Donald Trump Rally, Tampa Florida – 2:00pm EDT Livestream

The second Donald Trump campaign rally of the day takes place in Tampa Florida at the Tampa Convention Center. (Same venue where Rubio had 300 attendees last week).  The event is scheduled to begin at 2:00pm EDT

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trump rally tampa 12

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439 Responses to Donald Trump Rally, Tampa Florida – 2:00pm EDT Livestream

  1. arkansasmimi says:

    Wow!! Lady is calling in saying she is kin to the “thug” her words, that jumped on the stage. She does not support this guy. She is a Trump. She is the sister to that thug Father. She saying Mom has lots of connections with the Highway Dept and got him off. She said he doing it to make a name for himself. She has not spoken to her brother he wont take calls. *this is on the Michael Savage link someone gave.

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  2. Tparty says:

    I think it’s time for a lesson on coalition buiding with these critical primary days. It cannot be accomplished with name calling, labeling, or ANY other vindictive or abusive techniques.

    It’s very important to understand the difference between ‘I’ and ‘we’ when interacting with other camps.

    ‘We’ and ‘our’ much more powerful in coalition building and engender in agreement. Pick any series of issues the other camps have that agree with our objectives of building a coalition whether they are social or want to conserve. Use keywords in conjunction with ‘we’ and ‘our’.

    Bernie voter for instance. … we agree on the need for social agreement of social security, support and healthcare for the poor and disabled.

    “We (arms spread) need to come together folks (hands together)”

    Donald, can they hear us now?

    “Donald Trump and his supporters are conservative on our border. We are conservative on our healthcare, our social security and our commitment to providing the poor and disabled support and care.

    We are conservative on our culture and our language folks … because to have a multicultural world we need to conserve ‘OUR’ culture and we demand respect for that as we respect peaceful cultures all over the world.

    We are conservative on opportunity and prosperity for ALL Americans … and those who seek to be good Americans.

    We are conservative on free world trade. …. that’s another series of deals we will make … and I’m the best.

    We are going to make America great again folks … for EVERYONE!!

    Thank you and God bless America!!



    “We are going to take our country back from these people”

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  3. arkansasmimi says:

    Honestly I was shocked when Sarah Palin came out and said this lol And she meant it too. LOL she just said it like it is

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  4. FoxyGranny says:

    I am very much a Trump supporter. I began listening to the very first debate during summer. Initially my thoughts were varied as Dr Carson displayed, both intelligent responses and integrity.
    I first would like to admit, I am not politically savvy. What I am, is a person that seeks out the truth through documentation, history and supportive background. I, have many years on CTH. It has been a valued education. I attempt to research comments and accusation for validation. Always two sides, but don’t be mislead or accept false narrative. Research and back it up, before believing and making an informed decision.
    I am elderly, and a person that seeks out information to make informed decicion. I am aware many that believe the false media info. Just because it is reported on national network, it is often
    With an agenda, as they heard it on main street media. Most do not understand the restrictive nature of the release of main street media. The censoring, and story redirection. Our news should be unbiased. I take my vote very seriously.
    My concern, are the voters that believe the false narrative, with absollute
    Faith. Just because is is mainstream media, does not mean in if way, it is true. Manny accept grocery store discussions as truth. The false feeding of controlled information
    I am thankful for the opportunity to learn, check facts to make response with integrity.
    Be an independent thinker, that will weed out the falsehood. Be informed and make informed decisions.
    I value my education on the Treehouse. Thank you.

    Thanks all

    Knowledge is powerful.

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  5. arkansasmimi says:

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  6. Backspin says:

    I went to the ‘ Moving ‘ wall that volenters


  7. This video .. kinda ignore the title .. made me chuckle a few times.
    Enjoy as we wait for the OHIO rally

    Positive message .. and some cool pics. I like the music as well.


  8. disgustedwithjulison says:

    Ugh…..Pamela Bondi (40 minute mark) supporting the Donald. Donald’s stock has just gone down in my book. Those that have visited this site since the Trayvon Martin trial and attempted legal lynching of George Zimmerman will recall Pam Bondi was right at the heart of that with the Crumpster and Darryl Parks. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth….If it gets the Donald elected I will roll with it, but the Donald should be careful of people like her.


    • jello333 says:

      I really doubt Trump knows much at all about that case. I read a comment from him at some point before/during the trial that was pretty negative toward George. No real detail. So I very much doubt he knows a lot about the case beyond what the MSM spewed. The good news, though, is that Donald seems to NOT like the BLM, so I’m sure he’s open-minded enough to learn more about the GZ/TM case. (Right now though, he’s a bit busy with other matters. 😉 )


    • Martin says:

      Why? He didn’t ask for her endorsement.


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