A Positive Perspective On Trump’s “Immigration Policy Shift”…

A good perspective picked from the comments provided by Duke Taber:

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With over 1,100 comments on this issue, obviously a lot of people have strong opinions about KC [Kellyanne Conway]. What I am about to say probably has already been said but here goes anyways.

I do not believe for an instance that KC’s comment/s were accidental. I don’t think most of you think so either. So the question is whether or not they were intentional for profitable design or nefarious design. The article has landed on the side of nefarious design. That is understandable considering the clients KC has represented in the past. I couldn’t stand “wolf in sheep’s clothing” Cruz.

However, I just don’t see this as something of nefarious design. If it was, the day that she started the narrative [Sunday], it would have been silenced by Mr. Trump. He has had no problem clarifying things that have been misspoken before.

However, not only has he not silenced this, but he has himself changed how he presents himself on the issue. And this is the real purpose I believe for this narrative.

On O’Reilly BO tried to paint him as supporting rounding up illegal immigrants and placing them in detention centers. Trump called him on it. He never said that. On Hannity last night he said that he doesn’t want to cause anyone personal pain in reference to illegal immigrants who have families here.

In both of those interviews, there has been one constant. The support for current immigration laws. What you are seeing is the removal of the narrative that Trump is the evil villain sitting high upon his golden Trump Tower looking down upon the poor illegal immigrant with racist eyes and plotting evil against them. This is also exemplified in his “humble Trump” speech and his outreach to the black community. All three of these things humanize Trump and remove the ability to demonize him.

It has become apparent at least to me, that the Trump campaign has decided that Mr. Trump needs to come across as more human and is wrestling with the human elements of decision making. I don’t believe he ever lacked humanity but I know that it took research to find examples of it demonstrated. Most people are too lazy to research so most do not know that side of him.

Tie this with his visit to the border, his town hall with Hannity last night highlighting the victims of crime by illegal aliens, including immigrants who came legally, the upcoming speech on immigration and the mantra of enforcing current immigration laws, and you see the design. In my opinion it is a profitable design. All the media will have to cover the speech because they have been covering this so-called change as news.

I believe that the campaign has made this choice to change the vernacular. No longer is it about deportation even though deportations will happen. It is about enforcing what others deemed was proper immigration law. If they do not like deportations, then talk to those that made the law. What they will not be able to do is claim this is Trump’s idea. Just like they are no longer able to claim that Trump does not care about Americans of African descent. It forces a different narrative. And that is what KC and Stephen Bannon were hired to do.  (link)

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645 Responses to A Positive Perspective On Trump’s “Immigration Policy Shift”…

  1. keebler AC says:

    Never trust anyone 100%. People are subject to human vagaries and money.

    It’s In God We Trust.

    Kelly Ann is good for the campaign at this time because she has to pull in the rabid right and remaining leftists who are essentially uniglobalists. After Trump wins as Laura Ingram said, who cares about the Cruzifarians and Hellarians? They won’t care because they’ll have a good quality of life, be working and competing for the good quality of life, and have no time for “be-yotching”. MAGA 2016!

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  2. Summer says:

    There is a thin line to walk… balancing between winning the suckers for the “humane approach” vs. alienating the “deport’em all” supporters. Maybe the emphasis on the “law and order” is helpful. Remains to be seen.
    I still don’t like KC, never have, but I trust Trump. If he is using her as a tool, and is satisfied with her performance, fine. We don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes. Next few days may be revealing.

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    • I believe that he will build the wall for sure, he will deport illegal criminals, he will stop sanctuary cities, he will enforce the immigration laws on the books which he as President is suppose to do to keep us safe, then he should ask all illegals here to get registered and for breaking the law they should never become citizens and never vote and must be able to support themselves and not be on government assistance. perfect answer

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      • mopar2016 says:

        It’s time to enforce the law and deport all illegal aliens.
        It doesn’t have to be all at once, but it needs to be done.
        My kind have been sanctioned by affirmative action for fifty years.
        Yet my kind is expected to pay the bills.
        Why should me or my boys have to take a backseat to illegal invaders?

        Nothing like being forced to finance your own demise!

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        • LINER011 says:

          This switch to amnesty is huge. Trump may as well call it an act of love. I think politically bad also. Trump cannot outbid the Democrats, and what does this move say to the 90 million unemployed Americans (black, white, and legal Latino)?

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      • Vickie says:

        Debbe, I totally agree with you. I use to have a list of the immigration laws. I remember they said you can not rent to illegals, sell them property, employ them, transport them or harbor them. Doing any of these things has huge fines, loss of property and jail time. The best thing to do is to let them self deport, strip birthright citizenship from minor children so no families are separated. If we enforce these laws it makes it very difficult for them to stay.

        Then they can file to come in legally, wait in line like everyone else and return only after they have paid back the tax payers for any benefits they may have taken.

        We must then get rid of Ted Kennedy’s family reunification immigration policy and return to immigrants that can best serve the country and take care of themselves with out any public assistance. End birthright citizenship and dual citizenship’s.

        There should be no reward for breaking the law and pushing your way illegally into the country because you don’t want to wait your turn. No one likes a line butter!

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      • dstarke says:

        If we enforce the law, illegals must be deported, since that is what the law says. Anything else is extrajudicial and is more of the same.

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    • facebkwallflower says:

      Don’t the current laws on the books demand deportation? Or are mommies of babies really protected? To send back mommy is not to deprive the child of her. She can take her with her. No one is taking the child’s rights away or citizenship. At eighteen they can come back. The more we cut welfare across the board, the more this will be able to happen. Children stay with the parents. Simple. The government does not take care of the children. It is not country’s job to take care of them, even if wallowing in poverty and if I am wrong, then send mommy home and send them a check to Mexico every month and it would save us zillions in costs. Children stay with their parents. If mommy does not want to take child, they never see them again. This also will drain our resources at a slower pace than keeping mommy here with all her children in the present system. This can also apply to citizen mommies here. No more school meals. NONE. Mommy gets welfare and food stamps and it is her obligation to spend it to feed the kids. It is sad, but not the government’s job to cover and feed these kids a second time, calling it part of education. No more hot meals. No more lunches. Go back to packing lunches. And no more breakfasts or afterschool programs. We have proven none of these are stop gaps or safety nets as it appears most are going the way of the street and drugs anyway. It is a hard life being shitass poor but all we are doing now is letting mama hide behind that to do drugs and daddy do time. Yes! I understand this is America and we can’t have a bunch of third world urchins running around doing the hard life while still babies but guess what? They already are doing that on our dime.

