Touching Moment – Terminally Ill Mother Thanks Donald Trump for His Kindness…

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At a Donald Trump campaign event in Janesville, WI, Mr. Trump took a question from 2005 Miss Wisconsin USA, Melissa Young.  Young was in tears and thanked Mr. Trump for all his support and love during a time she’s been battling a devastating illness (details after video):

trump compassion

Backstory which includes this previous letter:

As my body is getting weaker, I am unsettled by the fact that I have never been able to directly thank you. Because of you and your efforts, my son Jack who is Mexican-American, has a chance at a better future and a solid education. You and the Miss USA pageant played a tremendous role in my life.

It was the BIGGEST honor of my life to compete on your Miss USA stage in 2005 representing the state of Wisconsin. As a little girl that grew up homeless and in extreme poverty, it was my dream come true to stand on that very stage. Winning Miss Congeniality was beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. I don’t know if I can even accurately describe to you how much it meant to me to even be there in light of the circumstances in which I grew up in.

The bonds that were formed during the pageant, molded a best friendship with my sister-in-life, Chelsea Cooley Altman – who just happened to win Miss USA that year.

About 3 years ago, Chelsea was in NYC and attended one of your many functions at Trump Tower, where you debuted This turned out to be a life changing event for my son and I. I am forever indebted to you.

It’s been almost 7 years since my world was turned upside down while giving birth to Jack. Because of a lack of care during my pregnancy by my doctor I was stricken with an incurable disease that left me unable to physically care for my son. I fight every day with every fiber of my being to have simple, but lasting moments with him.

Living in fear as a result of the horrific lack of care and negligence from my doctors and medical professionals, kept me silent, where I was too scared to share the cause of my illness with anyone.

A year and a half ago, when Chelsea found out about my disease, she immediately took it upon herself to start a scholarship fundraiser for Jack through your organization, FundAnything – so that neither he nor I would have to worry about college for him – especially since I won’t be here when he crosses that milestone in life.

At the same time, since I am now uninsurable for life insurance, Chelsea was adamant I allow her to do this for Jack. Within days, the fund soared. Where by the end of the campaign, thousands of dollars were donated for the fund for my 6 year old son – a Mexican-American. I cannot tell you how incredible the outpouring of support, donations and thousands of letters from around the world have been.

There came a day during the campaign, that I will never forget. I was VERY ill and out of the blue, a package showed up, hand-delivered from you. Even while traveling, you took the time to send such a wonderful message of hope and support. I was going through some very dark times and this was unbelievable that not just anyone – but Donald Trump himself – took the time to think of my son and me.

I have looked up to you my entire life. The scholarship fund is more than what it entails. This ultimately gave me the gift of peace. I will not be here to walk Jack through that stage of his life. As a mother, knowing that his education is taken care of, is the most special gift anyone could ever give me. And because of your organizations – Miss USA and – you have given me the greatest gifts of all – peace of mind, heart and soul.

I have been writing letters to Jack so that he can read them when I am in heaven, explaining how you, your organization and the snowballing effect of support from people all around the world have forever changed our world. With this, I have explained to Jack that a great responsibility has been instilled in him to pay it forward just as you have done for us. Yours is a gift that will keep on giving.

I am forever grateful,
Melissa Ann Young-Miranda
Miss Wisconsin USA 2005

PS. You have my vote.

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100 Responses to Touching Moment – Terminally Ill Mother Thanks Donald Trump for His Kindness…

  1. Bluto says:

    Wow. I have something in my eye. Need to blow my nose….totally unrelated of course…..

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  2. Janie M. says:

    That video brought me to tears. I believe there is more Trump will provide for this woman and her son but neither we nor the public will be informed of his generosity because that is the private nature of this kind, magnanimous man.

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    • Michelle says:

      I agree, I also wonder if he was going to check out her doctors, because he was saying they would be wrong.

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    • lovely says:

      Trump told the story toward the end of the rally about Club for Growth trying to extort a million dollars from him. He said “A million dollars! That’s a lot of money. I don’t even know you! I’d rather give that money to someone I know.” Then in the briefest of seconds we saw a lightbulb go on and Trump turned to Miss Young-Miranda and said, “I’d rather give that to you for your son.”

      Trump also made sure that his campaign worker had all the information they would need to stay in contact with her. He told Young-Miranda doctors could be wrong and that he hoped she would be the one raising her son :(.

      I don’t know how clear it was in the video or picture but she is extremely frail and uses a walker to remain mobile.

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      • Janet Tan says:

        Check out Trump’s FB for a video of this encounter from a different angle.

        YT video of her titled Fighter

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        • lovely says:

          Thank you.

