Where’s Hillary? Secretary Clinton Has No Scheduled Events Until Sept. 26th Debate – All Events are Surrogates…

This is a little bit funny and a little bit perplexing. Many might point to this as evidence of a deteriorating health condition.

Hillary Clinton is the first and only nominee for President who never held a press conference during the entire Democrat primary race. Yet, somehow she still won the Democrat presidential nomination. Quite a remarkable feat considering the lack of engagement. Then again, she appears to have multiple advocates in the media running cover.

Wheres hillary

Additionally interesting is that Secretary Clinton appears to be following the same strategy, and even, well, ‘stunningly‘, expanding the intentional lack of engagement, for the general election.  Check this out…

If you look at Hillary Clinton’s campaign calendar –SEE HERE– it appears there’s a lot of activity. There are 15 listed events.  However, if you really look at it, what you notice is that Secretary Clinton is not actually attending 14 of these events; they are being attended by surrogates.

Waldo 2

waldo 3

waldo 4

Go check for yourself.   Use the “Who Will Be There” filter, and you’ll see the only event  Hillary Clinton is actually attending is the last one on September 26th, the debate.

It’s nice to know that Hillary Clinton at least plans to show up for the debate….. maybe.

Hillary Clinton press we can 2

kim jong nuke 2


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477 Responses to Where’s Hillary? Secretary Clinton Has No Scheduled Events Until Sept. 26th Debate – All Events are Surrogates…

  1. Abracadebra says:

    The debate needs to be standing up, not sitting down. I want to see her standing for two hours.

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  2. SD has the eyes of an eagle! I made a video using SD’s instructions above for people to pass around

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  3. ZurichMike says:

    For a few weeks now I’ve been tweeting her lack of rallies (she does, however, attend private fundraisers). Hillary thinks the election is hers — a coronation — just like the nomination process was. The media are covering for her — no tough questions (heck, no questions at all), no media outlet wonders why she hasn’t given a press conference in over 270 days. Reasons for “Where’s Sick, Paranoid Hillary?” are:

    x1. She is unethusiastic; no one is enthused for her. Even she doesn’t look too excited to be running right now. And She can’t get people excited enough to hear her speak. She parrots old, failed policies and tired clichés. She spends more time bashing Trump and concocting alt-right bogeymen than outlining a positive, uplifiting vision for America. She represents the worst of the Baby Boomers — tired, whiny, politically correct entitlement whores who think they know better about everyone else’s money.

    x2. She is unpopular and the optics would prove it. Since no one will show up to her rallies unless paid (like the DNC paid seatfillers) or told to do so (union members who really don’t care where they “work” as long as they get paid), she would only have small venues partially filled with a lot of flags but few people. Contrast that to Trump’s tens of thousands of supporters at each and every event. Even VP candidate Pence gets thousands of supporters to Hillary’s low hundreds.

    x3. She is a turn-off on a personal level. The more she appears in public, the more people are turned off by her. And who could blame them? Her screechy, preachy voice, her lack of empathy, her robotic mannerisms — she is a fake, everyone knows it. She becomes more unlikeable each and every time she opens her maw. She believes that by not speaking, she will lose fewer Dem and left-leaning Independent voters who would vote for her as a Pavlovian response to promises of more of a welfare state.

    x4. She is diseased. Not just just ill (for example, she has a terrible cold), but diseased. She displays evidence of serious neurological impairment from her concussions, mini-strokes, stumbling and falling, assisted walking up stairs, head-jerking, shaking, and blanking out mid-sentence, as well as possible cancer (the punch biopsy scar on her tongue), and definite thyroid issues. The only white house she belongs in is a hospital.

    x5. She is imploding. She has based her entire life on power: marrying and enabling a powerful rapist (also diseased as well as impeached and disbarred), and using every sleazy tactic to amass and weild power (money laundering, lying, intimidation/extortion/murder of opponents and whistleblowers, bribery). She lied about a video casuing the the death of Americans in Benghazi. She is a craven, soulless, evil harpie. Her life of lies and evil is catching up with her. Hope she repents soon. If not, I wouldn’t shed a tear when this sorry bitch bites the dust.

    Did I miss anything?

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    • darththulhu says:

      x6 She is a cheater who blatantly rigged her primary victory over an opponent vastly more popular than her.

      x7 She is grotesquely corrupt, caring only for the power to wield and the opportunity for personal enrichment in any given position.

      x8 She is fathomlessly incompetent, turning every single effort she touches directly to catastophic failure. HillaryCare, the Iraq War Authorization, the Russian “reset”, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Honduras. Just non-stop calamity.

      x9 She is an unapologetic criminal, running illegal servers, destroying work emails, lying to FBI investigators, and perjuring herself before Congress.