      So, after rant, back to my question, are there not deportation rules already on the books?

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  3. After a quick read and posting, I re-read this — if this is an intentional strategy, it’s a disaster

    1.It assumes that the media’s generation of various negative narratives about Trump can be changed or blocked – by something Trump does or says or doesn’t do or say– that by changing what he says or how he says it or altering his tone or diluting his message OR changing his positions, the media …will stop demoniziing him.They won’t…THEY ARE DEDICATED TO HIS DEFEAT…so they just shift the attack….trying to appease or manage or control the media is I guess what managers say they can do, but not here.

    2 The writer makes two virtually insane statements–
    first, that the decision has been made to ” humanize ” Trump….as the author tells us that he had to do EXTENSIVE research to find examples of Trump’s humanity and lazy people wouldn’t work that hard, so they need to be told ….that’s indefensible, reflecting total ignorance of Trump
    his life, his campaign—
    Second, the author wants it known that Trump only wants to enforce existing law and deportations aren’t his idea, so the media can’t claim it is.See above…this is nonsense on stilts, the sole reason for Trump’s enormous success was not mere enforcement, but building a wall, extreme vetting, etc etc

    In other words…KellyAnne, is that you ?

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    • Duke Taber says:

      Nope I am me. Just a fat balding man trying to get to heaven with a few treasures to lay at my master’s feet.

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    • TimeIsNow says:

      Dear admin,

      Please check out this Jay guys past posts, and if all of his past posts have been concern, or setting the record straight, or subtle Anti-Trump garbage, please ban him.

      I sincerely have my doubts about this Tool.


      • It’s incredible that anyone could even remotely read anything I have posted as anything but Overwhelmingly pro-Trump….but it’s clear that I’m wasting my time here if what should be considered normal commentary is mistaken for trolling or the opposite of the agenda being pursued …
        you might check me out on Twitter by name or minedyingbride and I think the history I have generated there would resolve the concerns of any Trump fan….

        Trump is in my home state of MS, Jackson, with Farage (Brexit) tonight and hopefully 93 year old Charles Evers will make an appearance .Evers was a (black) civil rights activist who switched to the Republican Party and endorsed Reagan in 1980— a brillant move by a guy who is an expert at recognizing a winner and jumping on the Train, as any good politician does….Evers endorsed Trump last fall…That , better than any poll, announced that Trump was goNna win

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        • I for one hope you are not driven off of this site by the ( he said words I don’t want to hear) type. I didn’t find your post anti-Trump, just a difference in opinion on possible strategy.

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        • TimeIsNow says:

          Well, what eve happen to “Let Trump Be Trump” and perhaps you could get a hold of the Trump people and maybe they would pay for your priceless advice? I just ask the Admin to look at all your past posts and see if there is anything without “concern” or “setting the record straight or other subtle Anti-Trump Rhetoric, and if there is you should be fine.


          • georgiafl says:

            It’s time to stop calling people trolls around here for every little thing. That is getting old.

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            • mariner says:


              Thank you.

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            • BakoCarl says:

              I agree georgiafl, but there is a another side to that coin.

              When a poster characterizes another’s thoughts as a disaster, insane and nonsense, and then is confronted by criticism that is just as virulent, that poster needs to be able to “take it” as well as “dish it out” and stop with the “I’m wasting my time here” or, as in the case of some others, respond to criticism by picking up their marbles and going home.

              If a poster wants to figuratively slap another poster up side the head, that poster must remember the old saw “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

              It is unfortunate that recently we have had a couple of good posters leave this blog in the face of criticism. But again, if you choose to express your opinion using strong words, you must expect some strong words in return.

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            • Linden says:

              Amen. Timeisnow, we all have our individual takes on things, and we all believe in the freedom to say what we want. I myself, who have been a donor to both Trump and CTH from the beginning, on a smallish retirement income, have been excoriated and insulted by certain posters here, who seem to tolerate no difference of opinion. I find it offensive and totalitarian. People have real concerns, and should have the freedom to express those without being insulted, if within the guidelines of the website policies.

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            • foncag1 says:

              I think calling people trolls is not a good thing.

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          • paisans4trump says:

            And who elected you board monitor? It’s posters and lemmings like you that really ruin forums for other people. Go shine your badge Sheriff TimeIsNow.

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          • teajr says:

            Not defending this person, but instead of shutting them down like they’re posting pron or something, why not just respond with a better argument? You never know, the right combo of words, of good and sound logic, just might prevail?

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        • I was accused of being a sjw once, months ago. I was upset, but instead of leaving I stayed and proved that I was more then qualified to post among these people. Don’t leave because one person accuses you of being anti trump, stay and prove them otherwise. This site has too much great information for you to completely write it off.

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        • Sherlock says:

          Hard to believe anyone could construe the post of Jay Edwards in question as “anti-Trump.” The post had two paragraphs. In order they said that the media will attack Trump no matter what he says so why try to fashion a message to please the press, and that Trump doesn’t need “humanizing” because his whole life shows his humanity, and finally that a strong anti-illegal immigration stance was largely responsible for Trump’s popularity. What’s to argue about in those statements? TimeIsNow, I think maybe you misread the post.

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        • Jay is heated and venting. I assure you all he is fighting the good fight today on twitter. https://twitter.com/minedyingbride

          The TCTH community is strong enough to absorb his frustrations. It’s not like his posts are going to get any of us to not vote for Trump right? Right!

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    • TheseTruths says:

      First, I hope we can look at differeing points of view (i.e., yours and others) without pointing and shouting “troll!”

      Second, you say this:
      “The writer makes two virtually insane statements–
      first, that the decision has been made to ‘ humanize ‘ Trump…”

      I don’t think he really said a decision was made to do that. He said, “All three of these things humanize Trump and remove the ability to demonize him.” Removing the ability for the media to demonize Trump would remove some of the media’s weapons, and it is not the same thing as the Trump campaign deciding they need to “humanize” him. The former is a campaign tactic to fight media smears; the latter would be someone within the Trump campaign trying to weaken Trump. I tend to think it’s the former.


