Open Borders Advocate Mark Zuckerberg Erects Wall Around Exclusive Hawaiian Estate…

Residents of Kauai are not too happy with Facebook CEO and open border advocate, Mark Zuckerberg after he begins erecting a massive border wall around his property.

Go figure.

mark zuckerbergzuckerwall

KILAUEA, KAUAI — For years, Kilauea, Kauai resident Gy Hall has enjoyed the view of the ocean and the breeze along Koolau Road. Then, a few weeks ago, a crew started to build a wall which happens to belong to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“The feeling of it is really oppressive. It’s immense,” Hall said. “It’s really sad that somebody would come in, and buy a huge piece of land and the first thing they do is cut off this view that’s been available and appreciative by the community here for years.”

Hall said the wall extends along Koolau Road, near mile marker 20, and is about six-feet tall. He said its projected length and completion are unclear. Is important for the community since they consider this an invasion because many of them have properties around and this will really damage the view and lower the value of their properties, some of them are even considering finding a real estate service like vancouver realtor to sell their properties and get one in other part of the island.

Multiple attempts by TGI to contact Shawn Smith, former Falk Partners manager, who Hall says sold some of the $200 million, 700-plus-acre property to the billionaire, were unsuccessful Friday.

“(The crew) put some boards up, so you can see the future projection of the wall and what it will cut off,” Hall said. “It’s quite dramatic because you can see all the pasture land and ocean underneath the boards.”  (read more)

Democrat Voter - Typical Progressive

Typical progressive

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88 Responses to Open Borders Advocate Mark Zuckerberg Erects Wall Around Exclusive Hawaiian Estate…

  1. thesouthwasrght says:

    Perfect little Luciferian socialist : stole Facebook from his roomie, total hypocrite, icky little shit, globalist shill and censor. Yep. He , he fits the bill.

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:


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        • elaina_cabreraZL4FTL says:

          To Zuckerberg, a wall to protect himself is OK, but a wall to protect America is EVIL!

          Liberals are such damn hypocrites!

          Allowing illegal immigrants to stay takes jobs away from America’s poorest citizens and job competition lowers their wages.

          Allowing illegals to stay means they suck up social services funds that should go to struggling American citizens.

          Allowing illegals to stay floods our hospitals with people seeking free medical care making medical care more expensive for all citizens. Mine is up to $450/month. I’m a healthy 28 year old. (Contrast this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda or my $15/month renters insurance or my $15/month dental from Delta)

          Allowing illegals to stay increases population which increases pollution and urban sprawl. (just look at LA)

          Allowing illegals to stay floods our schools with their spawn taking resources meant for our kids’ education.

          Allowing illegals to stay helps businesses to operate with cheap non-union labor.

          So why do Liberals support amnesty when it hurts most of the people and issues they support?

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I’ve gotten to where I really dislike this guy.

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  2. Meanwhile….
    Mexican president urges North American integration
    (North American Union) anyone?
    Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Monday called for greater integration with Canada and the United States in the wake of Britain’s vote to split with the European Union.
    Nieto, who spoke during a stopover in Quebec City, is scheduled to attend a North American leaders summit in Ottawa on Wednesday with his US and Canadian counterparts.
    The three countries are economic partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and work closely on security matters.

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  3. these libs and globalists are all the same…

    do as I say, not as I do.

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  4. R-C says:

    Zuckie’s a member of the “Do As I Say, NOT As I Do” club. Him and the Pope, apparently.

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  5. elena19501 says:

    Shared on Facebook)))

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  6. Sandy says:

    It is fine for him but not for others. He is a slimy little weasel!!!

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    • Esperanza says:

      Also if you think about it, these peoplelive in the ultimate walled garden, Apple. Apple filters what they have on their computer. Yet they are against filtering what happens in real life. Really strange.

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  7. Pam says:

    Such a typical elitist hypocrite.

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  8. Maybe people will post comments on his wall.

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  9. Terz says:

    Zuckerberg looks like Philipp von Habsburg.

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    • Too bad he isn’t where Habsburg is now.

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    • imprimipotest says:

      No, Zuckerberg hasn’t any similarities to any Habsburg.

      First of all, he is utterly dishonorable and a mousey, pathetic screwed up shallow little Jewish kid who whores after the globalist internationalists. He doesn’t even have traces of real character such as was depicted in that great self-satirical Jewish movie, “The Hebrew Hammer.”

      Second, he is a hollow little technocrat twerp who presumes he knows things about which he knows nothing.

      As for an authentic Habsburg: “When former president Theodore Roosevelt visited Emperor Franz Joseph (Habsburg) in 1910 and asked him what he thought the role of monarchy was in the 20th century, the emperor reportedly replied, “To protect my peoples from their governments.” For all their flaws, the Habsburgs overall considered, and acted, as servants of the many peoples of all social levels who once formed what was once the authentic old Europe.

      They are, no doubt, smiling about Brexit and impending dissolution of the EU, and the last important Habsburg, Otto, greatly admired these United States and its citizens for what we truly are and what we represent.

