Donald Trump “The Party of Lincoln – The Forgotten America” Speech (w/ transcript)…

Last night candidate Donald Trump gave a speech in Washington State to an audience exceeding the capacity of the venue. 15,000+ filled the XFinity arena in Everett Washington:

everett washington 8

[Transcript] Thank you. I am so thrilled to be back in Washington.

Together, we are going to work hard over the next 70 days and we are going to win this state – and we are going to win the White House.

It’s going to be a victory for the people. A victory for the everyday citizen whose voice hasn’t been heard.

It will be a win for the voters – not the pundits, not the journalists, not the lobbyists, not the global special interests funding my opponent’s campaign.

This is going to be YOUR victory.

everett washington 6

We are going to create the New American Future our children deserve.

In this new future, millions of workers on the sidelines will be returned to the workforce.

Crumbling roads, bridges and airports will be replaced with the infrastructure our country needs and deserves.

Families trapped in welfare will be provided with jobs and opportunity.

Government will become lean, effective, responsible – and honest.

Our border will be protected, and our children will be safe.

We will rebuild our inner cities, and provide safety and peace to all of our citizens.

American values and culture will be cherished and celebrated once again.

But to achieve this future, we must break free from the bitter failures of the past – and reject the same insiders telling us the same old lies.

One area where honesty is badly needed is on the subject of economic and living conditions for African-American citizens in the United States.

Millions of African-Americans in this country have succeeded greatly, and their contributions to every area of our life – now and throughout our history – should be celebrated and cherished. This includes the amazing achievements in art, science, sport, music, medicine, business and so much else. This includes millions of African-American entrepreneurs, innovators and the millions of African-American workers in our middle class.

But we must also talk about those who have been left behind, the millions suffering in disastrous conditions in so many of our inner cities – and neighborhoods afflicted by poverty, drugs, and violence.

No group in America has been more harmed by Hillary Clinton’s policies than African-Americans.

There is no better evidence of this fact than Hillary Clinton’s immigration policy, which brings in illegal immigrants and refugees to take jobs from hardworking African-American and Hispanic citizens.

Instead of providing free healthcare and jobs to millions of refugees from around the world, we should rebuild our inner cities and provide jobs to struggling Americans.

Tonight, I am asking for the vote of every African-American and Hispanic citizen in this country who wants a better future.

The inner cities of our country have been run by the Democratic Party for fifty, sixty, seventy years.

These Democratic policies – the policies of Hillary Clinton – have produced only poverty, joblessness, failing schools, broken homes, and rising crime.

Nearly 4 in 10 African-American children live in poverty, including 45% of children under the age of six. 58% of African-American youth are not working. Meanwhile, another 2 million Hispanic-Americans have been added to the ranks of those in poverty since 2009.

In Detroit, half of all its residents do not work. In Milwaukee, almost 4 in 10 African-American men between the ages of 24-54 do not have a job.

Here, in the state of Washington, 65% of Latino children and 60% of African-American children live in low-income households.

Chicago just had the most violent month in 20 years. More than 2,800 have been shot in Chicago since the beginning of the year.

It breaks our hearts.

We cannot let this violence continue. It must be ended.

Under A Trump Administration, it will be ended.

It will be my priority to work with communities, local police, state police and federal law enforcement to dismantle the gangs and to liberate our citizens from violence and poverty and fear. I will appoint the best judges and prosecutors and federal investigators who will make this their personal mission.

There is one thing which can no longer be denied: if you keep voting for the same people, you will keep getting the same results. To those suffering, I say: what do you have to lose by voting for Donald Trump? I will fix it. I will fight for you as no one ever has before.

Let me also tell you what you have to gain: jobs, opportunity, security, and safety.

This means so much to me.

I believe every child in this country – in Detroit, in Baltimore, in Chicago – has the right to live out their lives in safety and peace.

In the Wall Street Journal, Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute just wrote an important article about the soaring crime in our inner cities, and the responsibility of Democratic politicians for creating this problem.

The article is called: “Black Lives Matter to Donald Trump.” McDonald writes that “Mr. Trump’s call to restore law and order recognizes the right of inner-city residents to enjoy the same freedom from fear that the rest of America now takes for granted.”