      • BakoCarl says:

        Yes, TT – totally agree.

        Don’t address a opinion you disagree with by calling names (troll comes to mind) or by using perforative adjectives (disaster, insane, nonsense), instead, let the truth of your countering facts and the strength of your logic carry the day,

        And be very careful that you do not incorrectly state a posters opinion, only to tear it down based on your own falty understanding.

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    • El_Flaco says:

      I’ve been saying since the convention that this was the biggest risk to Trump; all the GOPe voices in the closed-door meetings telling him he has to support amnesty for the general election. We’re still in August! In October Romney completed his evolution and promised immigration reform in his 1st year. Shake that Etch-a-Sketch!

      Having said that, Trump was the only option in the primary. I knew all the other candidates were owned by the DC uniparty.


  4. Sayit2016 says:

    I am of the mindset that Trump is taking a ‘balanced” approach. Since the Media has been slamming TRUMP on what he has said WORD WORD regardless of the intent, it is impossible for them to take issue with what he is saying as it is the law…. just my 2 cents.

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  5. ladypenquin says:

    I like what you said. Makes sense, and as someone who truly believes that the malignant media is the true enemy of America, modifying the vernacular is important. Trump’s enemies were able to distort and promote lies that were intended to present him as a Devil-god who would wreak great harm upon innocents, people of color, etc. etc. They’ve used it in the “Wall” rhetoric, the unvetted Muslim immigration assault, and so on. That’s a meme the Democrats have always run with – successfully. We’ve now realized that the Establishment GOP has been in on the same plan all along. Fighting the enemy you know vs the one who is in your midst is obviously much more difficult.

    “In both of those interviews, there has been one constant. The support for current immigration laws. What you are seeing is the removal of the narrative that Trump is the evil villain sitting high upon his golden Trump Tower looking down upon the poor illegal immigrant with racist eyes and plotting evil against them. This is also exemplified in his “humble Trump” speech and his outreach to the black community. All three of these things humanize Trump and remove the ability to demonize him.”

    Even the “Wall” doesn’t have to be the issue – the real issue is the enforcement of our immigration laws – something that has been deliberately ignored by the Dems & GOP alike. Obama just doing what they all want. If we actually enforced the laws already on the books, we would not have the constant assault on our country by illegal aliens, especially the criminals.

    Campaigning and messaging is all about speaking the language of the people – as a wordsmith, I loved Duke’s Tabor’s use of the word “vernacular” – it’s a word many people don’t know or learn today, but it’s the informal language of a people and culture – and that’s the one that gets through to the people.

    Thanks for your input on this, and I appreciate Sundance posting it.

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  6. Ivehadit says:

    I repeat:
    “Trump has created a perfect trap for Clinton’s accomplices. If they interpret Trump’s “softening” as genuine, they lose their most persuasive argument that he is a scary racist. And if they argue that his non-racist actions are further proof he is a racist, they look ridiculous and lose all credibility.” -Scott Adams


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  7. Wingman says:

    What hasn’t been mentioned in this entire process is if Trump does start taxing monetary remittances to Mexico (to have Mexico pay for the wall)many of those illegals will start leaving on their own. Halting the flood in and expediting the exit of illegals will greatly reduce the need of a separate deportation force. ICE is the only deportation force needed and their enforcement instead of ignoring immigration laws will add to those leaving the country.
    This is quite similar to gun laws in that if they were enforced instead of ignored, there would be no need for more useless laws or layers of government organizations.

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    • The dollar amount of remittances is YUGE, and not just to Mexico, the whole world. If Americans realized how much it was they would be shocked. I couldn’t believe it the first time I actually looked up the number, hundreds of millions of dollars daily. Even put a $.10 tax/transfer would generate a hefty sum.

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  8. Remember, Trump is running as a populist, and a populist must portray himself as always on the side of the common person.

    The perspective of Enforcing laws to protecting americans from the danger of illegal immigration in particular because of crime, drugs or loss of jobs is far better then harping on GONNA DEPORT EVERYONE.

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    • El_Flaco says:

      I don’t mind him not saying he is GONNA DEPORT EVERYONE, but there is a big leap to giving them amnesty. It’s not just one or the other. Dangling the amnesty carrot will completely undermine enforcement efforts. Nobody will want to leave because they will want to get the amnesty.


    • AdamSelene says:

      I just want a policy of “gonna deport everyone.” I was never expecting a “Deportation Force” knocking in doors in the middle of the night and dragging Consuela off to an giant cannon to shoot her across the border. I just want ICE/INS to do their jobs instead of not do their jobs. With a wall and border enforcement so they can’t get back in, plus nationwide e-verify and a policy that any detected illegals will be deported instead of released/ignored, the situation will naturally sort itself over time.

      So, “no deportation force” doesn’t bother me. I never expected one. This problem took 50 years to create. I didn’t expect it to be solved in a year.

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    • foncag1 says:

      Enforcement of the laws is important.


  9. TheCloseButton says:

    And it pre-empts HRC’s speech tomorrow that will try to paint Trump as a Nazi. Now her speech seems pointless.

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  10. llyod says:

    I remember myself thinking brilliant when Kellyanne Conway was on the Sunday shows. She sounds like HR. I think the number one priority is put the legal residence and citizens of this country first.

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  11. pyromancer76 says:

    Perfect clarification. Lot’s of issues aired for fresh sunlight. Both Sundance posts are helpful for thinking through the issues, and they serve as a good heads-up for campaign people so they don’t take “us” for granted. MAGA

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  12. TimeIsNow says:

    I figured I was on the Blaze the last couple of days…, ..tons of concern and advice for Trump.

    Hey, just like the #NeverTrumpers and MSM, as they always second guess Trump.

    My thoughts are that it is either elect Trump or get a violent Civil War in a few years.I follow the people on the Right that will get control if Trump loses and it will not be the GOPe. This is the last chance to solve this with Cold Anger.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      This past weekend, I was in Atlanta for my niece’s wedding. Big, beautiful Southern wedding. Had an opportunity to speak with several folks who are Southern and Christian. They voiced their concern about the “brashness” etc. etc. of Trump… I noted to them that I was originally from New York, and they were open to listening to my perspective about him. I said you can’t judge a book by its cover and to make no mistake, Donald Trump gets things done.

