Florida and Arizona Vote Today: McCain, Rubio, and Wasserman-Schultz Key Races…

Florida and Arizona are holding their primary elections today.  Both states polling locations are open until 7:00pm local.

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The outcome of these primary races will most likely determine the fate of Senator John McCain in Arizona, and Senator Marco Rubio and former DNC head Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Florida.

If you are on the ground and voting in either state feel free to provide a ground report from your neighborhood, polling place, city, municipality or region.

Additionally, in Florida former presidential candidate Ted Cruz has weighed in with a specific endorsement for Dan Bongino (FL-19).  The last endorsements from Cruz were the kiss of death for their recipients; reflecting the scope, and continuance, of the backlash against him within the grassroots movement.

cruz bongino

Initial reports are that voting is moderately heavy, yet uneventful, and both state elections officials anticipate they will exceed the primary turnout for the past 2014 and 2012 cycles.

mccain disgustrubio conman

Schultzy WassermanDebbie Wasserman Schultz


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210 Responses to Florida and Arizona Vote Today: McCain, Rubio, and Wasserman-Schultz Key Races…

  1. Icedog says:

    I’m in Florida and about to head to the polls. Just jealous of the Dems who get to vote against DWS.

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    • flounder, rebel, vulgarian says:

      Speaking of jealousy, I am looking at you, AZ voters. Do America a solid, would you?

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      • GP says:

        Just left polls after voting for Kelli Ward. Wish I could say it’s because I know what a great Senator she’ll make. I don’t. But McCain has gone way past his freshness date and history will not be kind to his civil service. Goldwater of Arizona was a giant in the modern conservative movement while McCain has a few democrat friends like Schumer, Boxer and Feingold to sing his praises. He will be the answer to the trivia question who did Barack Obama beat to win the 2008 Presidency.

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        • oldschool64 says:

          I would say McCain’s freshness date expired sometime before he entered Annapolis.

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        • kriseton says:

          I think she would be better than McCain who has been there too long. He also has a long history of looking ‘conservative’ for elections and then going right back to his RINO positions once he’s back in Washington. I have ZERO problems with a new person taking on that job. This is about citizen government. Give Ward a shot at the job, you can always get rid of her in 6 years. No senator should be constantly re-elected because of ‘name recognition.’

          FYI, high likelihood that McCain won’t live through 6 more years. Do we want a Senator to die in office and then be replaced by an appointment?

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        • Kelli Ward is a two-term AZ State Senator, a military wife, a medical doctor and mother of three great kids! She has our vote 100%. McCain on the other hand has betrayed Arizona for 34 years. Easy choice.

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        • paulgilpin says:

          He will be the answer to the trivia question of who threw the race so Barack Obama could be an occupant of the oval office in the 2008 election.

          fixed it for ‘ya.

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    • skipper1961 says:

      My wife who is a poll worker just arrived home from work. There was very low turnout, and she seems to think rubio won. Off the top of my head, I came up with about a 27% show-up (using the largest estimate she has told me about in the last 9 years). I’m hoping that the MONSTER VOTERS are kind of laying low for now. Keep in mind that there are early, and absentee ballots, as well. She and I vote early, so that she can work, and I get to dog-sit (when I’m in town).


  2. Sentient says:

    Marco goes down.

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  3. LOL @ Sgt Schultz…

    WHO thinks of these things, anyway?

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  4. I am in district 23 Florida and it is raining cats & dogs right now so the polls are pretty slow in my area(we have that tropical storm bringing tons of rain). My guess is that people will tough it out and go to the polls on their way home from work or while picking up the kids from school. On a side note, my wife, mother and mother in law(new voter and new LEGAL citizen) are All Aboard the Trump train! Both my wife and I are registered independents who have NEVER been polled, we are part of the tsunami vote coming in a polling booth near you on Nov 8th! #MAGA

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  5. I don’t see how anyone could support DWS:

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz demonstrated with her support for the Iran deal that she would do anything — including selling out the security of her people — for political gain.