          Sadly she is going to need a miracle for “Something beautiful to happen” as it is her brain that is sending faulty signals. Prayers.


          • Southern Son says:

            Seemed to me her brain is clicking pretty good, to coherantly and clearly Thank DT. I beleive people Can be Angels. If they have a Big Heart and lots of Love in it.
            Here’s prayers for this Lady
            and her son.
            Just like my ultimate hero, Dale Earnhardt, DT doesn’t advertise his good deeds.
            Thank You DT, for All you do.
            Make America Great Again!

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            • Southern Son says:

              Oh, and I think of DT and SD as Hero’s too.

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            • lovely says:

              Her brain is not sending the proper signals to her heart.

              It has nothing to do with her being able to speak coherently to Trump. It was obvious that it was difficult for her to talk and she was exhausted. Trump asked her specifically if she was doing better and she said no, she is dying. There is no reason not to hope and pray for a miracle but there is also no reason to pretend she is not as ill as she is.

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          • 7delta says:

            Lovely, this young woman has certainly been through a lot. It’s tragic. A wise person once said to me, when facing the imminent death of someone both we both cared deeply about, “There is a difference between being healed and being cured.” I had to think about it for a while, but I came to understand the truth in that statement. The spirit can find healing, even though the disease of the body cannot be cured. If, with the help of friends and an open spirit, this woman can find peace for herself and her son, then maybe something beautiful can indeed happen.

            I suppose these philosophical and real aspects intersect in our human journey when we choose to either reach deeper within ourselves and up higher to something bigger than ourselves or, as difficult as it is to face, we miss those opportunities to see and to share all the brilliant flashing colors of life’s prism as it rotates from beginning to end. I hope and pray for this young woman to know the miracle of the light she brought to that prism and to be at peace that the life she brought into this world will continue to shine brightly in his own right.

            I join you in praying for her and her son.

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            • lovely says:

              I think she is at peace, I think the miracle of faith is deep within her and that peace comes from her knowing that death is not the end and that her beloved son will live a beautiful life and he knows that his mother will love him forever. She told Trump that she is or has written her son letters from heaven for after she is gone.

              In all honesty I think the larger point of her being there is being missed, she was there to thank Trump, but more than that, to defend him. She is not defined by her impending death she is defined as her son’s mother and a gracious, grateful woman of faith. Her son has been blessed by Trump and she is angry as spit that people are attacking Trump for being anti-Mexican, she said repeatedly that Trump helped her Mexican son and that she wanted people to know that. She was also introduced and her story told before Trump arrived.

              I perceived from her an inner strength and beauty in her life. A life of faith.

              I did hear her speak personally no cameras after the cameras were off. Trump is an eternal optimist, that he said to her, “the doctors may be wrong, we are going to hope you are here to raise your own son” was the beauty of Trump’s optimism and faith in God and the human spirit. From Trump’s mouth to God’s heart.

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        • Dick Albright says:

          The ‘Mantra’ of the Navy Seals is…”It’s not how good your are…it’s how much can you take…and keep movin’…to the mission.”

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      • And the media doesn’t play this as a segment over and over, I wonder why???? Imagine how many people he has helped over the years without any press coverage. He’s a good man and it really pisses me off that the media portrays him as a horrible, racist, sexist non serious candidate, just because everyone is upset the trough will be ripped away.

        It’s all BS.

        Everyone that knows him personally or that has worked for him says the same thing when they are asked about him, they say he’s not what the media describes AT ALL, he listens, he cares about his employees, he’s smart and intelligent and loves this country so much for what it has enabled him to achieve. These are the people that have REALLY known him for many years. Do you really think a man amasses a fortune with successful businesses across the globe by being the person the media describes daily? It’s ludicrous and I want people to start sticking up for him like he does for others. I have never seen anyone as loyal as he is, NEVER. Most people would back away from someone involved in controversy, especially when the topic could be detrimental to them. He hugs them closer and lashes out on their behalf. He’s done it with Lewandowski, he’s done it with Tom Brady, he’s done it with the woman involved in controversy with Miss USA. He is a true friend and a loyal person. It’s time we had someone in office that is LOYAL to the American people!

        He is the only candidate that will be…

        Trump 2016

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        • Jett Black says:

          At links posted in comments here, I’ve already seen one accusatory comment essentially suggesting Ms. Young should be investigated, because the commenter thought she looked too good to be in a state of full organ failure. That is the kind of a–hole BS nobody needs. She risked a lot previously, confronting the medical establishment, even if it was basically one local doctor. Apparently, Mayo Clinic sided with her. She took another great risk to make a statement of gratitude that was important to her–that, too was brave. She and her family need peace and support, not public exposure. God knows and rewards what is done without fanfare.

