Washington Post and DNC Hold Joint Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton – Lawyers said “illegal”, Did it Anyway…

LOLOL. This stuff is just too much.  Carl Bernstein please call your office…

Hillary clinton mehAnother rather Jaw-Dropping release within the latest WikiLeaks document dump of DNC emails outlines the planning for a joint fundraiser in September 2015.

Apparently, The Washington Post was hosting a party.  The DNC saw the opportunity to make a fundraiser out of it and sell tickets to the party to donors.   However, the email chain shows the lawyers for the DNC said they can’t publish the price for the tickets because the joint event would be illegal.

The Washington Post and DNC still held the joint event, they just never left a traceable paper trail (to outsiders) showing their combined efforts:

wikileaks 2

(LINK <–html format)

Great – we were never going to list since the lawyers told us we cannot do it.

We are waiting

Jordan Kaplan
National Finance Director
Democratic National Committee
(202) 488-5002 (o) | (312) 339-0224 (c)

On Sep 22, 2015, at 11:25 AM, Rangappa, Anu wrote:


They aren’t going to give us a price per ticket and do not want their party to be listed in any package we are selling to donors. If we let them know we have donors in town who will be at the debate, we can add them to the list for the party.
Hillary Clinton Laws Are For Little People
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246 Responses to Washington Post and DNC Hold Joint Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton – Lawyers said “illegal”, Did it Anyway…

  1. woohoowee says:

    From:MirandaL@dnc.org To: zpetkanas@hillaryclinton.com Date: 2016-05-12 10:31 Subject: RE: FW: Press events re: this week’s Trump/Ryan meeting

    The whole exchange here:



  2. Tex Justice says:

    Well there’s his cell number – give him a call and let him know how you feel before he changes it😀


  3. Sherlock says:

    Media collusion you say? Here’s a partial list of those who called Trump’s great speech “Dark”.

    NY Times
    Washington Post
    New Yorker
    The Nation
    Rolling Stone
    Chicago Tribune
    Daily News
    The Guardian
    Huffington Post
    NewJersey News
    Mother Jones
    Hillary Clinton
    National Post
    Political Wire
    Boston Globe
    Mercury News
    Daily Kos
    FOX News
    Morning Consult
    Yahoo News
    Carl Bernstein
    Minn. Post
    Mike Barnicle
    Maryland Reporter
    Times of Israel

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    • ELD says:

      WSJ editorial page also used “dark”, sadly in-line with corrupt liberal media (Dark Knight editorial). Bob Bartley must be rolling in his grave. Based on its hatred of Trump, it’s clear the WSJ editorial page has become a defender of the corrupt status quo, and doesn’t seem to care about what an HRC victory will mean for the SCOTUS and the future of the USA.

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    • JR says:

      And who runs most of those? You guessed it:


    • antispin says:

      Your list is important. How else did all these pseudo-news organizations, and Hillary and her Democrats, all use the same words to describe one speech in so coordinated a fashion. The collusion is wide-spread. Is there a way to get a portal up that tracks it so that evidence can be assimilated for possible future use? The Obama-Lynch Justice Department has not done anything about this collusion for 7 1/2 years, and even with this evidence, I anticipate they will collude rather than investigate.

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      • smb12321 says:

        You don’t get it. There is no collusion or conspiracy. It’s that they only associate with like-minded folks who instinctively hear a buzz word and use it. It’s uncanny how NPR, CNN, Politico, etc decide what the “story of the day” will be. tt’s even more uncanny when they decide not to report something.

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        • Sherlock says:

          This is much more than simply like mindededness, though of course they are all leftists. They do in fact collude by publishing almost verbatim HRC and DNC talking points. The wikileaks show that beyond doubt–they show up at interviews with the questions they want asked, the content they want broadcast. It is not a coincidence that a particular word is chosen and simultaneously shows up, and prominently, in 100 stories. Just like “dangerous” will show up in 1000s of stories about Trump–because that is the tested term DNC CHOSE.

          Time to admit that it’s beyond just “liberal bias”, which has been there for 60 years. Now it’s in-your-face coordination. Think of it as all one big company.

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      • jabusse says:

        They just plagiarized Michelle.


      • Dewy says:

        They all have Twitter accounts that’s where they get their information


    • MikeySmity says:

      That is also the list of peoples who’s head exploded when they say how much America loved his speech…….FYI MSM’s AMERICANS ARE TIRED of your PC and LIES and LACK of coverage in the CRIMES of the LEFT.

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    • Vance Barnhill says:

      Every one on the list is well know leftist/socialist/communist supporter and a stooge for the criminal class and the old lesbian. The use of the term “dark” as a negative indicates the underlying racism of the left who has used race as a political weapon for decades.
      At is core leftist/socialist/communist ideology is evil to its core..

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  4. Matt says:

    Wow these turdburgers in the DNC and Killary’s campaign are the low form of maggot puke.
    Trump, not he RNC nweds to have 20 people scan all 20,000 emails and list all the scummy moves tried and failed by these poopbangers


  5. taruk says:

    Jeff Bezos, are you asleep ? Do you want to be associated with this ? We may reconsider our prime memberships ! Time to clean up the house !