Freedom from violence is one of the great civil rights issues of our time. So too is the issue of school choice.

We will fight for the right of parents to send their kids to the school that they believe gives their kids the best shot at success.

I will not accept a future in which children of any color in this country are not fully included in the American Dream. Our whole country loses when we leave millions of talented, aspiring Americans on the sidelines. We want to give everyone a chance to contribute their full talents to our economy and our country.

Remember: the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln, the party of freedom, equality and opportunity. It is the Democratic Party that is the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow, the party of oppression.

Nothing makes me more honored and proud than to be the nominee of Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party.

Our party will fight to bring hope to every forgotten stretch of this country.

Once again, we will be One American Nation.

One United People.

And we will have One Great Future.

That great future will be built on these three critical words: jobs, jobs, jobs.

This will include a complete revitalization of our manufacturing sector, which has been so badly hurt by Hillary Clinton’s policies.

We are bringing the jobs back to our country.

We are going to renegotiate NAFTA, keep out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, stand up to China, and fight for every last American job.

The destruction that NAFTA started will be finished off if the Trans-Pacific Partnership is approved.

That would be a disaster. We won’t let it happen.

everett washington 4

But that’s just the beginning of what we are going to do for American workers.

On taxes, we are going to provide massive tax relief to all working people, and lower the tax rate on small business from 35% down to 15%. Low and middle-income parents will also be able to fully deduct the average cost of childcare from their taxes.

On regulations, I am going to direct every agency and Department Head in my government to identify all needless and job-killing regulations and they will be removed. We will have a temporary moratorium on new regulations to allow our economy to grow and thrive.

Economic growth for last quarter has been revised down to 1.1%, a total disaster. Meanwhile, our trade deficit in goods with the world is now nearly $800 billion dollars.

We will further bring back our jobs by unleashing an American energy revolution – lifting restrictions on oil, coal, natural gas and all sources of American energy. This will create millions of jobs and lower the price of energy for all families.

We are also going to secure our border to stop the drugs from pouring in. The Seattle-area recently experienced the largest number of heroin-related deaths in 20 years. We have to stop the drugs poisoning our communities.

Another major issue in this race is foreign policy. Hillary Clinton has made one bad foreign policy decision after another – beginning with her support for going to war in Iraq in the first place, which I opposed.

Her tenure as Secretary of State may be regarded as the most disastrous in U.S. history.

Look at the world before and after she became Secretary of State.

Pre-Hillary, in early 2009, Iraq was seeing a reduction in violence.

Libya was stable.

Syria was under control.

The group we know today as ISIS was close to being extinguished.

Iran was being choked by sanctions.

Now, fast-forward to present time.

After Hillary, here is what the world looks like:

Iraq is in total chaos.

Syria is in the midst of a disastrous civil war and a refugee crisis now threatens Europe and the United States.

ISIS has been unleashed onto the entire world.

Iran – the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism – has been put on the path to nuclear weapons, and was given a $400 million dollar cash ransom payment.

This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction and terrorism.

America deserves a better legacy.

All of you deserve a better future. I am the change agent.

Hillary Clinton is the defender of the status quo.

While our country lost badly under Hillary Clinton, she cashed in big time. Bill Clinton’s speaking fees surged while Hillary was Secretary of State – Bill was paid almost $50 million dollars for speeches during her tenure, an increase of 44% over the previous 4 years.

Then there was all the money funneled into the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments and corporations.

It was pay-for-play. Just look at what she did with UBS, or the Russian Uranium, or disaster relief in Haiti, and so many other examples.

But the only way to learn the full depth of her public corruption is to read the 33,000 emails she deleted.

Hillary Clinton said under oath that she turned over all of her work-related emails. But we know that is one more Clinton lie. The FBI found thousands of work-related emails she never turned over, and then another 15,000 emails were just discovered a few weeks ago.

Now, today, another 30 emails were discovered by the State Department that Hillary Clinton failed to turn over – these were emails about Benghazi.

It just never ends with the Clintons.

There is only one way to get justice in this rigged system and that is to show up and vote on November 8th – and to vote big.

In A Trump Administration, the State Department will work for the country – not for Hillary Clinton’s donors.

