Video Outside Philly Convention Shows Compliant Media Selling Pro-Hillary Narrative…

Everything about day #2 leading up to the nomination of Hillary Clinton was carefully planned, scripted, controlled and executed.  However, once Bernie Sanders endorsed Secretary Clinton via a rules change request throwing all delegate votes to Hillary, the vast majority of movement democrats left the arena.

Immediately following the roll call vote, the DNC quickly moved to bar any pro-sanders signage from the venue.  Anyone holding Sanders signs was warned they were subject to forced removal and loss of convention credentials.   Outside the arena the Bernie Sanders supporters gathered to voice their protest to the strong arm tactics.  Here’s what happened next:

The collusion media machine goes into overdrive to cover-up the fractured party and prop up the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  Just another day in the MSM….

The shady bunch

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207 Responses to Video Outside Philly Convention Shows Compliant Media Selling Pro-Hillary Narrative…

  1. Prettyplease says:

    I was wondering if Michelle Obama wearing the blue dress to Hillary’s convention was a Freudian slip or a reminder to the people of the Lewinsky debacle. If it had been anyone else, The media would’ve had a field day with it.

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  2. farmhand statement above….

    “We knew going in the issue pressing on the lives of Americans in the real world would be trivialized and mocked by lyon’ Democrat politicians and SOULESS HOLLYWOOD MORONS….
    that wouldn’t have a dime if it weren’t for hardworking people watching their TV shows, buying their music and going to their movies.”

    Boycott “hollywood morons”/ any other celebrities not for America First. Look at the headlines under Breitbart Hollywood today. Meryl Streep, “Where does Hillary get her grace and grit?” Are these people ignorant/willfully blind on Hillary’s track record? Someone should do an update on the hypocrisy in hollywood. We should bleed them dry at the box office/give them a taste of reality that everyday Americans experience.

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    • oops … lyin’ Democrat politicians and soulless hollywood MORONS!

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    • yy4u says:

      “Are these people ignorant/willfully blind on Hillary’s track record?”

      These are beautiful people who never had to mature. Meryl Streep might have a master’s in fine arts, but she has the emotional maturity of a 15 year old. They are like high school students belonging to the smart clique who have to walk and talk the clique line in order to be accepted. They’re the cool kids who might not believe a word that comes out of their own mouths but they sure don’t want to take a chance the other cool kids might kick them out of the clique.

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  3. They’re trained now. No need for emails at this point.

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  4. coltlending says:

    I’m speaking to the choir here mostly, but if there are any new young Treepers, I can attest that is exactly what kind of thing I witnessed the Chicago media doing in the 2010 Gubernatorial race.

    That year the race was unique in that a primary challenger, a guy named Cohen, was very competitive against the Democrat Machine candidate. Mr. Cohen was Green Light/Red light-ing his dedication to his campaign (probably in fear of his well-being) and when I saw he was going to make a fundraising appearance outside the Erie Cafe, about a mile from where I lived, I made it my business to go over there in hopes off asking him, “Why should we support you when you have been wishey washey and not dedicated to be in it to win it?”

    All the local media was there along with a couple of other candidates. But, Cohen was a no-show.

    I observed some media interviewing one of the other of the two candidates, but not another who was trying to get his message out. He was a young veteran.

    I asked one of the FOX Chicago media people, “Why don’t you interview this young guy standing right here who’s also running?” I was gobsmacked at his answer. The media guy said to me, “We don’t like him.” I said, “What, you don’t like him?? What does that mean? Why don’t you like him?” The guy replied, “Well, the producer/station doesn’t like him.” I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. I kept thinking, “This is FOX.” and said it out loud to myself. A guy from a print media outlet who over heard me said, “It’s Fox/Chicago and they are nothing like Fox National (who at that time had not gone over the edge like they have now).

    While I have used quotes representing the dialogue, I’ve written is how I remember the event and history has proven my memory a little fuzzy, but that’s the jist of what I remember. ‘Kinda seared in my mind. I didn’t write down and save, exactly what was said. I wish I had, because it was a real eye opening experience at how biased the media is.

    Cohen, may have ultimately shown up, but it would have been after I and a lot of the media left after waiting about 90-120 minutes waiting for him to show up (if he ever did).

