Florida Latino Population Has Stronger Trump Support Than Media Like To Present….

It’s not anecdotal folks, it’s real, and it’s strong.  Latino’s, like all Americans, are not a monolithic group like many in the mainstream (left) media would like most to believe. 

We’ve shared before how the Miami-Dade Cuban community is NOT automatically a Rubio coalition.  The Latino/Latina community well understand the cultural concept of, and deeply held conviction toward, a strong familial patrone’. Do not buy the media spin on this.

latinos for Trump

HIALEAH — Cuban-Americans here have the rare opportunity to vote for two of their own for the presidency of the United States. Yet, some are making a different choice: They’re backing Donald Trump.

The controversial frontrunner has insisted he’ll draw Hispanic voters despite launching his campaign last June with inflammatory remarks about Mexicans and rapists. And as he competes in Florida, the biggest state yet to test his boast, there is anecdotal evidence of support among Miami-Dade’s staunchly Republican Cuban-American voters even as most back Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, whom many Cuban-American voters helped elect to the U.S. Senate in 2010.

For Trump backers, ethnicity plays no factor.

“I don’t think Cuban, I think American,” said former Hialeah Mayor Julio Martinez, who, for two weeks, has held a Trump campaign sign outside an early voting site just blocks from where Rubio last week implored Hispanics to vote for him in Tuesday’s presidential primary.

Perched in a lawn chair outside the John F. Kennedy Library, holding a “The Silent Majority Stands with Trump” sign, Martinez said he was backing Trump because there was “nobody better suited” to fixing the economy.

“The worst problem the United States has today is the economy,” he said.

Trump’s pledge to force Mexico to pay for construction of a wall at the U.S. border and his call to deport the nation’s estimated 11 million immigrants who are here illegally have infuriated Hispanic advocacy groups and led to heated protests at his rallies. But for backers, they play no role. Even Trump’s support for closer ties with Cuba’s government makes no waves.

Martinez said he’d even persuaded his wife, Xiomara, to back Trump. She’s been a citizen for two decades, though she was in the United States illegally for a time with a lapsed Nicaraguan visa.

“She said at the beginning, ‘What are you doing? He’s too rough on immigration,’ ” Martinez said. “I told her, ‘You walk into the house and someone is sitting on your couch, what do you do? You call the police. That is what he is saying.’ She voted for Donald Trump three days ago.”  (read more)

latinos for Trump 2


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  2. irvingtwosmokes says:

    And the Cruz supporter’s are getting the hell out of there…lol

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  3. TwoLaine says:

    Like TRUMP said all along, he will win the latino vote. I never had any doubts.

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    • MissV says:

      Of course. Can’t wait for the numbers to come in Tuesday.

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    • Ivyredneck says:

      Two weeks ago I visited Cuban-American relatives in Miami. Out on the porch with beers in hand and kids on their phones, I asked whether Hispanics would vote against Trump because of what he has said about immigration. The immediate reaction was for Trump. Someone explained that Trump is right that Cuba doesn’t send its best people anymore, the same as Mexico. Someone else pointed out jobs are scarce. Someone else said the new immigrants arrive like the own the place, knowing all the welfare programs already.

      The GOPe’s epochal miscalculation occurred when its consultants tried to parlay Romney’s loss into a narrative that Hispanics demand amnesty from the GOP. They married low-wage donor interest and political correctness in a false narrative.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        “The GOPe’s epochal miscalculation occurred when its consultants tried to parlay Romney’s loss into a narrative that Hispanics demand amnesty from the GOP. They married low-wage donor interest and political correctness in a false narrative.”

        Always has been a big lie. And it’s not the GOP that “needs to attract more hispanics” GOPe DUMBO’s, it’s the CANDIDATES Themselves!!!!

        AND TRUMP DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        McCain couldn’t do it because of his policies and his own lack of cred, and he’s a dud. Sarah did everything she could to help drag him over the line. He was UNDRAGGABLE. 😉

        Boring, Loser Romney, because he WIMPED out every time.

        The same goes with the rest of the NOW DEAD GOPe 2016 field, starting w/the UNCHOSEN UNO, Jebrasita! 🙂 🙂 🙂


      • TwoLaine says:

        BTW, sounds like a great visit! One of the 1st thing TRUMP needs to do is end the Cuba to the U.S. pipeline and special immigrant status. It is a a farce, should NEVER have gone on so long, if at all, and will end a lot of waste and abuse of the systems.

        I think the latino man in the article said it very well to his wife. Basically, If someone comes in your house and sits on your couch and won’t leave, that’s a problem.

        “They arrive like they own the place”.


        • Based on articles I’ve read the Muslims in Europe are doing the same thing. Demanding different food, internet, and better accommodations. Ungrateful.

