Brandon Tatum Attends Trump Rally – Discovers Protesters are actually Nasty, Violent, Radical Professional Activists…

Brandon Meets The Moonbats

A gentleman named Brandom Tatum posted a video on Facebook describing his visit to a Donald Trump rally in Tucson Arizona.  As he describes it was an eye-opening event for him, as he discovers the protesters are not “protesters”, but rather hate-filled, violent and nasty antagonists trying provoke confrontation.

In short, he met/discovered the ideological left-wing of politics.

Mr. Tatum also describes himself as a police officer by profession who was shocked to discover the “Black Lives Matter” movement is actually filled with violent thugs and extremely hateful anti-American activists. Go figure.

trump rally tucson

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225 Responses to Brandon Tatum Attends Trump Rally – Discovers Protesters are actually Nasty, Violent, Radical Professional Activists…

  1. Kalei says:

    What’s funny is that the things Trump will do for this country will benefit the people protesting him. Finally a chance for a non political bought and paid for president, but these small minds don’t see the big picture. Because if Trump doesn’t make it, he will just go back to his billions, the rich will continue to be rich, the upper middle class will still be ok with their jobs/businesses. But the rest will continue to struggle as the country gets worse and worse. So really, the protestors are sealing their own fate… And the people who see the big picture will still move on and we will continue with the same bullshit from the last 20 years to the next 20 years. Wake up. We need to fix this country first before there is no country left for you protestors to protest in. Let him do his business thing and revive the country, then go back to hating and complaining about losing your handout benefits.

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    • joshua3311 says:

      These people are quislings. They have no desire to see anything but the complete destruction of America and remade as socialist/communist utopia. Some are good intention people that don’t realize they are just brainwashed useful idiots, and a surprising amount of them are actually demon possessed satan worshipers.


  2. nole2016 says:

    Mr.Tatum’s story has now been picked up by Breitbart and thegatewaypundit…hopefully Drudge is next…email him. Rush Limbaugh, Levin, Ingraham, Kelly, and all the other Trump haters should be ashamed for their anti-Trump rhetoric.

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  3. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Thank you Brandon for listening to what Trump had to say and reporting on what you saw at the event. No matter how you vote in November you got my respect for being open minded and truthful.

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  4. Paco Loco says:

    They are not protestors, they are left wing agitators that hate America. Their leaders are community organizers like Obama…scum of the earth.

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  5. lupe says:

    Great recount and reflection, Officer Tatum!

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  6. StormyeyesC says:

    someone must send this link to Donald trump twitter I don’t tweet or I would


  7. Newman says:

    I just hope this patriot has a job at the end of the day tomorrow. Tucson is a very leftist city..and we all know how liberals like to destroy people they disagree with.

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  8. Ed Florian says:

    Thank you so much for this! Listening to a whole speech by Donald Trump is much better than the awful short snippets the media has been giving us. He is way more moderate than he is being portrayed. LORD help us!

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  9. yakmaster2 says:

    Since the media frames everything by Race I’m glad this Black police officer is fair minded enough to go to a Trump rally to see for himself what the rallies are really about and the peaceful hopeful attitude of Trump supporters. The fact he was *shocked** to discover the hate and disruptions are, in reality, coming from trespassing “protestors” inside the event and not regular attendees is proof of how powerful deceptive media messaging is to nondiscerning viewers/readers. This man’s paradigm has been shifted by his own real experience and I’m so glad he’s sharing his new view with others.

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  10. Mr. Tatum will be a celebrity soon, if he isn’t already! Here is an existing celebrity endorsing Donald Trump (includes video)


  11. tisclear says:

    Bravo ! Brandon Tatum, if only more people were like you and did their own research we would have informed Americans invested in our Country’s future and it would look a whole lot better than it does now..

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  12. I’m praying for Brandon Tatum. He has no idea what he may be in for. 😦

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  13. shirley49 says:

    These people are getting paid to do this. One talk show host said they had ads on Craigs list.


  14. Irene Matthews says:

    On Drudge List! I emailed the link last night but it bounced back saying the mailbox was full. Made me wonder just how many people read this blog. Hurrah for us!


  15. Agitators are nothing but HATERS.

    April J. Foster, 29, was arrested by Kansas City, Missouri police on Friday for slapping a police horse at a protest against leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on March 12.
    April was charged with abuse of a police service animal.

    “PETA commends the person who called the tip line so that this woman’s apparent cruelty to this horse does not go unpunished,” the PETA statement said.

    Foster, 29, has been charged with abuse of a police service animal. She is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on May 4.

    PETA has responded to an incident involving Donald Trump protester April Foster, who was arrested Friday in Kansas City after she was seen beating a police horse.

    “All animals feel pain, stress and fear just like we do, and they deserve our respect and protection,” said PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch in a statement on the incident. “Horses are highly sensitive prey animals, and this poor horse was without a doubt already under a tremendous amount of stress as a result of the chaos, the crowds, the deafening noise of the angry protesters, and more.” FULL STORY HERE:



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