Police Arrest Hispanic Suspect In New York Imam Murder…

ny mosque shooterNew York – A man suspected of gunning down a Queens imam and his friend outside a mosque was taken into custody Sunday night, sources said.

The motive in the horrific Saturday afternoon killings may be an ongoing feud between Muslims and Hispanics, according to sources. They said an NYPD Regional Fugitive Task Force was conducting what turned out to be a “brief surveillance” on the suspect in Queens when he rammed an unmarked cop car and officers nabbed him.

Police officials could not confirm whether a suspect was in custody.  Video of the Saturday night ambush showed the shooting was a planned execution.

[…]  Sources also pointed to an ongoing feud between Muslims and Hispanics in the neighborhood. A group of Muslims allegedly attacked some Hispanics a few weeks before, and the shooting may have been pay back.

At 1:50 p.m., the assassin quickly approached mosque leader Maulama Akonjee, 55, and Thara Uddin, 65, from behind at Liberty Ave. and 79th St. and shot them both in the head at close range. The double killing came just moments after prayers concluded at the Al-Furqan Jame Mosque in Ozone Park.  (read more)


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232 Responses to Police Arrest Hispanic Suspect In New York Imam Murder…

  1. Batman says:

    I am just trying to imagine if it were the reverse. “Hispanic looking Christian murdered while leaving Church with friend. Police are looking for a tall Bangladeshi looking suspect.”

    No, no way.

    That drawing doesn’t look like a Latino man at all. It looks like an Arab.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I agree – it looks Arab/ME, not Hispanic. The fact neither Imam or other Muslim killed spoke English also makes a squabble seem unlikely. I think that actually bolsters their argument that it was a hate crime (although I am not committed to that thought at all).


      • Mr.Right says:

        muslim on muslim hate crime.. the most common in the world, by many orders of magnitudes.


        And BTW, blindly importing millions of muslim from all over the world to root in the US in islamic enclaves is very dangerous to American liberties …

        Syrian ‘refugee’ is but a small fraction of Obama importation during his terms.
        The million of muslim that where given green cards to by obama are not syrian.
        but muslims from hard core islamic countries like sudan, pakistan and other very extremist places. (places that vote against reforms… like allowing pedophilia, because its a core principle of Islam.)

        We are re-creating is never ending 14 century conflict right within our borders.

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        • Jedi9 says:

          Paul Joseph Watson made a great point about the two religions of Christianity and Islam. Christianity has undergone a reformation many years ago in order to address interpretations and violence in order to evolve on the human level, but Islam has remained the same since its inception. In order to incite such reformation on the nation of Islam, a lot of killing is going to have to happen to the point that they plead mercy, and that is what it is going to take in order to succeed. So yeah! That 14th century conflict you are talking about, is indeed being recreated. History dos repeat itself! They (Obama lying ass Muzzie and the nation of Islam) wanted this, so here we are! So the next logical step is for us freedom loving people to step and fight this war. Take no prisoners shall be just and brutal, but it is whats necessary in order to win. FK PC! and FK Obama!


    • Jenny R. says:

      Well, right now we’ve had a group of reportedly muslim men driving by an Orthodox church yelling their favorite chant and another group of visiting Saudis videotaping a Roman mass because “interested”….and this is all while IS’s magazine calls for killing Christians. Now this with the muslims screaming about “Christian terror”.
      Something smells like a set up to me.

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  2. Jimmy Jack says:

    Here’s the latest from the NY Post (they are usually more reliable than the NY Daily News but still a Murdock owned tabloid). It states that as the Muslim population grows there are tensions with neighborhood residents – Hispanics. That sounds likely since Muslims don’t exactly play well with others.



  3. John Galt says:

    Hispanics hunting blacks & Muslims, Muslims slaughtering gays, blacks killing cops, looting, burning.

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  4. Jimmy Jack says:

    So I just saw this about Oscar Morel being arrested and in it is a term I haven’t heard the media use before – “inter ethnic” – is this how they will avoid hate crime charges? Or ignore terrorism charges (i.e. Matteen?)



  5. cui bono vox says:

    Can’t wait Novemeber!


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