Sunday Question: “Why Do You Support Donald Trump”?

Personally I have supported Donald Trump since November 9th 2013, I just didn’t know who he was.  After the Kentucky electorate reelected Mitch McConnell,…. well, mentally I threw in the political towel and resigned myself to watching another ridiculous Romney ’12 redo with a Jeb ’16 logo change.

Later, in July 2015, after the glorious bastard identified himself, and knowing what was on the horizon if we tried to explain the rather bold and disconcerting GOPe Road Map and Splitter Strategy, we began to share what we researched for the previous 2+ years.

…..The only thing more dangerous than facing down a corrupt political system with unlimited resources – is the corrupt political system facing an awakened electorate who realize they have nothing to lose….

Specifically “why I support Donald Trump” – Part One Part TwoPart Three

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We have received a number of inquires for Tripwire Updates, or various questions on the same overall theme “what’s next“?   However, before going any further down the path of prediction, perhaps you would share:

..why do you support Donald Trump? 


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591 Responses to Sunday Question: “Why Do You Support Donald Trump”?

  1. Bench says:

    I don’t post often, but feel compelled to here. So many of my reasons have already been echoed by others here. I’ll just add this…

    Back when I used to listen to Rush – he would say “conservatism wins every time it’s tried”. He obviously hearkens to Reagan – and I think Rush was wrong here. I cast my first ever presidential vote for Reagan. I didn’t vote for Reagan because he was a conservative – I was too young to really know those types of distinctions – I voted for him because he was a patriot.

    I grew up seeing my country humiliated in Viet Nam, the office of the Presidency scandalized during Watergate, countless riots in cities across the country, and – finally – humiliated again during the hostage crisis. And thats only a short list. (As to Viet Nam, I hasten to add that the military wasn’t humiliated – they performed admirably in very difficult circumstances)

    I see many of the same types of dynamics in play today. The issues may be different in some ways. One area where it’s gotten much more obvious is in the realm of political corruption. I haven’t voted for an “R” for president since “W” vs Kerry – Mr. Trump has me excited and involved again.

    Not because he is conservative – although I believe that he is – but because he is pro-America. There was a time when “consistent, constitutional conservative” would have won my vote. Aside from the fact that I think the one running under that label is inelligible – the more I learned about Cruz since coming to CTH – if he is the nominee – I will go right back to not voting for the “R” candidate.

    In Mr. Trump – I see someone who is unashamedly, and unabashedly pro-American. I see the one candidate that can – and is – uniting people based on the fact that they are Americans, not Republicans or Democrats, or conservatives or liberals.

    In my opinion – the election of one of the Democratic candidates – or of Ted Cruz – or another GOPe preferred candidate – will just continue to exacerbate the divide that is tearing this country apart. Mr. Trump is the only one bringing people on both sides of the political aisle, as well as a solid ethnic mix, not to mention women as well as men – together.

    Reagan had the “Shining City on the Hill” – thats why I supported him. Mr. Trump has “Make America Great Again” – same thing.

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    • eyesopen2016 says:

      “I didn’t vote for Reagan because he was a conservative – I was too young to really know those types of distinctions – I voted for him because he was a patriot.” Bench


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    • Here is my reason: an interview by the political columnist for the Indianapolis Star back last December.

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      • Bench says:

        Thanks for the link. Read the article. Good for you. I don’t know if I could have done it. I have a hard enough time with family. Lot’s of Cruz people in it.

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      • gainny says:

        “When you see him with his rants, he’s basically saying what my wife and I just said to each other over dinner,” he said. “It’s almost like he has a recorder in our house and he’s been listening to what we’re saying.”

        According to Stefan Molyneux, for several years Trump detailed a staffer to listen to talk radio and report back on callers’ concerns. Trump was indeed listening to what you were saying.

        Tully, on the other hand, is clueless. It’s like Americans live on another planet.

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    • NCPatrick says:

      Loved this, Bench! And you are so very right about what most Americans are hungering for: a leader who actually loves our country as we do. It has been heartbreaking to live thru the Obama years and watch him choose against our country every single time! We won’t be fooled again!

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    • Great post, Bench. I especially like your support of the brave military men and women who went to Vietnam to answer the call of their country. Please post more often.


      • Bench says:

        Thanks. Normally I just like to read the comments from people more insightful than me when it comes to this election. I have learned so much.

        Thats another reason I support Mr. Trump. His candidacy is bringing so much to light. And the people here do a great job of bringing it together.

        I also really appreciate everyone who took the time to read and respond to my post. There are a lot of great posts here. I was worried I’d get lost in the shuffle.

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  2. trapper says:

    There are four foundational issues in the 2016 election:

    1 – Internal displacement of American workers. This is the border security/ illegal immigration issue. America’s failed southern border and the flood of illegal aliens have internally displaced American citizens by crashing wage rates and filling American jobs with illegals.

    2 – External displacement of American workers. This is the TPP/ trade deal issue. Trade deals have externally displaced American citizens by creating financial incentives for employers to relocate jobs from America to foreign countries, from blue collar jobs in manufacturing plants to white collar jobs in call centers and tech support.

    3 – America-last foreign policy. American foreign policy no longer identifies and advances the interests of American citizens. From using American military as an expeditionary force to pursue regime change and nation building, to using America as an international refugee center, to pursuing the interests of other countries in flagrant disregard of American interests, American foreign policy no longer defends and advances the interests of American citizens.

    – Concentration of power in Washington. This is Obamacare/ Common Core. These are categorized together because both concentrate power in Washington and erode the autonomy of individuals, families, and communities and their power to control their own lives.

    Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate from either party who has been on the right side of every one of these issues from the first day of his candidacy. The rest is just chatter.

    Trump 2016

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  3. corky84 says:

    I support Mr. Trump because of his love of country, family and the common man.
    He is unafraid to go where lesser men (or women) dare not go.
    Mr. Trump didn’t get to where he is today by being a “nice, politically correct” person, but rather a strong, schrewd, smart businessman.
    His heart is with the American people and his voice is our own.
    God Bless he and his family and may God bless our nation, once again!

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  4. Just like Stefan Molyneux, I am an anarcho capitalist. I have fundamental differences with Trump and anyone who has ever run for office. However, I knew Trump’s campaign would open people’s eyes to the rampant corruption going on in this country. If I told people how corporations affect elections a couple of years ago, they thought it was a “lefty” argument. But people can now see it.

    You see all these news sites selling out to billionaires, Facebook/Twitter combining to stop Trump, all these so called principled “consistent conservatives” advocating a voterless system where the elites choose who they find acceptable and we just hold an election to pacify people.

    Despite all my differences with Trump, and there are many, he is the most qualified candidate for a job, having major executive experience in the private sector. Do I think he can change this rotten system completely? Maybe not. But he is shedding lights on corruption. His effort has led to globalists completely exposing themselves. Ted Cruz, the Bush crime family, Levin/Limbaugh/Ingraham and all their billionaire backers, … the average Joe now knows more than ever that our system is completely broken and something needs to be done.

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  5. Sean says:

    The worst case scenario for a Trump presidency is at least as good as the best case scenario for anyone else. It is 100% certain that the other candidates would be detrimental to our borders, trade, and foreign policy. With Trump, there is a great chance for positive outcomes. If he turned out to be a fraud, we would be in the same boat as we would have been with the other candidates anyway. In other words, there is no downside.