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          • TwoLaine says:

            Don’t forget forcing employers to give them time off to pray 6 times a day and a place to do it.


          • keebler AC says:

            If they want to keep their customs so outrageously then I question why they left their own country. Unless the reason is to embark on a LaRaza type dominion. Barack aligned easily with the illegal migrants because he knew about LaRaza all along. LaRaza and islam are two sides to the same coin.


  4. adoubledot says:

    Real intelligent move by those two Cruz supporters ready to run out into oncoming traffic, led by a police cruiser no less.

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  5. 77bassguitarist says:

    Hey let’s not leave out the adrican American vote! We are representing down here in florida as well!! GO TRUMP WE ARE ONE AMERICA FLORIDA WILL BE HEARD IN A DAYS TIME!!!

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    • Michelle says:

      Love it! Yes we are one America!

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    • TheFenian says:

      Great comment 77bassguitarist

      Just like his strong support in the “Latino”, or “Hispanic” (whatever) ethnic community, Trump has strong and growing support in the African American community.

      He IS the Great Uniter this country wants and needs.

      It’s the very fact he has this large and growing support that has mobilized the left, the media & the GOPe elites to roll out their unprecedented smear campaign to brand Trump as a racist.

      Hispanic & black support has the potential to sweep Trump into office with the mandate of a 50 state landslide. This would destroy the Republican party as it’s presently constituted and effectively end the Democrat party.

      The institutional, organized left, in lock step with establishment Republicans, the media and the “cultural elites” (Hollywood) will not allow this. They can’t! Their monopoly over the population would be over.

      They will stop at nothing to stop Trump and to marginalize Trump. Thus we have Trump the racist, Trump as Hitler. It’s fear mongering.

      It will take strong, brave voices in the Hispanic community and the African American community to speak up and speak to their amigos and bro’s and tell them in no uncertain terms; they have been lied to and used by the Democrats. They have been used as pawns.

      They must free their minds and vote for their OWN interests from now on. Trump is the savior for Hispanics and blacks.

      First we must Take Back America. Then we can make ALL communities great. Only then can we Make America Great Again.

      One America, Free & Victorious for Trump.

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  6. 77bassguitarist says:

    Spell check sorry AFRICAN…LOL

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  7. Stringy theory says:

    Donald Trump will be the uniter Obama pretended to be but wasn’t. We need Trump to heal the wounds that have been inflicted in all Americans.

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  8. Patriot1 says:

    No race has monopoly on intelligence as much as the elites would have you believe. Anyone who has lived through the destruction the elites have brought to every average American will vote for Trump. He’s is the only candidate that isn’t bought and paid for by the elitist establishment.

    I welcome being part of the real diverse america that cares and supports each other. Down with the elites. Trump for President!

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    • Stringy theory says:

      Like! Well said.


    • susiepuma says:

      No diverse….that’s Alinsky……E Pluribus unum. …out of many one…..we want UNITY & to celebrate being an American & nothing else. Allegiance to one flag only & that is the red, white & blue stars & stripes….

      Diversity & political correctness are straight out of rules for radicals

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  9. justfactsplz says:

    We will be casting our vote for Trump in Florida on Tuesday. I don’t know how it is in the rest of the state but in north central Florida close to the east coast, I am not seeing any Trump signs along roads or streets. I have seen two yard signs and some bumper stickers. It makes me a little edgy but everyone I have talked to has already voted for or plan to vote for Trump. I am expecting a big win and 99 delegates for Trump!

    I received a Florida poll in my email yesterday that I figure was the competition trying to see how bad it is for them here. I filled it out, Trump 1st choice, and 2nd, and 3rd., no other choice for me. It wanted to know if I could change my mind and how sure I was that I was going to vote. No I’m not changing my mind and I am 100 percent sure I will vote for Trump. T.V. here has had heavy negative anti Trump ads also. Trump is running one good one here. I will be glad when Tuesday is over. I want Trump to win Ohio and Illinois also.

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    • lmg says:

      Don’t be put off by the lack of signs. I’m one of his biggest supporters, and I will not have a sign. Yard signs are just “virtue signalling”, and no one needs to know my politics. The ones they put in big clusters on the highways are just so much litter. I won’t have a bumper sticker either. Never had ’em, never will. No one needs to know my opinion, and I don’t need some wacko damaging my car to boost his inflated self-esteem.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        Thanks for your perspective of signs and bumper stickers. In past elections I saw lots. Come to think of it this election cycle I haven’t seen signs of any of the candidates around here. People may be afraid.