    Of all the people to have betrayed Israel and the Jewish people over the Iran deal, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was near the top. She had always traded on her Jewish identity to gain currency in politics, and had massive Jewish financial support.

    Her support of the Iran deal, amid Iran’s near daily genocidal incitement against her people, was the ultimate betrayal. Worse was when she went on CNN to cry crocodile tears about how torn up she was about her support for the deal. Tears mean nothing. Action is everything.


    Did she manage to “Gaslight” her constituency (and donors) into believing that never happened? We.Will.See.

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  6. jackmcg says:

    McCain is the most likely to get knocked off.

    Unfortunately, Marco’s name ID and incumbency will likely carry him through, even with his betrayals.

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  7. Arkindole says:

    My area was really light (I mean poll workers falling asleep) this am at about 8:30, with only about 6-8 red team members going before me. Contrasted a lot to the party primary about the same time.

    On the senate race, the little guy has about a 60/30ish percentage with the Tampa/St. Pete RINO pollers on a Beruff/Rubio choice. It’s so bad with those RINOs that they are writing op eds for Beruff to drop out because the race is OVA. However, those numbers (with the usual 400 likely voters) don’t include a matchup with the splitters that are also on the ticket. So, order wise, we have Beruff at the number one position, Rivera at number two, Rubio at number three, and Young at number 4. No one knows who the hell Young is, but he apparently came up with the 10,400 dollar filing fee.

    If the lofo voters Christmas tree the scantron, Befuff (A) would come up higher than expected. The next most frequent lofo response would be a B. If the Monster Vote® shows up, even higher, all subtracting from the little guy.

    So, I’m actually watching that delta between Rubio and everyone else to see how we could get some indices about the general.

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    • mamadogsite says:

      I think, unfortunately, people are already burned out with politics. I don’t think there wil be a big enough turnout for a Rubio defeat. Everyone is looking ahead to the Labor Day weekend. Esp. The younger voters. This primary does not excite them.

      You will have your 50+year-olds…but younger ???

      They WILL turn out for November.

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      • it’s too bad. to ever have a chance of turning this giant ship of horrors around for good, if that is even possible, we’ve gotta have “staying power”, people paying attention, not falling back to sleep. It goes beyond Trump.

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    • skipper1961 says:

      Don’t forget early and absentee ballots as well.


  8. moondrops says:

    New polling place so hard to judge turn out. Steady but no lines. I did see some interesting numbers while studying my sample ballot a couple days ago. Sixty thousand more republican early ballots than democrat ballots statewide.
    Locally, I went with throw the bums out. Some thick-as-thieves in the mayoral race for my little burg. Mayor’s job is part-time but one candidate has the time to make it a full-time job. My interpretation of that is more meddling, fixing things that ain’t broke. Voted for fresh blood.

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  9. NHVoter says:

    I would love to see Rubio get primaried but I’m not holding my breath.

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  10. FL_Guy says:

    Florida panhandle area. Wife and I just got back from voting. Last night, I reminded all my friends to vote. Can’t really tell about turnout due to being in a district with majority retirees who probably went much earlier.

    Our county uses fill in the bubble paper ballots. You put them in the counting machine yourself and it gives you a confirmation that it was read. To sign in, requires a swipe of the drivers license. Then you sign an electronic tablet and the check in person makes sure the signature matches. They also make sure the picture matches. Don’t know why this system isn’t used everywhere.

    This year, there was absolutely NO mailers from any of the four people running in the R senate primary. That includes Lil’ Marco. Usually the weekend before, you get a vote for me mailer but only got mailers for the House candidates (R Congressman retiring – he was good), state and local offices.

    Wife and I were excited to vote today. Put on nice clothes and cast our ballots. Looking forward to the BIG ONE in November when we elect President Trump! MAGA

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    • Somebody says:

      Wow, I guess I’m special!! I live in NE Florida and I got a mailer this weekend for the senate race. I didn’t read it, it had Carol Beruff’s picture on it…..could have been for him or against him. Whatever it was I thought it was quite late arriving in my mailbox.

