Six People Shot During Attack on Police In Virginia – One State Trooper Dead…

The MSM went into immediate obfuscation mode on this event hours ago.  Virginia State Troopers were conducting a training exercise at a Greyhound Bus Station when a shooter opened fire upon them.

The media is currently making it seem like a random shooting at a bus station – that is NOT the case.  This has all the earmarks of a pre-planned assassination attempt.  Six people shot, one trooper killed:

virginia shooting 1

RICHMOND, Va. – A Virginia State trooper who was shot when a suspect opened fire at a Greyhound bus station in Richmond Thursday afternoon has died, multiple sources told WTVR CBS 6 News.

Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham said at least six people were shot when a suspect opened fire inside the bus station in the 2910 N. Boulevard at 2:45 p.m.

Durham two of the victims are in critical condition.

Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne N. Geller earlier said two troopers were shot as well as a female civilian.

Multiple sources told WTVR CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett that Virginia State Police were at the bus station for a training exercise when gunfire erupted.

Those sources said the civilian suspect started shooting at troopers inside the bus station. Those troopers then returned fire.

Sources told Burkett that the suspect has died. Those sources also said one of the troopers suffered life-threatening injuries.  (read more)

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262 Responses to Six People Shot During Attack on Police In Virginia – One State Trooper Dead…

  1. nancyg22 says:

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but these drills that seem to attract actual shooters is getting weird. Wasn’t there also a drill in DC the other day when a shooting happened there too?

    What is going on?

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  2. kpm58 says:

    Why has the hospital been closed off?
    I can understand restricting access inside the hospital but not closing down the streets around the hospital.

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  3. burnett044 says:

    soon we get NO GUNS for the mentally ill pushed ..bad thing is next we all labeled mentally ill…

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  4. Backspin says:

    If it bleeds , it leads. A news motto. What is of note is that the casualty count is Always , Always , overstated. Only later walked back . Media would have us believe its just ‘ early reporting bad information ‘ but if that were true a near equal amount of low , under reported initial casualty counts would be happening , yet it is not . That suggests intentional yellow-dog hype.

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    • lmg says:

      I hate the press, but you’re wrong here. Many times there is an initial report of, say, 5 dead, which then escalates and eventually becomes 15, or 20, or 30 dead. Then 1 or 2 come back to life, or different accounts do/do not include the shooter, and the number changes. So there is overestimation, underestimation, and just plain confusion.

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      • Backspin says:

        Really …… ? You miss / avoid the statistical , self evident problem here. What network are you with ? Kent Brockman ….. is that you ?

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        • lmg says:

          You know, this is a nice blog, but too many of the commenters are paranoid, and unnecessarily nasty. Make an observation, get called a troll. Say Trump made a mistake, or even express concern about poll numbers, and get condemned. F it. Sick of it. I wish most of you well, and I’m outta here.


  5. paulgilpin says:

    if i’m not mistaken, the richmond city gov’t has a policy in place of paying criminals not to commit crimes. this includes capital crimes. supposedly this was done based on the relative cost to incarcerate vs. social support.
    as an OT, anytime i here of shootings like this, the first thing that crosses my mind these days is FALSE FLAG.

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  6. MfM says:

    Confirmed Chad Dermyer State Trooper died from injuries.

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  7. MfM says:

    The shooter is also dead and two women shot, but with, they say, non life threatening injuries. This is what I’ve picked up from reports of the news conference in the last few minutes.

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    • John Galt says:

      “Col. Flaherty had few details about Trooper Dermyer’s killer. He did say that authorities knew his name but were “in the process of notifying next of kin” and would not release the name Thursday night.”

      Scrub a dub dub.

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      • coeurdaleneman says:

        We have entered a new era after Ferguson. Cop-killing is glorified. I’m not claiming to know the motive of this killer, but certain sectors and the mentally-disturbed have been influenced to act out their craziness at an elevated level.

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      • TrumpFanGirl says:

        Why care about his NOK? Who cared about this officer’s NOK? I’m sure LEO famiies are on edge every time they hear of a local accident or shooting before the details hash out or they hear from their loved one(s)


    • J'hn1 says:

      I wonder if the injured civilians are from police bullets.
      I remember an incident a few years ago where the NYC police shot a bunch of bystanders (IIRC more seriously injured than the guy they were trying to shoot)
      Cops under adrenaline tend to be poor shots, and this was certainly an adrenaline situation.

