Baltimore Six Update – Brian Rice Trial: Judge Dismisses One Assault Charge Mid Trial…

The trial of Officer Brian Rice began last Thursday with the prosecution removing one charge of misconduct in office; today Judge Barry Williams removed the 2nd Degree Assault charge stating the prosecution simply had not shown enough evidence to retain it.

brian rice mugshotInvoluntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and a lesser misconduct charge remains.

The prosecution rested it’s case and the defense began today on Day #3.

(Baltimore Maryland) The judge dropped one of four charges Monday against Baltimore police Lt. Brian Rice in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray, ruling prosecutors had not presented enough evidence to prove second-degree assault after three days of witness testimony.

Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams made the decision at the trial’s midpoint — after the prosecution rested its case, but before Rice’s attorneys launched into his defense — by partially granting a defense motion for acquittal. He denied the motion as it pertained to involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct charges, though he said his decision on the reckless endangerment count was an “extremely close call.”

Such motions are seldom granted, in part because judges have to consider the charges in the “light most favorable to the state,” as Williams noted. But in this case, he said, he was “simply not satisfied” that prosecutors had proved assault based on their theory of how it occurred.  (read more)

Baltimore six 3brian rice 1brian rice 2

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68 Responses to Baltimore Six Update – Brian Rice Trial: Judge Dismisses One Assault Charge Mid Trial…

  1. Howie says:

    Mosby, is getting closer, and closer to a jail cell.

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  2. rumpole2 says:

    Such motions are seldom granted, in part because judges have to consider the charges in the “light most favorable to the state,” as Williams noted.

    I have been watching (selected) trials for several years. The defense motion to dismiss after the State rests is a standard formality normally. I do not recall such a motion ever being granted prior to this case. Even with a very weak case that ultimately ends in acquittal.. the Judge denies the motion and lets the thing run it’s course. The fact that one charge was dismissed indicates a case weaker than very weak… the weakest case I have ever seen presented..

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    • janc1955 says:

      It helps that this (like most of the others) is a bench trial. Also helps that the judge apparently can’t stomach the utter incompetence and malfeasance of the prosecuting attorneys.

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      • rumpole2 says:

        It helps that the Judge seems to be rational and capable of applying appropriate laws… you dont always get that in a Judge. It is always a risk for a defendant to opt for a judge as opposed to a Jury where typically you only need to persuade ONE juror to block a guilty verdict. As we know in these cases it is hard to find suitable jurors when you look at the available jury pool. It was a risk that Nero’s attorneys took… they likely knew the judge…. but given his past two decisions, and his general rulings and comments etc during the trials… Judge Williams is a much better bet than 12 “peers” from Baltimore.

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  3. RVAguy says:

    Banana Republic.


  4. rumpole2 says:

    Reminder.. for reference…

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  5. Smoking Lizard says:

    Yes…it’s a damned banana republic with a kangaroo court. This is embarrassing to our once great nation.


    • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

      But take some bit of heart….they will all be acquitted….yes the charges never should have been brought, but at least we are not at the total mercy of the mob today.

      And of course one must add Mr. Trump is the only solution.

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  6. flawesttexas says:

    Black Racism needs to be stopped. These trials are a farce

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  7. We NEED DJT! says:

    Wow …already?!?! And people will still think this Freddy Gray will not get his “justice”. The blacks’ very own hanging them out to dry. I don’t get why they never have any shame by following and believing in this racist hateful DA?!?!

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  8. Jett Black says:

    The trials are a farce on the prosecution’s part, but have to say, the Judge has been pretty much getting in right so far. If only he’d stretch out just a little and dismiss all charges and hold the prosecutors, including Mosby in particular in contempt. Then I might let my optimism get the better of me and think there was some justice in the world.


  9. yakmaster2 says:

    If the Judge doesn’t buy the reckless endangerment charge, then (correct me if I’m wrong) the involuntary manslaugther goes poof💥


  10. rumpole2 says:

    The way I see Mosby’s case in simple terms is that Goodson (the van driver) did the harm to Freddie, and eventually killed Freddie Gray…the rest of the gang were accessories to a greater or lesser degree.
    Once Goodson was found not guilty on ALL CHARGES the 6-ring circus should have been cancelled

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    • JustSomeInputFromAz says:



    • John Galt says:

      “During Porter’s trial, police experts and Porter testified that the responsibility to secure Gray with a seat belt was that of the van driver, Goodson.”

      Hard to see Mosby getting anywhere in view of that.