Under Hillary Clinton, it’s the powerful protecting the powerful.

Politicians defending politicians.

Insiders fighting for insiders.

everett washington 5

I am fighting for you.

The government will work for citizens once again.

The era of division will be replaced with a future of unity.

We are going to do it by emphasizing what we all have in common. We will proudly promote our culture as Americans, the best in the world.

It is time to break with the failures of the past, and to fight for every last child in this country to have the better future they deserve.

This is the change I am promising all of you: an honest government, a thriving economy, and a just society for each and every American.

I am asking for your vote so I can be your champion in the White House.

Together, We Will Make America Wealthy Again.

We Will Make America Strong Again.

We Will Make America Proud Again.

We Will Make America Safe Again.

And We Will Make America Great Again.

Thank you, and God Bless.

~ Donald J Trump

everett washington 7


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120 Responses to Donald Trump “The Party of Lincoln – The Forgotten America” Speech (w/ transcript)…

  1. Coldeadhands says:

    Thanks for the transcript SD. What a great start to the day!

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    • LP says:

      Great speech, great man.
      I hope all these speeches are published in a book so we can read them over and over and reflect that ome of us stood the ground and spoke for us and our country.
      I’m counting my blessings.

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      Second that Coldeadhands (Charlton Heston was from my hometown, and my best friend’s Dad was Heston’s understudy in HS theater. ) Love the man!

      As to Trump’s speech, it is like all of his speeches, meant to be heard live. Short of that it is great to have the transcript. Thank you, SD.

      In a Trump Administration, words will once again have meaning!

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  2. Wend says:

    It was a great rally. Love to see Heather MacDonald and the Manhattan Institute on board. Smart lady and terrific entity.

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    • parteagirl says:

      Some lefties on twitter are trying to make a big deal out of empty seats behind Trump in the upper tier. I’m guessing they couldn’t wait for all the people outside to get through security in time to fill every seat, so the rally started without them.

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      • The upper tier is always left empty..may be for security reasons. But from every rally that I have watched, which is all of them, the upper tier is empty.

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        • parteagirl says:

          The only part of the upper tier I saw empty was the section behind Mr. Trump. But I did see photos of the upper tier across from Mr. Trump that were full.


      • seventhndr says:

        They support hitlary and are criticizing a few empty seats in sea of thousands for Trump? lol They are so delusional. They could not be a more shining example of useful idiots for the left.

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        • Sandra says:

          Totally delusional!! It’s gotten to the point of absurdity. I look at that picture and wonder how any sane person could think it proper to point out a few empty seats. Boggles my mind. lol

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          • Peg_C says:

            It’s the same derangement that criticizes Trump for being “off the subject” when speaking extemporaneously and then “boring and low-energy” when speaking from the prompter. If he breathes (especially if he breathes), they find fault.


        • Squidly says:

          They are empty for one simple reason, the venue had already reached it’s “maximum occupant capacity” with all of the people on the floor and elsewhere. If the venue’s maximum capacity is set at 15,000, and you have a completely open floor like that, then you ware going to be left with empty seats throughout the venue. Most places will not allow you to exceed the maximum capacity rating for the venue for security reasons (fire, etc..). This is extremely common with virtually every venue in the country.

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        • Exactly. The enemediahas totally ignored the huge rallies for months. Now that they can’t anymore, they’re dissecting the pictures of the packed crowds and saying “look – there’s an empty seat!”. These are same people that show crooked Hillary gatherings (can’t be called rallies they’re not big enough) as full and enthusiastic when there are maybe 200 people at each. I am absolutely certain that if crooked Hillary could draw even 1/2 of Mr Trump’s attendance at any of her gatherings the enemedia would be crowing about how it was all over.

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      • Apfelcobbler says:

        Remind them that those people are instead allowed to be standing on the floor! Otherwise, they’d be seated up at the top. Probably left up to security.

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    • money4mesite says:

      I was in the front and one of the main problems was parking. KOMO news (local) said to arrive at 4pm intentional or not I have no idea but it was messed up for many people. There was maybe 200 empty seats at the end with people still trying to get in. Police did an outstanding job and received much applause during the day. The arena was nasty and so was the area but nobody cared. Lots of love. When Trump made his usual beautiful entrance it was absolutely electric and the noise level was beyond belief. Beautiful experience!

