Minnesota Police Chief: Ms. Diamond Reynolds Claims Do Not Match Reality…

Updating the latest developments in the Philando Castile shooting.  If you have additional information use the comments section. Also, please note the name of the convenience store – too many media people using disinformation, we don’t need more here.

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Finally today the police chief in Roseville, Minesota stated the recent reports pushed by Ms. Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds do not match the reality of what took place the night of Wednesday July 6th.

During a CNN interview (watch video here) Chief Rick Mathwig says Ms. Reynolds reports don’t line up with reality.  The governor of Minnesota also used false statements given by Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds to make his comments.

Mathwig is the police chief in Roseville, Minnesota. His officers weren’t the ones who pulled over Castile or fired the fatal gunshots. But they responded to the scene in Falcon Heights after the shooting. And in an interview with CNN, Mathwig made several points:

mn shooting 21mn lavish newports

• Officers started administering CPR three minutes after arriving at the scene, trying to save Castile’s life, Mathwig says. “It hurt me to hear the governor of Minnesota saying that Mr. Castile did not receive CPR,” he says.

• Diamond Reynolds, Castile’s fiancée who recorded the shooting aftermath in a Facebook Live video, wasn’t detained by police all night, Mathwig says. The police chief says she was held for about two hours in what’s called a “soft interview room” because it also contains toys, books and blankets.

• Mathwig says investigators did what they could to help Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter. One officer took $40 out of his wallet to pay for her groceries left in the car. Before dropping her off at home, Mathwig says an officer gave the child a teddy bear.

Ms. Reynolds said she was Philando Castile’s finance’, that’s false.  Ms. Reynolds said Philando was 35-years-old, that’s false (he’s 32).  Ms. Reynolds said the head light was broken, that’s false.  Ms. Reynolds says she was kept overnight by police, that’s false.

So what else is Ms. Reynolds falsifying?

mn shooting 19

Here is the video where Ms. Reynolds is making her completely unfounded accusations on the morning after the shooting:

mn shooting - diamond reynolds

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311 Responses to Minnesota Police Chief: Ms. Diamond Reynolds Claims Do Not Match Reality…

  1. Pam says:

    Don’t know how valid this is, but these are the 37 cities that are listed where the BLM riots are planned for on Friday.


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    • Everytime I see martial law being mentioned in an article, my mind starts playing the Twilight Zone theme.

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    • IN Memphis the location is Health Sciences Park. This park is the location of a statue and the burial remains of Nathan B Forrest. Though the city council was or has removed them from the Park. It was Named the Nathan B Forrest Park until 2013 or so, when the Black made a flap over the confederate memories and the name was changed (its Next to a Major health School and other Health facilities (UT medical school and more).

      Please take note of something about all the flap over Civil war generals and statutes and parks and flags.

      The founder of the Scottish Rite as is currently known is Albert Pike. Albert Pike was a civil war general, worked with Nathan B Forrest in Memphis (worked as an Editor or somthinge on the Commercial appeal newspaper.

      Albert Pike is held in very high esteem even with all his past in the south. There are statues to Albert Pike in Washington DC.

      Yet, not one outcry. Who runs barter town.


      • My understanding is that they have renamed Confederate Park as well. I used to go there as a kid to watch fireworks. I guess it is Chickasaw Park now….

        They had an auction I think to sell Nathan B Forrest’s statue and his remains are already moved along with his wife’s.

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      • Sargon says:

        Retroactively applied standards work many ways.

        The largest group of slavers in the world are slave traders from Africa.

        We can also start looking at how shifty the characters of black icons like MLK really are and justify their removal on the same grounds.

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      • sassymemphisbelle says:

        there’s no outcry over Albert Pike because i think people around Memphis don’t have a clue to who he was or what his role in the Civil War was. i certainly had never heard of him, thanks for the history lesson, its good for me to learn something new everyday 🙂


        • Sassy,

          He worked with Nathan B Forrest. ALbert Pike worked with him in building the KKK> Albert Pike is famous for his work as a Scottish Rite Mason where he rewrote many things. I can tell you there are many Scottish Rite masons in Memphis and all over the country and they are very aware of Pike and his past. Pike is known worldwide in fact from his Masonry work. Its the KKK connection I left out. Understand now why I asked why no outcry from Civil rights leaders, many of who are Prince Hall Masons. Not Scottish Rite.