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      • armie says:

        Yeah, that, and the fact that their own medical examiner says he was injured during the time he wasn’t seated on the bench. They were carrying him on the floor in max restraints because he was acting out. They haven’t even tried to get over the hump of proving he shouldn’t have been transported like that, because they know that’s a non-starter. So they’re left with the nonsensical claim that he died because the police didn’t fasten the seat belt on a seat he wasn’t sitting on when he was injured.


  11. True Colors says:

    What is going on here is the absolute worst case scenario for Marilyn Mosby and the prosecution.

    To have multiple bench trials where a black judge is repeatedly dishing out “not guilty” verdicts on every count — literally EVERY SINGLE COUNT — can only be described as a nightmare for Mosby.

    All of the excuses that Mosby might have used for losing these cases have been stripped away. This judge has left her no place to hide.

    And the final hammer — the judge has made numerous rulings which are actually going to help the police bring their civil lawsuits against Mosby.

    Not even Hollywood could have drawn up a script which was worse for Mosby and better for these police officers.



  12. armie says:

    Mosby showed up to grandstand at the beginning of each trial. Anybody know is she was there for the start of this one?


  13. SPMI says:

    Why are we seeing these distorted false and
    Illegal trials on people proved innocent of all charges?
    The simple truth-The OJ Simpson Trial.
    A complete travesty that was heralded by the majority of black Americans as a victory for their race. He slaughtered two innocent human beings because of his monstrous twisted ego.
    It opened the door for these idiotic trials where
    the prosecutors assumed they are Johnny
    Cochran clones. They are finding out that a miscarriage of justice in the United States of America is not the norm in the long run.
    If you do the crime you do the time.
    If a policeman does a bad shooting they are punished to the full extent of the law, period.
    What was the jury decision in the Simpson Trial.
    They wrote it on a blackboard in the jury room.


  14. SPMI says:

    Hey True Colors
    Mosby dreamed up the scenario that has
    played out in the trial that never should have been.

    G O D J T R U M P!!!.


  15. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777.


  16. boutis says:

    Marilyn Mosby is a hack. A pol’s wife who tried shock and awe overcharging to get the officers to plead to lesser charges and turn on each other. It didn’t work out. Not only did it not work they all got competent criminal lawyers, unlike the flunkies and hacks she kept in her prosecutor’s office after she purged it, who have layer by layer exposed her as a fake, liar, and incompetent. The officers and their lawyers stuck together. The public interest law professor complaint is the first step to disbarment. All of the attorneys in her office should be disbarred also as no officer of the court should have anything to do with her and should have quit by now. Every single prosecution that has come out of that office since Freddie Grey should be reviewed as questionable.

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  17. Citizen Kane says:

    The Obama DOJ investigates police departments; and turns a blind eye to the Mosby office…..smh…..


  18. Honestly, with the DOJ and IRS having become a crime organization….I had never expected there could be justice in this country- but I am so happy to see this!


    • rumpole2 says:

      I think Judge Williams KNOWS exactly what happened and has already mentally wrestled with any legal issues… This is the 4th time he has heard essentially the same evidence.
      I would hope that he would announce a “Not Guilty” verdict as soon as the Closing Arguments are done.


  19. Mosby is a disgrace. A racist disgrace.
    I hope these officers own every square inch of Baltimore when the civil suit is over.


  20. Smarty says:

    I am very concerned that any or all of the three white cops will be jailed simply to give the Baltimoron thugs something to keep them quiet and so they won’t burn and pillage again.
    I am praying for this cop. I know that there is a legal defense fund for the police, I received an email from them, meant to check it out. They probably need help. This has to be hell for the families.
    Please pray for them that justice will prevail.

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  21. rumpole2 says:

    Freddie Gray Family Atty: BPD’s Essential Personnel ‘Old, White Guys That Are Racist To The Core’


    • John Galt says:

      Ahhh, so that’s why the black run Baltimore government recently fired black police chief Batts and replaced him with white police chief Davis.


  22. MC227 says:

    That is the picture of incompetence.


  23. Just an FYI, the driver of the van will get his back pay which is a small pittance compared to his career being ruined.


  24. citizen817 says:

    Freddie Gray case: Defense rests in Lt. Brian Rice trial; closings Thursday

    Closing arguments in the trial of Baltimore police Lt. Brian Rice in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray will be heard Thursday morning after the defense rested Tuesday on the fourth day of testimony. Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams said his ruling in the bench trial will come “sometime
    thereafter,” but did not elaborate.

    Alperstein said the prosecution needed to show “that there was an intent to cause injury, or an appreciation and understanding that failure to restrain can cause injury.

    “Again, there was no evidence of either.”


    • John Galt says:

      “or an appreciation and understanding that failure to restrain can cause injury.”

      Freddie was trussed up like a Christmas Turkey on the floor of the van and Officer Rice wasn’t around. Your move, Mosby.


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