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    • sahm2016 says:

      I am in the FL panhandle too. My polling place had the same setup (the paper ballots, drivers license swipe and electronic signature) and at 10:00 AM I was the only voter there and my ballot was number 12 according to the machine. My DH went at 2:00 PM and there were only two other people there voting. I have never seen turnout this light in the 14 years I have voted at the same polling place.

      I agree with FL_Guy; this system could and should be used everywhere.

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    • louche9 says:

      I noticed that, too. Tons of paper for comptroller, committeeman, etc, but not so much as an index card with “Vote for me!” scrawled on it from Rubio (or any other Senate contender, for that matter.)

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  11. DesertDan says:

    Voted for Dr. Ward in AZ primary at about 8:30 this morning at a polling station near the Deer Valley airport. The place was deserted …crickets. I asked the volunteers about the turnout (granted, it was early) and they said it was likely most people had sent in early ballots. That would be bad news for Ward, according to what people are saying.

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    • George True says:

      Dan: I voted this afternoon in North Central Phoenix, 20th St & Maryland, at the Greek Orthodox Church. I am so spoiled as this is literally right across the street from where I have lived for 20 years. (With the exception of the six hour fustercluck for the presidential primary a few months ago). Anyway, turnout seemed very light. THere were more poll workers than there were voters. When I put my ballot in the machine, the tally was at 36. Could that be possible that by mid-afternoon only thirty six people had voted so far at that location?

      Anyway, I enthusiastically filled in the arrow for Kelli Ward. That old RINO McCain needs to be put out to pasture. I also voted for Dan Saban as Maricopa County Sheriff instead of Joe Arpaio. A lot of conservatives might disagree with this, as Arpaio has always been a strong voice against illegal immigration. However, I feel that Arpaio is another one who needs to be put out to pasture. He is also about 80 years old, and I believe he has been very corrupt for a long time. He runs the sheriff’s department and the county jail system as his personal fiefdom. Many millions of dollars have been skimmed off the top of jail funds, and there have been numerous lucrative county contracts awarded to people who are ‘friends of Joe”. Dan Saban is a real cop and in my opinion an honest one.

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  12. Yaya says:

    Just cast vote #223 at my polling station, for Carlos Beruff BTW. Hubby was # 226. Poll workers said it was slow but should pick up after work hours. The electronic machine vote counter read 1247 ‘expected’ votes at this precinct, though there were higher than normal absentee ballots received so there may not be that many voting in person according to the worker. More signs out than I have ever seen and I have been voting at this location for nearly 20 years.

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  13. micscottmd says:

    Previously mailed in our ballots, 7 for Rubio. Wasn’t thrilled, changed when he publicly supported Trump recently. Didn’t send any money to Rubio. Liked Beruff Pro Trump support, didn’t like Christ association. Guess, I think he’ll be stronger against Dem and thought his support of Christ could be used against him in general. Hard choice.

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  14. Just voted in Pasco Florida, I did vote Rubio. I held my nose and did vote for him.


    He followed through with his pledge and is supporting Trump! That’s not the only reason I voted for him!
    He also, put up a good fight in the primaries and he got out when he should have, and he stayed neutral with Trump, Cruz and Kasich after he dropped!

    Unlike some of the others…he stayed true to the pledge and he’s been truly nasty to Clinton recently…that’s gotta count for something!.

    Honestly I think he can be rehabilitated…we’ll see!

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    • I don’t trust Rubio. However I believe Rubio can and will beat Murphy but the other guy won’t (due to no name recognition and lack of funds). I would of voted for Rubio myself for Florida Senate. One slightly redeemable notion of Rubio is he is the only one to recently come out to ending wet foot dry foot policy with Cubans.

      I hope people in Arizona are not dumb enough to vote in AGAIN for NeoCon Juan McCain. He is sitting on a pile of cash and running nonstop ads in AZ and Ward is hardly advertising (due to not having nearly the amount of funds).


      • AZ_Giggles says:

        That’s the part that makes me nervous (McCain having lots of cash/support from GOP and Kelli Ward running empty) I am REALLY hoping that Kelli Ward’s endorsement of Trump will count for something though! Not sure how good she’ll be, but I KNOW she’ll be AMAZING when compared against McCain.