  6. krusatyr says:

    Conservatives want to be free of government intrusion, pigressives prefer a system with elite overlords who rule subservient masses.

    Slavery is illegal but half the country put themselves in bondage to statist overlords.

    RINO politicians envy this power over others and mimic it when possible, such as supporting the import of latin and muslim peasants to rule and extract obedience, cheap labor and votes from, and further develop power from pigressive cronyism, patronage and nepotism.


  7. Commie says:

    When you are a fly you always seek the places where manure exists


  8. David Lanham says:

    Too Big To Jail.


  9. aja says:

    Go to WIKILEAKS and search that database..it’ shocking what crooks they really are.

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  10. Sandra-VA says:

    Sundance… Drudge linked this story today… in top position!!!! First time he has linked here!!!!!!

    WOOOT!!! Congratulations 😀

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    • nickoury says:

      Then,out of nowhere, he removed it! What’s up with that? I caught it as the last of four items in the bold header just before it was gone, when I went back to the Drudge page, POOF!—– there were only three items headlining.


  11. junglecogs says:

    Well, let’s get some RNC lawyers to go after WaPo.


  12. Tim Cohen says:

    Jordan’s cellphone number is still good, I just left him a message thanking Wikileaks for exposing his treachery.

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    • queenicarius says:

      fI you go to the wiki site and do a search for popular area codes, (like 202 or 212) you will find a lot of numbers.


  13. Bill says:

    Clinton knows she can get away with anything she wants.

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  14. bob says:

    Media Bias? Say it ain’t so!!!!!!

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  15. kestrel27 says:

    Just like we’ve always known. The US media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the DEMOCRAT NATIONAL COMMITTEE and here is the proof! What’s so laughable is listening to them pretend they are uniased. Just the opposite!

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  16. unclassifiable says:

    I have seen more reruns of the “casino scene” from Casablanca the last few weeks (with the “I’m shocked!” tag line), than I have in the last decade.

    It should not be shocking anymore. Woodward and Bernstien might as well be dead. Nixon and the Plumbers were pikers compared to this crew.

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  17. Ward says:

    Hillary called, the DNC has nothing to worry about.


  18. NYTimes did the same. Take ’em to court and years from now They pay a fine.

    They’ll say anything, do anything. They don’t care.


  19. echo sierra says:

    Can Bernie voters sue the news outlets that colluded with the DNC? They are taking action in California for the fraudulent primary and these news fraudsters need to be held accountable.


  20. Richard says:



  21. bulsprig says:

    Just shows how Crooked The Demagogue
    Party truly is. Without question the Demagogue Party is comprised of Criminals, Liars, Cheats, Thieves, Foreign Spies, Pedophiles, Dishonest, Facist Enemies of America.
    WAPO should be labeled an arm of the DNC and be required to state that in Bold print on every page, every day, forever.

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  22. RLABruce says:

    All these DNC emails do is confirm what thinking people already knew: They are corrupt, crooked, self-serving power-grabbers with no thought for what is in the country’s best interests.


  23. Maria says:

    And people think those of us on the right wine about a biased media? Forget biased. These news organizations are downright corrupt! Licenses and credentials should be revoked.


  24. Diabolicus Rex says:

    The HRC Hindenburg’s fireball has brightened things up considerably.


  25. Tokyo Tengu says:

    Good gosh and golly! Nice to see The Washington Post maintaining the highest standards of journalistic impartiality and professional conduct.



  26. Dannie Colegate says:

    I’m a Democrat and this makes me feel ashamed of my party. This isn’t what democracy is supposed to be about. I’m not saying Republican ‘ s are any better. Just like when Nixon was busted and had to resign. They all do it but he just happened to get caught. This is a sad day for Americans. Even if you didn’t support Bernie, next time it may be the candidate you support. The DNC and the media working AGAINST your candidate. When does it stop. Maybe all those computers we use to vote will change the vote count. Who really wins this November. Whoever has the best hackers. We used to be able to say our team loss because not enough of us bothered to show up to vote. Now we show up and votes aren’t counted for one reason or another, mass confusion ….people aren’t properly trained, media and party manipulation. Just outright cheating, lying and intimidation. Maybe it’s always been this way, but now we have proof. Just like we have proof because of video there are bad cops who shouldn’t be cops. It’s disheartening. The thing is they have no problem putting any of this underhanded/less than honest/ illegal activity or against policy in an email. Knowing it could get hacked and become public knowledge. They simply don’t care. There’s no consequences for their behavior or actions. Yet they have no problem passing laws threatening us with jail or fines if we don’t follow the rules. Just stay home this election. It’s all rigged. Stay home and watch the fake reporting along with the fake polls and fake outcome. Your feet will thank you.

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  29. jlue says:

    I liked your post because I appreciate you sharing. This is how it makes me feel: 😥


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