      That said, I closed my discussion with them this way; “What is the alternative? Hillary? That’s a non-starter if there is any hope of rescuing the country.”

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  13. sahm2016 says:

    Do you believe that “Trump has had his best week yet” and that it is due to the brilliance of KAC taking out the lumps? To channel Michael Cohen for a minute, “says who?”

    The polls? The media?

    The media is in the tank for Hillary. The GOPe / NeverTrumpers want Trump to lose so they can run their guy in 2020. If they are all loving this softened version of Trump 2.0, is that really a good thing?

    I don’t believe for one minute that Trump has had his best week ever because he stayed on prompter, thereby depriving them of ammunition. I think the media has stopped their attacks for a reason; and it isn’t new tone Trump 2.0. Look at the liberal websites where last week there was hit piece after hit piece. Now, not so much. Why because Trump is working with a pollster and is listening to her?

    I don’t think this has been a good week for Trump, and I have noticed uncertainty in some of his supporters. Trump has said that he would tell us the truth, and now it looks like, thanks to KAC he is playing typical political games. How can he improve the life of Blacks in the inner city, who disproportionately are affected by job competition / suppressed wages from illegal aliens, without mass deportations? He has said that everyone has to go and the good ones can come back in. Was that a lie?

    I think the media is standing down to see how this new messaging plays with the base. It seems ey have learned that the more they attack Trump, the more united his base becomes.

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    • John Galt says:

      “I think the media is standing down to see how this new messaging plays with the base.”

      I think they’re whip sawing Hillary donors to get more advertising money. It’s getting close again guys, we need a few more hundred million.

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    • Summer says:

      If a bit of “typical political game” can help him win on November 8, I say, go for it.

      LOYAL Trump voters will not dump him just because he sounds less colloquial and STAYS ON MESSAGE, or appeal to the wider demographics (after all, he is running like an all-American candidate), or avoids giving the media more ammunition. LOYAL Trump supporters know what he stands for because they don’t the LSM to tell them.
      Trump counts on our loyalty and understanding. His current aim is the undecideds (they will love a softer “tone”) and the minorities brainwashed by the Democrats, who may be persuaded that there is a better option out there if they really want jobs and prosperity. Sadly, lots of them are addicted to gubment handouts and would never listen. But some will.

      Yes, elections are a Big Political Game. News at 11.

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    • El_Flaco says:

      Trump was doing great until his softening on immigration.


      • singtune says:

        TRUMP has NOT softened on Immigration! He is just not stating it the same way. It IS a Game. TRUMP makes Deals by moving around the message, but~~that does NOT Change the message. TRUMP IS doing the Wall & it gets higher & higher. TRUMP is Deporting WITHIN the Law~~Did you really think TRUMP would NOT follow the Law?

        The Laws have been there~~but NOT USED!

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  14. Bildung says:

    Well I don’t like it but I’ll take the advice I always give the never Trumps:

    Would you mind if we just win first, then we’ll worry about Trumps problems.

    He’s got my vote; I just hope he doesn’t lose lots of others and suppress the Monster Vote.

    I think the answer is Internal Enforcement. It compliments the wall, dovetails with the law and order meme and Most Importantly, signals the base that large numbers of illegals will get gone.

    It’s his ladder out of this mess; why won’t he use it?


  15. ediegrey says:

    The mainstream media (I guess Ann Coulter included) has been on this amnesty meme the last few days but Trump remains clear that he will follow the law when it comes to the deportations. Kelly Ann Conway is rough and I could cheerfully live without her, but Trump hired her. I have to assume he knows what he is doing. Maybe she is to lure in the NeverTrumpers, who knows, or at least some of them. I prefer to hear directly what Trump says. As far as I can tell, he has been consistent since day one, if you actually listen to what he says. He has a heart – but they have to go. People have to come in legally. He is trying to win this election and appeal to as many people as possible – but not lying about his intentions. Why go there unless you have to. I found Ann Coulter rather misleading – people do not go to Trump rallies to be entertained, they go because they love the man and his message. Trump has not changed his stance on deportations. His speech next week should settle all this. I choose to remain calm until then.

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    • singtune says:

      Agree~~”ediegrey”~~! I could also do cheerfully without Kellyanne Conway~~But~~i believe TRUMP ,must have a good reason to have her there at the moment. I also know TRUMP has Not changed his Stance on Deportations.

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  16. mdt123 says:

    Here are the simple facts-https://www.numbersusa.com/content/elections/races/presidential/2016-presidential-hopefuls.html


  17. CM-TX says:

    This was passed on to me- & some mention about her having ties to DNC?? Idk if true- so looking into it, & also the quote.
    Was she ever a regular on CNN?

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    • El_Flaco says:

      She is a long-time GOPe operative and former Cruz supporter so I am sure there is a lot more where that came from. Her world is within the DC bubble.

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  18. facebkwallflower says:

    Occam’s Razor applied to this is????


  19. Keln says:

    Take this article for what it’s worth. (via the Daily Mail)

    Conway is saying that Trump is winning and is pointing to what we around here know as the Monster Vote. She is claiming that one of the reasons why most polls aren’t showing it is due to the “Bradley Effect”, which is based on the theory that some voters lie to pollsters because they are afraid of being judged…in this case judged for supporting Trump.

    I personally believe that effect is real (look how many of us admit on here that we won’t put a Trump sticker on our car because we don’t want it keyed), although I don’t think it fully explains why the polls are so skewed. Considering the number of poll manipulations that have already been caught and identified, it’s a good assumption that most of them are, but aren’t showing the data so they can’t get caught.

    Add to that the flaws in modern polling, and you could very well have a much larger swing in Trump’s favor than the “6 point bump” that Conway is claiming to see when polls are given in a manner where voters aren’t answering the questions to a human.

    I don’t think this sheds any light on whether Conway is friend or foe, but it does add credibility to the idea that some of us have voiced, which is that internal polling is showing Trump ahead and giving indications of that monster vote we’ve all been talking about for months. And that, at the very least, she is publicly expressing that we are winning.

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  20. barton2016 says:

    Of course there’s going to be deportations. Obama has been one of the biggest deporters of Mexican illegal immigrants, but that never gets covered.


  21. Ooops…I made a comment earlier today and I thought this piece was written by Sundance…apologies to Duke….I repeat, this is a very good analysis…thanks.