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  10. DrPretorius says:

    You really have to wonder sometimes about the wisdom of the free market system when it showers immense financial rewards on utterly repugnant prix like Soros, Buffet, Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg, et. al., with billions and billions of dollars that they then put to use advancing a totally malignant and depraved agenda of progressivism and totalitarianism.

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    • Empress says:

      You left off studied hypocrisy.


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Currently in the Uni-Party U.S. we’ve not had real free markets going on 2 decades now. What we have now is a Rigged market with a cronie-MSM-UniParty Complex.

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    • Joe says:

      The majority of those who’ve managed to amass such fortunes seem to have little other goal in life but to accumulate more and control as much as possible for as long as possible. When lacking that interest it’s unlikely any normal person will become so obscenely wealthy. One must be obsessive and ruthless to ‘succeed’ in such an endeavor–which leaves the well balanced and reasonable individual out of the contention and explains why so few billionaires are actually respectable human beings.


    • jbarntt says:

      What free market are you referring to? Shirley, you don’t think the U.S. has a free market economy.

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    • scrivener3 says:

      The free market financially rewards people who provide value to other people. Hundreds of millions of people use facebook for entertainment, to communicate with each other, etc. Presuming he did not acquire it through fraud he created great value. The market does not reward people based on how nice they are or whether their politics would help or hurt the most people or because they are modest and charming. I wouldn’t buy a poor unreliable car because it was made by the nicest people.


  11. WTF Zuckerberg. You can’t build a wall … it’s F-ing racist dude! What about all your illegal friends/muslims coming over to hang with you. You POS!

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  12. Sentient says:

    He doesn’t want anyone to see his man boobs.

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  13. Joe Knuckles says:

    Here’s to hoping the locals take care of him, like they did Captain Cook, who I believe was killed on Kauai, which is way too nice of a place for an evil bastard like Zuckerberg.

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  14. Lucille says:

    This is MY view…or will be when I finish my 1,000,000 sq.ft. McMansion to which YOU will NEVER be invited! So there!

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    • Lucille says:

      Yes, I will be able to see over the wall and only occasionally have to view the 24/7 security personnel armed with AR-15’s protecting me, my wife, my daughter, and all those I WILL invite to see the lovely view. Don’t you wish you were me and didn’t have to think of others except for when it will get me some more cash and invites to Obama’s White House which doesn’t, of course, have anywhere near as nice a view as MY estate. I just love, love, love being me.

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  15. graphiclucidity says:

    Betting odds are 50/1 that Facebook censors this story if it goes viral.

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  16. MA in MO says:

    Sorry DrPretorius, there hasn’t been a free market system in well over two hundred +/- in the world. The World Financier’s have had total control of financial markets for a very long time and they will make Britain and everyone else pay dearly for the British people voting to exit the EU. They will not take this lying down. Soros and his ilk are sitting on top of the stage pulling the puppets strings and you either dance to get axed. May the Lord have mercy.


    • Financial markets are different from “the free market.” Actually, TFM is kind of like “survival of the fittest” or gravity. Natural laws. You may not like them, you may try to control them, but you can’t because they are natural, hence immutable.


  17. maiingankwe says:

    We have some hills in our area; beautiful really, with most of the town down in the valley. Anyways, some idiot from out of state (of course) with lots and lots of money decided to build his summer house, so he bought some land, cleared it, and built his home right smack in front of the person directly behind him (even though he had bought multiple acres), and built a five story home. There went his neighbors view. It was completely gone.
    The only person who lived near him was right behind him. It is also the only house for 100’s of miles around that is five stories high. Well, the neighbor who had completely lost his beautiful view took him to court. And he won. Won big.

    No one could understand why this idiot would deliberately do that to someone he had never met and did not know. It’s not just rude and arrogant, it’s more then that. It’s like something inherently evil or cruel. He could’ve built his five story home out of the way of the neighbor who had lived there for almost two decades. He didn’t have to do what he did, just like Zuck.

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    • MTeresa says:

      Interesting. Some folks get a on a real power trip. Decency is so passe.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      That man was a Psychopath.

      I hope he had to tear his Crack-mansion down.

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      • maiingankwe says:

        Not a member…,
        The court ordered him to take down the top level, which was almost double of a regular level. He also had to hand over a heck of a lot of money.

        We all think his home is an eye sore, and the neighbor still doesn’t have a good view, but he and his family are a heck of a lot richer.

        What’s funny is the house is quite some distance from where we live since we now live in a different town, but whenever we do go by I try and count how many levels his home is, which is really difficult because it is far away from the road we travel. To be truthfully honest, I don’t know if he ever took off the top level. Plus, it didn’t really make much sense to me since I cannot imagine the neighbor getting his view back from just one level. I was told the top level was supposed to be the bomb. Super high ceilings and all. I would’ve thought it would be bedrooms on the top floor, but I was told it was they were to entertain guests. I have no idea since I’ve never been inside, and probably never will unless it goes up for sale and they do a tour of homes. It is either the most expensive home or darn close to it. I’d also guess they had to have an elevator for five floors too. Imagine having to clean that? They must have multiple, full time help. What gets me is they don’t even live in it full time.
        Who knows, the next time I go by I will park the car and take a picture, and put it on here for you. I’m pretty good at remembering people, so that won’t be a problem. I’m also curious to what happened since its been quite a few years since the court ruling against him. Oh, and they painted the house light blue.
        I will ask my husband since he is really good at remembering details, it’s rare for him to forget things no matter how long time has passed.