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          • Susan byram says:

            What disease does she have and could have been brought on by not having Medical Care while pregnant some kind of an anemia


        • cmscarpa says:

          No, the truly un-beautiful, let thoroughly obnoxious Ben Shapiro rant on about Corey. Never would this sham of a woman consider this story, about someone truly beautiful.


        • Ma'iingankwe says:

          Great post and spot on.

          We all know that social media has become a powerful tool, and I really feel since the MSM refuses to run with this story as they would with others, it is our duty as Trump supporters to do so. We need to carry this story on Twitter, Facebook and every other form of social media.

          I know Trump would never do this because of the man he is, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to carry this torch. Who knows, it may even help this beautiful and strong lady and her son some way somehow.

          Please good people, let us take this clip and her letter and post it to every social media outlet we are members of. Let us also post it to every comment section of the newspapers around this country as well. We need as many people to see this as possible. Trump has been slandered in so many ways with so many lies that there are a great number of people who believe them. Let us prove these people wrong, and hopefully sway them into looking more closely at our man, and see the great things that we do.
          Be well and stay strong.

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    • 7delta says:

      Janie, the more I see of Trump and his blustering blue collar billionaire personality, the more I think that perhaps the public persona is just a regionally-appropriate deep cover for a man with a kind and grateful heart…not perfect, just like the rest of us…but a man who knows who he is and as far as he’s concerned that’s all that matters…maybe even a little embarrassed by “that” kind of attention. Watch his body language during that video. Bluster and brag diverts attention, since the world often ridicules and perceives true kindness as weakness.

      It’s John Wayne, all bluster and bite on the outside, a successful go-getter that’ll cuss, spit and shoot straight to get the herd to market through mud, rustlers and rattlesnakes, a seriously focused doer that rants about the value of his time and position, but quietly honors the parson’s difficult request anyway, but on the inside, he’d ride across the Plains to save the farm of a kind widow who once helped him when he was hurt, sick and hungry, pull a kitten out of a raging river, on his way, then carry it back to town inside his shirt to keep it warm until he gruffly delivers the scrawny fur ball to the distraught little girl who lost it, then uncomfortably accept her hug and secretly pay for the widow’s kid to go to a good school back East. But she better not tell a soul who did it, because he’ll deny he ever knew her or had anything to do with anything. Just a cowhand passin’ through, ma’am. Leave it at that.

      I miss John Wayne and his horse, but very human good guys still exist.

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  3. ssupsky says:

    Absolute gratitude and gratefulness from that woman to Mr.Trump. There is so much that he does for others that no one even knows about. He is truly a blessing.

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  4. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Wow. I’m just speechless.

    This is what it’s all about, ladies and gentlemen.

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  5. john22 says:

    Hopefully something can be done about her medical condition.

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  6. jocaal3 says:

    Such a tribute to Mr. Trump’s character! It is beyond sad that nowhere in the media, TV, was this reported tonight. If it were not for the TCT, I wouldn’t even know this incident with a former Miss Wisconsin happened at Mr. Trump’s rally. Prayers for her and her young son.

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  7. jakeandcrew says:

    Rick Wells also has an article about this. It includes a link to another article that explains more of her health problems.

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  8. sticknca says:

    Proud to be supporting Trump. For all his external confidence, assertiveness and braggadocio there resides inside a kind, humble and generous heart. This was not a “pre-planned, Hillary-style audience plant” as it’s clear he didn’t recognize the woman until she told him who she was and her story. Will this get a fraction of the time the MSM spent yesterday on the Michelle Fields issue? How about just the same media attention that Kasich simply hugging a young man received? Not a chance. Thank you Sundance for showing us this secret side of Mr. Trump.

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  9. james23 says:

    That needs to go viral.

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  10. Bull Durham says:

    If you ever doubt, if you ever weaken or wince about Trump, recall this and many more.

    You are backing the real deal. He’s just a good man. Simple and strong.

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  11. Lapdog media: “Donald Trump: History’s Greatest Monster? Pays off beauty queen in suspicious circumstances”

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  12. Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:

    The real Donald Trump: magnificent, magnanimous and big-hearted to a fault.


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  13. wodiej says:

    I watched the Wisconsin rally early this morning and held it together until the end when Trump spoke very tenderly with this woman in a very public place. Trump is strong yet has a big heart. Prayers to heal this woman and to bring Trump to the WH. Thank you again CT. You’re the best.

