State Department Says 30 Clinton Benghazi Emails Part of Unreleased 15,000 Forthcoming…

According to media reports, some of the FBI recovered emails from their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s records have a relationship to the events in/around the Benghazi Libya attack on Sept. 11th 2012.

benghazi 1

(WASHINGTON)— The State Department says about 30 emails involving the 2012 attack on U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya, are among the thousands of Hillary Clinton emails recovered during the FBI’s recently closed investigation into her use of a private server.

Government lawyers told U.S. District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta Tuesday that an undetermined number of the emails among the 30 were not included in the 55,000 pages previously provided by Clinton to the State Department. The agency said it would need until the end of September to review the emails and redact potentially classified information before they are released.  (read more)

Unfortunately, there is a certain kind of predictability with this latest news release.  Those of you familiar with the full Benghazi Brief, will remember the congressional oversight responsibilities within the Congressional Intelligence Gang of Eight.

It’s not just Hillary Clinton that wants this stuff quiet, it is also Republicans in congress.

CTH has often warned there would be a certain amount of political usefulness for Hillary within the untold story of how congressional leadership -from both political parties- were fully informed of the Panetta (CIA) and Clinton (State Dept.) operations within Libya/Syria.

In essence, Hillary can -at any time- leverage the fact that congress was aware of everything going on.  It’s her primary security card that, in our opinion, ensured there would be no actual legal fallout from the Libya/Syria engagements throughout 2011 and 2012.

The Gang of Eight in 2011 would have included: House Speaker – John Boehner, Minority Leader – Nancy Pelosi; House Permanent Select Committee on Intel Chairman – Mike Rogers, and his Democrat counterpart Charles Ruppersberger; Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; along with Senate Intel Chair Diane Feinstein and her Republican counterpart, Saxby Chambliss.

Republican Go8 members on the House and Senate intelligence oversight committees hold just as much risk from sunlight.  There is a strong possibility that Clinton’s Ace-Card, continues to be this oversight element; or more aptly, the collapse/willful blindness therein.

Knowing how the Clinton’s operate, and fully accepting the administration has control over the key administrative functions of government (Kerry = State, Comey = FBI, Brennan = CIA), it becomes entirely possible for the security apparatus to protect the vested interests of Hillary Clinton which are in alignment with their larger organizational objectives of the UniParty.

Unfortunately, in modern U.S. politics, conspiracies are not always just theory.



Western Media / Libyan Propaganda (Disturbing Video Refutes State Dept)



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76 Responses to State Department Says 30 Clinton Benghazi Emails Part of Unreleased 15,000 Forthcoming…

  1. ctdar says:

    What’s of more interest I would think, who was on the receiving end of those emails?
    Clinton’s boss?
    Huma next to go under the Clinton bus.

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  2. The Recent Republican says:

    Oh what a tangled web our traitors weave.

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  3. Wikunia says:

    I’m hoping there will be something in these emails about tons of gold that vanished from Lybian central bank into the thin air.

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  4. fromawaysite says:

    Reblogged this on Today,s Thought.


  5. says:

    Hillary for Prison 2016

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  6. spacette55 says:

    One thing I’d like to know is if the Clinton Global Initiative has had any involvement with “rebuilding” Libya. Lots of scope for graft if you engineer the utter downfall of a sovereign nation and then broker the contracts to clean up in the aftermath.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      I love JW, support them as a member for years now. But the ruling by the Judge to limit the questions to written answers allows her lawyers to walk her free.
      Maybe they will get something from this interrogatory, but the questions just don’t seem to be the right tool to “get” her.

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    • melski says:

      Clinton’s answer to all 25 questions will be the same: “I don’t recall.”

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  7. clash108 says:

    I posted this in the Prez thread, I’ll put it here too. These guys are great.

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  8. eubykdisop says:

    Hillary was just checking out yoga classes in Benghazi. 😉

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  9. Sunshine says:

    Zero trust in State Department.
    On the other hand, Judicial Watch is keeping her real busing during debate prepping schedule.
    The timing couldn’t have been better.
    Between DJT and JW, the woman will be thoroughly exhausted.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      She won’t even read the JW interrogatory. Her lawyers will construct her answers.

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      • But she still has to worry about it Bull D.

        You can’t pay people to take care of every thing for you.

        JW is pick, pick, picking away at her nerves.

        Along with everything else that is not going well in Hilary’s life right now, she looks like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. A very sick, tired old lady.

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  10. SteveFrench says:

    Some might find it interesting that to look closely at the first picture in this article, the collage. More specifically the bottom center frame with Mccain and those nice looking gentlemen. To Mccain’s left you can see a man’s face in the background. That man has been identified as none other than the current leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    Our gov is pure evil

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  11. Backspin says:

    30 days to review 30 e – mails ??? Yeah , BullSnot ….. stall …. stall …. stall …..
    Oh , look it’s October 1 st …….. Internet censored = information curtailed.
    Notice the crack reporters at Time failed to even bring up WHY the 30 e mails were never released.