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      • mamadogsite says:

        I voted Rubio in Manatee County..he eventually supported Trump. Also….Trump advised him to run, which meant to me, a weak endorsement.

        I think Rubio will work with Trump.

        Sorry…but quite a few of us in West Central Florida DO NOT like Beruff. He may be a good businessman, but he endorses and makes friends with dishonest politicians like Charlie Crist who was a republican , but then endorsed and hugged Obammy and found religion by becoming a Democrat to run for the US Senate. Well, we had enough of Charlie Crist and elected Marco Rubio to the Senate.

        So, now we hear, Charlie wants to run for Governor again as an Independent? Pretty soon he will run out of parties. Anyway, through all of these trans/political Crist changes, Beruff remained loyal to his friend. Speaks volumes.

        Btw….Carlos Beruff owns Medallio Homes.


        • mamadogsite says:

          Forgot to add that Beruff would have “0” chance against the Democrat.


        • valheisey says:

          I also considered Beruff and watched an interview of his. He was caught doing 103 mph on his way home from his 67 county tour of the state. His response was that it was no big deal and at least it wasn’t raining! Sorry, but I am tired of politicians who think they are above the law not to mention his “friendship” with Charlite Crist. I think Rubio is malleable and will go where his bread is buttered. And he can probably beat the democrat and help retain the Senate majority. Plus Trump suggested we vote for Marco at lest 3 times that I heard.

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    • Somebody says:

      I don’t think Marco can be rehabilitated, in fact he’s pretty much been an establishment guy all along. He feigned being a tea party guy, but that was just an act. Marco doesn’t really want to be a senator, he wants to use his seat as a stepping stone. Honestly he’s not that into serving the citizens of Florida. What bothers me as much or more than his gang of 8 foray is his continual attempts to massively expand H1B and other visa programs. That isn’t in the best interest of his constituents, it’s in the best interest of his buddies at the COC. They want cheap labor……and bonus bringing over more foreign workers further depresses wages for those Americans lucky enough to have a job….win/win for the COC.

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    • Oldskool says:

      If you run a company, can I have a job? I’ll only show up about 29% of my scheduled time and won’t do anything when I am there. Of course I expect full salary and benefits. I’ll just ask you not to internet search my name or you’ll see I was involved in all sorts of sordid activity in my younger years. I would like to start as soon as possible so I can take that first week off as vacation. Thank you.

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      Nothing can help Rubio……..got zero mailings from him and about 4 on Beruff….I hope Beruff wins……He has said if there is No budget, there should be No pay for Congress, the President or the Cabinet……I so agree

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    • singingsoul says:

      That is how we get the same old.
      Rubio lost me when he began his childish act against Trump in the primaries.
      He also did critique Trump but yes kept quiet after Trump became the nominee.
      I guess we all do as we experience the people and how we see them.

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      • georgiafl says:

        Rubio lost me with the Gang of 8 Bill – which he authored!

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        • BobinFL says:

          me too. Voted Beruff at around 1pm….Jupiter FL….was the only voter in the place. Was nothing like the Presidential primary. After Gang of 8 Rubio lost me…..if he wins the primary I will have to really think about what to do….


    • SharonKinDC says:

      I believe Rubio is basically a decent person who was sufficiently poor, he was for sale to the R globalists. Whereas Cruz, imo, is a vile creature.

      Agree with the possibility of a Rubio rehabilitation, or at least somewhat. One problem w/ him, imo, is he is basically lazy.

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      • No. Rubio is scum, just like ted bundy cruz.


      • mamadogsite says:

        I think he got the political scare of his life on the National Stage…not just little ‘ole Florida. The GOPe is dead. The gang of 8 dead. All of the nefarious little schemers will be gone 2-4 years.

        The most imprtant thing is to keep control of the Senate. Besides, Now Rubio will have to work for his paycheck…THEY ALL WILL.

        Jeff Sessions has been there long enough to fill quite a few “folders” of the crooks Trump will have to deal with in both houses. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we actually had a Government that worked FOR us?

