Updates – Trump Rally Supporters Attacked By Violent Mob in San Jose – Police Watch and Do Nothing…

Trump Rally Attendees Beaten, Spit on, Egged, and attacked on Streets By Rioting Leftists / Democrats.

san jose 2

san jose 1

In this first video a Trump supporter was exiting the rally when he was attacked from behind by violent leftist protestors:

Second video is same incident, different angle:

Police allowing Trump supporters to be attacked by raging mob.

Woman cornered and attacked by the mob:

San Jose police not trying to protect anyone. Standing by and watching people beaten and dragged through the streets. Calls to 911 go unanswered.

CNN Reporter Sara Murray blames a female Trump supporter for not accepting her beating politely. 

American Flag being burned and Trump rally signs being torched destroyed.

This man is beaten, knocked to the ground and kicked by the mob.  As he flees the scene the mob chant Bernie, Bernie, Bernie (note, again police do nothing):

Another Rally attendee attacked by the mob:

There’s a particular irony in this earlier tweet from the San Jose Police Chief: Eddie Garcia:

Who exactly was he prepared to protect?




Democrats Civility

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474 Responses to Updates – Trump Rally Supporters Attacked By Violent Mob in San Jose – Police Watch and Do Nothing…

  1. moe ham head says:

    the cops want to allow the sponges to exercise their 1st amendment rights well maybe trump supporters need to start exercising their 2nd amendment rights

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  2. Chip Bennett says:

    The right to keep and bear arms, because when seconds count, the police are only…

    …mere feet away, sitting on their bicycles on the side of the street, with their thumbs up their asses, watching rioters terrorize law-abiding people. Apparently.

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    • vietnamvet says:

      “Our police officers have done an extremely courageous and professional job so far,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo told The Associated Press by phone. “We’re all still holding our breath to see the outcome of this dangerous and explosive situation.”

      If the police would try ‘controlling the situation’ rather than ‘holding theior f_cking breath’, maybe some of this un-American crap would start to diminish.

      The anti-Trump mayor probably told his cops to hold back … maybe he even said the “give them some space”.


    • sayit2016 says:

      This is absolutely SHAMEFUL.


  3. jstanley01 says:

    Police Chief Eddie Garcia is a liar. He and The San Jose Police Department are a disgrace to law enforcement. Likewise Santa Clara County Prosecutor Jeffrey F. Rosen (70 W. Hedding Street, West Wing San Jose CA 95110. Phone: 408-299-3099. Fax: 408-287- 5076), if he fails to follow up aggressively against the criminals in the above videos.

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    • redsequin4 says:

      I called the prosecutors office and they were less than helpful. They said they hadn’t received any complaints and I was supposed to called the San Jose Police. So nothing is being done as far as I can tell! The mayor is a disgrace and should lose his job but then again San Jose is a sanctuary city!

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  4. NJF says:

    I can’t even get thru these comments without getting very angry!

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  5. beaujest says:

    This is why we need the wall ! Also the Mexican police chief and his Mexican flunks masquerading as a police force have to go !

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  6. nimrodman says:

    Many good suggestions were entered here as comments, so I collected a few and dropped this brief summary in the Trump web page “Contact the Campaign” box:

    Regarding the violent mob attacks on San Jose Trump rally attendees June 2, 2016, here are some comments from the discussion section of this article:

    Updates – Trump Rally Supporters Attacked By Violent Mob in San Jose – Police Watch and Do Nothing…



    These democrat criminal terrorists are laying in wait outside the Trump political rally’s and attacking when people leave. They are the definition of domestic terrorists and should be treated as such.

    Trump ought to tell the next city he visits – especially in California, Arizona, Illinois, New Mexico – that he’ll sue the s### out of their city and police departments if something like this happens again.

    Based on what has happened, it is reasonable for Trump to ask what is being done to protect his supporters and have experts review the plans. If the plans are not adequate, then draw attention to it before hand.

    If the police plan is adequate but a stand down order is given, then, yes, sue the heck out of the Mayor and city.

    Trump events need to pre-engage the police leadership especially where there democrats in charge of the security. Document, document, document. Then expose the leadership.

    Yes, safety is paramount. There are children at these rallies.