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  12. Andrew E. says:

    We could discover a high quality video of Hillary shooting Vince Foster and she’d still get 50-55 million votes on November 8th.

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    • Orygun says:

      Hillary will get a mass amount of fraudulent votes no matter what happens. It is happening in Red and Blue states as shown by the primaries. Why nobody pointed out that our voting systems were being changed to make them without any means of verification is beyond me. It is hard to believe that so many corrupt people are running our elections as to make them nearly pointless.

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  13. itswoot says:

    Our system of checks and balances has failed us because most of those who are in power throughout our Federal goverment have become corrupt and immoral.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    -John Adams


    “Knowing how the Clinton’s operate, and fully accepting the administration has control over the key administrative functions of government (Kerry = State, Comey = FBI, Brennan = CIA)…”

    They are a part of the “other” John Adams speaks of.

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    • truthandjustice says:

      Yes and been that way far too long – plus too many of the population are the “other” also and really don’t care how immoral these people are and probably live their lives in like manner and/or complicit with the evil agenda. In order to be successful in a “free society”, there must be a majority who are “moral”.

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  14. Betty says:

    “It’s not just Hillary Clinton that wants this stuff quiet, it is also Republicans in congress.”

    That statement is trying to wake an old ghost in my memory – something about John McCain, Congressional hearings and POW/MIAs. I can’t remember any more.

    Maybe I found it – The War Secrets Sen. John McCain Hides Former POW Fights Public Access to POW/MIA Files, By Sydney Schanberg

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    • WSB says:

      I just read this. Never knew what intimidation McCain doused others with!

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    • Backspin says:

      Listen to former congressman John Leboutillier’s 5 minute talk at Rolling Thunder rally 2016. On You-Tube and I posted in the earlier McCain Tea Hobbit thread today. Leboutillier says McCain and John Kerry both have suppressed POW info. GRRRR…

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      • AmyB says:

        I passed a truck today on the highway. I don’t think it was a military truck but it was plastered with military insignia and a big ole MIA – POW sticker on the back. As I pulled up, I gave the driver a thumbs up. I thought he started laughing at me, but when he started beeping his horn, I realized he laughed because he was just happy someone recognized his messaging.

        I never knew about McCain’s suppression of the fact that 400 POWs were knowingly left behind in Vietnam because our government renigged on a deal to pay for them. It wasn’t about the money, they just thought it would be bad PR for we the people to know to know there were still so many POWs left there. So down the rabbit hole they went. McCain had a large role to play in this travesty. He is no hero.

        Sydney Schanberg is the guy who investigated and wrote an article about the whole sordid mess with even more details about McCain’s rececitation of propaganda to his fellow prisoners on the prison radio. Of course, Schamberg’s story was snuffed out and never went to print. The guy died recently, which caused his article to surface again.

        McCain was talking to al-baghdadi about weapons for the rebels (ISIS). I hope he is brought up on charges of treason one day. I hope if any of the 400 POWs are still alive, they will finally be brought home and allowed to stand be part of the firing line during his execution.

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    • McCain is a stinker from way, way back.

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  15. burnett044 says:

    Our corrupt government will never allow Hillary to go down…hell she has people like Monica for that..
    if they try to take her down she will take many of them with her….Justice lays in the hands of her maker…..perhaps she will meet him soon..

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    • DS says:

      I keep wondering when TPTB will have had enough of her act and decide to take her out, as they have to know how much of a liability she is, and that consequently Trump is going to crush her in the debates and the election. They might think that it would be better to install someone else that might have a shot, but at this point I think it is too late — there is no “rock star” Demoncrat that can swoop in and win it…

      It is interesting to think that maybe TPTB are tired of the Clintons, and what they know, such that the shoe is on the other foot for them now — that is, maybe Bill & Hilly are worried that they will be suicided…

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  16. Jett Black says:

    Notice the difference in demeanor between Ambassador Stevens and McShame in the middle, large photo–that’s the difference between having a clue and having none, as the other pic of McShame hamming it up with the pisslamists, Mohammed Nour and Abu Ibrahim of the Sunni “Northern Storm” brigade. McShame is just insufferable! And the death pic of Ambassador Stevens is still as heart-rending as ever. I’m always conflicted about disrespect/overuse of that pic versus the need to emphasize the disgusting truth of HELLary’s treason. I’ll trust SD’s judgment on that.

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    • sunshineonmyshoulder says:

      Jett…. I didn’t know Ambassador Stevens, of course. However, if I or someone I love were put through what he went through because of the evil of Clinton and her gang, I’d want the photo published here and everywhere until the image were embedded in the brain of every decent person on the planet, as well as those demons responsible.