    Now, here is what I hear Trump saying: First, he will build a wall; second, he will deport all criminal illegals;, third, he will use extreme vetting refugees/immigrants from specific countries; fourth, he will enforce the law…

    Ok, well the law includes raiding workplaces known to employ illegals and rounding them up and deporting them. I also assume it would mean every time an illegal breaks a law, is in a car accident, etc, they would be picked up and deported; and I don’t know what else, but if someone is identified as an illegal, then they will have to be picked up and deported. He also has said that it isn’t fair for illegals to step over people who have been trying to enter country legally for years….my personal opinion is he should temporarily close down immigration of any kind from Mexico and then speed up the process for those who have been waiting for years, especially if they have a husband or wife here, which I know happens. Anyway, my two cents worth.

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    • Duke Taber says:

      No apology necessary.

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    • TPW says:

      Close down ALL immigration not just from Mexico…….Why on earth do we need to import anyone…..Just like cheap (junk) products from China…….lets make it right here with American workers……

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      • TrumpFanFLA says:

        I wish CTH had thumbs up ratings. You would get one & many others, too. Thumbs up/down are great when too tired to comment but want to say YES, Thank You! (or No TY) to whichever comments.

        I’ll get beat up for this but… As for KAC, not a fan. Before reading one word she’d said, I already didn’t like her, dresses tacky, too old for long blonde hair (ditto Coulter) & sleeveless dresses, yuk. Then I begin seeing all the crap she is saying, practically exact opposite of Trump. Too many Hens trying to run the Rooster, including Ivanka. I don’t like it & I’m also female & “over the hill.”

        (Trump could have a weakness, ie, doesn’t like strong men, like himself, telling him what he should do/say, such as Mannafort or Stone, etc., yet will listen to women’s advice even if they are wrong.)

        A week ago or so, Trump was supposed to be reverting back to his original pre-Mannafort self, but then he gets more “soft” instead… due to KAC influence(?)

        Pence is another one I don’t trust. He’s acted or said disloyal things at least a dozen times so far. I think he’s too deep in the “Politicians Club” (likes the lifestyle, not willing to be hard-core radical & shake up the cart; a pretty boy who would not cover your back if push came to shove, etc.)

        Just “old gut” feelings/observations “from afar.”


  22. mdt123 says:

    So now that Trump will not do deportations and be ‘humane’ to all, should not the media just love him for it? Not.


    • MVW says:

      Where did you get confused? Deportation is the law that is already on the books for illegal immigrants or illegal aliens or whatever you want to call it. Trump said he will enforce the law.

      Liked by 3 people

  23. nevercrywolf says:

    I think every non citizen should have to register with the Government and have fingerprints, health screenings, background checks, etc. just like anyone who is applying to come in legally. Those who refuse to register must have something to hide. Background checks should remove a lot of non citizens because of other crimes they have committed, identity theft, tax refund fraud, social services fraud, a criminal record. Once these non registered non citizens are discovered get them Out along with the known Gang members and assorted other criminals. Just an idea for a first step to deal with illegals that are already in the country.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shadrach says:

      As a legal immigrant, I agree with this. I got screened by a doctor, immunized until I felt like a porcupine, and tested 6 ways from Sunday. And there were (and are) good reasons for all that….tuberculosis being one reason that comes to mind.

      Liked by 3 people

  24. Shevtsova251 says:

    urry, RSBN livestreaming for big rallye tonight in Mississipi


  25. GSR says:

    Bannon is excellent; KC I’m not sure. Bannon is an immigration patriot. As they say at VDare.com


  26. bulwarker says:

    I get what Sundance is saying, that Trump’s rhetoric needed polishing. However there are some issues that a leader must execute ruthlessly to succeed. Regardless of his calmer narrative Trump needs to stay the course. With illegal immigration we can’t even afford our own poor. Its understandable to feel for the families that will suffer but the reality is they shouldn’t be here in the first place and gambled with their children’s future. A ruthless leaders needs to try to deport them all. I know it won’t be 100% successful, not even 50%, but we can make an environment that is so hard for them to subsist (work, school, rent, banking verification) that they voluntarily remove themselves back to their homelands.

    So they come here for a better life, I guess I missed the history lesson where American soil is some magic element that only ensures our nation can prosper. If they really cared they’d work to change their own nations using our constitutional system as a foundation and holding their leaders accountable. Instead they’d rather flee, and these are the types of people, no matter how family oriented, we don’t need.

    A wall is a great symbol but it won’t keep them all out. And if we allow those with family “roots” to stay then expect a whole new alien rush across our border, but this time they are coming with their whole family in tow to abuse our weakness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are right. We need to deport everyone we can find, 100%, no exceptions. Anything else is an end around to amnesty. Even if KAC is not a plant the way she has handled this is the epitome of incompetence. Trump has had a great week and now the media and the talking heads are focusing on this “issue with Trump’s base” now instead of his campaign. She has also given new ammo to the NeverTrumpers This is all her fault. There are a million better answers she could have given and she chose the worse possible ones. Trump has not committed on this and I’ll wait and see what he says, but if he decides to let the “good lawbreakers” stay, no matter their circumstances he will lose support. This support would come from his base, and yes it could effect the monster voters. These people have no problem sitting out elections and if they think Trump is not committed 100%, they could stay home. This is the main reason many are voting, this issue of illegal immigration has been boiling for some time, now is NOT the time to split hairs or play games on this. This issue is his bread and butter, any deviations from it and he is playing with fire. Trump has shown he can say anything he wants this election and the voters will not punish him for it, this is because he has stuck to this issue and not been pc about it or anything else. If he listens to KAC, or any other consultants, and deviates from this course, it will hurt him, make no mistake about it folks.

      Liked by 1 person

      • bulwarker says:

        Good points. You could say I am a single issue voter (until the issue is fixed), for me its illegal immigration. Aliens negatively impact our nations security, economy, and cohesion, and until its stopped we move closer to third world status. I do feel for people, of all backgrounds. I’ve had this discussion with my wife and acknowledged how hard genuine politicians have it because a real leader has to make tough decisions, legacy be damned, that hurt a lot of people. But in the end these are the right decisions that must be made. This can also be said for prosecuting a successful war in the Middle East, cutting entitlements, and dismantling social security. We needed a generation to step up and say “fuck it, we will take the blow so our children can live free.” Instead we are a nation of selfish “individuals” all trying to get ours, so why would we expect our politicians and corporate leaders to be any different. In this context its easy to see why illegal immigration is tolerated by so many.


