Like A Boss – Donald Trump Delivered Stunningly Impressive “America First” Remarks in Mexico…

A fearless American went to Mexico and unapologetically nailed his position on the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico.

How good were the remarks?  Well, lets just say… we can fully anticipate the liberal U.S. media to go into combat mode; because candidate Donald J Trump articulated a full-throated, unapologetic and yet resoundingly ‘diplomatic’ America-First message to Mexican President Peña Nieto….

….and that’s just what he did publicly.

trump neito 3

When Donald Trump and President Nieto came to their collective podiums Trump was in hostile territory.  Nieto speaking Spanish without a formal translator provided, and without presenting his remarks in advance to candidate Donald Trump, was obviously speaking to his domestic audience more than an American one.

Yet somehow, after Nieto’s lengthy and highly politically nuanced comments – Trump was able to simply fillet the parseltongue using fewer, stronger, and far more deliberate words.

It really was stunning to witness.

For the first time in decades a foreign diplomat was standing on a stage with an American politician whose essential DNA is unapologetically American.   Trump does not pretend himself to be, nor is he, a lifetime career politician.  In essence he is the globalists worst nightmare.

Trump Neito

A remarkable contrast not just optics, but in the recognition of a new strong and bold beginning for a very probable Trump presidency.

Trump’s remarks begin at 14:00 video (prompted):

The remarks by Donald Trump were so succinctly on-point the U.S. media are left with no other option than to attack ridiculous details viciously.  Apparently the U.S. media were anticipating that Mexico would cut a check for the border wall today…. or something similarly silly.

Quite frankly, most of the the MSM have never known a patriotic president.  Candidate Trump’s mere existence cuts against the very fabric of their educational teaching.

However, all you need to see to recognize who held the stronger authority in this meeting is the immediate ‘triggered‘ reaction from Univision’s Jorge Ramos:

ramos tweet

Donald Trump suit

mic drop

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566 Responses to Like A Boss – Donald Trump Delivered Stunningly Impressive “America First” Remarks in Mexico…

  1. SeekerOfTruth says:

    Our next president got the Mexican president to agree
    -that NAFTA needs to be fixed,
    -illegal immigration is bad for both countries,
    -stopping the flow of cross border criminality drug cartels is also in their interest and of course
    -the wall is a good idea.

    It was clear that the Mexican President had respect for Donald and for legitimate American concerns.

    Donald is keeping his promise…get great deals for America. And what a great start to get agreement and movement on key issues. Do not get bogged down in payment discussion. He got agreement on all the basic philosphical points to move forward with Donald’s plan.

    Has any recent US politicians done so well in recent times? NO! They bow and humble themselves and give up everything.

    Then after they have given up everything so easily, they have to start a war to get back what was theirs to begin with.

    A grand slam for The Donald!

    PS. Only fools (MSM) would think that a person would get a full contract signed in a 1 hour meeting that included wall payment techniques. How many years did it take Obama to get the horrible Iran deal?

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    • grannysue says:

      Trump is way ahead of Hillery in polling. If they try to rig this election for her, I will march on Washington with the rest of the American people.Right now they are trying to get department of homeland security to count the votes. Department of homeland security was put in place by the nazi Bush family who back Clinton . They are run by globlaiists and have no business watching over the election.

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    • BakoCarl says:

      Seeker – “Only fools (MSM) would think that a person would get a full contract signed in a 1 hour meeting that included wall payment techniques.” The real problem here is that the MSM aren’t fools . . . at least in the way you mentioned.
      They are 100% in the tank for Hillary and are willing to leave out, distort, embellish or lie to further their agenda.
      Fools, no. Subversive traitors? Probably.

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    • Esperanza says:

      As far as I could tell, Pena Nieto said ecpxactly the same as Donald. I love how Donald extolled Mexican democracy. It’s under tremendous pressure and a properly policed border will help.

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    • D.Trump is America’s modern-day Davy Crockett. Thank you, D.Trump, for standing on The Wall, and saying “not on my watch.”

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    • daizeez says:

      Exactly, especially since Trump is not president YET. Not exactly able to have a binding agreement quite yet. Trump was fantastic and Hillary looked weak and foolish.

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    • I am so heartened by this article. I swear Breitbart is my lifeline!


    • Ken Watson says:

      Nieto sought Trump. Nieto did not seek Hillary. She is conspicuously cut out and not by Trump but by someone, unlike his predecessor Fox, who is doing politics 9-5. Fox claims 130 million Mexicans hate Trump, which seems not to count those in the US. At least one Mexican, Nieto, disagrees. In any event, Hillary is on the porch and not from some mean old trickery from The Donald. Nieto made all this happen. Clearly he wouldn’t cross Hillary if he thought she had any chance to prevail, right?


