Sarah Palin: “rise up and tear down this tyrannical system”…

Cold Anger perceives deception the way a long-term battered spouse absorbs the blows in the hours prior to the pre-planned exit; with purpose.  Cold Anger does not need to go to violence. Cold Anger absorbs betrayal silently, often prudently. Cold Anger is not hatred, it is far more purposeful….

Palin the Slayer

(Via Facebook) Ironic, tragic, but not unexpected – amidst America’s Independence Day celebrations the Ruling Class put another boot on our neck to snuff liberty’s life out of We the People.

It’s a farce that “no one is above the law” and my heart goes out to all who’ve been unjustly accused and destroyed over much lesser crimes than Hillary’s.

We MUST redouble efforts to restore the rule of law that had sustained the most exceptional nation on earth, with everyone doing their part:

* Don’t put blind faith in any politician, but don’t give up on our forefathers’ charters of freedom that created a Republic to be governed by and for We the People.

* Teach your children America’s foundation built on the rule of law; ensure they understand consequences for their actions, despite our temporary leaders facing no such thing.

* Unite behind those who have no part in the corrupt political machine that would mock, silence and destroy the outsiders committed to serving for the right reasons; oppose all who campaign one way but govern another once they get to Washington and get sucked in to both party establishments that reward and protect their own.

* Get your boots on the ground and work for what you know is right for our country’s survival. Don’t just preach to the choir – infiltrate and influence outside your comfort zone to empower others to take a stand against the Left’s devastating fundamental transformation of America.

Letting Hillary skate today is no surprise when the team she’s on has celebrated its administrators pleading the fifth, over and over again, sending messages to America that they’re all above the law. From the IRS’s Lois Lerner to Hillary herself testifying in front of Congress, they’ve all told Congress to kiss off, and Congress kissed off.

Today’s FBI forgiveness of tyrants’ illegal acts illustrate purpose in why I insist Americans rise up and tear down this tyrannical system that is destroying America from within. Truly, you’re either with us or you’re against us.

Message to all the “Republican” elites throwing in for Hillary, boasting they’ll stay home instead of vote because their particular weakened good ol’ boy is not the GOP nominee (the R.A.T.s suffering chappedass because their power and purse are threatened by the grassroots movement to destroy their failed politics-as-usual), Hillary thanks you. She knows she can’t win without you.

Sarah Palin

ABC8 Poll

ABC8 Richmond Virginia Poll

drudge screenshot - fbi probe

Republican voter turnout projected

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217 Responses to Sarah Palin: “rise up and tear down this tyrannical system”…

  1. Garrison Hall says:

    Sarah Palin = genuine American hero. GO SARAH!!

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  2. SharonKinDC says:

    Comey’s remarks today ensure a crippled Hillary will limp to the nom. What Comey did NOT discuss was the investigation into the Clinton Fdn, which I thought was happening. Will be interesting to see what trickles out between her nomination and the election.

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  3. Wiggy says:

    Remember John Ashe who recently died from a barbell falling (dropped) and crushed his throat and killing him. He was just days away from testifying against Hillary. I believe it was a message being sent to Comey and Lynch…”no indictment or else”.

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    • WSB says:

      Wiggy, this is my take. I believe Lynch and Comey are pawns and were threatened, just like Roberts – pawns committing mental gymnastics about their stupefying decisions. Gary Byrne commented that this is the Clinton MO – a shakedown and threats to the family. If I put myself in their shoes…OK, I get it.

      Whether these people are aiding and abetting or are victims, Comey threw us a lifeline, just as Roberts did – basically saying any decision to recommend could not stand up to the collusion; that there were other ways for the People to vote or litigate around these criminal acts.

      So be it. Knowing a recommendation might alter a swing in the candidacy or would have no effect on the DOJ, Comey provided (unknown to the DOJ as he said) a roadmap with all of the obstructions for us to feed off of. Trump always owns the downside, right? Obama cannot pardon her, Hillary is much weakened but still the opponent, there may be new evidence with the emails not YET found, and all of the other investigations are ongoing.

      So Trump’s ‘rigged’ argument is now cemented with a ‘MAGAPHONE’, and he’ll play right into this. He may very well get his wish to indict her on several counts. In 2017.

      Meanwhile, we need to soldier on. Trump will win this. Comey may have helped him today.

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  4. DEGinTN says:

    IMO… the only way our Country can be saved is by her people turning to Almighty God in humbled prayer. Those of us that are Christians know that He is the only path to our spiritual salvation. He also is the only path for the salvation of our country. We will not be successful without Him.

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  5. Keln says:

    Love that picture of Sarah…

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  6. ThePatriot says:

    It is now abundantly clear, the CORRUPTION in Washington is complete, irreconcilable, and irreparable. For those who disagree, one can only surmise your head is in a hole somewhere and another part of your anatomy is exposed for all to see.

    I hold out hope for Trump, but he has his task cut out for him. It will be a tough 4 years for him. If Trump can not fix what is wrong, that leaves only one choice for the American citizen. And the powers that be are itching for a fight.