        Trump will be the wagon master. The wagons will eventually have to circle around him. How am I so sure of this?

        TRUMP REPRESENTS “WE THE PEOPLE”…and Trump will throw the bums back to the people, (via our votes) if they don’t shape up and work FOR the people.

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      • NYGuy54 says:

        I agree Cruz is vile. I differ from you in that I think Rubio is a real weasel. 2 really bad guys.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Rubio is for illegal alien amnesty.

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  15. 46443ot says:

    Also in the panhandle. got a Marco flyer a couple of weeks ago…that’s it. Voting for Beruff for senate. For Jeff Miller’s congressional seat voting for an ex Marine businessman (Dosev) instead of probable winner Gaetz (state senator with a better name recognition and more $)…finishing up at work…no idea what the poll turn out has been…I will advise after!

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  16. 3x1 says:

    No idea who Bongino is, but if Cruz endorses him i hope he loses.

    A list of everyone endorsed by Cruz would be handy.

    A little research…

    Former Obama USSS ? Was he one of the ones involved with drinking and strippers?

    And what’s with using profanity with reporters? DUMB.


    (Youtube of tirade at link)

    Listen to the video and ask why Cruz endorses a hothead like this. Actually, why does the USSS hire hotheads like this? I thought they were looking for people cool under fire. Yes, the reporter was poking him, they do that. Political opponents in DC are tougher than reporters. What a psycho.

    Anyway, hope McCain loses today. That would be glorious. He’ll lose it to with a bitter exit speech.


  17. rebel53blog says:

    Voted here in Florida this morning and polling center only had 3 in front of me. I decided to ride around to 5 other polling centers here in the Daytona area and they were very light as well. Hoping my vote along with others puts Marco back in the private sector. Have to remain optimistic.

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  18. 3x1 says:

    Mods, just made a post on Bongino that probably got flagged for a cuss word in a link. Is there a way to use a description of a URL to avoid posting the text of the link?

    Thanks! 🙂

    (It was describing Bongino completely losing his cool and swearing up a storm at some reporter)

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  19. cclarke116 says:

    Just voted in FL (CD 26, which covers NE/Central FL, primarily Volusia/Flagler Cos.), where our current Congressman, Ron DeSantis, should easily win re-election. Turnout was pretty heavy at my precinct this afternoon, but that’s likely due to all the local races on the ballot. I held my nose and voted for Rubio, as I believe Trump can reform him & he has the best chance of defeating Obama’s boy toy, Patrick Murphy, in November.

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  20. wizzum says:

    Bongino let his buttons get pushed, I cant say I’d have done any better under the circumstances.


  21. rajabear1 says:

    Report from far East Mesa, AZ—

    Voted at noon local time. Lots of signage for all people on the primary ballots at the driveway entry. Only table or live representation was for county constable (kinda wish Ward would have had someone out there) with very handsome police officers (yay, me! Lol).

    Lots of cars, but there were only 3 voters inside, including myself. Very strict with the ID…my DL address is not the same as my voter ID, she ran my DL with the DMV to insure my address registered matched my voter ID. Received my paper ballot, no matter wherever I’ve voted in Mesa over the years, I’ve only seen/used paper ballots, not sure if that’s statewide or county or just coincidence of where I’ve voted.

    Voted for Ward, Arpio and several other candidates. Left some blanks, won’t vote blindly or unsure. Put my ballot in one of the two counters and I was #153, didn’t see a number on the 2nd one, not sure they were even using it yet.

    As far as turnout—I kind of wonder if the long lines during the presidential primary due to the shuttering of polling locations to ‘save money’, will suppress the physical turnout today. That many of the monster voters think it’s that way all the time and it’s not worth it in this heat if Trump isn’t on the ballot. Hopefully they chose absentee instead.

    However, I found it curious that the woman that checked my ID noted she had to send several people to different polling locations because they assumed that because they voted there for the presidential primary (due to closing polling precincts) that was their regular polling location. Could they be first time voters back in May and are now engaged enough to make a real change on the down ballot?