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  14. Roger says:

    Guys like Trump are loud and brash and “egotistical” to cover up what others might view as softness or weakness. And that’s too damn bad. Because this is the Trump that has been in existence since his very beginning. His first “major” media “stunt” was the ice rink in Central Park. And just who would benefit from that? People like you and me. He had my vote from the moment he announced.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Correction: His first was his cleanup of Grand Central Station in NYC in the 80s.

      BTW, Wollman Rink was in a movie I watched last weekend. 🙂

      He had my vote too. I’ve been waiting a long time.

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  15. The Boss says:

    There are many other stories like this about Trump. We’ve only heard a handful at best. Yet disgusting people who purport to be Americans want to destroy this man. Don’t Tread on Trump!

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    • jocaal3 says:

      He is a man of good character, and my heart aches for him because of the magnitude of the media bias against him . He is lambasted daily and constantly because he has the courage to stand against all that is wrong in our country, yet he must at times feel very alone in his battle. As Sundance said months ago in one of his encouragements to Mr. Trump, “Just look out into the cameras and know that we stand with you.” (Paraphrased)

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      • CountryclassVulgarian says:

        My first inkling into his character was the love and respect his children have for him and for each other. That is quite a feat for someone who works and travels as much as he. His children actually like him. Dang it, his ex-wives like him!!! There was that interview where they were asked if there was anything they dislike about their father – or words to that effect. They all got blank looks then Ivanka sheepishly said maybe he should eat better. It was just beautiful. Perhaps this is what people liked Jerry Fallwell Jr. and Rev Jeffries saw? The man has a heart and he has character, lots of it.

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  16. beaujest says:

    One more reason why this man is the best !

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  17. hocuspocus13 says:

    That should make one appreciate the simple things in Life like waking up in the morning…feeling the sunshine on your face…having a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop with your friends

    SMILE…life is great and Trump will win 😉

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  18. TwoLaine says:

    I haven’t seen this even once on the tubes. Anyone else see it anywhere?

    Many people forget, or do not know, or care to know, that TRUMP’s Celebrity Apprentice was about CHARITY. Celebrities paying it forward, and giving back. This is the way charity is supposed to work, not through forced taxation and the government picking winners and losers. We know how horrendous they are at choosing winners. Just look at the ObamaCare website, Solyendra, and more. The money always ends up in their cronies pockets, and then, somehow, is channeled into their next winning race, or it is used in some other fight against us.

    This too needs to end.

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    • MTeresa says:

      Forced taxation to redistribute “charity” to whomever the government decides has absolutely destroyed the concept of charity. One compels you and the other is with free will.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        And they have lowered all the red lines for what they consider charity. It now apparently means anyone who doesn’t want to work, and work hard, as opposed to hardly working, is charity. It is absolutely disgusting what has been done to our once proud country.

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  19. NJF says:

    Oh my what a way to wake up. What an inspiring story. After the townhall my husband was relentlessly channel surfering and landed on MSNBC and Lawrence O’Donnel. This man, this nothing of a man proceeded to trash Trump as if he is the reincarnation of hitler. I can’t wait for him and the rest of his ilk to eat crow and be revealed as the fraud they are.

    Go Trump, Make American Great Again!

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  20. AdamSelene says:

    Ugh, more violence at a Trump rally, my eyes violently watering…

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  21. velvetfoot says:

    It was a very touching moment.

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  22. skylark2016 says:

    Matthew 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
    :21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

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  23. Zen Masta says:

    I can’t watch this video without shedding a tear. It’s very touching but it shows the type of man that Mr. Trump is and the mainstream media will never show the type of things that he does on a regular basis to help regular people.

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  24. corimari2013 says:

    There is a short video interview with Melissa in 2005 on YouTube.
    After it is over, keep watching for the next video that features her son: “Forever–Love Mommy”

    I won’t forget this woman.
    Pray for her and for her family.
    What a blessing for Melissa to be able to be at Mr. Trump’s event in Janesville yesterday.
    And Mr. Trump was yesterday–and has been–so very, very kind to her.
    Truly a compassionate man. God bless him.

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  25. Pam says:

    I came almost close to tears myself yesterday when she was telling her story. My heart really goes out to her and to her entire family. There is just no excuse for medical malpractice.


  26. I’m not sure I can type since it is so darn dusty in here, I really need to get my eyes clear…

    There are angels among us and right here is the proof.

    The bluster and public persona is a cover for this most gracious and generous man. This is another one of those “never told” stories, the kind he will never use to advance his own personal agenda. You could tell he was not comfortable with that display of gratitude, but was moved to tears by this woman’s story.

