encounter were picked up by Venezuelan news sites and were trending on social media. The socialist leader is seen jogging through a crowd as residents loudly bang on pots and hurl obscenities.

His visit to Margarita Island earlier Friday evening was broadcast nationwide. Images of the protest were later posted by residents of the town where it reportedly occurred. (link)

Here’s video of a stunning protest march in Caracus a few days ago:

venezuela civil war 2

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239 Responses to Venezuela On The Brink…

  1. Marygrace Powers says:

    Without a Trump Presidency/America is not far from the brink…

    ‘These are the signs of an economic collapse’

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  2. HeatherMae says:

    All the pigeons, dogs, cats..ect are gone, next stop canabalism. Where’s their BRICK buddies.

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  3. Somewhere in Dixie says:

    As long as Maduro has the military on his side, nothing will change. Remember, the population doesn’t have the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.

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  4. JRD says:

    sundance, former Governor Sarah Palin linked to your post on her Facebook.

    Oh how I wish the Left would not deny that socialism is slavery. The uninformed would ignore history and even modern-day economic and cultural collapse of populations ruled under socialism – then totalitarianism – thus leading America to the same end.

    The media won’t cover the path we are on back to the horrible days of some Americans being shackled while a “ruling elite” enslave and try to oppress our work ethic, our freedoms, and most significantly – our spirit. The path leads to a desperate population accepting globalism, requiring the dissolution of our entire foundation.

    So we must do the informing.

    This election can not be clearer in contrast: one party will restore freedom, the other will enslave you.

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    • rjcylon says:

      Sarah knows where to get the good information.

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    • Mike Albiniak says:

      IMHO committed leftists know perfectly well socialism/communism/all leftist ideologies equal slavery. That’s the point of course. The leftist would be overlords lust for power,and intend to be our slave masters. Perhaps some of the deluded “fellow traveler useful idiots” the commissars manipulate are “idealists” (albeit totally delusional ones), but the puppet masters who pull the strings know what they want and know perfectly well that their obscene ideology will lead there if we patriots who stand in opposition to slavery and in defense of freedom fail. .

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      • Jeffrey Bellinger says:

        Mike, I got to know a guy who got out of the Soviet Union in 1980, first on a travel permit to Poland, and then sort of sideways and sneaky like into the west. He was born in 1930, so 50 years in the worker’s paradise. He said that when he left there was nobody who believed in the system. Everyone just went through the motions and made the right noises because after half a century nobody could figure out what to do. It wasn’t that they were stupid people, its just that they had been so demoralized by living a lie for so long that continuing the lie seemed the only viable way.

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        • Mike Albiniak says:

          Valuable insight from your friend. However at the start leftist economics always seem to provide a certain class of citizen (those at the top and bottom rungs) with benefits, and so those folks support it. They are unable to see that leftist economics are a house of cards built on a philosophy that runs counter to human nature and so sooner or later will collapse (The4y “run out of other peoples money”). I’m sure that many of the Venezuelans now protesting were among those who voted Chavez into power at least 3 times and at least once by 60% of the vote (of course being tyrants they could have used the “Chicago” method of counting ballots to get that high).

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  5. Disgusted says:

    Those people in the massive street throngs demonstration are doing exactly what we all should be doing to rid our country of those in power now, before they’ve had enough time and done enough harm and damage to us, to create the same kind of problems here!


    • rsanchez1990 says:

      I think that we’ll see something similar in the US if they steal the election from Trump. Those people in the massive street throngs demonstration represent Venezuela’s Monster Vote left with no other recourse but to show the government and the people of Venezuela that they exist and demand to be heard. If the monster vote in our country feels that we can’t change the system through our votes, I think they’ll start marching.


    • Major Styles says:

      Look at the hard on that so many people had for Bernie…and he was openly a socialist.

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  6. Harry Balzak says:

    Food? You mean they can’t survive on just the empty promises that socialism offers?

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  7. Keln says:

    How many times must socialism and communism be tried and fail before those who espouse its virtues will finally admit it doesn’t work beyond the confines of academic thought experiments?

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    • babethebeagle says:

      As long as the elites control the news, modern people will be no better informed than those in the Dark Ages. Venezuela essentially gave up their Constitution in1999, and it has been downhill ever since. How many news articles have been published in the last 16 years, informing the results of socialism to Americans? I had to read Venezuelan news and blogs, translated by Google. It was very difficult to get a true picture of what has been going on.
      We are very close to the edge of that same cliff. Look at all those who supported Bernie Sanders! They believe there is plenty of money to pay for their college, all kinds of vacations, as well as health care. Housing, food, Internet connection … whatever should all be free and paid for by the rich. Maybe the first step is Common Core math! They’ve effectively dumbed down least two generations of our children, while brainwashing them to believe “Democratic Socialism” was something new and special. Certainly it is the answer to all of their hopes and dreams!
      They probably outnumber us right now, and if we win, it will be because of voter participation. This election is our last hope for decades, possibly centuries. Let Hillary make one SCOTUS pick and kiss our Constitution goodbye. Pray Trump can keep the conservatives enthusiastic! And the Crooks aren’t successful in throwing the election. You know they are trying!