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  6. Butch Cassidy says:

    I was never opposed to Trump. I picked him from day one much like a football team that was a long shot. At first I only really read the Drudge and some Lew Rockwell every now and then. Then I more recent found The treehouse. Eyes open wide now, I choose Trump because he speaks for us the people. Lord help him if he is not the leader we believe him to be. I really love to read and mostly the comments.After years of reading comments,what l consider the pulse of the people,this is the first comment ever sent by me.Thanks Mark

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  7. snaggletooths says:

    Over 30 years now of donor owned lying politicians who have accomplished nothing but mahave managed to make this country worse. Trump WILL build a real wall and deport, he also watches his own pennies and will watch ours. He is on tape from 88 and before talking about the horrible trade agreements he knows what the problems are and how to fix them. I want good jobs back.He is the ONLY one to fix this! Get so angry at the LIV who wants a junior senator who has accomplished nothing as a senator who lies is sleazy is donor owned and thinks we should vote for that, they don’t get it at all. smh

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  8. I support Donald J Trump.

    First let me start with denying some negatives .. (because people used to project those on me)
    I was only vaguely aware of Mr Trump .. even for some time after he announced.
    I barely watch TV .. especially not “reality” TV, so no, the “Apprentice” was not a factor.

    Now for the positives. Sen. Cruz is my senator, and yes I voted for him (believe me the alternative appeared to be worse). So when Cruz announced, I started paying attention to his campaign.

    Now, let me get one other thing straight. I am NOT a sanctimonious anything. I have a lot of personal friends who are Christians, of all kind. My life philosophy, at the moment, is more Buddhist than anything else. A “Western” Buddhist. I am of European extraction. This folds well with both my Classical Liberal Arts and Sciences (Grammar – Rhetoric – Logic – Arithmetic – Geometry – Music – Astronomy) education, my natural skepticism and my general toleration towards views other than my own. One of my favorite C&W lines (songs) is “Why don’t you mind your OWN business .. so you won’t be minding mine”.

    So, when Cruz announced at Liberty – and did some preacher-like things – I cringed. But, hey I am tolerant. I have since come to the realization that Sen. Cruz IS a sanctimonious hypocrite, and that a lot of his actions are pure stage-play.

    Now, Trump announces. Out of the blue.. several people .. whom I respect but do not necessarily consider political .. said what a great thing this was. So I start taking a look at Donald Trump, the person. I even watched some old TV appearances on YouTube. I started reading the “Art of the Deal”. And I realize here is an exceptional person. Truly exceptional. But is he a politician ?

    So here comes the first debate. OH WOW !!!!! This guy is not just GOOD he is GREAT. So time goes on, I watch the rallies and the town halls, and start to educate myself on the political process. The more I watch .. and the more I learn .. Sen. Cruz (my first choice initially) starts to look more and more like a typical politician. Then we get the IOWA caucuses. And to me, the Cruz mask fell off completely.

    This website and Sundance, to me, have been a God-sent.

    So, after this rambling expose, let me summarize and conclude, I support Trump because
    (a) I am convinced he is real .. as in genuine
    (b) his approaches – and stated positions – very much align with mine
    (c) being human – and thinking we know best – I believe these positions are WHAT THE COUNTRY NEEDS

    It will not be an easy path. Even if we have a President Trump next year, the opposition he will face is NOTHING compared to what Obama or George Bush faced.

    I hope this answers – in part – Sundance’s question

    TRUMP 2016

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  9. Sundance

    I wanted to thank you for this site, and your diligent efforts to make America great again.

    I believe that The Treehouse is akin to taking the red pill in The Matrix. Once you see the man behind the curtain, the wires that control the marionettes, there’s no going home again.

    And if you’ve taken the red pill, as we have, Trump is the only answer short of armed revolution.

    And we may yet have that as well, but at least we’ll be able to say that, dammit, we stood up for America!

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  10. Joan Sands says:

    I support Donald Trump for many reasons but the most important is that he is an independent person outside of the Republican Establishment and he says he will build a wall and deal with our illegal immigration problems. If he does nothing else, solving immigration will do an enormous amount for the country in many ways but I believe he will do a lot more than that such as trade, taxes, debt and health care.

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  11. Remington says:

    Let me count the ways. I’d had a fairly successful career into retirement. One of the reasons is that I have a damn good track record of sorting out BS and knowing who the players and pretenders are. Donald is THE player. I view this as the culmination of the battle between good and evil, and I believe he is our Gen. Patton. If we lose in Nov, the show is over. ‘Not only for our Country, but the civilized world as we know it, will come to an end.

    I knew this battle was eminent from since ~ 2002.. ‘Kept hoping that bush would see the light and fix the problem. I knew something was hosed, but until Sundance, didn’t realize bush was part of that problem, and not the solution. I’ve always been crazy, but The Conservative Treehouse has…”kept me from going insane”. Thank you Sundance. So pray that Donald will lead us out of this cesspool we are in, and make America Great again.

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    • I agree with your assessment. The world is in trouble without Trump. He is exposing previously covered-up failures all the way to the top of the globalist hierarchy. His candidacy is driven by a system self-correction.

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      • Black Beauty says:

        Tyrannocankles: This comment you’ve made could not be more important! “I agree with your assessment. The world is in trouble without Trump. He is exposing previously covered-up failures all the way to the top of the globalist hierarchy. His candidacy is driven by a system self-correction.”

        Perhaps the greatest proof that Trump is literally going to help save the western world, as we know it, is that he is pushing back political correctness AND party corruption DURING the campaign–way before even being elected! If he can instigate this much change while busy coordinating and executing a campaign for president, how much more will he accomplish, AFTER being elected!

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  12. Rinobasher says:

    I was watching cpac a few years ago. I dont remember which year it was. But i was watching various speakers and then it was announced trump would speak. I was debating staying on and watching and decided i would. I was stunned. He came out and spoke with such common sense, charm, and good natured humor i sat up in my chair and hung on every word. He said the same things he says now, and it was the first time id heard do we have a country or do we not? in regards to immigration. I felt scales come off my eyes. Why was no one else talking about this? When he announced last year, i knew he was the one. He is the only sane voice in a sea of insanity. I cant beleive how lucky we are to have him.

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  13. Ono says:

    There are many reasons I support Donald Trump; I am a general contractor and I know what it takes to be self employed , and deal with government entities (Inspectors, planners, clerks, review committees, coastal commission, city councils. EPA, fire…)I I do it at the residential level in Ca. Trump builds New York, on Time, under budget. This takes an exceptional amount of skill on all levels. He is a master at bringing people together and at the end of the day having each of them leave with something. “The art of the deal” Our country needs a remodel. It is infested with rats, cockroaches and mold on a global scale. Bring on the wrecking ball Mr Trump. DC sleaze needs to go.

    Trump will eliminate thousands of government positions where workers are not contributing to the nation, while adding to areas where help is needed. He will reform immigration into a legal process, He will act as a Nationalist, an isolationist, a builder of Americas first.

    Trump will make the world a safer place for all of us.

    Trump believes and supports his family, it shows. I want a better future for my children and so does he. When was the last time we saw a real family in the White House ?

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  14. freddy says:

    Personally I like Melania more than Donald. I live in CA. near the border born here. I believe an open border is suicide for this country and don’t want to leave this place to Mexico… This was Disneyland here before. Had problems sure but not to this degree. Hispanics are great and I work with almost all but their criminal element is huge and there are just too many of them to absorb. That leaves their kids vulnerable to gangs and now it’s a lifestyle. Drugs and crime like you can’t believe and it’s not work they come for anymore it welfare… Obviously the state will break under this weight and then what… I fear the future going on like this. My Hispanic friends feel pretty much the same…. Donald build that wall and stop the human trafficking and drugs killing our cities and criminals running to sanctuary………It’s overdue……..