      And that’s only the half of it.

      Worst. Candidate. Ever.

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      • ZurichMike says:

        Don’t hold back. Tell me how you really feel! LOL! Seriously: LOVE your word choice “fathomlessly incompetent” is a keeper.

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        • darththulhu says:

          Thanks. I came of age in the first Clinton administration, I have always been a politics nerd, and the Clintons utterly disgust me … so the words flow naturally.

          My faith requires me to remain Independent, but I’m a paleo-Leftie at heart. I am entirely happy to cherish the good Nationalist parts of Honest Abe and Trustbusting Teddy and don’t-let-vets-and-seniors-starve-to-death FDR. Again, Bernie was a blast from that distant past … and Clinton is simply the exact polar opposite of everything a healthy Democratic Party should stand for.

          The woman is a cancer.

          Clinton is the antithesis of any concept of a sustainable safety net, throwing open borders and dumping tens of millions of people onto programs that cannot possibly handle that much extra strain.

          Clinton is the antithesis of “walk softly but carry a big stick”, instead constantly looking for small countries to kick around and break like a bully … while also constantly poking and provoking the Bear and the Dragon in the stupidest ways.

          Clinton is Nixon without the competence. She must be opposed at all costs. And Trump? At absolute worst he is an American Berlusconi, and at best he could be the second coming of FDR, Traitor to His Class. It’s not remotely a hard decision.

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      • georgiafl says:

        Another reason Hillary may have disappeared might be BACKLASH from her Alt-Right Speech and from calling Trump and his supporters racists, phones, bigots, etc.

        Mr. Trump pre-emptively struck and has many supporters among the minority populations.

        Hillary’s last speech was a screed and was unfounded and baseless and sure to garner her much criticism.

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        • georgiafl says:

          PHOBES – not phones – that was WP auto-spell at work.

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        • trump flushed her out when he called her a bigot and she took the bait with her racist racist racist speech. i think the sept disappearance act was planned weeks ago..she is just bad on the stump and is getting worse.

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          • bigdrov1x says:

            I have a feeling that the emails contain some racist comments regarding Obama. We all know there is no real love lost between the two camps. What in todays society would be an automatic disqualifier from public office? An email with the “N” word referring to Obama, Moochelle, or Jarrett? Assange has been strongly hinting that he has the goods on her. Also Trump started using the “bigot” label on her. If it comes out that the emails contain racist comments, it will set up Trump for more confirmation bias in the eyes of the public. I really think that Assanges people and the Trump camp may be coordinating the releases. Just a hunch.


    • Moses Wayne says:

      My concern is her lack of campaigning is due to Hillary knowing the machines are rigged by Soros and there is no reason to compaign. It is a done deal.


    • Jim Newell says:

      I’d say you described her pretty well. Here’s a way of looking at this…

      Hillary is Jezebel who is even worse than her husband Bill who is Ahab. (See 1 Kings 16-21 and 2 Kings 9 in the Bible.)

      BTW, check out Jezebel’s prophesied end – it was not a happy one. I, like you, do not wish ill upon Hillary but I want her COMPLETELY OUT of power and influence in America. I’m not at all sure she will make it to the general election and I think if that happens, the DNC could even try for an Obama third term (couldn’t care less about the Constitution).

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Lets see Hillary is unpopular with voters, she wants a job for which she is unsuited, everything about being President bores her except the checks she receives from Foreign countries. She will not release her medical records and is convinced she has a better chance of winning if she appears less often. Meanwhile the scandals continue unabated. The media which is getting a bit confused about Hillary continues its support.

      On the other side we have a candidate in Donald Trump who is healthy (so wrote his doctor) and hard working, stands by this country and its people. The voters adore him. The media despises him. The leftists say he cannot win, but those of us who love him say it will be a landslide in his favor. At some point soon the compliant media will decide they can’t stand the Arrogant Angry Mrs. Clinton and she will lose the one group who matters most to her. Then its up to the voters and God to make Donald Trump our President.

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    • Skylight says:

      I don’t think you missed anything, except I think she is just laying low, letting Trump campaign and her campaign managers, aka the MSM, tear him apart for her. She just sits back, or lies back, whichever, and lets them campaign for her. She thinks she has this in the bag; you know, voter fraud and all that.

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  4. itswoot says:

    The calm before the storm? An event on the near horizon that like an arid region dust storm is set to blow in?