    • Fred says:

      Those who espouse the virtues of socialism and communism will never stop trying it, because it gives them dictatorial power over those not in power. Those who espouse it are greedy power grabbing petty tyrants who get into positions where they control aspects of free peoples lives. Their greed makes them feel that they are better than others, and know what is best for others, even though they are not held to the same standards (examine Swillery Robthem Clinton for signs of the above).

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    • Jeffrey Bellinger says:

      Keln, I think it is usually smart people who push these schemes. Years ago I was told a story of an ancient people who observed their children for the first three years and if a child showed any extraordinary intelligence they were removed from the society and stoned to death. In this way a fairly long term tranquility was enjoyed. Far be it from me to recommend we adopt such a tradition but as triage it is far more economical than liquidating all the stupid people.

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  8. Brian Benton says:

    It truly amazes me when I see these Images of tragic corruption at the Governmental levels, what really frightens me is the intent of those in this Country to see such tragedies unfold here in America. Socialism is attractive to the uniformed and brainwashed Collegiate Graduates because it tells them that they will live free and study the Arts and be a Dreamer instead of a thinker and a doer. They leave out the Starving populace the Governmental control of every moment of their life, the loss of all civil liberties no access to free Elections. Socialisms dark underbelly always remains hidden until it has rolled over the unwitting population.

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  9. solomonpal says:

    How long until they resort to canabalism? Want to find out??? A vote for Hillary is a vote for canabalism. Ain’t socialism grand ?


  10. It is not just this el presidente, since they have gone socialist anyone heading the government has decided their path, because of the dogma that even ignorant idiots in government are considered better than people who know what they are doing. Now i am not a farmer but i know forcing a bunch of city folks to do farm labor is not a solution. A> crops need time to grow. B>A person who knows farming is more farm productive than than let’s say a auto mechanic. C> Food animals need time to grow and multiply. D>Socialistic problems such as distribution, acreage required and required equipment still exist. The people are and will starve until these bozos are thrown in jail.
    I hope their military joins in the revolt.


  11. Herman M.Heyman says:

    We need to consider the prospect of dismissing the professional politician.That is those who have made a career of holding political office. This would allow the “ordinary” people to serve a term or two and then allow next “ordinary” person to service and etc.


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    • JeremyR says:

      The way to do that is to eliminate the retirement benefits they vote themselves.
      They won’t do it, and since they control the court, neither will our supreme injustices.

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  12. Not sure if someone posted this yet, but Sarah Palin tweeted this article by Sundance to all her followers and asked them to read it! Nice!!! She obviously reads CTH often because she has done this before. She knows where to go for the best info!

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  13. Binkser1 says:

    I cannot and refuse to believe this is happening. Sean Penn says it’s paradise, so it has to be.


    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Sean Penn will probably blame it on the fact that his personal friend isn’t there to run things anymore. He and Chavez probably also believed that Chavez transitioned from paradise on earth to paradise in heaven.

      If Chavez is responsible for hell on earth though, he probably won’t be going to paradise.


  14. Nabi says:

    I lived there for several months. A bunch of Bolsheviks, ready to spit on anybody including their own middle class–the only competent types. Maduro or not, I don’t see an end to it. The most resolutely ignorant dupes in the hemisphere seem to have coalesced there. Easily the most socially ugly culture in the Americas.


  15. Wade Meyer says:

    This is what I had hoped Americans would do to Obama. Wouldn’t it have been beautiful to have seen 5th Avenue in New York filled with throngs of Obama protesters? We were all just too complacent, fat and happy to notice the slow inexorable creep of Federal policy into our daily lives.


  16. Ken Watson says:

    Your socialists have to be shot as they emerge and self-identify, often in college. Once they reach a critical mass, starvation will ensue.


  17. Not Chicken Little says:

    Venezuela is a mini-me of the USA, but further along the death spiral, with about half the population dumb as rocks believing in and voting for time and time again the promises of “free stuff” but with things never improving just like we have here with the Democrats…it is truly a case of socialism working until it runs out of other people’s money. Well, they have run out and are now collapsing. No business wants to invest when your gains, and your property itself, is most likely to be confiscated by the government and management decisions are made not on market principles but according to socialist dogma and philosophy and just plain whim of the ruling elites.

    The hundreds of thousands of educated that can leave, have left or are leaving or are desperate to leave because there is no rule of law and the economic system which used to supply food and other goods has broken down.

    Que Dios les bendiga. No hay nadie mas que pueda ayudarles, hasta que ayudan a sí mismos.

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  18. I am glad there is awareness out there to the dire situation in Venezuela.

    Venezuelan sinopsis:


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