    Hmmm, we shall see…

    Anyway Treepers, myself and my 2 voting age offspring that reside under my roof, did our part to oust the traitor to our country and my state. I hope that he’s out by tonight because I will loathe to vote D in the general. Have to do some serious pondering and praying if that choice comes to be.

    Just be warned folks, in the past my state gop has been as corrupt as they come, forcing mccain down our throats. I have seen a slight shift since Mr Trump and mccain has been censured twice in 6 years. So who knows how this will turn out.

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    • foncag1 says:

      I understand the hesitation to vote for McCain, but think about what would happen if the Democrat tips the Senate to Reid and Schumer. Republicans have more seats to defend, and it might be one state that gives control to the Democrats and that would result in Reid or Schumer running the Senate.


      • 3x1 says:

        McConnell isn’t any better than Reid.

        Traitor vs. Enemy, who do you choose?

        SCOTUS, I know.

        They Deserve to lose the senate AND house.

        We never vote for them, we only vote against Democrats.


        • jackmcg says:

          GOPe leadership is ever so slightly preferable to Schumer- Pelosi, because we can primary our guys.

          Remember, the Gang of 8 bill got shelved because Cantor got Cantor’d. If Democrats had control? You’d be learning Spanish right now.


      • PatriotKate says:

        Americans by our nature actually prefer a divided Congress and also don’t really like one-party control. Frankly, I wouldn’t have as much a problem as others with a Democrat Senate.

        I think that Trump would actually be more effective. And, with Reid retiring, Shumer will probably be Democrat Leader and he’s a fellow New Yorker and a lot more dignified than Reid. You have to remember that the Republicans object to a lot of what Trump wants to do so it really doesn’t matter that much if they have control. Trump will need Democrats to help him with his agenda.


  22. Bull Durham says:

    Bongino was pro-Cruz, I recall. He came to Trump once it was clear Trump was the winner. He is correct on all major issues. Cruz’s endorsement is late because it probably is worthless if not poison.

    He’s good on law and order issues and corruption.
    He’ll be UniParty by 2018.
    Anyone who is hungry to be a Congressman can’t make a good living outside. Thus, they go into “public service” to get set for life.
    Vote for a warrior and wind up with a sellout. Term limits enforced by “One and Out”.

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    • ectrimm says:

      We simply need to return to having our Senators elected by the state legislature, as was done before the 17th Amendment.

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      • Mr. T says:

        How can that work of you have a corrupt state legislature?


        • Doug says:

          im curious about that too because i hear people say the state legislature is better but Im not sure I buy the logic behind that.

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        • ectrimm says:

          In most cases, not all, the state “legislature” constitutes a majority in each state “district.” Again, each state is/was different. It would be more expensive to buy a majority of the state legislature than it is to purchase a simple majority of the state’s population, as is done today. Plus, the U.S. Senate would look more like the governing body of each state. Note today, that would imply a solid Republican U.S. Senate majority, which would be more reflective of the true will of the people.

          No government can compensate for an electorate that is amoral, however.


  23. Chaplain says:

    Voted in Apache Jct. Steady but no line. Went smoothly. Paper ballots.


  24. Gene Brent says:

    what will happen to Lindsey Graham if McCain loses?


  25. It was my utmost pleasure to vote against the “crown jewel” {sarc} of America. I voted for Kelli Ward by mail from ITALY earlier this month. I think she will be a LOT better than McCaine for SURE.

    John McCain with neo-Nazis in Ukraine responsible for the coup against the legal government of Ukraine. Obama and his Washington thugs worked hand in glove with armed neo-Nazis in Ukraine—with Sen. John McCain and Assistant Secretary of State John Lurch Kerry …John McCain is a Traitor to democracy, and a cold war enthusiast, up to his ears in black ops and their “blame everything they do on Putin” crowd. We don’t have wonder if Ukraine ever got their gold back that the coup’s front man Arseniy Yatsenyuk stole and brought to Washington DC for “safe keeping.” Probably a lot of it went right up Obama’s nose.

