Rat Fink Ryan Pushes Passage of Puerto Rico (Bain Capital Bond Seller) “Rescue” Through House…

Remember who:

  • ….passed Trade Promotion Authority
  • ….funded DAPA
  • ….passed the Iran Deal.
  • ….passed the Corker/Cardin amendment
  • ….didn’t bother with a budget
  • ….passed a $2+ trillion Omnibus spending package

Rat Fink Paul ‘Omnibus’ Ryan quickly scampers out of view after strategically timing the Puerto Rico Rescue bill to occur on a heavy news days containing White House endorsement and presidential election politics.

Let there be no doubt the “rescue bill” vote was timed via scheduling coordination with Obama (heavily supports) and Pelosi (also heavily supports).  The bill passed today by a vote of 297-127 and now heads to the Senate where Lisa ‘I-lost-my-primary-but-used-write-in-votes-to-return‘ Murkowski, will be sure to fast track the Senate approval.

paul ryan mitt romney - selfie tweet

Meanwhile the insufferable MSM will avoid all mention that the construct of the Rescue Authorization itself puts Bain Capital (Mitt Romney) bond holders at the top of the repayment and bailout benefactor list….  I digress.  This crony capitalistic schtick is blood boiling.

You can read the details of the “Rescue Bill’s” passage here.  However, let me put a little depth behind the motivations therein.  Remember, Ryan is working specifically on a Wall Street Legislative agenda package.   Ryan ONLY works on Wall Street legislative agenda items.

government-money-2Subsequently, what Speaker Paul Ryan is setting up is a process, a system, where progressive states (Wisconsin is one of them), who have structural and deep financial deficits, will be bailed out by federal tax dollars.

It is not coincidental that Ryan’s Rescue Plan just happens to fall on the same day this report from Moody’s Rating Agency hits the financial newswires:

ILLINOIS – Moody’s Investors Service cut Illinois’ credit rating by one notch to Baa2 with a negative outlook on Wednesday, citing a political stalemate that has prevented the state from addressing its budget imbalance and big unfunded pension liability.

The downgrade to just two steps above the “junk” level affects about $26 billion of Illinois’ general obligation debt, as well as $2.75 billion of sales tax revenue bonds. –link

Can you see where this Ryan “rescue scheme” approach is headed?

We are in full blown financial usurpation mode now.  The GOPe and UniParty leadership are so exposed it’s ridiculous.  The problem is no-one is paying much attention.

So two months ago we made contact with entities within the Puerto Rico financial community.  Luckily we happened upon an individual who was meeting with representatives of the PR governors office for a late lunch.  We politely asked if this person would inquire about the debt repayment (under the rescue guidelines) as they pertain to Bain Capital.

Two days later we received a return phone call affirming the question was asked, and the admission was made, that special provisions have been part of the long standing discussion to ensure Bain Captial was at the top of the list for bondholder reimbursement.

With that in mind, and with the Illinois financial crisis evident, now take a look at who is selling the final sets of possibly viable, yet soon to be insolvent, bonds in the state of Lincoln.

Will anyone care?



It’s $20 Trillion Now

ryan waste fraud and abuse

PS: Hugh Hewitt endorses this.

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205 Responses to Rat Fink Ryan Pushes Passage of Puerto Rico (Bain Capital Bond Seller) “Rescue” Through House…

  1. keebler AC says:



  2. Paula says:

    Can anyone explain to me why anyone would think this isn’t as bad as corporate bailouts? Like ethanol subsidies? I’m arguing w/ a nevertrumper, who is trying to say this isn’t as bad as Trump’ s support for ethanol subsides.

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  3. Hillbilly4 says:

    My Rep…..Blake Farenthold voted NO! Yay! We have a solid, thinking and compassionate Rep in Hon. Farenthold!
    Now , if we could get some other state, or country, to take Cruz…Texas would get down to business with 100% real Americans.
    Any takers on Cruz?


    • Duhders says:

      Well I just wrote my House and Senate representatives. I urged my senator to vote Nay and informed my congresswoman of my disappointment due to her Aye vote. I feel it is fiscally irresponsible to mortgage our future by bailing out another government that put itself in this mess all while rewarding creditors that made poor investment decisions, in particular Bain Capital, whose former leader has already been rejected by the overall electorate of the USA four years ago. It is insulting to fiscally responsible people like myself and I will seek other representatives who are willing to make wiser fiscal decisions, even if they are tough decisions.