  27. calibrate2 says:

    I was at the Townhall yesterday in Austin. This issue came up. What the TV audience did not see was this:
    Trump stated that if you a criminal you were gone now! No compromise.
    He asked the audience how they felt about someone who had been here 20 years and had a family Etc. A handful stood and stated that they broke the law and needed to leave. They were not honest in coming here….
    Then he asked the rest of the group to stand if they thought they should stay. The majority did not want to send them home.
    He never committed. He expressed understanding to both views. He went on to say that if they would stay they would have to pay back taxes and that they were to not to become citizens. At that point Hannity moved the filming on.
    One last thing, Trimp stated that this is what he is hearing all over the country from the citizenry.


    • mimbler says:

      I really don’t like that. What if they have been here 20 years being a net drain on the economy? What if they still speak only spanish requiring their children to be educated at three times the cost of english speaking citizens? What if they have been sending remittances back to mexico draining our economy?

      Being here 20 years without being “convicted” of a crime should not allow them to stay. I’m not against selecting those that might be productive (english speaking, skilled jobs, etc.) but not based on how long they have “gotten away with it”.

      Plus there is the moral hazard: Rewarding illegals with legal status will insure we never run out of illegals. Even with a secure border, they just need to get a visa to Disneyworld, and overstay until they are made legal.


    • truthandjustice says:

      That’s very interesting to know. Thanks. But don’t know if one can go by that – when people are among crowds like that, they don’t want to appear to be “mean” , “uncaring”, etc. – so they feel “safer” to stand for letting them stay than make them leave.
      Like when they are called by pollsters and don’t tell the truth because they don’t want to appear as they think they want. Trump campaign is sending out surveys via email asking how they feel on issues. Perhaps they will be more truthful with those. He seems to be trying to get the “pulse” of the majority on this and how best to respond.

      Liked by 2 people

    • TrumpFanFLA says:

      calibrate2, wow, thanks for local Austin report; that’s terrible. Maybe the last/larger group were afraid they would be seen on TV so they caved(?)

      And if that’s what Trump is “hearing across the country,” then he’s either back to hanging around Libs, or Lying, or there were “plants” in the Town Hall.

      I absolutely do not believe the majority of his crowds would agree. Does he ask the same Qs at big rallies?

      SMH. If he starts caving he’ll look like a liar, a total turn off.


  28. Citizen Kane says:

    Thank god Ann Coulter is standing up on this issue………………….

    Liked by 2 people

  29. WSB says:

    So Brett Baier’s last comments by the panel just trashed Trump on the immigration ‘softening’, of course, so we’ll see how this Conway debacle goes. Not good tonight…but we know Trump can turn it on a dime.

    Lou up next! And the next rally!


    • sahm2016 says:

      Levin is using the softening to prove NeverTrump was right about Trump all alpong, that Trump is a man who will say anything to get elected, and that Trump has no intention of following through. I don’t usually listen to Levin, but I was curious about how he was going to handle this.

      Liked by 1 person

      • flawesttexas says:

        Levin is a big Globalist Free Trader who agrees with Obama and Hillary (and Soros, too) on disastrous Free Trade policy. Levin’s economics are still Obama and not Trump.

        NeverTrumpers are HillarySupporters

        Liked by 2 people

      • WSB says:

        It is 10:40 PM just now, and after watching Trump’s Town Hall with Hannity, I am very discouraged. You will need to watch it.


        • Capitol says:

          I watched too, and I agree. What was that garbage with asking the audience?

          This “softening” is not what I believe in. This “good illegal” concept is absurd! Law was broken from the first step and every step after that. Why does getting away with it for 20 years mean they get to stay? I waited 5 years to do it legally and now you’re going to throw it my face because they are “good illegals”, when before it wasn’t fair to those waiting in line? This is straight out of GOPe and screaming “Rubio” since it’s exactly what he used to say at the debates. Amnesty is amnesty is amnesty.

          These ARE the illegals that are taking jobs. These ARE the illegals that are driving down wages. These ARE the illegals that are sucking our economy dry. How can you make an appeal to blacks about opportunity when you don’t get rid of something that’s taking it from them?

          Social media is blowing up with base supporters questioning this whole mess and NeverTrumpers saying “I told you so”! Media screams out flip-flop. The whole thing makes Trump look like a liar to EVERYONE and he will gain nothing.

          You know some GOPe and Dems down the road are going to introduce a bill and make these people citizens! They said illegals wouldn’t get Obamacare, yet a bill has been introduced. This will only perpetuate the problem. Think Reagan. He gave them amnesty and then that wall never was built.

          Sorry for long rant. I’m quite unhappy.

          Liked by 1 person

          • cozette says:

            You will be permanently unhappy when your carping over details allows Hillary into the WH and turns America into an oligarchy. Trumps so called base seems shockingly short sighted. What have any of you done to win the election thats coming up in days besides criticize what you can’t affect? You do remember the source of this so called controversy is the globalist media, right? Its a classic divide and conquer strategy they used during the primaries too. Why on earth would you guys fall for it now when you need to focus on saving America. WE ONLY HAVE A FEW WEEKS LEFT! Stay focused for God’s sake.

            Liked by 1 person

            • TrumpFanFLA says:

              It wasn’t the global media dividing the Town Hall audience but Trump himself who asked the Qs for them to stand Yay or Nay.

              We can stomach endless jabs by anti-Trumpers & endless misrepresentations by media. But when Trump himself starts backtracking on his FIRMNESS re his original position(s), then he’s toast.

              Politicians > Wet Noodles > Spineless > Cowards > Sell-Outs > Liars.

              Don’t begin acting like a Politician now, Mr. Trump! Stick to your guns, buddy! That’s what brought you the massive crowds from Day 1. Don’t blow it now!

              Liked by 1 person

          • WSB says:

            Well said, Capitol! And no one who is questioning Trump’s statements is not going to vote. The shortsightedness is rampant in those who are claiming it. Please send your post to the Trump Campaign!


