Only 300 Show Up To Rubio Rally at Tampa Bay Convention Center…

Team Marco Rubio held a campaign rally today at the Tampa Bay Convention Center in Florida.  Only 300 people showed up (max), so the campaign just held the rally in one collapsible room about the size of a hotel lobby.  (see pictures of event here)

TAMPA –  Marco Rubio is in a bind. He’s down in the polls in his home state against Donald Trump, and if he doesn’t win Florida, he could be finished.  The Florida senator is putting it all on the line this week.

little marcoThe crowd inside the Tampa Convention Center was small, but energetic, and it’s that energy that Rubio says is going to push him over the edge to win his home state.

Rubio brought a positive message, taking the high road in his bitter battle with Trump on his home turf.   Before the rally, 10News political reporter Mark Rivera asked about a new Monmouth poll that shows Rubio just 8 points behind Trump in Florida — within shooting distance. (read more)

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222 Responses to Only 300 Show Up To Rubio Rally at Tampa Bay Convention Center…

  1. jc says:

    I hope L’il Narco can hang in there long enough to keep splitting the anti trumpf votes with Canadian Ted.

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  2. Lulu says:

    No wonder he’s sweating.

    That closeup photo shows sideburns full of beads of sweat and sweat running down his face.

    He should never permit closeups.

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  3. Kat Swigert says:

    Little Marco…has big hands, tells big lies, thinks bathroom humor is funny. No, thanks, Little Marco; you can’t fill Trump’s BIGGER shoes.

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  4. Kristin says:

    Friends of ours voted early in AZ for Rubio. They are very upset about their mistake. I wonder how many people did so in these early votes …

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    • It’s funny in a sad way.
      sometimes it’s better to procrastinate.

      Your friends tragedy will not be in vain, I’m gonna hold off on doing the dishes. 🙂

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    • Notmeagain says:

      They might be able to request a ballot on electiion day, Mar. 22, at their polling place. Not sure about that. If you have spoiled your mail-in ballot some other way, like marking two candidates, you can do that. They would have to get up and go, though


      • Darrell Richardson says:

        It is all good me and my wife and kids will be voting for Trump on the 22nd here in Phoenix. Rubio is finished and Cruz is a flat out POS I know all about him and the Bush’s. Cruz is a poser that simple. He was W’s top advisor and his wife holy shit can we say queen of the damned CFR/Goldman Sachs ya he is on the inside. Trump will get AZ easy not all of us are fooled by the corrupt media bling.


  5. Clc says:

    I have a sick feeling that this election in florida is going to be stolen with rigged voter machines. I have very little faith in the system as it is but if trump loses ohio and florida then that will prove it for me. I am still trying to figure out how cruz won maine and also beat trump in texas by half a million votes.

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    • sunnydaysall says:

      There has been mass voter fraud by the Cruz campaign in most every caucus voting state. I have read many reports about the Cruz people blocking doors and not letting people in to vote, and culling Cruz voters out of the lines and bringing them in to vote. Then there were reports of busloads of Cruz supporters taken from caucus to caucus to vote because there were no ID checks, and the big one was in Main where whole caucuses were shut down and no one was allowed to vote because those controlling the caucus said there was too much confusion by the Trump voters! Thousands were not allowed to vote! Lots of angry Trump voters who were denied their voting rights, after waiting hours in lines, have reported these instances to the GOP… But these complaints have fallen on deaf ears. It seems as if the GOP has given the Cruz camp the green light to deny Americans citizens their right to vote.

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      • benY says:

        Their first mistake was reporting it to the GOP, who are in on the voter fraud. All fraud needs to be reported to the Trump campaign.

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      • AdamSelene says:

        I hear these kinds of things, but where’s the proof? Why aren’t the people who have been denied the ability to vote on twitter and facebook and youtube screaming to high heaven? Are they there and I just haven’t seen them?

        I can believe there’s fraud in the vote counting, but I just don’t believe in the age of cell phone videos you can that easily hide fraud in the vote casting.

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      • Coast says:

        I find this difficult to believe. If this happened to me I would be on the local news…one way or another.

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      • Chris says:

        I live in Maine and this is NOT true. However it was a mess because alot of voters turned out and not everyone got to vote because time ran out. They are looking to hold primarys now because of it. They did NOT shut down places. In fact they even held one at a post office and used the phone to vote. They did have a rep there to verify it also.