  2. NHVoter says:

    This just in from desperate Hillary:

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  3. Bob Werner says:

    5 million people will see Trump’s Mexico and Arizona speeches today. Meanwhile 200 elderly Alzheimer’s patients showed up for whether name’s ramble today.

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  4. Pam says:

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  5. wyntre says:

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  6. HeatherMae says:

    So Trump says right there in press conference that payment wasn’t discussed and Mex prez says nothing then. I call BS on the cowardly tweet

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    • WSB says:

      Mexican President said he told Trump that Mexico was not going to pay for the wall. Trump said he didn’t discuss it.

      Both happened.

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      • LBB says:

        I’m thinking both can be true also.

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      • Cameraman says:

        The Mexican President is correct (see below) and President Trump is correct (Trump already knows Mexico is paying, so there’s nothing to discuss on his side).

        Mexico won’t pay for the wall in the traditional sense (making the Neito tweet accurate – sort of). We all know that of course, but it’s worth repeating. There won’t, for example, be a large pallet of cash sent containing used notes of varying currencies.

        Mexico will pay indirectly through fees on wire transfers to Mexico and other similar measures. Imposing a ‘wall duty’ on Mexican imports is another option, but that would be passed on to US citizens in retail price increases, so less likely to happen.

        In any event, building the wall is what we want to happen and it’s going to happen. Paying for it? We can haggle over the details later, but there is no need to trouble Neito about it.

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      • Paul Killinger says:

        And the Soviets told Reagan they weren’t dismantling any Nukes or giving up any territory… until they did!

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        • wondering999 says:

          The former Soviets suffered a lot after their country broke apart. I want for Mexico to prosper… it’s good to have prosperity here AND there. And I have a feeling that Trump will encourage that by sane policies, instead of arming druglords, assassins and kidnappers (and almost unbelievable misogyny).


  7. roxiellTX says:

    I’m watching Fox 10 on ruko. saying trump on plane landing now.


  8. 3x1 says:

    Wheels down in thr USA!!


    Looking at the flight log, they climbed to 40K as quickly as possible and stayed there, safely out of MANPADS range until back home.

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  9. Curry Worsham says:

    Chuck Todd’s first question to Gov. Jan Brewer:
    “Do you think Donald Trump somehow didn’t have the guts to talk about Making Mexico pay for the wall while standing in Mexico?”

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  10. Finalage says:

    Wow, wow, wow! I just saw the video lol. Better than I could’ve thought possible! Trump is not even president!!! Lol 😂

    Trump is an absolute boss!

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  11. Remington says:

    I am so happy today I can’t see straight….I Just had to post this…

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  12. Katherine McCoun says:

    some in the press are saying, so what made Mr. Trump look presidential? They are saying it takes more than showing up and acting professional to be presidential.

    They don’t get that it was the building of bridges, the reframing of the debate, the laying down of terms, the taking charge of the narrative that was such a phenomenal performance today!

    Mr. Trump framed the wall as beneficial to Mexico, as a plan to help both countries with the drug cartels, the illegal guns and drugs, the crime rate of both countries, as way to reduce the flow of people who do not have legal permission to cross either border and as a way to aid the people who are now being exploited and making the very dangerous journey across both countries. What is Hillary’s plan on these points? What are the details for what she proposes to do to help Mexico, much less the USA, with these issues?

    He established that a strong border is a country’s sovereign right and I believe Mexico is doing just that on their southern border to help with their own problem of people entering Mexico without legal permission to do so. See the two links below for this bit of irony – the US press going crazy about us building a wall and yet Mexico is doing the same on their own southern border!

    Mr. Trump changed the narrative of trade deals to revisiting and renegotiating NAFTA to be brought up to date and more beneficial for both countries. And he emphasized a united Mexico and USA against trade deals that will hurt them both – i.e. trade deals such as TPP – and to unite to work together to fend off companies leaving North America for Asia or elsewhere.

    Now, Mr. Trump’s proposals are reframed as beneficial to both the USA and Mexico! And as problem solving proposals and plans for which Hillary does not have a counter part.

    Mr. Trump ruined any credible talk that he will not be able to carry through with these things by a very successful meeting that has already brought the conversation to working out the details and to Mexico seeing their benefits in Mr. Trump’s proposals and being ready to work with him (and maybe hoping he will win as it will be a win for them in the long run!).

    The press either doesn’t get that it was the content not the professional demeanor in which the content was delivered that made Mr. Trump “look presidential” today! And his leadership, initiative and work ethic just to tack on a few more reasons!

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    • Howie says:

      They are shooting blanks.