          Its one of those Southern things ya know, just not spoken about. Yet there it is as big as life, and no one will bring it up.


    • paper doll says:

      Hope it’s a hoax, but such an event cannot be dismissed as impossible. Thanks for posting.

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    • colorful says:

      Your racist BLM days are numbered.


  2. Coast says:

    She needs to be held accountable for making false statements to the police and to the media…with the purpose of creating a false narrative and causing harm. She’s partially responsible for the deaths of those cops.

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    • Mario D. says:

      Yes, she is largely responsible.

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    • Charles L says:

      I guarantee that will never happen. She will never be held accountable. If anyone does raise these questions, they will be called racist etc.

      Just look at the Mike Brown Ferguson circus. His friend, Dorian Johnson, made up the “hands up don’t shoot” lie. He told many lies to cops and to various news outlets, with his attorney and black grievance industry profiteers standing behind him to add veracity to his words. Yet when it was completely disproven by the physical evidence as well as other eye witness testimony, he was never held accountable for the mayhem that ensued. Same with Mike Brown’s step-dad. He yelled to the crowd “burn this bitch down”, leading directly to a riot, and he wasn’t held to account for his actions.

      This Lavish… she smokes pot in her car in front of her four year old daughter. This is child abuse. Yet there has been no mention of this by the media. Nobody has thought to ask her “Could it be that you and Philando were intoxicated on Marijuana at the time of the shooting?” Nobody dares ask this. The media is invested in putting forth a false narrative that this woman was some kind of angel.

      Hell, even yesterday our disgrace of a president said that Philando was considered by some to be a “Black Mister Rogers”. Wrong. Mister Rogers didn’t smoke blunts and didn’t expose children to such damaging behavior.

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      • DS says:

        I wonder if he was her pimp…

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      • rich anders says:

        The sad part is your 100% correct. We’re in the Twilight Zone. Our president is either a moron or genius.

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      • Coldeadhands says:

        You see what these Marxists do?…Jug Ears coopts the name of a kind, decent, good man like Mr. Rodgers and assigns it to a low life, gang banger, thug. This is not done to elevate the good but to drag all down to the lowest common denominator. By these tactics they seek to poison every thing good about this culture. It is intentional and it is calculated.

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      • TrustyHaste says:

        Please, someone who is skilled in memes or short movies, please make one: Cue clip of Obama saying that bit about Mr Rogers, then a montage of photos of Castile shooting middle finger, hanging out with his friends, the Crips, etc and then a photo of the Real Fred Rogers. That would be great.

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    • Lynn Humphrey says:

      Diamond Reynolds has a /Go Fund me Page that says Diamond and Dae Dae, named for her daughter. There is a picture of her and Philando taken on July 4th. Philando has so much hair on his face on July 4th. If that was him in the robbery picture, why does the side of his face look so clean? You cannot grow sideburns in 2 days. If these story of the robbery is so credible—why not take it to CNN?


  3. Sandra says:

    In her epic performance (slow clap) she complained at least twice about not receiving any food or water at the police station. It was after 9pm, why would they provide food? Also, if she had asked for water I’m sure they would have provided it. But better still, her alleged fiance just died but she’s complaining about not having food at the police station???

    The extent to which the ghetto dwellers (no race implied here, they can be black, white, hispanic, etc) lie will shock a normal person. I have witnessed it first hand on a few occasions. Some number of days ago someone posted a video of a Chris Rock performance, he said that people in the ‘hood will rob you and then the next day come up to you and say “I heard you got robbed”. It’s like these people have no emotions and no sense of decency, their life goal is to take all they can get. Lawsuits are the holy grail.

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    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      This is absolutely correct.
      Chris Rock lays It out.

      It is a game to them, to some a very serious game.
      And they are out to win this game – at our expense.

      I know firsthand as well, I grew up around these thieving, lying, vermin.

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    • McGuffin says:

      There was a shoot out at aTX apt complex last year when an upstairs neighbor recognized his new downstairs neighbor as the man who had robbed him at gunpoint at the gas station previously. Both men ran into their apts and retrieved their pistols, running back out shooting at each other as kids rode their bikes around the parking lot.