        • swissik says:

          Normally I don’t watch Hannity but since I knew he was having a Trump meet so to speak I looked in. I agree with WSB, I am also discouraged at what I heard. I would be very happy if Trump went through with the deportation of those illegals who committed crimes, all crimes petty or otherwise. The issue of sanctuary cities is a high priority with me. If he is firm on those two, the gradual deportation can follow later. Someone who has been here illegally for years on welfare, EBT cards, subsidized housing etc. etc. should be deported because they are a drain on the economy.

          Liked by 1 person

      • KitKat says:

        Yep, I’ve already heard “I told you so.”

        What a mess.


  30. Mezzz says:

    Sundance is great and I appreciate the enormous amount of hard work he puts in. I believe his heart is in the right place and he wants Trump to win (unlike some others posting on this site). His research is eye opening; I agree with the vast amount of his analysis and I share his deeply cynical nature.

    I believe his two posts regarding Conway within the past 24 hours have not been helpful. I’m happy he has highlighted Duke Tabers comment; It says a lot about Sundance that he highlighted someone’s comment that didn’t agree with his initial posts. From time to time Sundance warns readers not to fall for psyops from opponents that he sees coming down the road. His initial comments regarding Conway had a negative effect psychologically although I assume he was willing to take that negative in order to help solve what he considered a problem. At this point second guessing Trump on a public forum filled with supporters (even if you are convinced you are correct) is unhelpful.

    I’m fully confident in Trump and the more I see from him the more impressed I am. He’s obviously operating on a higher level, with more information, than any candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. The fact that his campaign is counter intuitive and unconventional is just icing on the cake. No one is perfect but his track record is phenomenal in gambits even his strongest supporters considered mistakes originally. Genius level stuff!

    He will continue to operate on this level and it may be disconcerting to those who passionately want him to win and think he’s going off the rails. Anxiety will increase the closer we get to election day. It will be helpful for the base to remain confident and flexible as much as possible going forward. This past 24 hours should be a good learning experience for everyone involved. We will never see anything else like this in our lifetime. Have faith, he will win!

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Pam says:


  32. John Hall says:

    White, suburban women are responding to the “kinder, gentler” Trump.
    Women who were pro-Cruz / never-Trump are responding to the “kinder, gentler” Trump.
    Conway gets that demo. And don’t kid yourselves, Trump needs that demo to win.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. Martin says:

    KAC is a political operative, and a consultant.

    For decades, those types are the ones who make their living telling GOP candidates they have to go for the middle, the “independents,” the neither/nors. As a result, we get wishy-washy, we get mics on the radio defining and redefining what “conservatism” is, and how it should be presented, and what happens when it’s presented “correctly.” It’s become an industry, in and of itself.

    Did Cruz do that? Nope. Name just one who has. It’s a poster caption for the GOP. Not since Reagan, am I right? And the parallels with Trump are far more numerous than the rest combined.

    Reagan’s Big Tent was not Let’s make a deal. It was this IS the deal. Join, or not.

    The risk in appealing to the middle is you get loss as a result. If the media can spin what Trump says, they can sure create doubt in the immigration issue crowd, by making it look like he’s softening/changing his banner issue, which it has been right from the beginning.

    Personally I don’t care two shakes about the fence-sitters. It would be nice to have them, but you cannot change what someone believes, when ideology is a buffet. There’s that “lukewarm” thing Our Lord spoke of, to clarify, if you get my drift. At least the single-issue people know what they believe, and vote accordingly.

    The pragmatist that Trump is demands that one not fight battles that you cannot win. Therefore, I lean towards the notion that this is neither a media ploy nor a political shift; It’s the need to shift, alright – towards the weight of laws already on the books, that are at the root of the issue. As in, they need to be enforced. That fits with his “law and order” angle on a host of things.

    Don’t sweat it. But nobody’s gonna come give you a cookie to stop you doing it.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Also, here is KellyAnne speaking to British Media about the MONSTER vote:


  35. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Sundance, you may not believe this, but I came up with the same conclusion last night. At 11:00 p.m., it all hit me as to why Conway and Trump are acting this way in their interviews. I came to the same conclusion as you did and I tried to explain it all to my husband. I am glad that now I can send him this article to read and say see, see, it is what I have been trying to tell you!

    If you listen to Kellyanne the past few days, she was basically saying that the laws need to be followed. She also pointed out something else I had told my husband is that in part, this started over the meeting last Saturday when Trump met with the Hispanics. The media jumped on that meeting with the Trump is getting “soft” or “flip-flopping” on immigration. She was on Fox and Friends this week, and she was actually good in explaining it all. It was the morning after Dobbs was hard on her. I think she polished up quickly overnight and she came out ready to go the next day.
    One think that I noticed, too, is that if the media doesn’t get the answer that they want from them, they keep asking the same question over and over again. She had answered Dana Bash three times with a good answer. However, Bash pushed again, and that is when she said TBD. She should have said I have just answered you three times and I am not answering it again.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. geoffb5 says:

    An analogy. let’s say Trump’s position, on anything but here we are discussing immigration, is an elephant. What the media, and GOPe pundits do is willfully become blind men and then touch part of the elephant and describe that part, badly, as if it was the whole.

    “It’s a snake” cries one as he feels the trunk.

    “It’s a tree trunk” shouts another as he feels a leg.

    The elephant is still the same and is never seen or discussed by them as a whole thing but only as parts and those described as things they only slightly resemble.

    Trump has always placed the wall, border security, as the first thing. Until that is done nothing else will do much. Deporting people who just come back again and again is Sisyphean. Next is to enforce the laws we already have. That means deporting the criminals etc. Enforce the law on the hiring of illegals, that will thin out the mass of illegals.

    Figuring out who might be someone we would like to have here, who would be a positive addition to the nation can be done once the border is secure and the bad guys have been sent back. That goes for other nations too. Vetting must be done well to know just who is wanting to come here. Congress is who will address just what qualifications must be met, but vetting has to be done to know if they are met in each person.

    Obama has done none of this. The border is not just open but our government is actively busing and flying illegals in and dropping them everywhere. Deported people, what one there are, are back again over and over making deportation a joke. laws not enforced and borders nonexistent that is what we have. Trump’s position is not Obama’s.


  37. Sandra-VA says:

    NeverTrumpers are having a field day with the “softening”. I am so pissed off. I blame KAC. Nothing need to have been said… just keep on with the Wall and enforce immigration laws. That is all.