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    • BakoCarl says:

      Yes!!! 100%

      But . . . but . . . but, Katherine, you’ve really got to understand that there are only two issues that are important about immigration –

      The first issue is that Trump is a complete and utter failure until Nieto flys in several aircraft full of pallets of money to pay for the wall.

      The second is counting how many wonderful, prosperous, patriotic families Trump is going to kick out of their homes and force to return to poverty and danger in Mexico.

      Nothing else matters.

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      • Mary Tarara says:

        No. Trump does not expect nor does he need pallets of money. There are ways to make Mexico pay.

        As far as wonderful, prosperous, patriotic families, if they are illegal they are not wonderful. If they are patriotic, why haven’t they become citizens?? If they are prosperous, they have been working here illegally. Bye bye.

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      • mopar2016 says:

        I don’t think so Carl.
        Trump didn’t go to Mexico to make any deals about pallets of money.

        It cost’s more than a hundred billion each year just to babysit the illegal squatters.

        And patriotic families don’t sneak into America.


        • CinemaNoir says:

          When you find an uninvited and unwanted person in your home do you allow him/her to continue their occupation, endangering you and your family, using all of your facilities, and providing him/her with food, beverages, entertainment, etc. ~ OR ~ do you ask/force him/her to leave and close [and lock] the door with them on the outside??? Yes, the issue of ILLEGAL immigration IS that SIMPLE!!!


    • facebkwallflower says:

      Trump made Mexico WANT the wall.

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    • Jason says:

      their idea of Presidential is pandering to minorities and special interests. It’s why they can’t figure out why so many see the leader of the free world and they are left scratching their heads.

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      • cali says:

        @Jason: Anyone that uses logic knows that the phrase ‘look presidential’ is an absolute moron! What does that even mean? Nothing more than spewing semantics without so much as logic and reason.
        A leader leads – a coward who sales his country to the globalist in lieu of personal gain is not a leader.
        Those globalists and their tools across media et al trying to invent something that has no need while trying frantically to deny that Mr. Trump is simply a leader that means what he says and says what he means. That’s it!
        Everything else is childish and we all should treat it as such. Ridicule is what these tools hate most.


    • LCS mom says:

      Not sure they know what leadership looks like.

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    • Very well said KM, the art of the deal, make the other party want what you are selling. Show them the benefits and why it is a good deal for them. He did that Big League, I could almost picture Mexico becoming a safe, prosperous country with the vision Trump laid out. I bet the Mexican people are like, “we want Trump as our president!” The drugs, lawlessness, and corruption of Mexico is why the country struggles. Most of the people are good, hard working and family oriented. Regardless of what Nieto says right now, he saw a strong leader with a vision to inspire the world. Hopefully he will be motivated to become the person he saw.


    • Nunya Bidness says:

      The man is a master salesman and a master negotiator. The media thinks he shoots from the hip. They have no clue about how he works or thinks.

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    • Panzerakc says:

      “some in the press are saying, so what made Mr. Trump look presidential?”

      Like the Obama/Hillary boosters in the press would have the foggiest idea what “presidential” looks like.


  13. Remington says:

    No, sorry. this one…


  14. Remington says:

    1,000 apologies….hands just aren’t working today


  15. Bonitabaycane says:

    My advice to our Presumptive President upon destroying his opposition today and departing Mexico: “Leave the gun, take the canoli.” 🙂

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  16. roxiellTX says:

    Motorcade ready at airplane. Don’t have link. watching on Fox 10 Phoenix on roku youtube app


  17. What I love is all the stunned progressive democrats in shock and yelling “how DARE Trump not deport 11 million people!!!”. LOLOL

    The ‘deportation force’ (otherwise known as ICE) was the CENTER of his immigration policy they claim even though he had hasn’t mentioned it since February and it was never on his website nor in any speeches.

    WE know he’s struggling a bit with determining the details….but NOW the stunned progressive’s are claiming that ‘Mexico will pay for it’ is the CENTERPIECE of his policy.

    I wish they’d make up their minds. The important thing though is

    President of Mexico agrees that a WALL WILL BE BUILT and that’s not racist. THAT’s gotta have the left wetting their undies!

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    • Jason says:

      great point. Also noticed they quietly kicked the number up to 16 million. Soon they start using real numbers and complaining ‘how can he deport 40 million people?!?’

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      • cali says:

        To be honest: The 11 million illegals in this country is a number that incorrectly reflects the true numbers which is closer to 40 millions illegally residing here. That includes visa violators, entering illegally and others.
        At the beginning of this administration – the consensus issue was about how to count illegals that are here but are ‘living in the shadows’. I no longer have the article that mention that the 11 million is no longer accurate. The guess of 11 millions is a number used as not to anger americans since that is a sore subject for many citizens.
        Look at it this way: The number of people living in the US has increased to app 335 million – the increase tells the story.
        I also remember that reported people living in the US at the beginning of G W Bush admin was around 315 million people.