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  15. Rev21v3n4 says:

    Help us, Obi-Wan-Ken-Trump-i, you’re our only hope.

    I say that tongue in cheek, but it is true. He is the only real candidate we have. I made a list once on this site of the different presidents I’ve had to endure since my first election in 1972: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush, Obama. With the exception of Reagan, there is no one on this list that even comes close to cleaning Trump’s boots. Nixon, disgraced. Ford, ineffective. Carter, a rank amateur. Reagan, strong. GHW Bush, first time we heard the phrase new world order. Clinton, a murdering sexual deviant. GW Bush, called Islam a peaceful religion and opened the doors to Muslim immigration. Obama, we all know what a treasonous traitor he is.

    The only thing I knew about Trump was he was a celebrity, was in real estate, had a TV show called The Apprentice and had been married 3 times. That’s it. I have never read his books, watched his show or paid any attention to him. He was just one of those bigger than life personalities out there I occasionally read headlines about in People or National Enquirer standing in a grocery store line. He had no impact on my life whatsoever. I vaguely remember he announced, but wouldn’t have known anything about the immediate immigrant controversy he started it I didn’t read Rush’s website every day.

    I still didn’t really pay any attention to him personally for a couple months or so because I was busy trying to decide between who I felt were legitimate (for once) conservative candidates. So, I was eyeing Walker, Cruz, Perry, Jindal, Santorum, Huckabee and possibly–a real long shot–Fiorina. As you can see from this list, despite efforts to vote intelligently, I thought some of these people were actually viable and could possibly lead us back to the path of righteousness, conservatively speaking. I had drunk the Kool Aid and didn’t even know it.

    Having had a steady diet of Rush comments for a couple months, I was directed to a website from a commentary he posted. The commentary was fabulous and I checked back here about once a week or so and that’s how I found the Trump rallies. So, I listened to one. Then two. Then three. All right in a row. I had a bit of time getting past his style, and even to this day I still occasionally get a twinge or two, but I was hooked. The many comments here directed me to research in new directions and little by little I realized I had been duped. Many, many, many times and I became a true believer.

    Why do I support Trump? Because he is our only hope.

    — He loves the things I love, his country, his family and his God
    — He speaks from the heart
    — He leads
    — He is visonary
    — He lays out solid plans
    — He speaks death to the things that need to die, life to the things that need to live
    — He is against our enemies and for our allies
    — He loves truth and hates lies
    — He is courageous
    — He is passionate
    — He is a giver
    — He is astute
    — He is not bamboozled by shiny objects
    — He is forgiving
    — He will not be compromised
    — He loves his supporters and is gracious to his enemies
    — Everyone everywhere who thinks they own the narrative is against him
    — The people love him
    — Every single pundit, website or media personality I thought was a “real” conservative has been exposed for the liars and establishment sycophants they are; I’ve dumped ALL of them and have found new friends and truth seekers

    Yes, all his political talking points are right on and I absolutely believe he will get the job done, probably not exactly the way I want every time, but that is peanuts. He HAS restored hope. I watch every rally just to be uplifted, even if I’ve heard all the talking points 50 times now. I laugh every time. I cry every time. I am inspired every time. My faith in this nation is renewed every time.

    To me, his candidacy is all summed up in this one picture where he is reaching out to touch the face of a horribly wounded and disabled vet. THAT is who I want as president. Raw honesty, a tough as nails competitor and winner with a real heart of gold brimming over with mercy and love.

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    • Great post – so powerful!

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      • Rev21v3n4 says:

        Thanks. Every day I love this man, his ethics and his character more. Our nation is so blessed he’s taking on the tyrants, sycophants and fools.

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      • dutzie60 says:

        WOW – That was the very best endorsement I’ve read. Thanks and asking permission to forward on to others.

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        • Rev21v3n4 says:

          Permission granted!

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            • Rev21v3n4 says:


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              • Ad rem says:

                Rev…..I’ve noticed that all your comments have automatically been going into the moderation queue, and this is a puzzlement. You’re not on any of our “lists”, so the only guess I could venture would be that some part of your name resembles someone who “is”. WordPress has a rather tricky algorithm they use to define those on moderation and black lists. If sometimes just a piece of your name matches a part of someone else’s, it could be enough to trigger your being included as well.

                Remember that partial words can match, so if there is any chance something here might match it would be better to put it in the moderation box. Blacklisting a word such as tramadol will automatically delete any comments containing tramadol, tramadols, bigtramadol, etc. But, blacklisting a word such as ass will automatically delete comments containing ass, asses, assistance, passionate, assumption, etc.

                I’ll recheck our “lists” and see if we have anything that contains the partial word “Rev”….and see if we can get the matter straightened out.

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    • Rev21v3n4 says:

      One other thing I forgot to add…

      I read a few comments on Twitter last night when Drudge posted about another RNC theft of delegates in WY. I know most of us are aware how bad it is, but for some reason the absolute vitriol and dumbfounding stupidity of the 6 or 7 comments I read really scared me, even knowing most were probably trolls.

      Our country has lost so very much of our bedrock ethics, morality and character. No matter which political line we stand in, we used to more or less treat each other and our differences with respect and dignity. I believe Mr. Trump will bring a measure of integrity to the office of the presidency that we haven’t seen in a very, very long time. He and his family will teach us anew what moral turpitude means.

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      • Black Beauty says:

        Rev21v3n4 You are SO right again, with this comment: “Our country has lost so very much of our bedrock ethics, morality and character. No matter which political line we stand in, we used to more or less treat each other and our differences with respect and dignity. I believe Mr. Trump will bring a measure of integrity to the office of the presidency that we haven’t seen in a very, very long time. He and his family will teach us anew what moral turpitude means.”

        What gets me about Trump is that he is already teaching the country, while campaigning. In essence, he is already showing us what he will do, by doing it while campaigning. First and foremost, he is demolishing political correctness before our eyes! And he is doing it singlehandedly, by doing it on a very grand stage. I think a large part of the enthusiasm for Trump stems from the fact that he is providing a living example of how a person acts who is not intimidated by political correctness. He is showing us exactly how to stand up to the bullying that the left is so accustomed to using against the culture. Patriots, conservatives–whatever one wants to call us–we’re polite and fair, by nature. And that has made us easily bullied, because we have forgotten that the only way to prevent more bullying is to stand up to it in spades, the instant it begins. Instead, we have been acting like civilized people, hoping that others will follow our example. Trump is teaching us that bullying is too easy a tool to use, when its victims are overly schooled to be “civilized people.”

        Since political correctness has been the main tool of the left, since over 100 years ago, it will decimate the leftist movement, if we can all stand up to it, destroy it, and keep it destroyed. Trump’s example is empowering millions of patriots to do just that. What a gift!

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      This election is a journey and I enjoyed reading about your road to Trump.

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    • corky84 says:

      Great post.
      There are so many wonderful pictures of Mr. Trump.
      The one you chose in your post, is one of my favorite.
      The depth of feeling, compassion and respect by both men, for one another, is beautifully captured.

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      • Rev21v3n4 says:

        Thank you…yes, it is. Every single time I see it I get tears in my eyes. The true genuineness and gentleness of Trump’s character is there for all to see.

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    • Black Pearl says:

      Rev21v3N4, your post made me cry.

      I support and love Donald Trump because he is Batman (BB), Neo, Morpheous and Patton all rolled into one. He is Imperfectly Perfect!

      President Trump, 2016

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      • Rev21v3n4 says:

        Awwwwwww, thx. 😀

        9 months ago I just would have never thought I’d support him, yet here we are. He is a true and honorable man, despite the rough edges. I am so glad he is running. He has done more for our country in 9 months than everyone combined has done since Reagan. Those of us who are old enough to remember Reagan always use him as the touchstone, even though we know he wasn’t perfect either.

