EPIC – Nigel Farage Speaks To European Parliament Today: “You’re not laughing now are you”?…

Oh boy, this is epic.  Ukip leader Mr. Nigel Farage speaks to the European Parliament and creates rapid fire ‘splodey heads with every righteous syllable uttered.

It sounds like Nigel Farage is stomping on bubble wrap.  *pop* ‘splodey to the left – *pop* – ‘splodey to the right – *pop* !!   Must watch:

Moments later Mr. Farage gives an interview and discusses Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Brexit and the EU Parliament speech. More Must Watch:

Nigel Farage

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187 Responses to EPIC – Nigel Farage Speaks To European Parliament Today: “You’re not laughing now are you”?…

  1. clash108 says:

    I say we import him right now. We’ll waive the tariff.

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  2. MTeresa says:

    Farage: “There is nothing on……could persuade me ever………to vote for Hillary Clinton.”

    CNN hack: “You sure you don’t want to think about that?”


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    • yy4u says:

      Watching this particular reporter was interesting — he came off as an opponent not as a reporter or journalist — which, of course, is what the “reporters/journalists” are these days, political hacks on the Globalist side.

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  3. joanfoster says:

    Don’t you all want to smack the smirk off the faces of those old, nasty, moldy, bureaucrats sitting there smirking at his speech. If this is the face of the EU, I say flush it down the sewer and start over. What a miserable looking collection of so called leaders. I could almost smell the stench through the computer screen. I have absolutely nothing but utter contempt for Europe.

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    • fuzzi says:

      The stench is similar to the odor rising from the Capitol building.

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      • joanfoster says:

        Yes, the stench rising from the Capitol building is correct. There are simply no congressmen nor senators who care enough about our republic to distinguish themselves as leaders. They go along to get along. Even Mike Lee in an interview with Hanniity said that they all whispered among themselves about the abuse of power of the executive branch and yet not one was willing to stand up to Obama and do anything, obviously including Mike Lee. Don’t you just love latter day saints?

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        • Timmy-the-Ute says:

          As someone form Utah, Mike Lee is a coward. He is a puppet to the globalist Mormon Church and will do what ever Mitt Romney says.

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          • Mike Lee will not be re-elected. Nor will Mia Love. Utahns do not like cowards or traitors.

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          • In AZ says:

            Show proof of your accusations.
            I did not check the religions of Senators, but the majority are probably Catholic followed by Protestants.

            The religion of the majority of Congress members are Catholic. The Pope is a Communist Globalist. So if what you say about Romney and the Mormon church is true, then the same can be said of the Catholics in the Congress and Senate. The globalist Catholic Church is a puppet of the Catholic members of Congress. . OR the Catholic members of Congress are puppets of the globalist Catholic church controlled by the communist Pope. H3ll, Boehner had the globalist Pope address Congress! The Pope spewed communist globalist garbage. Paul Ryan is a globalist Catholic!!!!!” He is can’t kiss Ovomit’s arse fast enough! Why are you not blaming Catholics and the Catholic church. Catholics make mega bucks bringing in the Muslims as well as others.

            Protestants are the second largest religion of Congress members.
            Levin and Shapiro and Kristol and other Trump hating elites are Jews, and there are many other Christian religions, and Muslims and Atheists in the elite communist globalist camp that hate Trump. These religions are never brought up nor bashed.
            Obviously the Christian politicians of every religion are not living their religions ethical and moral principles.
            Since Mormons are not considered Christian then it is very troubling that the “real” Christians are betraying the country, the “real” Christians are not practicing true Christian principles. The ” real” Christians are the majority of politicians in Washington DC.


        • anthonydog says:

          Agree. But Lee has the excuse of his religion Mormonism as not used to free expression. I find myself thoroughly disgusted with the Mormon church and their globalist representatives Beck and Romney among others.
          Their massive representation of Mormons inside the NSA tells us the Mormons are antiAmerica and anti the free republic. The Mormon church has tried to exert political control though the NSA which is heavily populated with Mormons– perhaps because they take to control so well themselves.
          The Mormon church with its support for globalization of the U.S. and control of its citizens has proven themselves to be antiAmerican bringing greater understanding as to why those in Missouri and the southern U.S. who had greater experience with the Mirmon church flat out rejected Mormon Romney. While I generally respect Mormons as good family people with a strong work ethic I reject their inability for independent critical thinking in the political process.
          If Glenn Beck and his bizarre psychotic breakdown is an example of Mormonism just as Rafael Cruz’s bizarre expression of Dominionism citing his son Ted as the savior, are both examples to warn us away from religious zealots as leaders among us in a free republic. I do not find their thinking abilities to be trustworthy. I apologize in advance to any treepers here I may have offended by painting with a broad brush.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      I agree Joan, however, I was greatly saddened that the clip was cut a few second short of what it was yesterday. Yesterday I witnessed the most glorious smirk of all. Nigel Farage sat down, looked around a bit, and gave the most incredible smirk I have ever witnessed.