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    • ginaswo says:

      I love you guys but you have to try to remain positive
      constant comments about how The Don will get robbed etc etc don’t boost voter energy

      It’s Not My TREEHOUSE But I Think Sundance has made numerous attempts to tell readers how the machine works so we stop getting played by machine tactics (holding back positive election results til end of night etc) and we actually help the machine by making comments that demoralize other Trump supporters

      We have got this
      so many people ARE AWAKE they cannot stop it


  6. mcfyre2012 says:

    Like I’ve always said, Rubio is not popular in Florida outside of Miami. He was elected senator only because his opponent was the always flip-flopping, obama fan-boy Charlie Crist.

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    • Will says:

      You got that right. If ever there was a perfect example of having to vote for the lesser of two evils, it was certainly that particular election. The only reason Rubio was elected was exactly as you say, his opponent Charlie Crist the Chameleon was an evil lying flip-flopping political party-jumping loser as there ever was.

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  7. joshua says:

    why do we get the picture that the entire GOPe is One Continuous Flip-Flop candidate after another….and then MITTENS? Bring in Dole, Perry, Quayle, McCain, Ryan, and anyone via “Fireman….save my CHILD” logic…..what a PATHETIC party of NO LEADERSHIP…

    They do not want a LEADER….they want a puppet dummy

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    • Coast says:

      You would think that almost anyone with a brain cell could see that when a political party is so “against” a leading candidate, a candidate that is advocating policies helpful for America, that they would begin to understand just who and what these parties are. Then again, the average voter is uninformed and brainwashed. Hence support for Cruz, Rubio, etc…I’m sure there are votes being cast right now in Florida for Jeb. Go figure.


  8. mcfyre2012 says:

    Ha-ha…The newspaper said 1,000 attended. A radio story claimed 2,000 were at the Rubio rally.


  9. MeThePeople says:

    I heard that there was a disturbance at Disney the other day when Goofy went ballistic after they told him he was going have to train his replacement, a snotty Shiatsu from Bangladesh.

    They threw him a milkbone and order was restored.
    The GOp is rigging the election all over the country.
    If you are a politician you lie, steal and rig….that’s what you do.

    Go Trump

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  10. Sure Marco eased up on his Trump attacks! He’s got his puppeteers running fraudulent anti-Trump ads 24/7 here in Florida on TV and on the radio. He can’t sell his record because it’s all bad so they just attack Trump. Marco lied to us in 2010 and did the exact opposite of what he promised.


  11. B Da says:

    I rather liked Marco and was interested to go see him until he launched into a series of disgusting low blow shots at Trump, then the Romney speech, now he’s obviously become the favorite tool of the moment for GOP insiders, Lobbyists, Profiteers, and special interest Shills. Bye Bye


    • Coast says:

      But what was there to like…that he ran on a Senate platform of being conservative…then tried like hell to give the country away to illegals. That was likable?


  12. jameswlee2014 says:

    Marco Gangofeight Rubio woke up one morning and decided that America was his to give away to foreigners. Suddenly he finds out that that irritates people.

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  13. Concerned says:

    I’m at work in a relatively open office space, and when I saw that picture of Rubio I had a reeeeeaaaallllly hard time not losing my composure. That is seriously funny. And just for the record, I don’t normally find short people funny, but little Lil Marco is definitely funny.


  14. Pepperjelly says:

    Doesn’t matter how “energetic” the crowd was, 300 is 300.


  15. Looks like the establishment’s Plan B- R2bo was not thoroughly thought out.


  16. Rubio is the worst possible candidate for president!


  17. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    300 people –
    were they all Puerto Ricans and Minnesota Somalis?


  18. Dennis Davis says:

    Democrats against Democracy
    The democrat party no longer believes in democracy. They have exposed themselves in the last 7 years with Hussain Insane Obama, Hillary Rotten Clinton, and Bernie Sanders leading the way. The democrat party now supports tierney, dictatorship, socialism, and communism as the base of their agenda and purpose. These four definitions are what millions of brave Americans died to stop this from coming to our shores since America was founded. Now we have a president that has committed treason and Hillary and Bernie wanting to follow in this new direction to kill and destroy American democracy. This is insane and a lot of crazy Un-Americans and Anti-Americans support this agenda that is disgusting. How in the hell could this even happen. I say God bless America and our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and all the other great documents from our fore fathers, so long ago who believed in freedom for all. Never vote for a demon-rat (democrat) evil hater again, keep democracy alive and well.
    Dennis Davis


  19. Jeff Yard says:

    I love seeing BOYTOY Rubio crash and burn. He is a lying little puppet of the GOP and his criminal friends which he brought along for this ride can’t help him now. Burn baby burn and take all of your criminals with you.


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