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  4. Janet Tan says:

    Yesterday on O’Reilly, he was having a discussion with Martha McCallum on Paul Nehlen’s ad against Paul Ryan. They think it’s a good ad but O’Reilly said Nehlen doesn’t stand a chance because Ryan has 80% approval rating.

    Those in WI, please do your part come primary day.

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    • Duhders says:

      Where is PR going to pull the $370M from to pay this oversight board when they can’t pay their other debt obligations? I don’t know the size of PR’s economy, but if the $2B of debt obligations is truly coming due in the very near future it is highly questionable the federal gov’t will get its money (um, our tax dollars) back.

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    • Citizen Kane says:

      Paula…..thanks for that link, but here is the actual CBO report. I don’t trust ATR.


      What I find troubling is this:

      CBO estimates that the aggregate costs of the mandates on public entities would exceed the annual threshold established in UMRA for intergovernmental mandates ($77 million in 2016, adjusted annually for inflation). Because CBO is uncertain about how claims by creditors would be affected and the amount of losses that would occur as a result of the bill, CBO cannot determine whether the aggregate cost of the mandates on private entities would exceed the annual threshold established in UMRA for private-sector mandates ($154 million in 2016, adjusted annually for inflation).


    • Angry Dumbo says:

      You can keep your doctor, its not amnesty and the Iranian nuclear deal is enforceable. We can argue with the liars in Congress or look at facts. The PR bailout or restructuring whatever you want to call it is being done because investment bankers, including Bain, are on the hook for hundreds of billions in PR. PR was deep in debt and borrowed from these banks at a pretty attractive rate and the bankers than sold this debt. The bankers made money on this deal and now Congress wants to put the US taxpayer is on the hook. Why?

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  5. ediegrey says:

    These people make me sick. I guess it is good Romney and Ryan didn’t get to the White House although at the time I was devastated. Thank God for Donald Trump.

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  6. Apfelcobbler says:

    This is another sickening story of political appeasement, similar to last week.
    I urge everyone to read this article by Daniel Greenfield summarizing Democatic Party (esp NYC) ties to the PR terrorist group FALN.
    FALN bombed several buildings in Manhattan during the 70s, including Mobil Oil’s midtown headquarters during lunchtime and Fraunce’s Tavern where Washington gave his Farewell speech.


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    • TheFightingMan says:

      IIRC, they also shot up Congress in the ’70s. We should cut PR loose and let them sink or swim on their own. We could make a deal to ‘rent’ Aricebo (sp?).


  7. Bull Durham says:

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  8. Bull Durham says:

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  9. Bull Durham says:

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  10. NHVoter says:

    I like this Nehlan guy 🙂

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  11. Bull Durham says:

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  12. Marc says:

    The whole kerfuffle with Judge Curiel was a huge smokescreen. Fox and the rest of the M$M talked up ‘racism’ to cover the Puerto Rico bailout. It was funny seeing paid commercials for a month on Fox News about rejecting the bailout and Fox almost made no mentions of it until a week ago and then that stopped when Trump made the obvious statement that a judge of Mexican ethnicity would be biased against him because of his immigration stance.

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      Brilliant observation, Marc. The ads were a smokescreen. Now Trump has the opportunity to expose the obvious motivations of his rivals Mitt and Paul in the PR bailout and prove for once and all that the Trump name is not for sale. We know Hillary is bought and sold twice over, now Trump has a chance to redeem the GOP or not. If Trump doesn’t stop this bailout, I will have serious reservations about his chances in November. This is a huge early litmus test . . . can Trump be bought?

      Great Again 2016


      • Marc says:

        The ads were real and Fox took their money but the ads stopped when the GOPe told them too stop running them. Trump may not even be aware of this but even if he is, he can’t be seen as opposition to the establishment. Trump isn’t in the Senate so there’s nothing he can do. It’s the RINO globalists like Ryan, Kirk, McConnell, McCain, Flake, Collins, and others that have taken the country down the wrong path for years. Paul Ryan, as of now, can do whatever he pleases. We can’t right the ship until Trump is in office.