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  7. Miss America says: already has a video up contrasting Hillary’s lies with Comey’s remarks. It’s great, in sickening sort of way.

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  8. I loved Mark Ruffalo’s tweet, “We’re in trouble”. Was he speaking of our country or the leftist takeover coming to an end? I suspect the latter. The end is near… TRUMP 2016!

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  9. mamadogsite says:

    FOX Business…Lou Dobbs on fire for 2 hours tonight. Is covering Trump’s speech…

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  10. Atticus says:

    Do not let this fade.
    Keep this in the forefront.
    This is an atrocity, and with continued agitation, folks who now say “who cares” or, “sigh, that’s how the system works” may begin to see this for what it really is.
    Theft, corruption, dishonesty.
    Mrs. Clinton and her ilk need to be cleansed from the political landscape once and for all.

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  11. tails6 says:

    Paula Jones is the only person who has won a legal battle with any of the Clintons.

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  12. craig swanson says:

    “This is what we do and we do it well” – Best Wishes, The Clintons

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  13. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Give ’em he!!, Sarah, and thank you for being such a great Patriot at our time of need.

    FYI, Treepers…at bottom of Sarah’s fb post was this note:

    “*images courtesy of Conservative TreeHouse and various anonymous internet postings”.

    We Love You, Sarah !

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  14. Ruffin says:

    I think Sarah is going to keep this travesty of failure on the front burner, with the heat on high from now until November.
    She is not going to let this go cold or die on the vine.

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  15. photozombies says:

    Paul Ryan is attacking Trump over clip art while Hillary and Obama are jetting around on our plane scott free. Can’t even begin to describe the feeling. When is enough, enough.

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  16. Sherlock says:

    Please share. Another Treeper found this. It is wonderful, a ready-made Trump ad that needs to be seen. “Hillary v. Comey”, the lies rebutted.

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  17. Rob says:

    The GOP and the RNC will do everything in their power to ensure that Trump loses this election. Don’t doubt it for a second. Vote against ALL GOP CANDIDATES except Trump.

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  18. dumbplumber says:

    Patriots are really good at taking to their laptops to comment on a travesty. They are also great at setting up make-shift memorials at sites of massacres or high profile murders. They are damn good at lowering flags to half-staff. They are sort of good at calling their congress-critters or writing letters of protest, which hit the circular file as soon as they are received. They are very good at sending Teddy Bears, when a situation includes abandoned or surviving children.

    Yes, we seem to be good at everything but solving the problems that created the above. I would include the solution, but Sundance would never let you see this post.


    • Linden says:

      Agreed. Suggest that everyone read the episodic novel by D. W. Ulsterman on Amazon called “Race Wars”. Chilling, and in our future if HRC is elected.


  19. David Anderson says:

    Palin is so very right. America missed a big opportunity when she [and McCain, I guess] didn’t get elected. She may not be the smartest or slickest candidate going, but we’ve tried smart and slick, and look where it gets us. Maybe we need to vote for people with good hearts instead…and I’d never doubt her heart.

    The big question is: If we elect a Republican majority in Congress, and Donald Trump as president…will anything change? Obama campaigned on ‘Hope and Change’…and look where it got us. We’ve had Republican majorities before…and look where we are. If anything keeps Conservative voters at home on election day, it will be the sense that voting is futile no matter who gets elected….


  20. thurmrob says:

    There is more of an up side to this than down. It shows without a doubt the administration and the Clintons are corrupt and will completely turn off all the Bernie supporters. Unless they vote Trump that is a good thing. This also doesn’t allow Obama to give her a presidential pardon and means she is still very eligible for her new orange jump suit along with most of her crime family.
    It also gives Trump plenty of easy points to show the criminality of her and the existing administration.
    As far as I can see Comey did us a favor.

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  21. AZ Gulch says:

    Everyone is dismissing Palin as VP. I honestly believe her views on the direction of the US are very similar to Trumps. Whereas most the VP names mentioned do not share his views.

    By freeing Clinton, we (the people) realize how bad this system has become. This may be the catalyst to propel her to the VP spot. Plus she will not stab Trump in the back, plus in the GOPe minds Trump will be the better alternative to her and thus ensure his survival.

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  22. duchess01 says:

    Apparently, Palin’s FB Post is getting around…”It’s a Good Thing!” says Martha Stewart

    July 05, 2016


  23. tammy says:

    Trump needs Sarah Palin for VP and watch the left burn themselves up with anger!


  24. thoughtsrandomlyspoken says:

    27 month delay is to outlive the statue of limitations on any indictment in the Clinton Foundation. Gives them time to wipe the computers and burn the records and still keep all the money. I think that was the deal Bill cut with Loretta Lynch.


  25. Ghost Prime says:

    Did I read it correctly that Palin is calling on all Patriots to revolt against the tyrants and remove them by force? If so I am with her 100% for that is the only way I believe for us to take our country back and restore our Republic.


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