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  3. Katherine McCoun says:

    Missed all but a couple minutes so really appreciate the transcript! Great content and loved the crowd I saw there tonight!

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  4. Bull Durham says:

    Blue State. Red voters.

    The photo of the lines waiting on the steep street sidewalk are more than any Clinton rally.

    A lot of those White Angry Men look like Black, Chinese and Latinos of both sex.
    (Is that photoshop or nature?)

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    • Somebody says:

      I noticed that too Bull. What is even stranger is that when I attended a Trump rally it looked like people of all races and genders were there, clearly must be some kind of super secret Russian CGI going on.

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      • georgiafl says:

        All ages, races, genders and ages are attending Trump rallies.

        And it ain’t got nothing to do with the Russians.

        The reason is Trump tells the Truth and cares about the American people… and their jobs, security, future!!!

        We don’t get that from our leaders in DC, especially the Democrats!!!

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    • longiron2 says:

      The guy to the right of TRUMP with the beard and Red shirt that just took pictures was STRANGE. Did not smile, clap or get involved in the speech at ALL. Had to be a HILLARY supporter who showed up. Lokked like he wanted to be anywhere but at a TRUMP rally. JMO


  5. sundance says:

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  6. dekester says:

    What a great atmosphere around the arena. The Trump supporters were magnificent, and their number was HUGE!
    We walked among the line ups..( there were several.) It was truly impressive. We talked with Trump supporters that were signing up voters, and locals that were just observing the spectacle. The buzz was electrifying.
    We sat and watched the circus a.k.a. agitators, make horses arses of themselves. Law enforcement appeared to have those fools well in hand.
    When I asked one local that was observing the incredible line ups, what she thought ( a pleasant lady in her mid sixties.) Her reply this was middle America talking. We laughed with her, and when we told her we had travelled down from Canada to experience the atmosphere, she seemed to be tickled pink.
    If Mr. Trump does not become President. I truly believe your election will have been fiddled. Never has an individual running for office sparked this kind of excitement. Furthermore he is running against a traffic cone. ( a rather over-sized one.)
    Thank You.

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    • piper567 says:

      really nice image ^^^^a traffic cone, ha! thanks dekester

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    • litenmaus says:

      :0) Thank you dekester. I love the reports from those in attendance and I was so hoping to hear of your experience. Thank you for this, I am so happy that you were able to get in. WE…are WINNING….:0)

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    • ALEX says:

      Did you make it inside?

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    • bpk1300 says:

      I would so love to be at a Trump rally and glad to see that a fellow Canadian made it there. Please post pics and more comments

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    • aredtailblog says:

      Greetings from Washington! Glad to see we gave an impressive experience for some friends from up North.

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    • BuckWeaver says:

      Did you see the Right Side Broadcaster roaming the lines outside and interviewing people. There is about 2 hours of what they called “pregame” show from the streets on their YouTube channel. You might be able to spot yourself. 🙂 I enjoyed that as much as the rally. I loved hearing the various supporters explain why they support Trump. Their answers were so heartfelt, and varied. It would be great if some video whiz kid could edit that footage and do of montage of the people’s responses. Would make a great ad. Thanks for the report.

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      • dekester says:

        Our pleasure..Great idea on the montage.

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      • arete55 says:

        Compare that awesome line, of fellow travelers, with a Bernie line (Hillary buys her Potemkin Village illusion)….The Patriots versus the rabble.

        Happy Warriors all…The 3 adopted teenagers, assisting the Right Side Broadcaster, were marvelous…composed, respectful, playful, knowledgeable, and socially courageous.

        Cudos to the adopted Latino who added a genuineness to the whole walk….This was truly the look of Middle America…multi-ethnic, multi-generational….but not playing identity politics other than E Pluribus Unum..

        The love for Trump …ie “Their Team”…(this is a Movement after all), was community large….One for all, All for One.

        This is an Epic period in American history.