    McCaine is not liked in Arizona and I am quite sure if he does win it is by rigging. Still after 10 years I’ve never met one person who ever voted for him and not one person who likes him. I always found this odd because he stays in power election after election. GO KELLY! GO!!

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  26. Mr. T says:

    Mesa, Arizona checking in. My household and several of my neighbors have all voted by early ballot. I can tell you that NONE of us voted for John McCain and ALL voted for Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate. Speaking with one of my sons who went to vote at a polling center near his home, he stated there were no lines but rather a steady stream of voters coming and going. As the day progresses, the voter turnout will increase as people begin to get off from work.

    On a side note, not a single one of us voted to reelect Helen Purcell, our current Maricopa County Recorder, who oversees the elections within the county. She’s the screwball who messed up the GOP presidential preference primary. Because of a severe decrease in voting centers, I had to stand in line for 3 1/2 hours before I could vote, and I had to drive several miles to a polling center, instead of the usual drive down the street to one of the schools or churches to vote. We all voted for the republican candidate running against her in the primary, Aaron Flannery. One good thing about Trump supporters, they, like me, all waited patiently in line to cast their vote for Trump. I didn’t get out of there until 9:30 PM, and there was still a long line of voters behind me, who all waited to cast their votes.

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    • Doug says:

      Glad you voted because thats ridiculous it took you all that long to vote. Good job voting her out. Should never take that long for people to express their rights to vote.

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    • Notmeagain says:

      She screwed up in 2012 too and I also voted against her. I notice the paper said that instead of the 60 polling places they had for the presidential primaries there would be 650.

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    • El Torito says:

      This illustrates a post that I made a few weeks back – that mal-distribution of voting machines can tip an election one way or another. Go light in an area that’s heavy for Trump, and going heavy in an area for the Beast can have a profound effect against the monster vote – by forcing Trump voters to wait in line until they leave…My biggest worry. A form of rigging that you really can’t see or prove.

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    • Kristin says:

      Voted also for Aaron Flannery…..


  27. Newman says:

    Working over one my co-workers to go vote for Kelli Ward. He’s hesitant because while he dislikes McCain…he feels there’s a lot of problems with Ward too based on all the lying ads McCain has been soaking up the airways with. But bottom line, ads can sure influence the low-information voters out there.

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    • Mr. T says:

      All anyone here in Arizona had to do was to get on the internet to check the validity of the misinformation about Kelli Ward being posted in the McCain ads.

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      • Doug says:

        Unfortunately most people dont do that. Sad but true.


        • Mr. T says:

          Fortunately, Kelli Ward has a great FB page. A lot of voters came to it and asked her a lot of questions. She responds to them herself and set many a voter straight about the lies being posted in the McCain ads. Kelli is getting a lot of support. Both of McCain’s FB pages, the politician one and the U.S. Senator one, seem to be getting comments in favor of Ward, and or telling McCain it’s time for him to retire and head off into the sunset.


  28. NHVoter says:

    Please get rid of this putz, Florida!

    Liked by 3 people

  29. ginaswo says:

    200 pm az poll update
    we ve had 83 voters so far and another 20 dropping off mail in ballots
    i expect there was YUUUUUUUUUGE mail in this time after 6hr lines fiasco last time 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mr. T says:

      I agree, Ginaswo, about the mail in ballots increasing. I always went to vote at the polls, but after the GOP presidential primary fiasco here in Maricopa County due to Helen Purcell’s incompetence, I signed up for permanent mail in ballot voting. At least now I don’t have to hear my wife snicker at me because that’s how she’s always voted, and really rubbed it in after I got back from voting for Trump after standing in line for 3 1/2 hours. lol


  30. navysquid says:

    Just returned from voting here in Pinal County, AZ, Sheriff Paul Babeu’s area who you’ve seen on FoxNews, and the poll worker said voting was light. He said it was steady but limited. He said approx 100 people had voted by 1pm AZ time. I live in a high residential area and there a lot of employed people here that likely will vote in the aftn/evening.