    • If we’re sure that no more come, and the visa overstays are no longer staying over, and they can’t collect benefits, and they can’t work…..
      Then they are most likely living at the expense of family who are here legally. What to do about that, like Trump says, is something TBD at a later date. Do you love your illegally present relative? Want to keep him/her here in the US with you? Then pay for him/her.


  18. facebkwallflower says:

    Comment I lifted from faceboook, “I liked that he he was so fricking open about Mexico’s crap AND open about our crap of sending weapons down there. The man has balls and knows how to balance accountability so everyone comes to the table with skin in the game. Yep, Mexico is gonna be paying for the wall because of mutual respect that has been created. There will be benefits for Mexico to pay for it instead of the idea that it is a punishment. Go Trump.”

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    • BakoCarl says:

      Aahhh! The art of the deal in action!

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    • bofh says:

      Money is fungible. Need some here? Shift it from there. Ultimately it will be just a matter optics. Really doesn’t matter who signs the check for the wall, as long as it is built and used.

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    • KimJongHill says:

      Trump is 10 steps ahead of everyone. When he makes Mexico pay for the wall, they will then insist on being the ones to build it so they can employ their citizens rather than ours. So not only will Trump get Mexico to pay for the wall, he will get them to build it too. With Mexico building the wall, Congress can’t do anything about it. When Congress realizes they can’t stop it, many will then be in favor of it so they can get some pork projects for their Congressional districts. The wall will turn into a massive project that everyone wants a piece of.

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  19. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I was watching the Trump rally last night on Hannity, and then he cut it when his hour was over. I switched to CNN since they were still showing it. Don Lemon looked like he was going to keel over when he found out that Trump was going to Mexico to meet with the President. You could see that he was visibly unhappy and taken off guard as to what was going on. He did not like it one bit. I was loving it!

    This morning, when flipping channels, the media was up in arms about Trump going to Mexico. They did not know what to expect or think about. He completely pulled the rug out from under them. A Trump surrogate on FBN said this morning it took them 5 days to set the whole thing up. Varney looked very surprised at that.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Yes, and they were left with having to resort to meandering speculation and bloviating to fill dead air time.

      Because it was obviously the biggest story of the day, yet they had no particulars. So they just had to blow a lot of fiction and snarky-speak.

      Great to see the rug pulled out, as you say.

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  20. eric says:

    looked,acted,sounded exactly like what he is and what we need….a leader.

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  21. lingane says:

    you liked guy millière ? here’s another text ! (also google translated, also probably full of faults, also apologize from me to you)

    This would mean the election of Hillary Clinton

    I would think that a reversal will take place, but I must say that I have fewer illusions. I thought Donald Trump was likely to be elected. I sometimes want to think again.

    But the risks that victory goes to Hillary Clinton during the presidential election on November eight in the USA are very large.

    And it is important to see what it would mean the election of Hillary Clinton.

    First, it would be the triumph of corruption.

    Hillary Clinton is the candidate with the most corrupt presidential election have presented to a US presidential election. Hillary Clinton has amassed a personal fortune by selling openly, that since she and her husband left the White House, carrying furniture. She, with him, and through the Clinton Foundation, set up a machine to raise money in exchange for political unrest services, and this machine has not stopped a lot of money.

    Then it would be the triumph of crime.

    Hillary Clinton has steadily accumulating cadavers since the beginning of his political career. It started with the Whitewater case and with very suspicious suicide of a Vince Foster, in 1993, almost miraculously allowed Clinton to get by, and this was extended to the four dead Benghazi in autumn 2012, and execution in Iran in recent days of Shahram Amiri, an Iranian scientist who cooperated with the United States and has been accused of spying by the clerical regime because his name appeared in documents that passed through the untrusted e-mail server Hillary Clinton, at the time when she was Secretary of State.

    It would then be the triumph of conduct that falls within high treason.

    FBI Director kindly describe the behavior of Hillary Clinton’s “extreme negligence” but it came to the evidence of much more: let circulating state secrets by emails sent from a non-server Secure equivalent to drop those state secrets in the hands of hostile powers. US law calls this not only for high treason, espionage but: this law was not applied, and this is more than a scandal.

    Is underlying corruption, crime and treason, the fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman without any scruples when it comes for her to sell. It belongs to men of business and financial services that await if Hillary Clinton reaches the White House and have it set for two billion dollars in his presidential campaign. She also belongs to foreign regimes whose list is not known, or not entirely: there are Islamic regimes, among others.