    I remember in one of the early debates when he chose his Secret Service code name….HUMBLE; and everyone laughed. He is the perfect example of true humility. Generosity and good deeds are not to be publicly paraded for praise. There is no telling how many thousands of people he has helped privately, and for these deeds he will be rewarded.

    We will be so lucky to have a man like Trump represent this great country.


  27. datagooroo says:

    I think the best part is that at first Trump did not recognize her for who she was, showing this was not preplanned. Cruz has dirty secrets, Trump has lovely clean secrets…both are being suppressed by the MSM.

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  28. kallibella says:

    This story is so sad. I feel so much for Melissa and as a mother/parent it is easy to understand all she has tried to do for her son. How awful that she is in this unnecessary medical/health situation.
    I am, like her, so thankful for how Donald Trump tried to help her and encourage her.

    I have heard about his acts of generosity and he, of course, doesn’t get any credit for it from the media. And that is just as well. The media have no real or loving criteria for praising acts of kindness. They don’t know the meaning of those things.

    Trump’s acts of kindness are only meaningful to the recipients and to those of us who totally identify with our fellow man. I am pretty sure Trump will continue to help Jack when Melissa is gone as a tribute to her courage and out of the goodness of his heart.


  29. Robyn says:

    Where is this story in the main stream media???? God bless her and her courage.


  30. Martin says:


  31. JunieG says:

    Beautiful, and deeply moving. Mr Trump possesses grace.


  32. Ma'iingankwe says:

    We all know that social media has become a powerful tool, and I really feel since the MSM refuses to run with this story as they would with others, it is our duty as Trump supporters to do so. We need to carry this story to Twitter, Facebook and every other form of social media out there.

    I know Trump would never do this because of the man he is, but it does not mean we shouldn’t be able to carry this torch. Who knows, it may even help this beautiful and strong woman and her son some way some how.

    Please good people, let us take this clip and her letter and post it to every social media outlet we are members of. Let us post it to every comment section of the newspapers around this country as well. We need as many people to see this as possible.

    Trump has been slandered in so many ways with so many lies that there are a great number of people who believe them. Let us prove these people wrong, and hopefully sway them into looking more closely at our man, and see the many great things that we do. And yes, my cup is always half full.
    Be well and stay strong,


  33. Dick Albright says:

    If you go back in time and read all of the “objective” coverage of Don since his youth, the true nature of the man is apparent.

    This follows from his youth (as a super-active kid) needing a military academy to focus his energy to all of the thousands of interviews and hearing testimonies he’s been asked to participate in…due to his experience, successes as well as setbacks. His ‘common-sense’ conservatism is founded in Constitutional freedoms…and he has acted on it consistently.

    His “America-First” motive has always been there, espoused by his parents and grandparents…who were successful self-starters and self-made successes…and faith-based Neither parents smoked, abused drugs or drank, nor did Donald, ever. His brother (RIP) did and admonished Don to “keep it clean”. That is only one of the the baseline metrics that have shown up often and here again in his fundamental moral compass, and in too many other cases to list.

    We are in the company of Greatness!

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  34. seventhndr says:

    NISKEY (YouTube channel) compiled a video of some of Trumps lesser known charitable moments, including Ms. Young. Very nice. I’ve posted as a tweet I received so that you can easily retweet if you’d like:

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  35. Undefiled religon is in trump visiting the widow and the fatherless in their affliction. How can anyone be against Trump?


  36. Ted Baar says:

    He has my vote as well. This is the real Trump.


  37. red6242 says:

    I hope everyone here has tried to help spread this out since the media never will, we have to do all we can with things like this.


  38. Lucille says:

    As much as I disliked reading the lousy comments at some of the links posted on this story, it is educational, showing once again what we are up against. H8Rs badmouth Mr. Trump and this dear woman. Their hate includes dissing the photo/note that Mr. Trump sent to her; questioning whether she is really ill, saying that she is a plant, ad nauseam. Our enemies are heartless.


  39. nitschke66 says:

    Thank you Sundance and CTH! It’s a shame that this story and clip wasn’t all over the networks at least as much as the negative press Trump gets. I would show a fair and balance in reporting news. If this story played as much in the media, Trump would go up by 10-15 pts in WIs alone. But they are dishonest and fear him. God watch over this beautiful lady and her son! Thank you Mr. Trump for being the man you are!


  40. Bobk says:

    There are many strories like this about Trump. In spite of all the negative news reports, he is a person of high character. You will never find a story like this about Hillary. Probably very few democrats. They talk about protecting the middle class, when the opposite is true. It’s all about them. They could care less about anyone but themselves, and always blame conservatives for the actions of which they are guilty.


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