      Two weeks earlier a resident had pulled a gun on someone who had parked in “his” spot. There are no designated parking spots but this man decided he had one and it was worth protecting by firearm.
      (Section 8 housing that my nephew moved into without knowing). He walked his dog while carrying a gun day and night. After the shoot out he moved. The Apt manager tried to charge him a fee for breaking his lease. lol.


  4. Briana says:

    The Governor of Minnesota and President Obama also need to be held accountable for inciting the rabble with falsehoods.

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  5. Pam says:

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  6. paper doll says:

    What I don’t get is why aren’t they concerned with the many black lives ended by other blacks ? Don’t they matter? Do black lives only count if the lives are ended by whites ?

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    • bertdilbert says:

      BLM is a fraud that exists because the MSM refuses to challenge it. All it does is cost black people money and puts more black people in prison. Never mind the white victims of their anger. Never mind the hours of TV of black people behaving poorly. It does nothing to pull black people forward.

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      • MTeresa says:

        The MSM not only does not challenge it, the are the fuel on the embers. Larry Elder did an interview that is worth watching the whole thing, but go to the 40 minute mark to hear him talk about the media.

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        • Eskyman says:

          Well, doggone it, I went and watched that bit at the 40 minute mark.
          Now I’ve got to watch the whole thing, ’cause the bit I have already watched was superb!
          (Sigh. I don’t have enough time, can we vote to put another couple of hours in the day?) Seriously, thanks for posting that excellent clip!

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      • paper doll says:

        It’s about destroying the local police ,the black community and the rule of law….. not necessarily in that order and coming from the highest levels


  7. Nettles18 says:

    As others have pointed out, in addition to the physical resemblance of Castile to Super USA Convenience Store robber, the fact that the robber was wearing Ralph Lauren clothing furthers add to the probably that Castile may be the suspect.

    There are numerous photos of his love for Ralph Lauren Clothing and upon reviewing one of his twitter accounts and his Instagram account you see that Castile loved to show off his Ralph Lauren apparel.

    Here is a photo from Castile’s facebook page, in RL clothing

    On this twitter account, Castile has posted the same photo in his facebook post to his Instagram account

    On his Instagram account there are photos leaving no doubt of his love for Ralph Lauren clothing.


    Other tweets from his tweeter account about the POLO logo he loves to wear

    Another thing that makes one wonder of the timing is the BOLO (Be On Lookout) was issued on July 5th. Ms. Reynolds when asked what the couple had been doing that evening mentioned Castile had gone to the Barber. You’ll also notice in the car video he isn’t wearing glasses.

    Of course none of this proves Castile actually robbed the store but it does increase the possibility that he might have. If the two robbers are aware of the BOLO (they likely are), you can be sure they scrubbed their accounts of the clothing they were wearing in the robbery.

    I’ve been searching for a break in that case and so far nothing. Quite odd given how much publicity the robbery is now getting. What bad luck of a robber to match the physical description of a guy shot by police and who became world-known.

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  8. Racewellwon says:

    Fox News just reported the KARE11 Scanner about the Police pulling over Castile as a susupect in Armed Robbery. Sundance Broke the day after the Castile Lie!

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  9. ubfreeblog says:

    D.L. Hugely on the Kelly file was just handed his lunch. She was amazing. I dislike her generally but she was good tonight.

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    • Yeah… my husband watches Fox while I do the dishes and I heard it all. I had just a smidgin of respect for what she did. But when I looked at her face she had the same smug look she gets after she goes after Trump and his people.

      She left him Hugely in the dust though. He is no Donald Trump.

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    • nimrodman says:

      I couldn’t watch the whole thing, I had to go to the kitchen to make some food and coffee.

      What little I did see of intransigent, “refuses to listen to facts or reason” Mr Hughley reminded me of the old saying:

      “Never wrestle with a pig. You both get muddy and the pig enjoys it”

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      ubfreeblog Wow!!!!!! Did she ever. We all have reservations about Kelley but she went to war tonight. I was cheering.


    • sundance says:

      Who is “Hugely”?