    A Hillary Clinton presidency would be a debauched Presidency totally and absolutely.

    The Hillary Clinton’s election would also be a sign that lying and ethics no longer have any importance for the majority of American voters: everyone knows the USA Hillary Clinton ment constantly and has no ethics ( seventy percent of average people in polls say it is a liar unworthy of the slightest confidence), and so many people are ready to vote for her, knowing what they know is more that worrying.

    The Hillary Clinton’s election show that media propaganda to intensive dose produced results, and that voters may be lobotomized mass: in fact, what we are witnessing since the end of the Democratic convention is a company lobotomization. Never a candidate has been dragged in the mud and vilified to the point where Donald Trump has been and still is at the time of this writing. Never, even in the days of idolatry toward Obama, the US mainstream media have to this point been campaigning for a candidate. Errors and lies, betrayals and manipulations are completely ignored Hillary Clinton on CNN and other channels. The slightest deviation verbal Donald Trump is inflated in impossible proportions, and the proposals made by Donald Trump are ignored or outrageously caricatured. If the media propaganda works, it will mean that American democracy is almost dead and a dictatorship of the left that looks like a soft 1984 took up.

    The Hillary Clinton’s election also show that American society has shifted: Hillary Clinton is based on two electorates, the ethnic minorities whose votes are bought by the bais of social assistance, and that of young bobos gone by university, and whose brain has been thoroughly wrung out. If these two constituencies, which have already brought Obama to power and allowed him to be reelected ensure the victory of Hillary, it will probably be irreversible.

    Hillary regularize illegal immigrants belonging to minorities, and make new voters. It will strengthen the power of teachers which squeeze the brains. The dictatorship of the left would appear as a reality yet.

    The Hillary Clinton’s election would mean that the Republican party is dying and that the US conservative movement is dying too.

    The symptoms of this double agony are already evident. Many Republicans do not support the Republican candidate, and some of them openly betray their camp, showing they are not Republicans, and that the designation RINO, Republicans In Name Only is too nice to qualify. These people prefer a woman like Hillary Clinton should shame them, they set apparently have no sense of shame.

    Many conservatives, on behalf of the purity of conservatism, do all to elect the worst enemy of conservatism, for it produces new Democratic voters and make irreversible democratic rule. I seriously doubt their intelligence.

    If Hillary Clinton’s election, the Republican Party will be in ruins, American conservatism is in tatters, and pure conservatives can gather together to rehash their purity, but the margins of American political life. I would say they could meet in a phone booth if phone booths still existed.

    The Clinton program, if elected, will mean the entry of the United States in a post-US dusk.

    The weight of the US in the world continue to decline and US hegemony clearly belong to the past. On a domestic level, the poor will be more numerous than they already are, the middle class will continue to erode the power of the billionaires crony capitalism will intensify.

    He will remain a carrier America American traditions. It will fade. I will continue to love this American there, against all odds, and I will continue to try to live in it, because it will have been the light of the world for decades, and because, even if the light was coming in to go out, I would stay attached to light.

    Donald Trump comes to defining an economic program that was worthy of the Reagan program, and even to allow the United States to resume growth, dynamism and entrepreneurship. Hillary Clinton sets a socialist program, worse than that stated by Obama in 2008 and 2012: which program generates excitement of the great American media? You guessed it.

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  22. grannysue says:

    It’s getting to the point where everybody in his brother knows Hillery is not polling ahead of Trump. Not by a long shot. How they think they can steal this in the open is the question.

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  23. John Galt says:

    “What a weak and shy response by Mexican President”

    “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” — Mike Tyson

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  24. lingane says:

    last text from guy milliere (i don’t like pamela geller, but on those times of battle, this is not very important)

    (google transl.)

    The United States will they lay criminal in the White House?

    The question more seriously when looking at the current election campaign in the United States is this: the United States will they bring to the White House a criminal?

    The question that arises is clear: what will happen if the US carry a criminal in the White House? The issue that takes place filigree previous two questions is: what happened in American society for any similar situation is possible?

    The answer to the third question is, unfortunately, quite simple. The left has done its work of destruction.

    She had begun to do so in the years following the First World War: the strikes were instigated by supporters of Leninism, a general strike in Seattle, anarchists had planted bombs, carried out armed attacks. Much attempt to destabilize the country had taken shape. The Ministry of Justice had reacted strongly. An effective intelligence service had been set up by J. Edgar Hoover, who then will head the FBI. Numerous arrests and convictions had occurred. Calm had returned.

    The left has resumed his sinister activities very quickly. They revealed their harmful effects when several espionage in the service of the Soviet Union have come to light in the early 1950s, after the Second World War. The Committee on Non-US operations of the House of Representatives (House Un-American Activities Committee) conducted an action intended to expose communist networks in the media, education, culture, politics and the military. These networks have been dismantled. The situation seemed sanitized.