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  5. VegasGuy says:

    I’ve been watching this for laughs….and I’ve gotten quite a fill of “entertainment”…

    Rather than a DNC, IMO, it is coming across as an NAACP rally with various Dem. “guest” speakers thrown in for effect.

    Little wonder Sander’s supporters are, shall we say, a bit upset? Where is her “platform” for advancement of middle America, for fighting ISIS, for fair Trade, for elimination of corruption, for support of 2nd Amendment, for support of Law enforcement, for control of immigration, for job growth, for reducing the deficit….need I go on?

    All I’ve heard was that she would make a “perfect” nanny if one were to overlook a questionable background check.

    As MSM reports it, this is an historical moment.

    They are correct…..The first time a “known” criminal gets nominated for POTUS & the (low info) masses cheer….& Wall Street chuckles….

    Trump will demolish her & Pence will demolish Kaine….. Just wait for the 1st debates…..

    The smoke in front of the mirrors eventually clears away……


  6. M. Mueller says:

    I wish the guy filming the video would have shut up for two minutes and just filmed the protester; I wanted to hear what she was saying about the DNC.

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  7. Apfelcobbler says:

    The Democratic Party’s inner Stalin is starting to show. “Its who we are.”

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  8. Lucille says:

    Hopefully more than the hi-fo folk are following what’s happening with the Dems and their total disconnect with the American people. Lo-fos aren’t necessarily stupid, just brainwashed. The commentary on the convention continues, but Dems aren’t the ones providing any useful info to keep their supporters properly informed. Hiding the info is their m.o.

    “Democrats never mentioned ISIS, jihad, or terrorism on Day One of DNC”
    JULY 26, 2016 10:54 AM BY ROBERT SPENCER


  9. yakmaster2 says:

    Oh, that video! It should be tweeted and re-tweeted X 1,000,000!!


  10. IMO says:

    Clinton campaigns move to force Trump super-PAC ad off TV | New York Post


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  11. Afterthought says:

    This is the Communist Party / Religion by another name.


  12. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Regarding the taking of Bernie signs, and the “see-ya!” attitude at the convention:

    What did anyone expect once Bernie was done? The art of the deal. He had influence. He used it to afect the platform, to influence the super-delegate issues, and gave the power up on Day 2. There is nothing left to do there. He and his delegated have no negotiating power. Done. At that point, there is nothing left except to present an impression to the U.S. citizens as part of the campaign to defeat Trump. Nothing left other than that.

    Done. With no power, nothing for Bernie supporters to do, or vote for. I would have left right then to beat the traffic and get home to my family and work. No reason to linger for two more days. None. Go home.


    • Deb says:

      They want to punish Clinton and the DNC in any little way they can, for the corruption and the fraud. Because they know the media and the criminal justice system won’t touch her.

      the DNC has stripped them of the ability to choose a candidate. Making noise is all they have left.

      Thank God for Trump, the Republican voters still have a say.


  13. Just watch this one! You will love this one!

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  14. czarowniczy says:

    Been seeing all of the black women speechafyin’ at the Convention but where are those proportionate-to-their-party-numbers Latina women, or those grateful unvetted ‘Syrian’ refugee women? Might the Rats be worried that drawing attention to the numbers of potential cartel fodder and jihadis they’ve been importing might cause viewers to reflect on the immigrants in Europe burning down the house?
    Come on, Hillary, give us your word openly that those thousands of ‘Syrian’ refugees already here and the hundreds of thousands more you want to flood us with will not be any danger to us or our communities.

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  15. Sherlock says:

    Disgraced exhibitionist Anthony “Carlos Danger Weiner” makes fool of himself on convention floor, says he’s run against Trump Jr. for Mayor of NY.


  16. georgiafl says:

    Bernie followers leave town after CA rally with $23,000. unpaid bills –

    Typical Democrats….


  17. Just got kicks I googled the words “rat convention” … these two images really did show up !!! 😎


  18. Is DNC a block party for only blacks? It seems to me that way! I don’t care if someone here calls me a racist! I’m Asian Indian!


  19. Mr. Morris says:

    The “Crooked Hillary Clinton” person and the press covering his rants appear to have their knickers in knots. In Hillaryland dissent cannot be tolerated. Release your emails Hillary Clinton!


  20. Sherlock says:

    Great funny video of HRC’s nomination at the DNC. Shows her nomination being hacked!

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  21. Was the Hillary supporter interviewed with James O’Keefe?


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