    But no.


    Liked by 1 person

    • flawesttexas says:

      The NeverTrumpers support Illegal Alien Amnesty. They are privately more perplexed that they may have been co-opted.

      NeverTrumpers = HillarySupporters

      Liked by 1 person

    • singtune says:

      Sandra~Va~~>but there are NO Real Changes in TRUMP’S Policy~! I always KNEW he would Follow the LAW & he will~! There are LOTS of Laws to Follow & it will take the Illegal’s out of here. When TRUMP does that, along with the WALL to keep new ones from Coming in, & Old Ones from coming back in here, there will be a YUGE difference.

      IF there are really around 100,000 Million Illegals ~~getting the Illegal Criminal’s Out 1st, maybe most likely close to the 11,000 Million, ~~ that was the Number we were Originally given. We CAN Trust TRUMP to Follow the Laws.

      I Never watch TV News Programming~~so I do NOT get over anxious , because i never here them speak~! {Have not watched TV News for 9 Years. None of it.}

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sandra-VA says:

        Yes, I know that… but the NeverTrumpers ARE blasting this all over the place and I wasn’t watching TV. It is on twitter, the blogs… everywhere.

        I am not anxious. I am angry.


  38. oldtradesman says:

    The enemy had better tread cautiously here. Trump’s promises are public. Hillary’s are private. If Trump was reversing his stand on immigration, then there’s less reason for immigrants, the controlled-media, and the Clinton campaign to oppose him. And supposing Trump did reverse his stand on immigration, why should the main-street right throw the election to Hillary unless there was reason to do so?


  39. flawesttexas says:

    Interesting commentary from Duke

    The main thing with Trump on immigration: He wants to enforce the law

    No Democrat will do this, and most of the GOP candidates would not, either. You think Senator “Teddy Bears For Illegals” Cruz was going to enforce immigration law?

    If Donald Trump does 25% of what he has said he would do as President, he will still be much better than the other 16 GOP candidates of ’16. If Trump accomplishes 50% of what he says he will do. we won’t be talking about Ronald Reagan anymore

    Liked by 2 people

  40. I think what happened was Mr. Trump had that big meeting of Hispanic “leaders” (don’t know who they were) and he listened to their stories about family members who would be forced to leave and it pulled his heartstrings. He probably indicated that they had given him much to think about. One person went to the press and said Trump was rethinking his immigration stance. Kellyanne being GOPe thinks it will change voter’s hearts. They wishywashed around about it for days.
    They think softening the stance will attract more voters but what is happening instead is that they made this the story. That Donald Trump isn’t strong like he says, etc and focusing the media’s attention on that rather than the fact that Hillary Clinton is a criminal and truly deserves jail instead of the White House.


  41. smartyjones1 says:

    For the record, Trump was on pt. 2 Hannity tonite. Bottom line: No Amnesty.
    He showed a willingness to entertain a theoretical family here for decades to “work with them” but they don’t get citizenship and the right to vote.

    The “progressives” of course will go nuts over that. Which is of course perfectly fine with about 89% of Americans including 100% of legal immigrants.

    Bottom line: this is going to be a big W to the finish line. The hatred it will embitter from the progs and their Hillary Media allies will only embolden more Americans to vote comfortably for the Big DT.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Eric Kennedy says:

      Thank you for the rational post.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Capitol says:

      I still call that amnesty. That’s the definition of the word, a pardon for a political crime! You know that some GOPe or DEM down the road will introduce a bill to give these people citizenship. They weren’t supposed to get Obamacare, yet there is a bill. Think Reagan. He signed on for amnesty and then that wall never did get built. And the problem will perpetuate itself.


  42. Richard says:

    GENIUS! Perfect timing for the perfect team!


  43. KitKat says:

    Kellyanne worked for Cruz and now Trump is handling the amnesty question exactly like Cruz handled the question. In short: take care of border security first, then deal with amnesty issues later. If memory serves, the keeping of laws that are already on the books was another Cruz point.


    • wheatietoo says:

      “If memory serves, the keeping of laws that are already on the books was another Cruz point.”

      It depends on which day one was listening to him.
      He was all over the place on the subject…saying one day that we should enforce our laws, and then another day saying that our immigration laws need to be “reformed”.

      One thing he was definite about when speaking in the Senate…was calling for a massive Increase in H1B visas.
      I think it was a 500% increase.


  44. sevenwheel says:

    I think that universal instant employment verification will be a hundred times more effective than deportation. Once implemented, it will suddenly it will be impossible for illegal aliens to get any job other than cash under the table, which means that most employers will be effectively off limits to them. All those fake work papers and fake social security cards will suddenly become worthless. They are going to be stuck in the U.S. with no way to make money and they will head back for the border in droves.


  45. Joe says:

    If illegal aliens could actually be rounded up and deported (as they SHOULD have been all along) then the County of Los Angeles and much of Southern California would revert to tumbleweed ghost town status. I’m not exaggerating one teeny, tiny, little bit. It is fact. Given this fact, do you think that’s what going to happen under the administration of ANY current candidate for President? There is a 100% chance it will not. That’s where we are whether liked or not.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. As neither a Trump supporter nor a Hillary supporter, this article has me on stilts. I do not have a preference of Democrat or Republican but I do believe that Kelly Conway stating that “Trump doesn’t want to interfere with Illegal Immigrants families,” is upright debatable in some perspective. I understand that what is being stated in the article is that Mr. Trump is trying to come in a humane way and that his policies with immigration need to be strict, but is it really humane to tear apart the lives of people who only came to America for a better life? As said by the author in a previous comment, it was hard to find any humane acts of Trump without digging through articles page by page. Your pathos perspective here on how “he has himself changed how he presents himself on the issue… this is the real purpose I believe for this narrative,” (para. 4). does not really matter. Respectively, it does not matter how Mr. Trump presents himself; rightfully so, it matters what comes out of his mouth and what his plans are for this country. In a logos perspective, it seems logically right to punish those who have done wrong; but to go to such extremes as to build a wall and deport 11 million immigrants while forgetting that we all migrated to this country ourselves, does it seem politically correct to do so? Mr. Trump is a very strong willed person as stated in this article. But some topics, a complex one such as immigration, should be handled with care. There are two sides to each argument, so thank you for sharing this one with me. But I will agree to disagree.


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