    The left has not stopped either. The 1960s saw him develop a “new left”. It has forged new networks, patiently. She invested the sectors targeted by the left each time, and already covered by it in 1950: media, education, culture, politics, military.

    Networks, this time, have not been dismantled. They are at work.

    They took the first Islamic-leftist candidate to the presidency and have elected and reelected. They, under his presidency, stressed destruction. I will not give the details: I have given them so many times. A Hillary Clinton presidency was made possible by the eight years of Obama’s presidency and forty years of undermining.

    The big American media inform more.
    Universities are brainwashing and make people brainwashed by the left.
    The cultural sector is now almost a monopoly of the left.
    Conservative politicians in recent years, talk and think under the shadow of the left and hardly dare to oppose it.
    John McCain and Mitt Romney campaigns conducted polished, charged with intimidation.
    The momentum of the tea parties was broken.
    The army was deprived of its means of action and condemned the withdrawal.
    Officers were promoted to orders. Others saw their shattered career.
    The problem is not so much that Hillary is a liar, corrupt and criminal. Everyone knows that. The PROBLEM is that his supporters do not care
    The problem is not so much that Hillary is a liar, corrupt and criminal.
    Everyone knows that.
    The PROBLEM is that his supporters do not care
    The answer to the first question in this context is likely to be: yes, the US may well bring to the White House a criminal.

    The crimes committed by Hillary Clinton are serious and overwhelming. It is not pursued by justice because Obama protects while it holds. FBI Director has prepared an indictment that would have jailed anyone else for at least twenty years, but added that he did not recommend indictment: he obviously had orders.

    Emails will cease to be disclosed which show that circulated state secrets fallen into the hands of hostile powers, it is responsible for the death of people who have worked for the United States, it has sold diplomatic positions in exchange for millions of dollars in payments the Clinton Foundation. All this is called high treason and corruption. Those voting for it have only to do as they have no use dead Benghazi lies to relatives of those killed in Benghazi committed perjury before the congressional investigative committees. They vote left like Pavlov’s dog saliva when he hears the bell. A part of them vote left because they are Pavlov’s dogs. Another part because they expect the final checks of months.

    Billionaires fund the while waiting for returns on investment: contracts awarded in exchange for payments they have made. Americans who still have ethical values ​​are a minority that is shrinking constantly, and that if Hillary Clinton is elected, will be minority still.

    Donald Trump is a sort of last chance for America: he knows, and he fights, taking on a great man worthy speech. The left holding the media dragged into the mire and ignores his speeches. Pseudo conservatives do anything to get elected and Hillary Clinton seem affected by a dogmatic purism that will allow them to gather a few dozen marginal bar in narrow rooms.

    The answer to the second question is sad and overwhelming. What will happen if the US carry a criminal in the White House? The United States will become a little more what they are becoming. They will cease completely to be a hegemonic power. The world order that prevailed at the end of the Cold War will be relegated to the past. The United States will remain prosperous, but the number of poor will grow considerably. The middle classes déliteront. Violence and disorder will grow. The world will be governed by the axis Moscow-Beijing-Tehran-Ankara which is taking place. Islamic violence will continue to surge.

    Among the released emails show that several Hillary Clinton, who is already a lot sold to the highest bidder, was particularly sold to Islamic powers. This does not concern those who vote for it. It is clear and apparent that Hillary Clinton’s primary confidante Huma Abedin, a woman from the Muslim Brotherhood, who participated for ten years at an Islamic magazine publishing texts inciting jihad, the anti-American and anti-Semitic hatred. This does not concern those who vote for it.

    Hillary Clinton is not Islamic-leftist: it is even worse; it is leftist and unscrupulous like all leftists, bought by Islam and not only by him, ready to be bought by anyone.

    Donald Trump fights, holding a great man worthy speech, his chances are slim.

    It represents not only a kind of last chance for America, but also a kind of last chance for those who want to live in a world where freedom will have a chance to survive. Tons of mud and excrement that the left throws at him, a totalitarian mode, because it has no rational argument against him, show what the left.

    America worthy Americans exist. I was on their side on August 21 in Los Angeles. A major conference was organized by the American Freedom Alliance, an institute of which I am a member. The Gatestone Institute, of which I am a member also contributed to the symposium which spoke in addition to myself and Philippe Karsenty, John Bolton, Frank Gaffney, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, Daniel Greenfield, Trevor Loudon (performing an important film which I will discuss here). The topic was Islam. He was also and especially the survival of America and of Western civilization. Donald Trump fights. Others are struggling, too, for the same cause as he.