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  16. Pam says:

    Love being able to go back and read everyone’s reasons for supporting Trump with all of them being very inspiring. I think the one thing that drew me to Trump first of all was his son’s Don and Eric with their interviews. You could see that these were nice well rounded men who work hard and love this country as much as their father does. In fact all of his children are very mature, well educated, and have learned how to be successful with an excellent father as a guide. I think the other thing that drew me to this man was seeing the hatred from the establishment towards him. It’s like nothing most of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. That tells me that he’s doing something right. He cares about people from all different positions in life and he’s colorblind when it comes to race. When he says he cares about the military especially the veterans, I know he means it. Having several generations including my own father having served in the military that means so much! Finally, he has a wonderful wife in Melania who is very smart and is very supportive of her husband. She truly is a gem.

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  17. Why do I support Donald Trump?

    Coming into this election season, I had two personal criteria, which are that our candidate NOT be a professional politician, and NOT be a lawyer. Mr. Trump fits those two criteria.

    Now, several months before Mr. Trump had declared, there was some discussion, over at American Thinker, of how we would vet our candidates. I mentioned that we would not have to do it, because the media would do it for us. Whichever candidate the media attacks first, and most vehemently, is the one most likely to be successful in thwarting the Ruling Elites. Of course, all republican candidates are attacked, in various ways, by the media. Our best candidate would sustain attacks more vicious, and more immediate, than against anyone else.

    Mr. Trump, upon announcing, immediately caused a firestorm in the media, by talking about a taboo subject, something so sensitive that nobody was talking about it: Our porous southern border. This is what had brought down previous good candidates: Broaching a sensitive subject, or talking about something more than what their favorite color is. At that point Mr. Trump was attacked by the media, and by other candidates. This was the vetting which I had predicted would happen. There was also the added bonus, that the GOP Elites also attacked Mr. Trump, and called on him to apologize, and then resign from his campaign.

    Mr. Trump has also demonstrated that someone running for political office does not need to sell their soul to get elected. Mr. Trump has successfully avoided becoming tied to the Big Money Donors. This has freed him from being controlled and manipulated, and allowed him to speak for ordinary citizens, and their concerns.

    And that leads to the final reason why I support Mr. Trump: He really and truly loves all American citizens. He is not just reaching out to some demographic, he is reaching out to everyone. He wants, he needs, to have all citizens succeed. He wants everyone to be able to be productive, and be successful, in whatever sphere they are in.

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  18. Theodore says:

    Illegal Immigration
    Abuse of the H1B visa program (Disney)
    Illegal Immigration
    Sick of slick politicians.
    Illegal Immigration

    Saw this comment over on one of Mark Levin’s Trump bashing FB rants:
    “There once was a prehistoric tribe called the Riprockans. It had a champion hunter named Thump. Thump would go out each day and brave the dangers of the wild to secure batches of fresh-killed meat for the tribe. The women-folk and small children would wait at home to eat the meat that Thump killed.
    But there was another tribesman named Zed. Zed was too cowardly and unskilled to be able to hunt and kill any meat for the tribe. However, he would wait until the day’s catch had been brought back to the cave, and then he would secretly snatch morsels of meat from the fire when the women and children weren’t looking. This theft of meat did not in any way make Zed as strong or skilled as Thump, but it was all that the snivelling coward knew how to do to keep from starving.
    After a while, Thump, the other tribesmen, and even the women and children learned that Zed was a no-good thief, and they became annoyed with him. So eventually they banished Zed the Thief from the tribe and sent him to the cold north of Cawnaw-Da, where they had heard his thieving family originated.
    Thereafter, the tribe prospered and flourished, with Thump as their great hunter-warrior. Under Thump’s leadership, they even conquered the neighboring Demonrock tribe which were also known to steal meat from those who earned it. Once the Demonrock tribe had been conquered, the Riprockan Tribe declared themselves to be Great Again…and lived happily ever after.
    (and they even had enough leftover meat-bones to build a nice Wall to keep the worthless Demonrocks away)”

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  19. Geri Smith says:

    Deport illegals/anchor babies, build wall, bring back jobs to Americans.

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  20. ladypenquin says:

    Having first been a defender of Trump, I am now a supporter. We (family) initially supported Ted Cruz during his Senate race and after. It “appeared” that he was standing up to the Establishment GOP and DC.
    As the Trump candidacy has gone forward, so much has been made clearer – really, the veil has been ripped off what’s really going on in the country, the media and in the power structure that controls us. Yes, I’m a social conservative, but I’m a Nationalist first. When I put up my flag outside on my house it isn’t because of abortion, religious discrimination, homosexual marriage, etc. It’s always been to display my love of America first. If we have no America, we will never resolve any of the other issues.

    The #NeverTrump movement disgusts me. The betrayal by the Establishment “conservatives” goes beyond anything that they could possibly justify in saying Trump can’t be the nominee/president vs a Hillary Clinton or worse. These same conservatives have revealed what incredible hypocrites they are when they’re willing to have a Hillary in office. It means that they’ve all completely sold out to Big Business. The Dems have been accusing the GOP for years of being in bed with Wall Street – which hurts all Americans, middle-class or otherwise. We know the Dems are in there too, but now realize they weren’t lying about the GOP – just that they get away with hiding their Wall Street support.
    The other point that I’ve tried to make to conservative friends who are no longer friends, was the idea that they considered Trump the “Devil” “Satan” etc. Yet, when I say that Trump has not harmed one hair of their heads, but the Democrats have…they just bury their brains and hearts into the vitriol of sanctimonious self-righteousness.

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  21. Alison says:

    I support Donald Trump because he speaks Truth to Power. Without secure borders and a strong commitment to the rule of law, we have no sovereign nation. The divisive destruction wrought by identity politics and political correctness serve only to undermine the belief that we are ‘one nation’, and that we ALL are Americans first and everything else second. Sovereignty above all; one nation, undivided.

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  22. ediegrey says:

    I support Donald Trump – and only Donald Trump – because he is not bought and paid for, and he will save America – and all Americans, indeed the whole world, will benefit from a Trump presidency. The age of pc has to go, it is killing us. We need tough, we need smart, we need “Merry Christmas!”, we need heart, we need spirit, we need fun, we need Trump!

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  23. Jaye says:

    Simple he is not a lifetime politician or a lawyer. Does not want dirty money and tells he how he thinks out loud. I watch Califonia die with illegals. Had to sell a 15 million a year business. Due to I could not compete with under the table pay. No workman comp, fake social security cards, driver license etc…. The state telling me not to report them, as we do not care.1985-2002. Now I live in Washington state and it is no different then California .

    As Will Rogers said, if voting matter the government would not let you vote.
    That was in early 1900. Let me ask you, do you think he was right?
    There is not a thin dime of difference between either party .

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  24. Bluto says:

    I’ve lived in 3 Border States for 50+ years. I’ve heard every imaginable promise & it’s subsequent broken promise from politicians. I’ve seen my beloved SouthWest & California spiral down in real time, but the last 10 years have been the worst. So with that in mind, I’ve supported Trump since the day he announced. Let me detail the numerous reasons here:

    *1 – Border, Wall, Illegal immigration
    *2 – Border, Wall, Illegal immigration
    *3 – Border, Wall, Illegal Immigration
    *4 – Border, Wall, Illegal Immigration
    *5 – Border, Wall, Illegal Immigration
    *6 – Border, Wall, Illegal Immigration
    *7 – Border, Wall, Illegal Immigration
    *8 – Border, Wall, Illegal Immigration
    *9 – Border, Wall, Illegal Immigration
    *10 – Border, Wall, Illegal Immigration

    My top ten reasons.