      Who is “his”?

      Who is “she”?

      Who is “her”

      Who is “she”?

      Please construct comments that are clear and concise. Please do not type riddles. The comment guidelines link is in the banner.

      Thank You.

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      • ubfreeblog says:

        I was commenting in the theme of the Lavish story post. D.L. Hughely was a guest with Megan Kelly tonight and it had been mentioned previously in the post Kelly would be tackling the holes in the Lavish story tonight.

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    • James F says:

      Here it is.

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      • Eskyman says:

        Thanks for posting that. I’m so glad I haven’t watched TV for years, it sure reinforces my decision!

        It’s good to know that there is someone far more loathesome than Megyn Kelly, and it was that black smartmouth fool she was trying to interview. Good thing for him he wasn’t calling Rosie O’Donnell any names, or Kelly would have really laid into him!

        Do people really tune in to watch idiots like that “actor”? (Does he play a thug or racebaiter on TV? If so, it’s typecasting! Being able to talk trash does not an actor make.)


  10. TwoLaine says:

    False Narrative in Castile Investigation Leads to Racial Tension and Division
    by Preya Samsundar
    12 Jul 2016


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  11. Wtf says:

    Did she really say ” I want paid”?


  12. 1stgoblyn says:

    Well it was tough to watch but I made it through. She has told so many lies in this video that it’s hard to know where to start. I’ll just leave this one thought…she isn’t able to eat, sleep or work; she can’t do anything. Guess she means she is so distraught the only thing she can do is make the TV circuit and hold press conferences. Oops, and one other thought…she said her daughter said the polices are bad people. Way to go, Mom. Another thug in the making.


    • James F says:

      Did you notice in that video that Lavish claims her daughter knew Phil was dead before she did and “never coming back”?

      Contrast that with her appearance on the view where she claims her daughter “will not accep the fact that Phil is dead no matter how man times people tell her”.

      She lies about every little thing.

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      • 1stgoblyn says:

        AND she says “his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he was gone in an instant”. Yet in her very first vid of the ‘aftermath’ you can hear him breathing. She needs to take a breath and come up with some solid truths and just stick with it.


      • James F says:

        @3:30 in the view video “no matter how man people say he is did she still still believes he is alive”

        @18:45 in the video sundance posted above: “she knew he was gone before I did and said…he was never coming back”.


    • sundance says:

      Who are you talking to?

      What video are you talking about?

      Please type comments to be understood. NO RIDDLES.

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      • 1stgoblyn says:

        Color me befuddled.
        I was talking to no one in particular.
        I was referring to the video of Reynolds’ in your post.
        No riddle intended, just a few of my thoughts on Reynolds in the video of her press conference you posted.
        Sorry if I wasn’t clear.


  13. ccz says:

    Sadly, I fear that despite all of this information opinions will not change. If you Google “Diamond Reynonds” and “videos” and “marijuana” for example, you can easily find these type of comments:

    “White people are really not f…… human. Only they would dig through the social media of a dead man who was killed in front of his child to incriminate him, days after his murder. I am filled with pure disgust.”


    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      Facts, truth do not matter. That exchange between Megyn Kelly and that Hughley fellow proves that. She points that Eric Holder, I repeat, Eric Holder’s justice department’s own investigation found that “hands up don’t shoot” did not happen, and what does he do? Dismisses it. When the facts are inconvenient just talk right past them and claim they are made up by barack obama and eric holder’s justice department. It’s simply mind numbing.

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  14. Sargon says:

    Come on everyone….

    The whole thing looked suspect from the moment the video was posted.

    How is it that a person supposedly saw her boyfriend / fiancee / husband shot and the most important thing for her to do is to get the video recorded and posted in real time, with her narrative of what happened while her alleged significant other is still there breathing and murmuring.

    A decent human being would have prioritized giving aid to him over anything else.

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  15. Jimmy Jack says:

    It is really sad to me how race relations have degenerated since Obama has been elected. Truly sad. I didn’t not for him and hated that he won but when I saw ball people bring in the street over it I thought at least it could increase racial reconciliation. That was naive, even stupid, of me. Then later that night I saw where Black people had set fires in Union Square Park (NYC) celebrating and I knew it was a bad sign. If this is what black people would do when he won, what on earth would the do if he lost? What will happen when his term ends and they don’t want him to leave? It sounds stupid but I bet there will be some issues over it even if it is only small fires like this one in Union Square bc it is indicative of a bigger problem.