    PS. Those who have not yet antidote to get rid of the lies of the French media about Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump can always get my book After Obama, Trump? *.

    Almost everything they read or hear in France on Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is wrong. It is appalling to see that the French media have become.


  25. Finalage says:

    Its time to give Ms. Conway here due. She’s done a fantastic job for Trump! The campaign is pumping on all cylinders!

    Liked by 1 person

    • rsanchez1990 says:

      You know, that’s exactly how it was in the Republican primaries. At the end, every major policy position of Ted Cruz was simply following what Trump declared early in his campaign. Cruz eventually followed Trump on immigration, terrorism, and trade, despite obvious history of standing against Trump’s position on these topics.

      In fact, we’re starting to see Hillary do the same thing. She’s in Wall Street’s pockets, but she expects us to believe she’ll push for a tax on companies that export jobs in her latest TV ad, something that Trump has repeatedly said he would do. Hillary definitely did not have this policy position last summer. If the Democrat Party wasn’t all in on amnesty, I’d even expect Hillary to flip her stated positions on immigration and terrorism too.

      Liked by 2 people

  26. rsanchez1990 says:

    Fearless is right. Apparently, Hillary was extended the same invitation but only Trump agreed to meet. Was Hillary afraid of something? Maybe of having to face the press afterwards and freezing up or seizing up? Why not send her VP who can speak Spanish? Did the Mexicans flatly refuse to host a group that did not include Clinton? Was she just too sick to show up? One thing’s for sure, only Trump continues to show up to answer questions. Hillary prefers to ignore those questions.

    Liked by 3 people

    • bofh says:

      Probably the Mexicans wouldn’t allow her to control the environment to the degree that she needs to. The fact that she’s willing to do the debates should be an indicator of the degree of “rigging” that will be deployed for them.


  27. sDee says:

    This came on while I was sitting in a hotel lobby today. As this Nieto toddled up to the stage with Trump, all I saw was yet another globalist pretty boy. I was grumbling under my breath about him being culled from the same herd as Obama, Erodogan, Trudeau, Cameron, Blair etc.

    Then the same old predictable mush started spilling out of his mouth. Blah blah blah blah blah

    Then Trump took the mic, grabbed the little twerp by the neck and slammed his head on the podium.

    I felt little I was watching an old TV western 😀

    Yup – a new Sheriff is in town

    Liked by 3 people

  28. NYGuy54 says:

    Has Nieto ever met Clinton officially?


  29. Zilla says:

    Reblogged this on Femininican and commented:

    Please click over to The Conservative Treehouse to Read The Whole Glorious Thing.

    PS ICYMI, Wednesday is TrumpDay and you can find the latest installment of my weekly celebration here:


  30. Jimmy Jack says:

    As I’ve said before in many places and continue to believe, Donald Trump will win over Black Americans especially those who see through the bs that is globalism. Just watched Uncle Hotep’s take on this. A couple of cuss words but really worth watching if you want to see something of the Black viewpoint on Trump & Hillary.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. BakoCarl says:

    Looks like (I hope I’m wrong) the media has their bone to chew on.

    Mr. Trump said they didn’t talk about who would pay for the wall. It looks like President Nieto tweeted out that he told Mr. Trump that Mexico was not going to pay for the wall.

    Can someone educate me on this?


    • suncc49 says:

      They didn’t negotiate or talk about it. Just stated his opinion on it. From the start the wall was going to be paid for by remittances from the USA to Mexico from illegals or taken from the 800million we give in Mexican aid money each year.


    • adoubledot says:

      Don’t sweat it Carl. They’ll express their faux outrage even when Trump goes to the bathroom. This meeting was unofficial and an icebreaker. Trump said that it would have been inappropriate to do negotiations (as he has not yet been elected). And don’t worry about Nieto’s tweet (or Fox’s bravado) about the wall. He won’t have to send one Peso. We’ll collect a cut of every dollar the Mexicans send down there. Remissions from outside is (IIRC) their 2nd biggest industry. Doing just that over a few years and it’s a done deal.

      Liked by 1 person

    • LCS mom says:

      That’s what they want – you getting caught up in the minutiae of what actually happened today.

      Liked by 1 person

    • ZurichMike says:

      The question “who’s going to pay?” comes after the admission that the wall is going to be built in the first place. So we’ve gone from “what wall?” to “no wall!” to “OK, there’s a wall, but who’s going to pay for it?” and we have drooling leftist media whores talking about the wall (again) FOR FREE for the Trump campaign.

      There. Does that help? Trump is a master media / negotiator / 4D chess player.

      Liked by 2 people

      • mopar2016 says:

        There’s currently a 55 billion dollar annual trade deficit with Mexico. In their favor.
        I expect Mr. Trump to do something about that too.

