Connecticut Easter Egg Hunt Turns Violent – Adults Beat The Peeps out of Toddlers, Bloodied Children Left Crying In Agony…

The Easter Day Massacre
(Warning: Graphic Content – This is not a spoof)

An Easter egg hunt in Connecticut turned into a bloody rampage as hoards of violent parents stormed the fields around PEZ Headquarters in a frenzied attempt to garner the precious eggs.

Children were captured on video screaming in agony as mobs of adults tore baskets from their hands, beat the peeps out of them, and left them laying bloodied on the field of Easter conquest.  As a two year old was having her little face shoved into the dirt by the heel of a crazed chaperone, the event organizers pleaded with the raging mob to stop.

Unfortunately, the chocolate covered blood lust could not be quenched until the last of the 9,000 eggs was captured.  When the dust settled, ambulances were called to care for the youngest of the wounded…

pez hunt

(The Daily Mail Has a Full Outline of the Horror) An Easter egg hunt descended into chaos on Saturday after parents in Orange, Connecticut, stormed the field.

Children as young as four were trampled by adults in a rampage to steal buckets and grab as many of the 9,000 hidden eggs as possible from the third annual free event at the PEZ headquarters.

One four-year-old son was left ‘bloody’ on the sports field and a two-year-old girl was shoved into the mud, witnesses claimed.

A horrified parent described the scene as ‘an angry mob of chaos’ with ‘not one toddler hunting for eggs’ among the crowds of adults.

[…]  ‘When it came time at like 10.30am, the parents just bum-rushed that area,’ West Haven resident Nicole Welch, at the event with her four-year-old son, told WFSB.

‘When my son left he had a broken basket and he was hysterically crying,’ Welch said.

A grandparent wrote on Facebook: ‘My grandson ended up with a bloody from an ADULT in the 9-12 year old section knocking into him!!!!

‘Where was PEZ personnel?? Where was the safety of our children in your thought process?? And to make matters worse, how about almost getting hit by a vehicle leaving your property, which had parked in your lot and was leaving, in very close proximity to the “egghunt” field”?’

easter bunnyA PEZ official confirmed the meltdown.

‘We started talking to people and say “hey this is supposed to start at certain time. That lasted about a minute and everyone just rushed the field and took everything,’ said Pez General Manager Shawn Peterson.

The firm also released a statement lamenting the controversy.

‘Unfortunately people chose to enter the first field prior to anyone from Pez staff starting the activity,’ it read.

‘The crowd moved to the second field, waited for only a couple of minutes and proceeded to rush the field without being directed to do so and before the posted start time.’  (read more of the massacre)

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221 Responses to Connecticut Easter Egg Hunt Turns Violent – Adults Beat The Peeps out of Toddlers, Bloodied Children Left Crying In Agony…

  1. wodiej says:

    This is what happens when a society promotes an attitude that one can do whatever they please with no consequences. It starts with an Easter egg hunt and morphs into head chopping.


  2. Daz says:

    Plus the kids who were injured I’m mostly certain they’ll sue Pez for not protecting their children since the parents don’t think it’s their job to do that.


  3. Frank O'Pinion says:

    This version of Christians fits right into the mold of the faux pope, the terrorist muslim provactor Francis.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. wasntme says:

    In Pez’s defense, maybe they expected adults to act like adults.
    Shame on them.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. kpm58 says:

    Meth and Heroin addicts like sweets very much.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. SeekerOfTruth says:

    –anarchist are everywhere.
    This is just another example of how the US and also much of the world are descending into an anarchist society where rules and laws mean nothing. It is do whatever you can get away with.

    The rule of law and decency are being abandoned for many things and people. Most here can figure out to whom and where the rules apply and where rules do not apply. Leftists have long preached a culture where the same rules do not apply to them as others. And the media let them get away with it.

    Are we becoming a society of fascist bullies? YES! If you can get away with it. Scream at other nice people for being bullies for minor things while being a major bully yourself. That is the rule of law.

    Do whatever your privilege or not privileged status will allow – there are no other laws. Just recognize where you privilege status lies and act accordingly. My privilege statue by the way is very very low – white male Christian – not rich, not politician. So I have to be very very clean.

    On the other hand BLM and many of the economically poor protesters have a very high privilege status. So can do almost anything they want including burning down a building. No consequences.

    have a nice day.

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  7. bitterlyclinging says:

    Shouldn’t be much of a surprise, at all. It’s Orange, CT, a suburb of New Haven, Ct.
    Probably had a large contingent of Yale University faculty and staff mixed into the brouaha.


  8. Ursula says:

    Some parents are obnoxious and are found at prep schools and sporting events.


  9. sulli159 says:

    What no videos; hmmm Come on folks; you know the price of eggs have soared.

    Welcome to The Hunger Games 2.0.

    Other than that; I’m a loss for words; imagine that.


  10. Ugh so embarrassing. Too many stupid people have infiltrated the beautiful state of Connecticut. Go figure Orange is right next to New Haven.


  11. Texian says:


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  12. Aitch748 says:

    This story is nightmare fuel. It’s like something out of a dystopia SF novel.


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