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  25. AdamSelene says:

    I’m just in it for the hats.

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  26. not2worryluv says:

    Because I’m fed up with turning political paupers into kings on my tax dollar. The represent no one but their own interests —-GET ‘EM OUTTA DC!

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  27. chasingfactsblog says:

    Trump had me when I heard he put the Veterans Memorial Parade back together when it’s member’s struggled in New york.
    There was a man in deed who loved his country. We must begin with that.

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  28. boojum says:

    I support Donald Trump because, like the founders, I suspect that we find ourselves amid the working of Divine Providence.

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  29. Floridagal says:

    This is the first time I have ever posted anything in any site. This site is very informative and those who comment are very cordial, intelligent and respectful.
    I am Hispanic by birth. My parents, my brother and I came to the US in 1955. I was three years old. You can do the math to figure out my age 😀. We came here legally. When I was 19 years old I became a US citizen. It was one of my most proud achievements.
    I support Mr Trump because this country is being overrun by illegals and he is brave enough to admit it. It is NOT right that illegals are allowed to stay while many wait years to come into the country legally. My family followed the rules and laws to enter the US. The illegals should too.
    I hate to admit this but, at the beginning , I was elated to see Marco and Cruz enter the race. You see, I am Cuban born. Mr Trump has opened my eyes to reality. Marco and Cruz are like all the rest.
    I love this country and my heart is breaking seeing what is happening to it. If Mr Trump does not get the nomination, I will write his name on the ballot.
    I pray we as a people can bring our country back to its former glory.

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  30. USARose says:

    I support Donald Trump because he clearly loves America and I do too. I like that he wants to give back for the great life he’s been able to create here. I admire his accomplishments. I think he is trying to help the average person be able to create a great life here. I like his common sense approach to complex issues. I like how focuses on the GOOD about America. (Pls excuse double post. Accidentally posted on wrong thread).

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  31. I support Donald Trump because he is genuine and plain-spoken on on illegal immigration, the economy, our trade deals , national defense and the treatment of our veterans. Love the fact that he is steady, and politically incorrect. Trump is like Gen. Ulysses Grant, General Patton and Ronald Reagan all rolled into one and that is inspiring.

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  32. authorjack1 says:

    Being old school, a Veteran and a grandpa, I loathe almost everything about what our world has become. America meant greatness, fair play and a resolve for peace and freedom. A place where one had a chance to prosper, through hard work, respect for others, while not expecting anything from government. Was it perfect? Of course not, as there was always fraud, graft, cheating, crime, poverty and elitism, and many failed, many times. But there was always hope.

    Liberalism is a cancer, that had metastasized on our national soul. Draconian laws and regulations have made it nearly impossible to thrive. Entitlements have stolen the sense of self-worth, while the urban area’s have fallen into third world hellholes. But the most tragic of outcomes is that people have forgotten to laugh at themselves!

    Now comes the Donald! A self made man, with boundless energy, that says that we can return to those days, through ingenuity, talent and no nonsense agendas. He’s attacked the PC beast, and vows to kill it. He’s ruffled the elites feathers, and they are running scared, throwing tantrums, lies, money and power at him, like never before. It is this reason why I am fervent that only Donald has a chance to succeed. It’s a long shot, because of the damage done, but America is worth it. I hope he wins and wins big. TRUMP 2016!

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  33. VegasGuy says:

    I’ve read all the comments here today…..When thinking about the vaild reasoning put forth, all I can add is…..

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

    I don’t think there is a more accurate summation…..

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  34. Many of my MANY reasons to support Trump center on him being a Truth-Teller, but I also support him because he is a Peace-Maker. He understands that it’s not about weapons or even a single person’s will – it’s about our culture as a nation. It’s time to be creative, not destructive.

    Trump has a corrective vision for global harmony – one that avoids future conflicts. Just like he saw the problems of Iraq a decade ahead of everybody else, he sees a path into the future that doesn’t rely on script-kiddie Fabian events and ginned-up conflicts. He has an elegant path to the future. Trump has the most sophisticated toolbox to achieve peace. Rigorous truth about ALL of the world’s actors is one of his most powerful tools.

    Trump may even fix CFR. Hard to believe it possible, but he just might do it.

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  35. Dick Albright says:

    (headline and comments/discussion by me–self-explanatory–today 17Apr16.)..

    “Trump gets poll bounce after ‘rigged election’ protest”


    Join the discussion…

    GQ4U • 2 days ago
    Trump is a major bloviator but this time he’s really saying what’s, what.
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    Gary D Flatt GQ4U • 2 days ago
    Donald Trump is a showman, as was Ronald Reagan he enjoys winning and he loves America. I believe he will do whatever it takes to put the USA back on TOP! Never mind the third worlders like Obama that want to see Americans digging for garbage.
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    GQ4U Gary D Flatt • 2 days ago
    I know who Donald is but we need a statesman not a showman.
    Trump needs to realize that the US government needs to be reduced by at least 70%. He needs to focus more on restoring State’s rights and individual rights. He needs to focus on abolishing income taxes which are destroying our country along with the illicit Federal Reserve. The USA will never be back on TOP unless we restore what put us there in the first place. Where is Donald on these important issues? I want the border secured but building a fence won’t fix what’s broken in America.
    1 • Reply•Share ›

    remuda GQ4U • 2 days ago
    Google Trump testifies, hearings, Oprah, Wollman Ice rink, NYMA, youtube to see some of his history and why he is where he is now. His campaign site grows with his positions. A wall is only a beginning,..a symbol…and a reality.
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    GQ4U remuda • 4 hours ago
    Trump focuses on hot button issues and ignores the big constitutional problems in America today. I’m not sure he can even spell the word ‘constitution’ and I doubt he knows what it says or clearly understands what it means or why it was written in the first place. Of course most Americans don’t & obviously congress & the administration are among the constitutionally illiterate.
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    remuda GQ4U • 5 minutes ago
    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by WND.
    His “hot buttons” are priority now because he put the branding iron on them, with all now following. If you only view the superficial of the media on Trump, and with your negative view, then you see zip and know zero. You haven’t scrutinized him as I (very skeptically at first)…beginning age 13 at NYMA (a Star) where the Constitution lived as a ground-plane to his passion…as all of us who “took the oath”. Thence thru pounding nails with Dad, Fordham (Jesuits), Wharton Bzns, ‘Briar-patch of ‘Big Apple’ pol. regs,, and his Econ. Gov/hearings (ctr politics) his world view. Conversely, Sen. Cruz has ONLY been tracking rising political stature (‘aspirations?). Semper Fi.…
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    • free2313 says:

      I believe the question was…..Why Do You Support Trump? You failed the essay question.

      When you can’t win a debate, use dumb sarcastic statements,
      “I’m not sure he can even spell the word ‘constitution’ and I doubt he knows what it says or clearly understands what it means or why it was written in the first place.” …….
      doesn’t hold water, and an unproven assumption, and not a good enough reason why you don’t support Trump.

      There are too many corrupt politicians, who know the Constitution very well and still they walk their muddy feet all over it, from both sides of the aisle.

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  36. wtd says:

    I thank Sundance for the opportunity to express my reasoning for supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy for POTUS 2016. My personal political evolution is lengthy but I wanted to think it through and document it. Anyone that cares to skip the evolutionary phase yet remains interested in why I support Trump can scroll down to a divider I inserted ***** to skip to my justifications.