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      • Tee says:

        The montage is a GREAT idea, BuckWeaver! I detest all the political ads. They have no effect on me and never have. I’m sure there must be many others like myself. BUT, I would love to see regular Americans (and Canadians!) showing their enthusiasm. Now that would be an effective and influencing ad!!


    • Brian L says:

      Canadians always come down for big events. I swear half the fans at the CLink are Canadian.


    • seventhndr says:

      Thank you Dekester for your interest in the well being of our country. We are blessed to have such great neighbors to the north!

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  7. aredtailblog says:

    Got back from the rally. Story-time before I got to vamoose to work.

    I got up to Everett a little before six. The line, as it turned out, not only wrapped around a couple blocks, it had actually looped around itself in the process. The end of this line was damn near right back at the entrance!

    I ended up with a couple guys from Yakima in front and three women and some other guys in the back. We laughed a bit at the pitiful number of protestors compared to the insane snake of a line we had getting into the rally, with said line taking until 6:40 for us to reach the half-point for us to actually loop back and head to the arena.

    Of course, the meat of the rally was starting well before we were in the stadium, so after shouting “Trump!” at the some of the protestors, playing a certain song by the Blue Oyster Cult, I then started playing the live feed for everyone around who was interested (the three girls seemed especially interested in the video), so we all at least got to see good ole Giuliani, Sessions, and the first bit of Trump’s speech before we got in at 7:45.

    Beyond my expectations, the bus ride home went great. The bus back down to Seattle was full of Trump supporters! So I introduced a couple people to the Conservative Treehouse and to the America First App.

    This day was completely worth the sore feet and urge to pass out I know I’m going to have after I come home from work this morning.

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    • aredtailblog says:

      And of course, we thanked the Everett law enforcement for keeping the evening safe.

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      • ALEX says:

        Nice write up and Thank You!!!

        Do they register or even make a big attempt to register people?

        I missed the Rally west of me here in Maryland when my wife was sick. I am just going to have to make one in Pennsylvania. I have been to 3 inaugurations,but an Trump rally would be the best.

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        • SharonKinDC says:

          There was even an announcement at the rally that not only were voter registration forms at the venue for ANY who wasn’t yet registered, but ALL attendees were urged to take 5 blank forms and get people they know, who never registered, to do so & get out and vote.

          IMO, w/ WA’s fate having been decided by large blue cities, there are loads of potential red voters who never bothered to register. They never thought they had a chance. Now they do.

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          • ALEX says:

            Neat. I have figured they were using these rallies to register people from the get go. Talk about a get out the vote.

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          • ladypenquin says:

            Finally! That’s what the Republicans have needed to do for ages. Everywhere I go, it’s always been the Democrats showing up to register folks – including the local library. GOP hasn’t put much effort into GOTV – and that’s why the politics as usual has to change.

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          • Tonawanda says:

            “IMO, w/ WA’s fate having been decided by large blue cities, there are loads of potential red voters who never bothered to register. They never thought they had a chance. Now they do.”

            Wonderful observation and likely true of other places such as NY which has large rural stretches inhabited by decent folks who understandably see no point in voting.

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        • aredtailblog says:

          It seemed like they checked the tickets at the same time you went through the metal detector. I guess they also had a pretty good idea who was a Trump supporter based on how well-behaved you were as well.

          That sucks that you missed it though. They’re quite enjoyable even just waiting to get in when the law enforcement isn’t bought off like in a certain Californian city.

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        • aredtailblog says:

          Ah, I just realized you meant voting registration from the other comment. But yes, they had the tents for that. Probably a lot of people with a weight off their shoulders from that experience.

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        • Mark Johnson says:

          Yes they had several people with registry clipboards plus a tent near the entrance. We waited in line for two and a half hours before getting in at about 7:05 during the warm up acts. Didn’t know Guliani was going to be there, pleasant surprise. Waiting in line was almost as fun as the event (which was a gigantic thunder filled party). Everyone in line was polite, respectful, clean, optimistic and unified . All races present, unified in spirit, unified as Americans .nwe had a great time mocking and totally shutting down some of the protesters until they were just whimpering bags of unwashed jello. Such a delight. The energy inside was unreal. I’ve read about these events, but until you go… Wow! We drove three hours from Port Angeles to get there, stopped in Seattle to pick up our boys and a girlfriend who are attending college. It was just a wow time and I’m not the emotional type.

