Atwater Evasion Video – Senator Ted Cruz Dodges Answering Questions About Infidelity…

Harvey Leroy Atwater, or “Lee” as he was known, was an old-school republican political operative who was a master of the dark arts in political obfuscation, and denial.

What we are witnessing in this video, via the denials of Senator Ted Cruz, is straight from the Atwater school of political management.

When infidelities are discovered:

• Hide the spouse • Take her off the trail • Block contact • Delete Social Media • Present female spokesperson as intercepting agent for candidate • Keep interceptor with candidate at all times • Deny • Deny • Deny…. until denial is no longer a plausible option:

♦ The interceptor is to deflect attention away from the campaign. ♦ The Candidate must not answer direct questions. ♦ Reassert candidate’s humility perspective.  This becomes paramount to give space if needed in phase two.

Phase Two – Interceptor drops out.  When/if the candidate can no longer hide the infidelity, the reasons for prior obfuscation/denial was ‘embarrassment‘.   Phase Two ends with re-entry of spouse to deliver the “we will heal / together” speech.  Surround candidate’s optic with friends and family; or carefully host private one-on-one interview.

Atwater’s legacy continues….

….Just because the cat had her kittens in the oven, that don’t make em’ biscuits…

carly cruz

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1,317 Responses to Atwater Evasion Video – Senator Ted Cruz Dodges Answering Questions About Infidelity…

  1. teaforall says:

    Cruz looks defeated and guilty as charged in this video with Carly Very CREEPY

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  2. Eric Kennedy says:

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  3. IMO says:

    Still Report #750 – Enquirer Sex-Scandal Confirmed

    Oh Wow so Heidi is/was aware of Teds affairs.
    They are the Clintons 2.0

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  4. Molly Marine, RN & JD says:

    If he didn’t do it, then why isn’t he adamantly denying it? The look on his wife’s face says it all. She’s going to tear him up & I really wish I could be a fly on the wall 4 it lol


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