    Trump and his guests are following the law. He’s paying to use these facilities and he and his guests have the legal right not to be assaulted, or otherwise harmed. His guests are walking on public streets, for god’s sake, when they are attacked.

    Dang, that weighted towel incident is attempted murder.

    Those attacked need to sue the mayor and police department for violating the victims rights. This is getting ridiculous.

    Can you imagine the outcry and the iron hand that would come down if it were Hispanics coming out of a rally and they were attacked by “gringos” or other Americans? The DOJ/Feds would be there in a heartbeat arresting people left and right for “hate crimes” and making sure the penalties were steep.

    Just use footage of this rabid insanity as the basis of a TV ad. No commentary necessary by Trump. Run Clinton’s own words about the joys of unrestricted immigration over the video. Focus on the sign that says “this is Mexico.” And other self defining images. It will equal or surpass the Goldwater/daisies silent ad from 1964.

    The next time Trump holds a press conference he should project these videos on a screen behind him and ask why the press isn’t covering this.

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    • louche9 says:

      Seeing the comments together is powerful, and I’ll bet it gets reviewed. Nice work, nimrodman!

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      • nimrodman says:

        Thanks, louche.

        Yeah, the idea is that if even one of those comments is selected out to become a campaign talking point, then it’s a contribution.

        Many Treepers have a talent for the well-turned phrase. I’m happy to collate, edit, and pass them on.

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    • San Diego county did a great job. Yes we had cops in riot gear, but they kept the protesters and supporters separated until more than an hour after the event. The only onew who found trouble, were the ones looking for it. No property damage, no injuries, 35 arrests…. the irony is one of those arrested is suing the city for violation of their rights and the community where the protest march started from is upset that cops ‘walked the crowd back’ to that very neighborhood…. they claim that was a racist act. I keep watching for someone to burn the Mexican flag and see what that response is

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  7. George Dickel says:

    Let’s get the boycotts organized and started. All of the msm need to feel the millions of us. If done right, they’ll get the message.
    Until moments ago, I used Bing as a search engine. I looked quickly at their news stories for today and there was zero mention of last night’s crimes. I’m pretty sick of these “protestors”. WTH are they protesting? The 1st amendment clearly defines everyone’s freedoms and to me, these terrorists are attempting to stop/intimidate citizens from attending a peaceful event. Anyway, I left feedback for Bing letting them know my displeasure and plans to never use their search tool again. I’ve already sent an email to Faux News as well. I’m seriously done with all these traitors.

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    • Sam says:

      Use Duckduckgo or ixquick as a search engine. I’ve used duckduckgo for years. Drudge has the mayhem as the lede on his news aggregator site. I’m sure other conservative sites have the stories as well. We don’t need the MSM except for opposition research.


  8. longiron2 says:

    Where are the BIKERS in CA. Hell’s Angles would solve a lot of protesters problems. TRUMP needs to mentioned this to his BIKER friends.

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    • Sam says:

      You must be too young to remember Altamont, where the Rolling Stones approved the Hell’s Angels as security for a concert. There were many fights, a drunken concert goer was killed by an Angel and the whole thing was very bloody and disturbing.

      Iron Order as security, maybe. Hell’s Angels, no.

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      • aprilyn43 says:

        @Sam – Sadly, and it’s a sign of the times, if the bikers had been there, the cops wld have at the very least rounded up and arrested the bikers! I wouldn’t put it past them to shoot the bikers and say it’s Trump who organized this!


  9. Brenda Copely says:

    If this demonstration does not chill EVERY hard working, Tax paying, patriotic American to the bone then I am at a loss to know what ever will accomplish that outcome. These are thugs and gangs and entitlement recipients who suck off of the responsible Americans and then burn our flag, shout profanities and tell us America has never been great – then get the h— out of our country and go back to your own cess pool and fight to make it better. Amazing that we have given citizenship to anchor babies all these years – how stupid are we to allow that to happen. Amazing we have allowed so many illegal immigrants to break our laws and then have cities such as this one to be a “Sanctuary City”. If Donald Trump is not elected, America is DOOMED.