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          • aredtailblog says:

            Did you see the one protestor going on about something related to marijuana? I just sort of leaned over when I got to him and cheerfully said, “Y’know, Trump isn’t going to criminalize marijuana.” and just let him blubber “That’s not the point!”. Great evening.

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            • georgiafl says:

              Red Tail Hawks are very special to me.

              Long story, but I see them as GOD’s sentinels, guardians sitting in trees at the side of the road, even in the woods around my house and throughout my neighborhood, there are Red Tail nests.

              I once had a hawk swoop down on a stranger who was approaching me when I was alone on a walk in another state.

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          • ladypenquin says:

            Even a blue state like Washington can’t be that confident when they see this, if nothing else there are downticket races to be concerned about. But Trump is bringing out the folks who long ago abandoned participating in elections – because politicians turned out to be nothing more than power hungry, money grubbing elitists.

            Be interesting to know how many in these rallies are returning voters or first time ever types.

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            • georgiafl says:

              “because politicians turned out to be nothing more than power hungry, money grubbing elitists.”

              Perfect description of the District of Corruption!!!

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        • Somewhere in Dixie says:

          We traveled to South Carolina for one. It was an experience. Try to make it to Pennsylvania. You won’t regret it. This is America talking here.

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      • money4mesite says:

        They were great! What amazed me were the senior citizens (70-80 yrs) walking the hilly terrain plus stairs with walkers and canes very slowly but with such enthusiasm. I hope they are resting today.


    • SharonKinDC says:

      Great recap! Delighted to hear of your positive experience and the happy bus ride back to Seattle was icing on the cake.

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    • so glad you got to attend, arred! Thanks for the details! Nobody but Trump would pull consistent crowds like this. It’s so exciting to see the photos and hear the stories, thanks again!👍

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    • aredtailblog says:

      As expected, SeattleTimes made an article about the event the morning after. They included weasel descriptors such as how the attendees were “mostly white” (never mind the protestors were also mostly white and that the state is in fact majority white, never mind I saw plenty of black, Hispanic, East Asian, and Middle Easterners in the line, and never mind the three ladies behind me who were engrossed in the live feed of the rally on my phone were all East Asian themselves). It didn’t mention him bringing up Obama’s desire to pass the TPP, a universally panned proposal on both sides, through a lame duck session. And the example they used of a veteran who was going to vote for the first time in years this election, the words they used was how he wanted us to be “feared” by other countries again, never mind the elderly women I spoke to on the bus ride home who was concerned about the economy and whose ex-husband was killed by an undocumented immigrant and said women not coming to justice until six years later.

      It’s yet another example of the media’s spin and dishonesty.


  8. ladypenquin says:

    Has something happened to commenting. Just wrote a comment, and it says can’t be posted. 😦


    • ladypenquin says:

      Ok, I see that my question showed up. But my nice laudatory comment disappeared. I was saying something about how wonderful Trump’s message is – critical but giving people a positive focus and direction for the future. I think the Democrats have to worry about downticket races, even in blue states.

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  9. mister549 says:

    I watch all of Trump’s rallies on YouTube (RSBN), and then I come to Treehouse the next morning to try and finish getting my fill; only to find that I can’t get enough of Donald J. Trump! What an amazing turnout last night! Love, love, love!

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  10. Oldskool says:

    And the talking heads were mocking him going to Washington State, couldn’t figure it out. But we know why.

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  11. Finalage says:

    I wouldn’t say the venue was filled but there was a lot of people there in Everett. Trump has the momentum. He’s clearly setting the tone and pace of this campaign while Hillary is in hiding. Hillary’s strategy is unsustainable and the media can only go so long in producing bad polling for Trump before they completely lose all credibility. Trump is on a roll going into Labor Day! MAGA!

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  12. I watched the rally on Right Side. I got choked up watching everyone craning to get a view of Mr. Trump come out of the tunnel as soon as Jeff Sessions was done speaking.

    this is both a sad time for our country, what our ‘leaders’ have done to it (and us) for so many decades; but is an AWESOME time to be alive and witness this movement first hand, where real fixes seem possible with a Trump Presidency and an engaged electorate.