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    • DS says:

      I disagree — Amb. Stevens knew what was going on. That was the whole point of the stand-down orders — the whole operation was a covert, black ops job, meaning that CIA assets are on their own in the event of a problem so that it does not get exposed and embarrass its architects (Hiliary, Panetta), the CoC (what a joke) Obamao, and the overseeers (Gang of 8 idiots). Most likely the security guys defending the compound did not know all the details of what was going on (e.g. that the manpads being “repurchased” were being sent to Syria through Turkey), which is why they kept calling for military support. But at the same time these guys had to know that such black ops always carry just that risk (deniability).

      I’m sorry Amb. Stevens was hung out to dry by Hitlery, and that he died, but he shouldn’t have been there in the first place conducting an illegal gun running operation. Working for a Clinton caught up to him; it is all just a sad waste of lives (American and innocent Syrians) because of the power hungry ambitions of people who feel entitled to run the world and rule over its citizens…

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  17. Travis McGee says:

    When was the last time an “oversight” committee actually did any oversight? What are they supposed to oversee? They always seem to be behind the 8 ball and are reactionary rather than pro-active. The whole “oversight” committees prior to 9/11 never had to answer the question of where the hell were they prior to the attack? Obviously they weren’t doing their job. After the attacks they came out all upset and concerned but in reality they should have all resigned for dereliction of duty. .

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    • DS says:

      Exactly — how come the Gang of 8 buffoons, when seeing the plans of Hitlery for Libya / Syria, say “no way in hell” due to its illegality and immorality? Maybe because they are just as depraved an corrupt, and/or compromised themselves via their NSA & FBI dossiers.


      • VegasGuy says:

        When they signed up they mis-informed of the definition of “Sight”…..An honest mistake….

        They thought they were being appointed to a Congressional “OverLook” committee….


  18. Dora says:

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  19. Dora says:

    You get her Donald!

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  20. trapper says:

    Don’t be distracted by this. It is another red herring. To learn anything new about the September 11 1012 Benghazi attack you must start looking much earlier.

    In the spring of 2012 Code Pink operatives as well as some well known Chicago leftists were on the ground helping overthrow the Mubarak regime, and continued to confab in Egypt, resulting in Morsi being elected president and the Muslim Brotherhood taking power in June 2012.

    Remember, the protests in Cairo on 9/11/2012 didn’t erupt until the afternoon, after the State Department morning apology for the video no one had ever seen. Early reports out of Libya were that Morsi’s fingerprints were all over the Benghazi attack.

    It is still my theory that a planned joint Brotherhood/State Department operation in Cairo and Libya, political theater intended to affect the American election, was hijacked by alqaeda and went terribly wrong. Look to Hillary’s emails at least as early as June 2012.

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    • anthonydog says:

      Look to Timmerman’s “Dark Forces”

      …Iran and the Quds force had trained, armed and were directing, on the ground, the attacks in Benghazi…Yes…Morsi’s terrorists in the service of Iran. …do you not assume Obama was already in talks with Iran for the Iran Nuclear Deal?

      Do you wonder why Obama called Netanahu at three AM–immediately before the Benghazi attacks began??

      How about the release of the ISIS video of the Jordanian pilot being burned alive… while videotaping?? –That video had been filmed 30 days prior yet was released exactly when King Abdullah of Jordan was sitting with Barack Obama in the White House…


  21. Mr. Morris says:

    It appears to me the cabal who pulls the Obama strings had this mapped out long before he became President. What if the bowing to the Saudi King, the insistence of the Muslim Brotherhood to be present when Obama met with Egypt’s Mubarak, the Bill Ayers, Code Pink operation to break the Egyptian blockade, the Libyan campaign, the Syrian red line, and the resulting refugee invasion into the west were directed by the same cabal who helped propel Obama into office. Who are these people? Hillary’s home brew server may have been set up so the “cabal” would be able to monitor the up to the minute goings on of the U.S. Government. Sweet.

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    • More than likely, it is Soros.


    • ALEX says:

      It has really been going on a long time. I very nice girl I was friends with went to Hungary to work for the Open Society (soros)…She was from wealthy left wing parents. Here in Maryland the big wig in the Black Lives Matters has been living rent free in the mansion of dr. Woods of the woods foundation-close ties to Soros. It is an international cabal of rich and universities doing this.


      • watcher says:

        The Saudi’s. All our mistakes and blunders follows their shadow foreign policies.
        They come out ahead most all the time. Spreading wahabi Islam and all it cost them is money.


  22. cali says:

    Sundance is absolutely correct when he says that those involved are Hillary’s trump card. One has to consider that this black op was named ‘Zero Footprint’ for a reason and the name says it all!
    Then there is this: All available emails that correspond with Benghazi when put in proper timeline it becomes apparent that Stevens movements during his last week before his deaths were published openly on Hillary personal server. It includes date, time and place. Ask yourself why would you publish your rep who had the duty of recruiting jihadists and weapons shipments into Syria via Turkey and all his movements? Who needed that info and why?
    The one and only conclusion is the fact that Stevens became a liability ergo hung out to try and slaughter. He was set up!


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