    Liberal Democrats/Socialists/Communists and criminals like George Soros and the Clintons are responsible for the decline of our country a la Saul Alinsky. WE MUST FIGHT WITH OUR VOTES AND OUR VOICES to beat back the Democrats. To all of the hard working, peaceful, conservative Democrats – you must realize your party is wrong and destructive to your country and your freedom – join us now to elect TRUMP.

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  10. Backspin says:

    The press was ABSENT during the riots. I was looking for coverage on California TV stations , nothing. Now today they report what WE – citizens – recorded and reported on NEW MEDIA.
    —- First they try to HIDE the Brownshirt – Shock Troops ATTACKING Trump People …..
    —- Today the LYIN ‘ MsM wants to Profit and boost ratings with spin reporting ( BOYCOTT- TV News and Sponsors )

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  11. iconoclast says:

    When Trump comes to my area (full of Bernie-bots, Mexicans, and Islamists) what will be done to really provide security? Clearly the police in leftist enclaves cannot be trusted. And shrinking crowd sizes will be exploited by the leftist media (pardon the redundancy) to show dropping support for Trump.

    How about some pictures of these violent mob members bleeding and covered in filth? How about a large number of them going to nearby hospitals? It is long past time to start defending ourselves when the existing security services will not.


  12. joshua says:

    Do you know the way to San Jose
    I’ve been away so long
    I may go wrong and lose my way
    Do you know the way to San Jose
    I’m going back to find some peace of mind in San Jose

    L.A. is a great big freeway
    Put a hundred down and buy a car
    In a week, maybe two, they’ll make you a star
    Weeks turn into years
    How quick they pass
    And all the stars that never were
    Are parking cars and pumping gas

    You can really breathe in San Jose
    They’ve got a lot of space
    There’ll be a place where I can stay
    I was born and raised in San Jose
    I’m going back to find some peace of mind in San Jose

    Fame and fortune is a magnet
    It can pull you far away from home
    With a dream in your heart you’re never alone

    Dreams turn into dust and blow away
    And there you are without a friend
    You pack your car and ride away

    I’ve got lots of friends in San Jose
    Do you know the way to San Jose?

    L.A. is a great big freeway
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    Weeks turn into years, how quick they pass
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    I’ve got lots of friends in San Jose
    Do you know the way to San Jose?
    Can’t wait to get back to San Jose
    IS NOW SUNG…….

    Haga usted sabe el camino a San José
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    El L.A. es una gran autopista sin peaje grande
    Deje cien y compre un coche
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    Como rápido ellos pasan
    Y todas las estrellas que nunca eran
    Aparcan coches y gas de bombeo

    Usted realmente puede aspirar San José
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    La fama y la fortuna son un imán
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    Con un sueño en su corazón usted es nunca solo

    Los sueños se convierten en el polvo y se llevan
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    Tengo a muchos amigos en San José
    ¿Sabe usted el camino a San José?

    El L.A. es una gran autopista sin peaje grande
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    Las semanas se convierten en años, como…etc


  13. Athena the Warrior says:

    Everyone on Twitter at least because I bet Facebook would censor, help the cause by tweeting out the videos and spreading the word. As Sundance said, the MSM including Fox is pretending this violence didn’t happen.

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  14. BigMamaTEA says:

    Thank you Athena, as I got on twitter last night (don’t do much yet, but I do retweet and help spread the message in the twitterverse.

    I would also like to thank a few Treepers who were on twitter last night. This afternoon, Shaun Hannity is making a big deal out the violence from last night!!!!

    Thanks always to Sd’s reporting on the twitter platform. And Bluto! If you’re reading, you are a bulldog!!


  15. beth4life says:

    Frightening, will “authorities” stand down just long enough to need to call for Marshal Law? I can not find the post, again. However, someone had the idea that if police allowed the First Amendment Rights to include physical violence, maybe it is time for Second Amendment rights to be used to protect one another and themselves.


  16. monica says:

    I am ashamed of this people at The Trump Rally … Holding the American Flag and burning it : however the latinos have the Mexican flag draped around them like its a prize. Go back home to your country and I hope Trump builds a GREAT WALL and keep thugs out like them !!!


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  18. MsChad says:

    I embarrassed & ashamed to admit San Jose is my hometown. It was once a safe and beautiful city to grow up in…..now look at it. Horrible.


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