    It has me wondering if the main intent of Hillary’s recent Nevada(?) speech was to set the stage for what is yet to come. An event that would be pinned on ‘crazy’ Donald Trump supporters.

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    • she’ll make up stories about threats to her life and assassination attempts…hallucinating that it wasn’t just the legitimate character assassinations

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    • marcyo13 says:

      Like you, I am suspicious. It’s too quiet. I know the MSM, DC, globalists, elites and Democrats have completely lost touch with reality. But they are also without conscience or morality, so there is nothing they won’t do to stay rich and at the top of the food chain. NOTHING. I’m not a prepper, but this is a scary election.


  5. georgiafl says:

    Beware October!

    Obama will try to stop elections any way possible.

    October 1 – Obama is allegedly turning over the internet to foreign entity (UN?)

    October uprisings by Obama’s imported muslim extremists offended by criticisms of Islam. The usual Muslim MO in multiple cities. Cars, churches, cities bombed, burned. Mass murders, beheadings, r4p3s, etc. Military bases and local police stations attacked and under siege. Muslim imports are somehow fast and furiously armed with latest equipment, kevlar, etc.

    UN troops called in to keep order – and – confiscate private weapons.

    Entire blog sites shut down.

    Arrests on blasphemy charges of Pam Gellar, Robert Spencer, Dan Greenfield, entire staffs of those blog sites dedicated to telling truth about Islam.

    UK and much of Europe already has some of this cr4p going on – no criticism of Islam allowed, no self-defense, even mace allowed against the perpetrators of vilest violence.

    This is what I believe Obama dreams of and these were the real dreams of his father/s whoever those might be.

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    • georgiafl says:


      “Entire blog sites shut down. Private internet access shut down. Internet will be for authorities and authorized public announcements only. No private email or censored/delayed private email only ‘for national security reasons.’

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    • TakeBackOurRepublic says:

      I’m concerned about the timing of the transfer too and don’t understand why it’s not being addressed by right leaning websites. Wikileaks needs to do the dump in September to ensure maximum exposure just in case the world wide web is the true October surprise.

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  6. Joshua2415 says:

    I suppose if they get started on Hillary’s makeover now, they might just finish in time for the debate.
    That’s cutting it close though.

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  7. wizzum says:

    I am more concerned that the entirety of the press corpse is running her campaign for her. She is doing next to nothing.

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  8. Nope2GOPe says:

    It is Mr. Trump vs MSM

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  9. waltherppk says:

    Too much highlighting the contrast between Trump and Hillary is AVOIDED by her “handlers” minimizing the public exposure of Hillary. A Clinton Foundation cockroach needs to stay crawled under a rock somewhere as a matter of wise strategic planning. By nature cockroaches and other vermin don’t like the bright lights and run away to hide when the lights come on to avoid being stomped. Hillary Cockroach wants to stay out of the spotlight. That is why no press conferences.
    Cockroaches don’t like press conferences. Cockroaches like to remain inconspicuous and stay hidden. It is just their nature.

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  10. waltherppk says:

    Stronger Together

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  11. HeatherMae says:

    I predict that Hillary will refuse to debate Trump over some perceived racist/sexist/whateverist remark. She’ll be hailed as some kind of hero standing up to a bully and the media will spend all their time covering this instead of policy differences. Here’s to hoping Assange comes out with something good before the new gatekeepers of the internet shuts down wikileaks.

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  12. Kerry Gombel says:

    Have we ever seen this in American politics before? A candidate simply disengaging from any kind of real press coverage other than what coddles her? Meanwhile hoping that Trump who is talking to everybody will make a fatal statement.
    As a free thinker, if I were a Democrat that alone would stink to high heaven. That would bother me. Well she does stink!


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  14. Baldy says:

    This says he has at least 3 events before the first debate https://hillaryspeeches.com/scheduled-events/


  15. Bendix says:

    Bernie Sanders needs to man up and throw his support to another candidate. Any other. He is not doing right by his ‘kids’. The Democratic Party isn’t good enough for him, but their rigged choice is good enough for those who stood behind him?
    Donald Trump would be Bernie’s best shot at accomplishing some of the goals that drove him to enter the race in the first place. If he didn’t think there was something terribly wrong with Hillary, why did he accept the people’s money to do what he did?
    Redeem yourself, Bernie. Get aboard the Trump train.