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  13. cali says:

    From the beginning of Sundance’s Monster Vote posts – I have been convinced that americans from all walks of life and every ethnicity/race/gender etc that have never – not once – voted are coming out into the open to do so. Americans are no lemmings and while millions have remained silent as well as keeping trouble at bay – that has ended.
    This election will be a landslide!
    The pics and speech of DT is truly inspiring! I hope this Soros paid and Hillary agitators just disappear. They really annoy me!
    Thanks Sundance for the re-cap of his speech. I have no cable by intent and get my news here!

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  14. I liked when he talked about African Americans stuck in horrible conditions in the inner cities all across America….all forgotten, except at election time. I hope DJT hammer this at EVERY rally from now till election day, AND I hope he hammers Hill on it during the debates.

    I hope he asks her “How many rallies have you held this month, this year in the inner cities, cities your party ‘controls’ , thanking those voters where you have traditionally pulled 90% or more of their votes? Not any longer, Hillary! They are on to you and they know I am going to help them!”

    As DJT says: same voting patters, same results. Time to fix that equation!

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  15. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Thanks so much for the transcript. I always prefer to read the speech, then listen to it. You perform a real service here.

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  16. Paul Killinger says:

    And just think, it’s not even September yet! WAY TO GO!


  17. Somewhere in Dixie says:

    America is awakening, but not enough yet. Yesterday we had the bad news that McCain and Blabbermouth Schultz survived the primary. Not good for America. I can’t understand why people still keep voting for the same crooks. I was very discouraged last night until I got here this morning with these wonderful news of another fantastic rally. We need the monster vote because the fraud and cheating will have biblical proportions. We are one election away from losing the country to anarchy. Thank you Treepers and Sundance for all you do.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. Stringy theory says:

    Another great oration by our next President, Donald Trump.


  19. Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Everett, WA 8/30/16 (RSBN CAMERAS) (2 hours 36 min)
    SCROLL TO 1:37:06 to skip to Trump’s speech, before Trump is Senator Jeff Sessions and before Sessions is Mayor Rudy Giuliani


  20. Tparty says:

    I just love this promise to the American people. It seems refreshingly similar to some of my thoughts and other Treepers. Pull up a branch and imagine ….

    “Once again, we will be One American Nation.

    One United People.

    And we will have One Great Future.”

    Liked by 2 people

  21. tommyd22 says:

    I’m beginning to think this is not even going to be close any more..


    Liked by 1 person

  22. Mark Johnson says:

    I was disappointed in the local media coverage. They seemed to focus on the writhing maggots instead of the regular folks attending the rally. its as if they, the media, were trying to pit the two sides against each other in equal parlance. When in fact the protesters were just a freak side show, a feculant pile to sidestep as to not get your shoes soiled on a walk through the garden. The amount of us vs. them can be compared as thus: a twenty gallon crystal carafe of sparkling fresh glacier water with slices of lemon and sprigs of mint sitting next to a a half filled Dixie cup of beer found in the alley behind the pawn shop. The rim is stained with lipstick and there are two Marlboro butts floating by the dead mosquitos.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. Sandra says:

    I watched Right Side Broadcasting’s live feed last night and the camera guy panned the crowd, but the upper decks were dark (and he also didn’t pan up) so I couldn’t see that those areas too were filled. Wow. No wonder Trump looked a little bit shocked, I’m sure he knew there would be thousands in attendance but walking out to such a large crowd cheering must have been quite the experience. I tell you, all of you who are making the effort to go to these events are really fabulous! You are a key factor in this movement, those of us who can’t attend are getting a thrill watching you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • MfM says:

      There are fire regulations on the number of people in a venue. Since they have thousands on the FLOOR of the venue, they also can’t fill the seats. That would make the hall over crowded and unsafe in a fire situation.


      • Mark Johnson says:

        Everyone who wanted to get in did. If the upper seats were full there still would have been a crowded mosh pit. We did both. No one was turned away. I’d say the Fire Marshall was a bit lenient. I saw one poor guy and his wife, they tried to cut in just two blocks from the entrance. We politely asked him not to. He complied, I saw him finally get in just as Trump was wrapping it up. I know he was at just about the end of the two and a half hour line which snaked back on itself in a double loop.