    I can’t say specifically when my attention began to sniff towards politics, yet one of the first ‘politically-related’ inklings I can recall was in my late teens deeply despising peanut-Carter’s dentist – using the ‘rationalization’ of a dental-tech-trainee…. “Jimmah’s” toothy grin was his only saving grace. It was apparent even to this apolitical socially-preoccupied teen…that THAT man had NO viable qualification to occupy the oval office. This was a deep guttural sensation, as at the time, I could not tell you the difference between a democrat and a republican, nor could I verbalize the difference between the political right and left. I was not old enough to vote. My test for approval of a sitting president was to ask … Was this sitting president’s term one for children to aspire to? With regard to Jimmy Carter, my gut said, absolutely NOT.

    I had no additional visceral reactions, positive or negative during the Reagan years, yet I retained a mental “?” about the intensity and amplification of hostile media “noise” against Reagan throughout his tenure. Could Reagan pose as a positive example to my children? Unequivocally…YES. He was the epitome of a gentleman.

    By the time Bush Sr. ran for office, I was married with the beginnings of our large family. My gut again became uneasy. I recall telling my spouse, if GHW Bush takes office, this nation is going to war. And …as history reveals, war it was…albeit, on foreign soil. The Gulf War with the overwhelming and persistent media narrative carefully crafted for national, Congressional and UN support evoked pride in our military’s rapid successes in Kuwait, a tone which made televised news bearable …but barely.

    I suppose I abruptly became aware and began to value my personal political voice during 1990’s while raising four children and caring for my spouse’s well-to-do (natural-born) as well as my own ailing (naturalized immigrant/war-refugee) proud-not-quite-penniless-parents…apolitical yet registered democrats, all. No, I was not influenced by their political affiliations.

    On a long-dreamed-of-extravagant-vacation, as we prepared to leave our hotel room to bring three of our children to the Magic Kingdom for the first time, the TV blasted updates regarding the OKC bombing on every channel. How inappropriate, I thought – cursing the news, not so much because of the violence against our nation, rather, I was angry there was no respite on television to distract the older children impatiently waiting as we prepared the youngest for this greatly anticipated adventure. Standing at the monorail entry, I admonished myself for my selfishness, given the unimaginable and horrific loss so many other parents were beginning to deal with. It was difficult to ignore the painful updates of babies and toddlers ripped to shreds at that Murrah building nursery. Though highly unlikely, even in the Magic Kingdom, I was on the lookout for some dark featured male with a baseball cap – the alleged third terrorist. No longer feeling completely safe, not even in the Magic Kingdom we remained distracted by the horrors in OKC.

    Then, there was no ‘third’ terrorist, two suspects were eventually arrested, a firm media narrative was composed and thoroughly propagated. With lightening speed the first suspect was tried, convicted and executed. Again, the mental “?’s” about that investigation were quietly filed away till the “blue dress” and the media circus which ensued. Again, my gut instincts twitched and fluttered…this time, the mental “?’s” increased with the incessant and inexplicable amplification of media support behind Bill Clinton, the quintessence of that term illustrated with his infamous defense… “it depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is”. Could I wish my children to emulate the personification of a President Clinton? Hell, no.

    For some unknown reason, I never felt imminent war was on the horizon with Bill Clinton in office, yet Feb. 26, 1993 WTC bombing, Apr 19, 1995 OKC bombing, and the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia all took place under Clinton’s tenure. Perhaps it was the media spin on those events which sheltered me from any disconcerting emotions, or perhaps I was too preoccupied with the sandwich generation lifestyle. Either way, I was not as attentive to the coming storm as I should or could have been.

    Perhaps it was at this point when I began to pay attention to politics and voice my vote as a registered ‘republican’. Unhappy with the political slate, I settled for GW Bush, again with the deeply unsettling sensation, like the one I experienced with his father, that this nation would go to war. And we did, this time it was a war in which I could not comprehend how high were the stakes, given I had no understanding nor familiarity with the terms Islam, Moslem, Muhammed or even if those terms were related to each other – or – to a ‘religion’. Despite six years of parochial elementary education emphasizing the justification for the Crusades, I was never exposed to “Islam” as such, nor it’s related terminology. Yes, I do recall reading about identities such as ‘Saracen’ or ‘Moro’ or ‘Moor’ or temporary memorization of specific dates of each Crusade and it’s related papal decrees… but there was never any understanding of the unifying doctrine each of those identities followed.

    9/11/2001 finally shook me off of my ignorant stupor. A CD of Enya’s music kept my nerves steady for several months as I taxied my children between four different schools and related activities… the American flag ubiquitous in every neighborhood, business district, park, a time of mourning when individual vehicles bore their pride with flags flapping from antennae while local funerals and memorials for those who perished in the attacks and rescue efforts continued for well over a year.

    President GW Bush initiated a much needed conversation by declaring “Islam is a religion of peace”…upon the heels of 9/11…repeatedly…to his everlasting shame. I shall never forgive him for perpetuating that blatantly ignorant falsehood even while human carnage smoldered for months within the broken, toppled skeleton and ashes of Manhattan’s iconic twin towers. Despite this, I did not hate GW. I couldn’t. Again, something about the persistent negative media seemed unbalanced and forced. I would not wish my children to emulate GW, yet I did not have the same visceral disdain for him as I did for Carter or Clinton…nor did I experience the degree of disappointment and betrayal of McCain or Romney….which ultimately led to the resultant hideous insult to the oval office, Obama.

    So…Why do I support Donald Trump?

    He is ‘me’. His family represents my family, an imperfect yet functionally solid unit, with respectful as well as respectable family members who contribute to society. Donald Trump expresses what I feel inside. I want to make America great again! I share the experience of living in a period when America was proud and successful…an America which people from around the world emulated…An America people emigrated to and worked very hard to become a contributing member of her society through assimilation, learning her history and language and eventually seeking & earning legal naturalization to that coveted citizenship.

    I remember the America when children aspired to become successful through achievement…not entitlement. I remember the America when it was humiliating to seek government handouts. A time when “humility” relentlessly triggered the desire for self-improvement as a naturally acceptable sensation. I, as does Trump, recall when ‘shame’ was a necessary, useful and acceptable tools for a successful society.

    Acceptance that some ailments are not privy to improvements, we neither shamed nor humiliated those afflicted, but we did protect them – as well as society – by recognizing certain infirmities as necessary to be isolated from open society.

    Pride vs. false pride…I, like Trump, recall the days when pride in one’s achievements were earned, deserved, publicly recognized and celebrated – efforts which ultimately drove competition & made America great.

    There is no wrong in identifying false pride and neither is it wrong to shame, humiliate, isolate those who emblazon false pride upon invented entitlements which ultimately degrade America.

    To make America Great Again … gray areas need to be erased between evil and good. We can no longer tolerate or vindicate criminal activity. Human rights and private property rights must be restored as defined by the intent of our Founding Fathers.

    All attempts to divide society through social justice rationalizations be damned. And science must be restored to it’s art…not this fiction based on emotion and manipulated data.

    “Made in America” should not – MUST NOT- become accepted as an epitaph of US history. Trump understands this and has lived this understanding better than any of the other candidates. He speaks for my father who at 77 continues to work part time odd jobs between dialysis treatments so he can pay his bills. Denied a pension after being laid him off two months before he could be vested, Dad lost his job at a GM affiliate when they decided to move for cheaper labor. We can thank the unions for that horrific avalanche of lost jobs, pensions and contemptible financial insecurity.