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      • lou Ann Watson says:

        “Cops under adrenaline tend to be poor shots, and this was certainly an adrenaline situation.” anyone with adrenaline pumping can be a bad shot, and anytime someone is firing your way it’s an “adrenaline” situation

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  8. coeurdaleneman says:

    I don’t buy any false flag nonsense. Spokane is in my neighborhood, and the downtown bus terminal there is in the heart of the shopping district. It is notorious as a gathering place for cranks, the homeless, runaways, criminals, gang-wannabees, druggies, and losers of all sorts. There have been unpredictable, non-gun violent incidents as long as I can remember. It would not surprise me that, at any given part of the day, a few of those characters are carrying.

    And this is a pretty reasonable area by comparison, with a miniscule minority population. I can only imagine what happens around bus terminals in the standard US city having a more representative demographic.

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  9. patrickhenryrevisited says:
  10. RM says:

    My prayers go out for the Trooper’s family and the other victims in this shooting.

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  11. rumpole2 says:

    Krauthammer to Crazy Megyn says #AbortionCommentGate will be it.. us vulgarian supporters will go off Trump now LOL


  12. Stormy says:

    The obfuscation is unbelievable… Daily Mail’s headline story is a human interest piece about an African boy who was abandoned by his parents a couple of years ago…

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  13. Patriot1 says:

    Let me guess, a BLM person?


  14. rumpole2 says:

    Police are not identifying the suspect, but do say he’s not from Virginia and has a history of criminal charges.

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  15. True Colors says:

    One of the local TV stations in Richmond thinks that the shooter is James Brown III from Aurora, Illinois.


    • James F says:

      Just as anybody with a brain already figured.

      Funny how these reporters were able to contact ‘next of kin’ so quickly and easily but it is taking officials 12 hours and counting.

      I am certain DOJ CRS are responsible for the delay and witholding of this cop killer’s identity.


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    • Abster says:

      Seriously…all of those criminal charges and still not enough to have kept him behind bars. What exactly does it take. Tragic.


      • nimrodman says:

        “Court records show James Brown III had been charged with murder, intent to kill, aggravated battery with a firearm, failure to obey police, resisting a corrections officer, aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, aggravated battery of an unborn child, numerous drug charges, intimidation, domestic battery, felony possession of a weapon, among many driving charges.”

        “He said he would never go back to prison again,” she said. “He would fight it out with them.”


    • Donald Joy says:

      They actually expect us to believe they couldn’t find a mug shot of the monster?? Give me a break! It’s unbelieveable, too, that someone with such a violent history was out on the streets….sheesh


    • aichawallaby says:

      I’ll say:

      “Court records show James Brown III had been charged with murder, intent to kill, aggravated battery with a firearm, failure to obey police, resisting a corrections officer, aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, aggravated battery of an unborn child, numerous drug charges, intimidation, domestic battery, felony possession of a weapon, among many driving charges.”


  16. Millwright says:

    There’s a certain amount of irony here per this post on TTAG :

    The irony becomes all the more bitter when you realize many of those sixty-one receiving commutated sentences or pardoned have a reported significant percentage of being known “felons in possession of firearms” as well as convicted dealers of illegal drugs. Our POTUS has admitted using “blow” in his youth. Does his action indicate he may still be an “abuser” ? Can we – the public – demand he, as CIC of our military forces, be screened for illegal drug use ?

    My sympathies to the VASP and to the friends and family of the slain officer. We’re seeing more overt calls for “lone wolf” attacks upon LEOs across the nation. Now, more than ever, our LEOs need community support !

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  17. CM-TX says:

    My daughter-18, was at this very station on Mon. night. Of course she’s well & safe, but that is too close for my maternal comfort! It didn’t help hearing of early local witness reports, shooter was a well known crazy to that area. If so, it was probably only a matter of time.

    She’d taken a train down from NYC, to visit my parents for her long Easter break. But staying the full time, meant train schedule would have her miss next class. So bus was a solution. I was not keen their plan, & that it was at night. My parents obviously accompanied her, met & grilled driver on route & any stops, & even spoke to the kind gentleman who offered her a seat.

    As a former metro-Richmonder, varying times, half my life- area is one you don’t leisurely venture into, nor much of inner city. I’d only been to that station once, seeing off my oldest son for his Basic or Patriot Academy stint. I made him stay in car until boarding time!

    Just goes to show, we are never truly safe in many public places. Too much crazy being allowed to run rampant.

    (Funny story) related to that area. My mom years ago passing thru, swears she almost plowed down the former DC Mayor, Marion Barry. He ran out in front of her car, coming on a side st intersection. She slammed brakes, he ends up with both hands bracing the hood. They exchanged looks. Her’s of added surprise on recognition. He was nicely dressed, & clearly not out on an evening jog. So he smirks, shrugs, & then sprints off, away from Wherever he came. She figured with his history- maybe a deal gone bad!

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  18. Trent Telenko says:


    Everyone’s suspicion’s on extremely bias media reporting on crime — AKA blotting out African Americans with criminal records — is confirmed one more time.


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