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    • hellandahandbasket says:

      Sorry …But – Bernie Sanders and his Socialist agenda are NOTHING on par with what Mr. Trump and his FOR America mindset is. They are polar-opposites, and Sanders’ plan for America will ALWAYS, always remain as ::::::
      Liberal / Global / OneWorld / BigGovernment / OnePower / People Not In Control / Welfare Nation / White Genocide / For The Good of the Masses / Pro Immigration
      Pro Refugee / Pro Regulation …side of things.
      You can’t have the Constitution, capitalism, America First AND Socialism (which is really watered-down in name only for Marxism/Communism). Sanders’ supporters were living in a fantasy land, and for the most part – were the bulk of the “safe-space”, “I want free stuff” band of misfits. I suppose not ALL were of this breed, but you cannot ignore the majority of them are.


      • Bendix says:

        I respectfully disagree. The MSM wanted everyone to believe Bernie supporters were in it for free stuff, just as they wanted Donald’s supporters seen as angry hillbillies. Excuse me, angry racist hillbillies.
        Bernie was never anti-Second Amendment, if he had opinions on “immigration”, he kept them to himself, and he was against the war in Iraq. Donald is pro-Second Amendment, against interfering in other countries except to protect Americans, and Donald wants young Americans to have the same opportunities to work and get ahead that Bernie talks about, too. Donald believes people need to be able to go to the hospital without getting gouged too. What’s not to like, for Bernie? Oh, that’s right, Donald is wealthy, and he said words he isn’t allowed to say, just as Bernie did, when the MSM took him to the woodshed after he criticized Hillary’s support for the war.
        Seriously, Bernie needs to wake up and realize what’s in his constituents’ best interests, and that isn’t Hillary.

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        • darththulhu says:

          Agreed. If you want to know what paleo-Lefties are interested in, it can be summed up as “the opposite of what Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and John McCain and the rest of the GOPe want”.

          Paleo-Lefties want Wall Street thrown out of government. They want “too big to fail” banks broken up. They want corrupt kickbacks and swweetheart tax loopholes for hedge-fund-gamblers removed before they crash the economy again. They want Wall Street to have 0% access to gambling with social safety-net money.

          Paleo-Lefties want us out of corrupt trade deals with nations using slave labor. They want us to stop lowering our worker standards and environmental standards toward the worst 3rd-world sweatshops “or else the megacorp will have to relocate the factory”.

          Paleo-Lefties want us to stop being warmongering bullies making everything worse. There would be millions fewer refugees flooding across continents if we weren’t dumping hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars of weapons into Central America, Libya, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. There also wouldn’t be Sunni fanatics running periodic anti-Christian genocides.

          All of that is 100% Bernie stuff. Coincidentally, there is no reason it cannot also be 100% Trump stuff, while Clinton wants more Bush-Obama warmongering and trade giveaways.

          The only sane choice for an economic Leftie who cares about safety nets and peace and reigning in Wall Street (rather than giveaways and posturing) is Trump.


  16. shallbe4 says:

    Hillary will lose. I believe that with everything that’s in me. When the voters line up for blocks in all kinds of weather they are doing so to get their votes counted for Trump. Voters could handle crooked Hillary but they cannot handle electing an old lady who is coming apart. Obama is the wild card for sure but when it comes to Trump or Hillary it ain’t no contest.


  17. hellandahandbasket says:

    What are we to do about the actual election though? I am genuinely worried about our votes – more so with this election than any other. I’ve always had a sinking-feeling that tampering is not out of the question, and most likely has occurred on a regular basis for years – although we’d rather not admit it. I fear that this is a REAL threat – but it’s going to be too late if this issue is not addressed prior to Nov08.
    Do we really believe TheEvilTwatHillary Clinton is above stealing this election…?


  18. Ken says:

    Everyone needs to go to their website and contact them 😁


  19. Hillary doesn’t have to do anything else. She has a BILLION dollars to advertise in the swing states. The MSM is actively and without shame campaigning for her. She already has changed the narrative to “Trump Is A Racist.” It is all you see or hear anywhere. The GOPe and the Democrat party will agree to let Gary Johnson into the debates but not Stein.). He will be seen as the “Adult” and become the Ross Perot of 2016 and she can relax because she knows it is over for Trump.


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  21. notamemberofanyorganizedpoliticital says:

    Can we make that graphic read:
    “Where’s Unhealthy or Dead Hillary????”



  22. Mary says:

    No one seems to get it… Hillary doesn’t have to show up anywhere or do anything… that is how corrupt the upcoming election will be. As long as the corrupt communist media reports positive poll results for Hillary then the American sheeple will believe she is going to be the next president and they don’t even have to vote because the likes of nazi sympathizer Gyorgy Schwartz, aka George Soros and company will take care of the rest and there is nothing anyone in the US can or will do about it. .. Theses commies are laughing in your face and you don’t even realize it…
    Stupid Americans…


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