    • Because he could. Tell your neighbor congrats, those cases are hard to win.


  18. dianeax says:

    Kilauea, Kauai doesn’t have building codes to protect against things like this?


  19. The Boss says:

    Did he pay union wages for his wall? Or did he ship in a few containers of Mexicans?


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Radical Islamic Terrorists most likely – same he wants for programming jobs at minimum wage.


  20. rodney says:

    A nasty little paranoid twit, he knows he’s screwing over people and is afraid of blowback, this is why he’s doing it. Ever see his personal security detail when he goes jogging? It’s 6 burly men, mean looking as hell. Not that it would stop someone seriously out to get him, it wouldn’t.

    But it nicely illustrates how paranoid he is.

    The costs of his personal security detail approx $3 million a year.

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  21. beaujest says:

    Like Eddie Munster’s fence !


  22. beaupre03 says:

    Mr. Zuck, tear down that wall!

    But jump off it first.

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  23. vic mazza says:

    Dear Americans,

    I won’t facebook because of this man…him and all liberal progressives…total hypicrats!!!
    Open boarders, globalism, socialism…all that they advocate for us….look at his wall…maybe he will invite clock boy and his family for a vacation….hope he brings his clock!!! Screw you!

    Vic Mazaa
    P.S. The popes wall is not so shabby either…another hypicrat!

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  24. BigO says:

    Obama’s daughter is going to Harvard next year. Is there some way we can arrange to have bus tours of the school for Muslim immigrants? Bus after bus of these safe people, just drop them off to explore the famous Harvard then pick them up in the evening. Surely no one would be against this multi-cultural exchange.


  25. keebler AC says:

    Facebook is kind of like prison. You spend all day staring at walls and getting poked by people you don’t know.
    — Unknown

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  26. keebler AC says:

    This is a map of social networking from maybe 2015 and earlier.

    Tumblr: Tumblr is part blog and part social networking site. Users can create their own blogs and follow others’ in a similar way to social networks. Last I checked, it had 420 million users, probably 30-50 of which are active, and 217 million blogs.


  27. Raycheetah says:

    Whaddaya expect from the selfish, little Zucker? =>[.]<=

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  28. M33 says:

    Hey, I live there. And let me tell you, you think congress and the federal government is inept…
    You aint seen nothing till you see the County of Kauai.

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  29. NeverSuspect says:

    Oh come on, lighten up! Zuckerberg is playing you all!

    Deep down, deeper than even his deep hatred for America, Zuckerberg is actually a Patriot!

    (This is way deep down, people)

    Don’t you see? He is practicing building a wall! Trump/Zuckerberg 2016 !!!



  30. John Dowd says:

    It’s not a Wall it’s a Bridge that just happens to go around his property!


  31. Islandlifer says:

    Kauai is infested with wealthy progressive liberals from CA. They destroyed the aloha spirit by buying up all of the land so I have no sympathy for their whining. Zucker sucker is just adding to it. They’re just mad he has more $ than them. I hate liberals


  32. wasntme says:

    Someone should hire a Kahuna to put a curse on that wall.


  33. Racewellwon says:

    What did you expect from the Grandson of the Rockefeller Family ?


  34. Afterthought says:

    Facebook was stolen from the real developers.


  35. CoolEdge says:

    when a good alternative to FaceBook comes along, many will switch after all the assaults on conservatives, and Zuck’s cooperation with Merkel to alter the news and censor speech.

    I keep my friend count down to about 40 and would be happy to have a conservative (or at least neutral, fair and balanced) run choice. One will come, but in the mean time Zuck gets to cash out his stock bubble money and can buy real stuff. He risks a lot by going full leftist, but several moguls seems to go that way, which I guess buys them Democrat favors.


  36. JackerRaabit says:

    He is a typical atheist… and as a ‘free-thinker’, rationally devoid of any and all morals, any and all limits on human behavior.

    Why is everyone acting so surprised that he acts like a human devil, then?

    I don’t get it. Unless you are all stupid?


    • Concerned says:

      Your comment is pure garbage and horribly prejudiced.

      Belief in god or religious practice does not make a person moral, and the lack of belief or practice does not make a person immoral. There are many immoral religious people and many moral atheists.

      Morals can be taught through religion, but they can also be derived from a few secular tenets. If you believe that you are no more or less important than anyone else and that you should treat people as you would like to be treated, it’s amazing how well-behaved and thoughtful you will be.

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  37. v4ni11ista says:

    “Zuckerberg’s Erection” is a name worth some reflection.


  38. bobeznet says:



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