    Ultimately, Trump speaks for me, perhaps not as eloquently as some PC conditioned bourgeoisie would prefer, but he says what needs to be said, he initiates the conversation at a time when it’s imperative someone finally does.

    On this note, yes, my ultimate decision to vote for Trump was arrived at when he clearly and unequivocally stated that the sanctity of our national borders must be secured, any illegal immigrants and expired visa holders continued presence in the US needs to be directly addressed and all muslim immigration to these United States needs to be halted until it can be determined if, when and whether it would be safe to resume. We need to return to the time when this nation operated as nation of laws and no longer operates as a lawless nation.

    Trump speaks for me.

    Trump 2016

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  37. free2313 says:

    Why do you support Donald Trump?
    Because he speaks the Truth and he speaks with a Strong determined voice for the people
    He speaks Truth about the GOPe/Establishment Power and their corrupt system, which even the voting citizenry has been witness to their stealing of Delegates and even permitting States to not even hold elections.
    He completely comprehends why America keep falling more and more into debt, soon to reach 21 TRILLION DEBT and the un-accountable of spending by the Federal Government of which the House of Representatives has the power of the purse to prevent over spending and accountability
    He understand the unbalanced NAFTA Trade Bill, which began the down-fall of the American economy
    He understand the total unbalanced Tran-Pacific Partnership and the potential downfall of American via the Currency Manipulation Compliance
    He has a decisive plan on how to Stop Illegal Immigration by securing the Southern Border with an fortress style wall.
    He know how to get Illegal Immigrants to leave this country on their own; by making sure the E-Verify is enforced each time a new employee is hired by the government, corporations, and companies even a local mom and pop business should have access to E-Verify.
    He is neither a politician nor a lawyer but he knows the best of them and will worked with them, for the public good.
    And the most of the world leaders are silently acknowledging, that he will be a very strong, a truthful and an upright President of the United States
    He is a man of accomplishments, a man who is well respected by those who know him and tens of millions of voters who so far have voted for him, and he will be one of the top ten presidents who have worked diligently to Make America Great and Keep America Safe! Etc. Etcetera Etcetera!

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  38. Yvonne Marie says:

    Mr Trump speaks the truth. He has no fear of evil. He loves his country. He is brilliant. He is better than Kennedy or Reagan. I think he can win.

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  39. tuskyou says:

    2 of the many reasons I support Trump:

    My neice is 22yrs old. She’s as close to being my own child as you can get. I love her like she’s my daughter. I don’t want her speaking Spanish and living under Sharia law by the time she’s 30. I don’t want her to be a debt slave. I do want her to have the opportunity for a bright future not the certainty of being a cog in the wheel of American destruction.
    REAL women always recognize REAL men.
    Trump is a real man. He’s masculine not macho. He’s assertive not cocky. He can be counted on. Imo some American males have become soft—beaten down by years of feminism and political correctness. I see too many males who abdicate their duty as head of the household. Males who shy away from their natural leadership role. Males who reject their intrinsic role of protector/provider. Real women actually like a “boss”….. Someone with good judgment and sound decision making. Real women are not intimidated by a true alpha male; just the opposite. An alpha inspires feelings of respect, even awe on top of a bedrock of safety and security he provides. I feel everlasting love and dedication for Trump. Most of all I have total respect for the man. You couldn’t pry me off Donald Trump with a crowbar. Trump leads by example. I believe he will lead those American males who need a push to rediscover their manliness and reclaim their proper place in the order of the universe.

    I fully accept that Trump is our last chance to save America. If he/we aren’t successful I’ve made my peace with the future. Sounds dramatic I know but I sincerely believe without him we’re done.

    **I agree with and like all current and future posts on this thread.

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  40. Pam says:

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  41. winky says:

    I live in Southern California…last week I had to go to the County Recorders office in Orange County(Santa Ana) for some docs……had not been there for about 10 years. There are many buildings there including the courthouse etc.
    I could not believe what I witnessed on the massive grounds everywhere………homeless people on practically every inch of the grounds in front of the buildings camped out in tents with families sleeping and loitering everywhere with all their belongings. There are no bathroom facilities so the stench of urine and other was so strong it was unbearable…..I had to walk a long way to get to where I was going and I was so afraid because we do not know the mental stability of these people.
    Many were so rough looking and many appeared to be illegals.
    It was so sick…..I could not believe that we do not have laws being enforced for the protection of people and also that so much money is spent and wasted when possibly we could help some of these people but no one is doing anything.
    When I was here 10 years ago this was not going on……….it is shocking was has happened in this administration and what will continue to happen because our leaders want our country to go down the drain !!…This is why I support Donald Trump.

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  42. Eric says:

    Two people that you will NEVER see talk about the USA with celebrity status:

    Donald Trump and Gene Simmons.


  43. maggiemoowho says:

    Because Trump doesn’t look at the world through rose colored glasses and doesn’t have some lobbyist up his azz making decisions for him. He has to much invested in America to watch her or her citizens fail.
    🤔Truthfully, I just can’t wait to see what Melania Trump does with the White House, you know its going to be super fantastic. 😃

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  44. rsanchez1990 says:

    I’m a young, Hispanic guy living in Florida. I voted McCain-Palin in 2008, but one of the first elections I voted in where I felt my vote mattered was the Rubio/Crist Senate race. For those who don’t recall, this was the one where Rubio beat Crist for the Republican nomination, Crist flipped to the Democrats to run against Rubio, and Rubio won.

    After that, Rubio was my guy. When Rubio announced his candidacy, I knew I would be voting for him.

    When Trump announced his candidacy, it really made an impression. I had not changed to Trump yet, but I knew already all the criticism leveled against Trump for saying Mexico wasn’t sending us their best was unfair. Mexico really isn’t sending us their best. Ask any central America immigrant. The worst part of their journey wasn’t trying to hide in the US, it was trying to hide in Mexico. The Mexicans are absolutely ruthless against central Americans, and even against their own people.

    So even then, I knew that Trump was right. As the election seasons wore on, Trump never stopped making sense, while the cracks started showing in the Rubio campaign. It was when robo-Rubio was found flat-footed repeating the same lines when I couldn’t support Rubio anymore.

    Around that time, I had to stop going to sites like The Blaze due to their transparent anti-Trump bias. I knew what they were saying was wrong, and I couldn’t stand reading them anymore. I started frequenting Breitbart more frequently, who at least weren’t completely hostile to Trump.

    After I stopped supporting Rubio, I considered who should I support. Back then I was still buying into the media narrative that Cruz was a true conservative, so I considered giving him my support. Then, I happened to follow a link someone at Breitbart posted in the comments section back here to CTH.

    CTH made complete sense. I just had to read more, nobody else out there was outlining what was really going on with such clarity. I was floored by the tripwire posts, and started reading the “Why I support Donald Trump” series. It really was CTH that sealed the deal. All the reasons that sundance gave for supporting Trump just made so much sense.

    I now support Donald Trump because he is the only candidate out there who both fights against the system, and has a plan that will help American prosperity. If it was just about fighting the system, you could argue for Bernie too. But Bernie’s ideas will further bankrupt America. Promising free education is obvious pandering to his biggest supporter base.

    Trump’s ideas, on the other hand, the only way you can be against them is if you are still completely brainwashed by the media. Controlling immigration won’t just prevent unsavory characters from coming to the US. It will also stop flooding the labor market with cheap labor depressing wages. Raising the minimum wage won’t help wages increase as long as illegals work for really cheap wages and their employers continue to exploit them. Being illegal, immigrant workers are too scared to complain about wages. If we control immigration we can stop this from happening.