    My wife and three other voting age kids have early voted and voted for Kelli Ward for Senate and Paul Gosar (our Rep here). We hope that 80y/o McCain is voted out this time around but he has deep GOPe pockets here in the state. So there is a total of five votes for Ward our of my house.

    I can’t believe that we would elect an 80year old man or woman to Congress. I am over 50 and believe in term limits. I believe that one should serve a total of about 12 years in any varying office and then return to private life. McCain has been in since the 80’s and is ineffective for the GOP but not liberals.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Doug says:

      yeah I could get behind the 12 years thing.
      Seriously, when this guy showed up in the Senate there was no internet, I was 2 years old, and people barely heard of cellphones. Been there too long.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. Arkindole says:

    Lee county supervisor of elections; live on WINK/cbs local broadcast; “turnout lower than expected”
    Raining dogs and hogs along the coast all day; getting pummeled now during the peak after work voting hours.


  32. Crimsonfisted says:

    Just got back from voting FOR Carlos Beruff, NOT little Marco. Felt great!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  33. Binkser1 says:

    Just got back from voting here in Jacksonville, Florida. There were about 10-15 people voting when myself and my wife got there. We have to show picture ID, our voting card and provide our signature electronically (believe it or not, most who were there were minorites that were voting, so unlike what the Leftists tell us, minorities actually have the intelligence to get a picture ID and sign their name. You gotta love the soft bigotry of the Left). We get a paper ballot and fill in circles with a pen and then feed the ballot into a machine after voting. I voted for Beruff. There was no way I was voting for Marco, with the Gang of 8 garbage, the luke-warm at best, endorsement of Trump, breaking promises that got him elected.and not showing up for work. I voted for Melissa Nelson over Angela Corey for State Attorney. No way I could forgive Corey after the Trayvon garbage. It always nice to vote but I cannot wait until November 8th. Without a doubt that will be the most important vote I will cast in my life so far, and probably the most important in alll of our lifetimes. Go Trump!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  34. John22 says:

    Rubio is as close to a lock as you can get in this primary. I don’t care for him much but at least he has shut his trap about Trump unlike some other idiots.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Sayitaintsojoe says:

    The problem with bongino is that he has only been in fl since 2015 so will be a carpetbagger in the eyes of a lot of fl voters. My polling place here on the treasure coast was a typical quick in and out at about 10 am. since I’m a no party affiliate voter and we have closed primaries I could only vote for specific races. Rubio is still the boy wonder for a vast majority of the people in my area.


  36. grumpy70 says:

    Hubby and I voted for Carlos Beruff just now. It is raining hard but the place was full of voters.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. georgiafl says:

    Just got home from VOTING AGAINST RUBIO the absentee Gang of 8 Senator!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Shevtsova251 says:

    Rubio in the first 13 minutes after closing, gets 76.4% (0.7% reporting)


  39. William F BUCKLEY Ghost says:

    Palm Beach County FL and poll worker said it was very slow today. I voted at 6pm an hour before the polls closed. My wife voted at 10:30am and said that it was very low turnout not like the presidential primary in March. Anyway, we both voted to Cantor Little Marco and pulled the switch for Carlos Baruff. We figured that traitors have to be punished to teach them a lesson. If you make a promise to support America and lie…we’ll throw you out!


  40. Juan says:

    Rubio easily wins with over 70% of the vote. Beruff is a fraud that tried to ride the coattails of Trump. In the past he was a big supporter of Charlie Crist … even after Crist went Independent. His 15 minutes of fame has been up 7 will never be heard from again.


  41. Pam says:


  42. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    When does Arizona close?


  43. watcher says:

    Don’t forget Debbie was the head of the dnc during the debacle to get the beast nominated and Bernie the trader didn’t say a word.
    She now works for the beast, probably to keep her mouth shut. Her temporary replacement Donna Brazil and her predecessor Tim Kaine are both beast shills.
    I suspect the same shenanigans are still going on, only more discretely.


  44. Today was Arizona’s time to put up or shut up. Either send a Senator who is halfway serious about securing the boarder or quit griping. How could the other issues even come close.


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