        Paying for the wall would be in Mexico’s best interest.
        It will be explained to those that don’t get it.

        Liked by 1 person

  32. Absolutely freaking brilliant stagecraft.

    Nothing but net here.

    Liked by 5 people

  33. Michael says:

    Has Peña Neito concluded Trump is going to be elected POTUS and it would be best to be on his good side?

    Liked by 2 people

  34. JunieG says:

    I was impressed with both men. They met on the common ground of putting their countries first, but I got a sense that Trump brings an entirely new energy to set off creative new solutions.

    This is what Trump will sound like as President, what he will be like to deal with when it comes down to brass tacks. I am proud of my man.

    Liked by 10 people

  35. JD says:

    The master of “The Art of The Deal” did great!! He was presidential and diplomatic. He got the Mexican president to agree on ALL essential points. Why embarrass him? The “payment” issue is a simple matter of re-negotiating our trade agreements with Mexico. Every penny saved through improved trade is, in fact, having Mexico “pay for the wall.” It’s been a long, long time, probably since Reagan, that I’ve felt proud of our POTUS on a foreign stage. What a change from the disgrace of Obama’s “apology tour” and bowing to foreign leaders.

    Liked by 6 people

  36. “Quite frankly, most of the the MSM have never known a patriotic president. Candidate Trump’s mere existence cuts against the very fabric of their educational teaching.”

    You nailed it, SD

    Liked by 3 people

  37. jmclever says:

    The fact that the MSM were expecting to get a check or the promise of one tells me that they also know that Trump is going to be the next President of the United States


  38. Curry Worsham says:

    10 steps will do more … Like building an ice skating rink.


  39. Curry Worsham says:

    Can you hear me now?


  40. hugofitch1 says:

    This comes to mind:

    Liked by 4 people

  41. ZurichMike says:

    As part of this trip to Mexico, Trump also delivered the most stunning smack-down of the arrogant, leftist US media in a long time. The media are mewling like unpaid whores because they didn’t get a free trip to Mexico on Trump Force One so they could bash Trump and misreport the news. Meanwhile, Trump took questions from the international press, so no lack of transparency — if the US media wanted to go to Mexico, they were free to do so on their own, like everyone else.

    The US media whores continue screaming about “non-transparency” of the Trump campaign because he didn’t invite them to one private event. This only further highlights the stark difference between Hillary (no press conferences in 270 days, no campaign rallies, no media curiosity) versus Trump (17 press conferences this year, daily campaign rallies of tens of thousands, media coverage — and now media whining when they get caught flat-footed again.

    And best of all, the media whores are reporting on their faux outrage, providing more free coverage of the dynamic of diseased, crooked, lying, silent, withdrawn Hillary versus the vibrant, straightshooting, outspoken, publicly available Trump.

    Liked by 2 people

  42. aur1640 says:

    I remember a documentary about when Douglas MacArthur stood over Emperor Hirohito just when Japan surrendered to the allied forces. Just Trump’s appearance is commanding of leadership, respect and fear. MAGA!!


  43. fromawaysite says:

    Reblogged this on Today,s Thought.


  44. Polish Rifle says:

    President Trump housebroke the little chihuahua and taught him how to roll over. Now if we can just stop Jeh from rigging the November 8 election, which is clearly Obama’s mission. Can we “Dilma” him?


  45. cali says:

    What I really love and appreciate is DT’s tactic when it involves the globalist msn tools! Everytime they lie about him – he mentions it in his rally while letting his supporters/voters know what he really said. The msn are not as influencial shaping the news as they once werw.
    Citizens across the country are awake – many new media reporters shaped this information age and Sundance with the treepers are mentioned more than you know. I constantly come across new sites that sprung up since this election began back in 2015.
    Sundance is one of the biggest influences out there as his/her work and diligence is linked and/or written about.
    The old/tired and globalist corporate msn is indeed dead and they know it. Look at the rally attendees who ridiculing reporters of CNN and the like. It’s actually quite funny!


  46. Video isn’t playing anymore…


  47. Steven Brown says:

    I believe that this is going to be a great becoming of theses two countries to work together and will be great for hour children to grow up in and salve a lot of problems go trump go

    Liked by 1 person

      • facebkwallflower says:

        You are being a jerk to Steven Brown. You know darn well what was being said. Not everyone knows how to spell to perfection. Or as in this comment indicates, may speak several languages and translation is not always to our way of speaking. It is a great comment and you had to be rude. I also believe that this is going to be the beginning of these two countries to work together and it will be great for our children to grow up in the unity instead of division and this is going to solve a lot of problems. Go Trump, Go!


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