    Also, you know Sundance is getting to people when the MSM is going after him directly to discredit him. It’s awesome.

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    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      Notice how hey go after people who they claim are unimportant and not serious? Well if the Treehouse or which ever “right wing nutcase” you are targeting for insults are so unimportant, so insignifant, so unserious, then why in the name of Bangkok are you constantly talking about them?

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      • jmclever says:

        like when Levin said some obscure blogger was making things up about him accepting money from Cruz PACs? or when Marco Rubio dismissed Breitbart as conspiracists (even though he had written articles for BB)?

        The MSM is acting like a jilted, jealous ex-lover


  16. lo says:

    I’m sure we’re never going to get a true story on Lavish because to do so will be considered RACIST! The social justice warriors will be all over anyone who decides to besmirch lovely Lavish’s reputation. The narrative is set and must be adhered to by all! Or else!


  17. cali says:

    We have seen over and over going back to the Trayvon Martin case that lies are accepted as truths when spoken by people who are black. This skin color shields them from being held responsible for their blatant lies as it is her with this Diamond individual. For them it’s all about the money they expect to get as ‘reward’ for accusing police officers with ‘racism’ charges or anything else that the msn blows up as though they ever speak the truth.
    These people see dollar signs in their eyes – beginning with the Trayvon parents (who were no parents to that misguided individual) parading around the msn as ‘victims’ so sad at the loss of their family member.
    I call a spade a spade: Would they put on the same act if there was not one dime involved? Would they put on their act if there was no ‘GoFundMe’ or any other means to ‘collect’ for their invenience?
    This Diamond wasn’t too concerned about her child in the car when they had weed in it or a loaded weapon. If she was the driver to enable him to commit armed robbery at the convenience store and even just so happen to smoke Newport cigarettes (also from the store) while she was in the presence of her child – where was her concern to danger of her child?
    These people are all opportunists of the worst kind because they can be and sleazes to boot!

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  18. Sunshine says:

    Did anybody see this video of Reynolds getting stoned on weed in the car with Castile next to her and her 4-year old daughter behind her?
    Child Protection Services should remove her child from the home.


  19. Dewbman says:

    The real question is did the police find a gun in the car of Castile and did it match the gun from the phone used in the robbery? Did the police find clothing that matched the suspect at his section 8 house? Why has this not surfaced in the media?
    I honestly cannot believe that Reynolds is playing the Ghetto Lottery and winning with her GoFundMe page. That is simply ridiculous!!!!! All the media put out on her FB page and smoking week/drinking while prego, CPS needs to take that little innocent child away from her, TODAY!


  20. acumenmac says:

    Have you reported or seen the truth about Philando concerning his possessing a permit to carry. Time magazine on line is reporting he did and took training in Ramsey County Minnesota. That is contrary to what was reported the Ramsey county sheriffs department stated.
    I really would like to know. If he is does have a carry permit how in the world did he get it?
    I have contacted the NRA because they had initially come out in defense of a permit to carry individual being shot by a police officer.
    I don’t get this. He was instructed to tell the police officer he carried – and had a non-concealed pistol between his legs. That does not square. he was in fact pulled over because the officers saw him and associated him with a armed robbery a few nights before.
    I have a permit. When I took training we went over what do you do if you are pulled over. Most of the instructor’s said they would never tell a police officer they were carrying in a routine traffic stop. I emphasize a routine traffic stop. It is not the law to tell a police officer and quite frankly is your 2nd Amendment right and none of the officers business. I have respect for the blue. First I have done nothing wrong and to tell an officer when he approaches your car you have a gun – well, that’s your own call.


    • Joe R says:

      In a routine traffic stop why would any sane individual have a gun sitting in his lap when the office approached? If you have a permit to carry, keep the gun out of site and reach or holstered. If the gun is visible, put your hands on the wheel and advise him you have a permit and then wait for his instructions and be slow and deliberate about following them.


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