        • Angry Dumbo says:

          Trump can’t be seen as opposition to the establishment? What? In my view that is 180 degrees out of phase. Trump must oppose the PR bailout precisely because the establishment’s fingerprints are all over it. Taxpayers will not vote to bail out Bain and that is how this will be painted. Bain knew the risk in the PR debt, why should they make money at the taxpayers expense? Let Bain bail out PR or leave them on the hook.

          If Trump lets this bailout stand without so much as publicly opposing it, he is Toast.

          Jeb was drawing 5% when he pulled out and Mitt didn’t even run, the establishment is about as popular as a sink full of vomit on Saturday night. Trump must not be seen as an establishment figure if he honestly wants to win.


  13. Lakshmi Ma says:

    Why isn’t anyone talking about Paul Ryan’s wife who is a democrat lobbyist???

    This explains Paul Ryan acting like a Democrat. I think he is a democrat pretending to be a Republican.
    And why isn’t anyone talking about Lindsay Graham who is attending the Bilderberg secret meeting in Dresden Germany. One topic is how to stop Trump.

    By the way….what mother names their male baby Lindsay? Did she know he was destined to be a closet queen?

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    • Willy says:

      Mentioned the swill der bergers 2 days ago.

      $hitbag ryan will do a lame duck session of congress that will make Trump’s job impossible, if he’s nominated and if he wins.

      Write down every vote your congress critter makes from now on.

      Send $$$ to Nehlen.


  14. bocephus0h says:

    Rat Fink Ryan has been selling out America his whole DC career…Part of the pro-immigration mafia from day 1, protege of Cesar Conda, intimately aligned with Gutierrez & Mulvaney. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/10/11/exclusive-numbersusa-president-paul-ryan-terrifying-open-borders-seeps-every-pore/

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  15. satmfs says:

    Cryin’ Ryan needs to get his and the establishment Republicrat’s dirty work done now…he’ll be sent back to the private sector this fall.


  16. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Top fat cats get baled out and everyone else gets screwed just like always! Systems like this always fail and ours is no exception.


  17. Leigh Anne Bjerregaard says:

    He is a rat, but could not have done it without the sellouts in the Republican party also!! Let us see the voting list!! I don’t think they care ,as they will be voted out in the near future, and the anti-american corporations have jobs for them waiting in the wings!! They are trying to frantically pass every bad bill BEFORE the Trump Presidency, just like Obama trying to let in more illegals/refugees into this country to destabilize it, get more votes ( same day registration nonsense without checks on their information)


  18. nightmare on k st says:

    Illinois is the Midwest’s Venezuela, without oil, worst credit rating of any State in the past decade, that’s how the enemy works, vote for all kinds of foolish spending, mortgage back securities were stuffed into State Pensions by Government official who took bribes, and its all on the tax payers


    • Angry Dumbo says:

      Excellent point about Illinois. I was born in Chicago (with a birth certificate to prove it) and although I miss my family there, I have never regretted moving away. Deep nepotism leads to systemic corruption and ultimately collapse. Illinois is at the collapse stage, not Greece or Venezuela yet, but looking for a handout none the less. PR bailout is a test case, if Ryan can jam down a “debt restructuring” in PR, then Illinois, NJ, and California will not be far behind. Obama will get the ball rolling in this final days and Trump will have the opportunity to stop it. I just hope he takes it. God knows his GOPe advisors will be telling him to stand down.

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  19. NJ transplant says:

    Will Puerto Rico have to pay federal taxes now? What a disgrace. There are many states on the verge of bankruptcy. They should be bailed out before non taxpayers.

    I just donated to Paul Nehlen again.

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  20. rebel53blog says:

    Anything Obama needs, Lyin Ryan provides it


  21. Angry Dumbo says:

    The crisis’ will be coming fast and furious in the final months of 2016. Who remembers TARP?


  22. Mr. Winter says:

    “Rat Fink” is perfect for Ryan.


  23. What everyone is also forgetting here is that Paul Ryan is a convert to Islam since December 2015. that is why he always votes with Obama and is helping Obama destroy America. His wife is a very wealth Democrat and New World Order. He needs to be voted out of our government. He will not support Donald Trump nor the Party. if he will not stand behind his oath that he had to take to support the Republican Party when he went into the Senate and became speaker than he needs to be ask to resign as speaker. He is no Republican. It is really a crazy move on the part of conservatives to allow a person to be speaker of the house when that person will not support what the people want (the party) and will help elect a democrat Hillary


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