    Re-working our trade deals will also help return America to prosperity. It seems every day we read about another company moving manufacturing overseas. This again goes back to employers exploiting cheap labor, and we let them by agreeing to trade deals where we charge very little on imports while other countries can tax our exports to hell. Donald Trump was the first one to go against what establishment Republicans tell us conservative ideology should be by telling us free trade hurts the American people and only helps companies.

    Donald Trump also talks about foreign policy. Talk about NATO specifically. We don’t have a Soviet Union to contain anymore. Mr. Gorbachev tore down the wall. The Russians aren’t interested in spreading an ideology anymore. If Russia wants to fight wars of conquest with Turkey or Lithuania, what does it benefit us fighting a war thousands of miles away? Donald Trump correctly pointed this out, but also stated that we would not abandon our NATO allies as long as they pay their share for their defense. If we’re pulling in billions for their defense then at least it would be somewhat in our interest.

    Donald Trump is flipping the script. He’s showing us how we can Make America Great Again. I’m supporting Donald Trump because he is the best hope for our future, because he isn’t bought, because he says what he means and means what he says, PC be damned, and because his ideas will reverse the disaster of the previous eight years and the eight years before that (as Bill Clinton famously said before being forced to roll back his criticism of Obama). Donald Trump is the obvious choice for hard working Americans who want to see us winning again, and that’s why I support him.

    Liked by 4 people

  45. margarite1 says:

    Before I was 25 years old my husband and I had a construction business and on our own learned the ropes of meeting weekly payrolls, creating a customer base, sourcing vendors, managing people and cash flow, dealing with government entities, finishing projects on time non matter what it took. In essence, my beliefs are grounded by what works in the real world….not by someone’s color, someone’s degree from an illustrious college, fancy talk without commensurate actions. We are all about actual accomplishments. This is why I am for Trump. When he tells me he’s going to build the wall – I believe him. When he tells me he is going to get rid of Obamacare – I believe him. When he tells me he’ll better negotiate for the citizens of the USA – I believe him.

    I am exceedingly grateful that a man of such incredible accomplishments is also a patriot who has put himself out there to lead us out of the decimation of the USA that has been wrought by the 2 political parties. This isn’t a career move for him. Trump cares. There is no other candidate for me than Trump.

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  46. benY says:

    Trump says what he means and means what he says, I have no reason to doubt that. He grew up in an era where men were men, and women were women, and your word still, for the most part, meant something. The older I get the more I look back to when I grew up in the 50s., because today, and looking forward, is very bleak. We can’t even defend ourselves for fear of being charged as the offender, if your melanin content is low.

    We can believe Trump and we certainly know the other demonic shills, especially Crudz, are lying and will finally destroy this country.

    Economic freedom.
    Personal freedom
    Equality in law
    American hating socialists
    Crooks in DC

    Tear it all down.

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  47. scslayer says:

    I support Trump because he is the candidate that is espousing common sense. After all of the failed establishment candidates I voted for that told me one thing and did the other (I call that lying) he now gets his chance…and my vote!

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  48. bertdilbert says:

    I support Trump because he is self funding and not bought. All the things wrong with this country stem from a bought political system. Whenever a favor is granted to one group, somebody else has to lose, it is the nature of government.

    The best investment in the US has been the buying of politicians. When something has the best return on the money, you get more of it, not less. It is truly a growth industry. Just look at how much money has been spent against Trump to keep this corrupt system in place.

    The system works with a carrot and a stick. The money will be used to support or buy negative ads to keep politicians in line. Under this political system, the average American will always come up the loser. The extent of the true losses are currently masked the issuance of a mountain of debt. Nobody is paying the debt so they do not feel the pain.

    The other day I stated something to the effect that a dictator might be preferable to a democracy because a dictator cannot be bribed to act against his own interest, whereas a democracy, politicians will sell out for campaign support.

    Trump is the only person who can change this system and save our country from the evils it holds in current form. Without reform, our nation will die.

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  49. Why I support Donald J. Trump for President (aka Why I LOVE Trump):

    Policy reasons: He is the ONLY one who GETS that the sovereignty of the US is the first priority. Virtually everything else policy-wise falls into that category. National Security, Border Security, Military Security (Defense), Smart Refugee Policy, Trade (=sovereign economy). What else is there?
    Communication: Reagan was called a great communicator, and he was. He was eloquent. Trump isn’t eloquent. He has that same ability, though, to call it the way he sees it (which is exactly the same as calling it the way it IS). Better than that, he doesn’t back down from calling it the way he sees it. What could be more important than being able to influence people with your mouth? With our three branches of government, the Executive Branch MUST be able to communicate clearly with the people, make a case for his policies, and then communicate effectively with the legislative branch. Notice I did not say communicate eloquently, I said communicate effectively. Also notice I didn’t capitalize legislative branch. It’s just my silly way of having fun at ryan/pelosi/mcconnell/reid’s expense. But really, what could be more important than effective and direct communication? The only thing that’s more important is policy (see above, that’s why communication is listed second).
    Racism: See above. The phony trumped up divisiveness that IS our current President and our media can ONLY be countered by an effective communicator who does not back down or cede to the narrative that has been established in this country for almost 50 years. This one could almost be the number one reason I support Trump. If he does nothing else well but pushes back on the dishonest media, expose the agendas, well that’s good enough for me! It’s a START.
    He isn’t bought. This could be number one also. Unlike the others in government today, they are vulnerable to being bought. Our media, even our beloved Mark Levin, is clearly vulnerable to being bought. Probably Paul Ryan has been bought (otherwise how do you explain what HAPPENED to him). I think the powers that be (CFR, Rockefeller, Soros, whatever) select politicians to be bought, do opp research on them to blackmail them, and then voila!. But you can’t buy a billionnaire, now, can you?

    That’s all. That’s enough.

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  50. Drewby Doo says:

    I never gave much thought to Trump until I heard he announced his candidacy. For some reason that excited me even though I knew next to nothing about the man. I just thought, “Geez, it’ll sure be nice having an outsider.”. I very quickly identified that him being an outsider was essentially what we need – nobody else can offer that, damn the credentials.

    The country incorrectly believes that their politicians are going to take care of them, that they will consider what’s best for the people and the country. We get battles with wins, we cheer when the rare bit of seemingly positive legislation is passed, but this is just makeup for what is going on behind the scenes, and it is very difficult to look past due to our human nature.

    I believe that every R candidate that’s been running this cycle is essentially the same thing, a power hungry member of WELL established group that is willing to say anything to appeal to what they think their base is. They can be drops in the bucket when it’s convenient and then come out trumpeting some small achievement as a big win to garner votes and doner money. I’m getting good at seeing this, the scales are off. I literally assume that if a politician’s mouth is open it’s a lie falling out until I can prove otherwise. The true lives and intentions of these people are shrouded in the numbers of their own kind.

    Now we have Trump. He’s an open book. His successes are tangible and satisfying to anyone who appreciates greatness. He is great not because he has catered to as many as possible but because he was true to HIMSELF. He has no need to snake-tongue his way through life to sustain his empire. Everything we can observe about this man reflects truth, confidence and the ability to lead with nothing but success in mind. For every fault I can find in this man I can find a reason to forgive it. Multiple marriages, banckruptcys, strong language, name-calling, there’s others that I notice from time to time. But I care nothing about these things and why? Because he’s human, just like me. And it’s patently obvious he feels no need to try hiding or obfuscating anything about his humanity unlike the career public servants who must preserve their image to remain viable.

    I could talk forever about this topic, but I’ll stop with this: we are at the brink of failure. He’s not the best candidate, he’s the ONLY one. We have tried the other options, we know where they go and we know exactly where we’ll end up.


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