      The smirk was so great, I made my husband sit through the whole speech only to find it was cut. Here I had gone about Nigel for minutes and had guilted him to sit and watch, and the greatest smirk of all time was cut. So sad. Heartbreaking really.

      My husband has absolutely no interest in politics whatsoever, but he will admit to really liking Trump. Here is a man who only hears the propaganda of the msm, and he still loves Trump, even to the point he will go out and vote this time around. I think it is because he will take great joy in giving it to them right where it hurts.

      He did blame Brexit for us losing $12,000 in just one market alone. I was unable to convince him otherwise, until I came up with a clip from Fox Business. It was actually the next clip, so I didn’t I’ve to look hard.

      I did watch my husband very closely watching the clips. He took them seriously, and his complete attention was solely on what Farage was saying. I was impressed, even though I should know better. He is one of the smarter men I know. I always believed if he had the education he would’ve been an engineer. I look at him and I see an American patriot who works hard to provide for his family and help his neighbor. Many (the elite) would call him a simple man, but I see many complexities. I see an American who has no faith in his government, and has been failed by it. So he ignores it and does what he needs to do to survive. Now that he sees Trump he is willing to try again. His faith will be restored when Trump wins. There are millions of men and women just like him. He is the monster vote.


  4. mikeyboo says:

    Well, isn’t he the straight talker! Bravo and well done! Onward Trump!

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  5. dondeg says:

    Cold Anger is the same as: Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold. Nigel shows us how its done.

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  6. roberto says:

    Well, dear me, as I’ve heard Mr. Farage say so often over the years when he addressed his fellow EU Mp’s. Imagine Ireland having to submit it’s own national budget to the EU for approval, before it was able to implement it. That is, in part, why they voted Leave. Nigel is hilarious and correct.

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  7. John Smith says:

    Schultz said once the only purpose Germany existed was to guarantee the survival of the Jews and the State of Israel, which shows where his real loyalties lie and his attitude to nationalism among the goyim. Israel never takes refugees.


    • Are you crazy, John Smith???? Israel has taken in millions of refugees from all over the world. When the Arab world deported EVERY Jew in their country in 1948, Israel accepted them all. Since then, Ethiopian and Yemeni Jews have been welcomed into Israel. Later Russian, Iranian and Chinese Jews have entered Israel. Many American Jews, too, decide to make Aliyah (move) to Israel. The few Palestinians who remained after being urged to leave by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (“until we defeat the Jews!”) are now much better off economically than the ones living outside the State of Israel, enslaved by their own Arab-Muslim masters. That’s just the ones I know.
      Okay. I see. You’re crazy.

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  8. highdezertgator says:

    Here is a salute to Mr. Farage from our friend Toby Keith
    This for the Smirky Brussels bureaucrats

    How do you like me now?
    How do you like me now,
    Now that I’m on my way?
    Do you still think I’m crazy
    Standin here today?
    I couldnt make you love me
    But I always dreamed about living in your radio
    How do you like me now?

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  9. Plain Jane says:

    Winston Farage you say?

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  10. TheLastDemocrat says:

    This disrespect, right after our Congressional Sit-In.

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  11. fernleygirl says:

    A comment from someone on another blog, after watching Farage’s epic speech. 😀

    “I just can’t fathom how Farage’s balls even fit in his pants.”

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  12. Mr.Right says:

    Epic introduction to his speech. I love cocky when you can back it up ,and Farage got it going on.


  13. beaupre03 says:

    Long live Nigel Farage!

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  14. photozombies says:

    Those crazy Brits. I feel like I’m experiencing the “British Invasion” between Nigel and Milo.
    Crack-on indeed Mr. Farage, lets take our countries back.

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  15. Patriot1 says:

    The CNN reporter is so biased that he thinks Farage WAS rude?! What reality is this fraud living in?


  16. Ed hill says:

    I like this guy! He has a spine, unlike most of the GOP politicians.


  17. Rob says:

    haha, the chair had to scold the members to “listen” to the speaker even if they don’t share his opinion. What a distinguished mob they are.


  18. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    I know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives, or worked in business, or worked in trade or indeed, ever created a job…



  19. Robert Wade says:

    Freaking Awesome! I wish I could see him in person.


  20. Joe jacobs says:

    Love this guy
    British are back


  21. rsanchez1990 says:

    You know, here in the US we’re typically only exposed to foreign media when it serves the establishment’s narratives. Seeing Nigel Farage so brashly challenge the EU bureaucrats, you see that what’s happening in the US, is happening EVERYWHERE. This isn’t an isolated incident. Trump isn’t some lone loose cannon. Trump is the American manifestation of a WORLD WIDE movement to take our power back.

    As Brexit shows, we’re winning. Trump’s victory in November will show we’re winning. We’re gonna be winning so much, we might even tell President Trump we’re winning too much!

    And we don’t intend on losing again!


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