  24. kozanne says:

    Posting this info on a couple of threads here so everyone catches it…NOT SPAM!
    FYI for anyone going to see President Trump’s speech in Phoenix. Just got this from my building management:

    There will be a complete closure of 3rd street between Monroe and Washington to BOTH VEHICLE AND PEDESTRIAN traffic beginning at 3 pm and lasting until 9 pm. If the crowd is sizeable, there may be an additional closure to both vehicles and pedestrians on 2nd Street between Monroe and Washington.

    Doors will open at 3 pm and attendees will enter the Convention Center at 2nd Street and Adams.

    See you there!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sandra says:

      The event is at 6pm so they’re letting people enter beginning 3 hours in advance. I wonder how early someone would have to stand in line to get in. I would show up at 8am and that would probably be too late. 🙂 I hope it’s massively attended and I hope some of the news channels broadcast it even though I’ll be watching it online. Bernie reportedly grew in more than 8000 to his event in that venue back in March. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Trump’s crowed exceeds 10,000.


      • kozanne says:

        I’m at work, just about 4 blocks away, so I won’t be able to leave until around noon. I don’t anticipate I will exactly be at the head of the line…………..Supposed to be about 103 today, so anyone on here that’s going make sure you take an umbrella and eye protection along with a bottle of water.

        Liked by 1 person

  25. David says:

    This transcript has been scrubbed. Trump said something last night that was every bit as daft as Hillary’s “you mean with a cloth?” gaffe. Why isn’t it here?


    • Deb says:

      Why don’t you mention the actual gaffe, if it ineed occurred?

      And I find it hard to believe Trump could ever say something as asinine as Hillary’s cloth remark. What made that remark so completely idiotic was the fact that it was made in response to questions regarding a possible felony. Leave it to Clinton to laugh off high crimes and treason.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Concerned says:

      It wasn’t “daft”. He either didn’t understand what he had been told or he was purposefully making a statement to toss the MSM (and lib trolls) a bone.

      Hillary’s cloth statement was pure evil. Making fun of a crime, not cool.


  26. Stu in Henderson says:

    The monster vote is there for Trump, provided he survives. The Uniparty knows it and will either take Trump out, prevent the election from happening (Shrillary to be “medically retired” and the election suspended), or steal it outright despite the vote. I predict it will be the latter. See recent links on Drudge about DHS including state election systems in “critical infrastructure security.” The FBI is prepping the battlespace by declaring “unknown actors” have been penetrating a few state voting systems. We can’t allow that to happen. Call your congress-critters!


  27. Kent says:

    Just curiosity….does anyone know how often that venue sees that many people?



  28. vdorta says:

    The Everett rally YouTube stream I was watching had a record 145 thousand viewers!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. MVW says:

    50 state plus territories clean sweep. Beyond epoch. Get ready for ‘splody heads.


  30. Hillbilly4 says:

    Sundance and staff have made this the MOST interesting and informative election year – ever. The in depth reporting, the statistics, and the analysis – ALL of it is first rate. I am very appreciative of all of the efforts to help us stay informed.

    Trump going to Mexico…sheer brilliance. His staff knows Hillary cannot travel, walk, or present herself in an open forum – she does not have the physical strength to do so. So, in one move, without saying anything nasty…he proves he is the better candidate. He is re-setting the bar for what a candidate must do to win…work HARD.


  31. Larry Morrison says:

    I was there. It was awesome.

    The line was many blocks long by the time we got in line a little before 3 pm. The doors opened at 4 pm. We finally got a seat about 6 pm.

    A new record was set for that location, even though there were empty seats in the top sections. The floor had enough people that the upper sections would have been full if they had not been standing in the middle of the arena instead.

    MANY people never made it in, and some of those who did missed most of the rally.

    Given how slow the security lines were, to finish filling the top seats the doors would have to have been opened at least two hours earlier. I really wish they had.


  32. TFields says:

    Trump gave a great speech as always, but I always get nauseated every time I hear the Republican Party claim itself as the party of Lincoln who was a avowed communist, autogenicidal dictactor, and the most disastrous president in US history.


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