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        • New Vulgarian says:

          You’re probably right… people ARE afraid. And that’s what will drive them to the polls. The fact that we are nervous about identifying ourselves tells us that things are very very wrong. Trump is our only shot at a solution! Vote, vote, vote!!!!

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          • BobinFL says:

            I passed by an early voting location last week (Tequesta) and the only signs were two Trump signs. Passed by it yesterday and there was one Marco sign (bright and shiny) and 1 Trump sign that had been mangled but someone had resurrected it….was just barely standing…I was proud of that sign, proud of whoever planted it upright and recommitted to voting Trump on Tuesday.

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        • starfcker says:

          Self funding candidate. They are not nearly as generous with the trump swag as the other campaigns. But then, the other campaigns are spending someone else’s money

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        • Nottakingthisanymore says:

          I remember The last Presidential election I was on vacation the last week in November. we drove to Daytona from Georgia. I took A1A and saw sign after sign after sign for Romney. Not but One Obama sign I just knew in my heart Romney would win.

          So how is that hope and change working for you?

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          • justfactsplz says:

            I remember seeing nothing but Romney signs all over Florida back then and very few Obama signs. No one will ever convince me that Obama won Florida without voter fraud. The hope and change isn’t working for me one bit. I can’t wait until we are rid of him.

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      • WSB says:

        Anyone who runs their business out of a home or who has clients locally simply cannot afford to ruin their livihood.

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      • ssupsky says:

        The only identifiers that I have showing I support Mr.Trump is my speech and the border around my License plate. Which when my gf/spouse saw it, she wanted one too even though she can’t vote. But she shows off the Trump Card proudly wherever she goes.


    • dsp says:

      Just vote!


    • The signs here, (IN N.C.) someone(s) have took’em all up (Last night?),, 6.5 miles worth of TRUMP Signs.. (Even the One a got for MY “Right of Way”).. >MAD<

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    • TrumpFanGirl says:

      People are scared to put signs on their cars or lawns that they’ll be vandalized.

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    • wondering999 says:

      There weren’t many Trump signs out in Tennessee, but Trump took the state easily. I was out driving through the countryside Saturday evening and noticed several Trump signs over an 80 mile distance (but not many).

      Agree with another poster that signs are a sort of “virtue-signaling” and your voting habits aren’t the business of the general public, some of which might be criminal. Also, yard signs are expensive, $2.50-$5 apiece. If you have some spare change, here’s a suggestion — the National Enquirer endorsed Trump! Few people will admit to reading National Enquirer, but it’s a guilty pleasure (I knew a man back when, an electrical engineer who told me that he used to read supermarket magazines in the privacy of his Grandma’s attic!) LOL

      Anyway instead of yard signs, if you buy up a few National Enquirers and leave them discreetly in places where people have to idle and get bored — medical waiting rooms, airport terminals, on planes in the seat pocket, at the car repair waiting room, hospital ER waiting rooms — possibly you’ll turn some bored person into a Trumpster if it’s right time, right place.
      Just an idea, alternative to yard signs

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      • wondering999 says:

        This is not a favorable article, but it has some details about Natl Enquirer, and it made me laugh. In your face, Elites! I support the National Enquirer if National Enquirer supports Trump (and therefore is on my side…)


      • justfactsplz says:

        That is a fantastic idea about the magazine.

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      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        I do the same with sticky notes……..In public bathrooms, grocery stores, Dr. Office. Etc.

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    • ssupsky says:

      Myself, I already voted. My girlfriend/wife, if she could vote, would vote for Mr.Trump. She is Cuban (100%) but only a legal resident. Her parents, who became American Citizens are voting for Mr.Trump (they are 100% Cuban as well)

      When I speak to my spouse about Mr.Trump she rattles off a lot of different qualities, the number 1 being tough on immigration. She has a real hatred toward illegals sneaking into the country. She sees how they are treated better than her and get more entitlements. The language she uses to describe them is not printable and she is not one to usually be foul mouthed.

      I write this as I believe I can offer a firsthand perspective (especially since I have to pay for her immigration fees along with her non American relatives) and the attitude toward illegals is not good to say the least.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        It is so good to hear that your wife and her family support Mr. Trump, too. For those who choose to become American citizens and come here legally it is a slap in their face to see what the illegals get away with. It’s just so wrong along with illegal. The thought about the illegals getting all of those entitlements is maddening. I know President Trump will change all of that.

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  10. Sandy says:

    The media is such a terrible group. Trump is right. They are doing anything they can to try to derail Trump. Trump is the man for President. People MUST get out and Vote! Don’t have another terrible 8 years! Praying Trump is the man for President! He is one tough man!!! Make America great again!

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  11. feralcatsblog says:

    The forests will sing, the oceans will cry
    The ravens will soar through every sky
    Brother Sundance will carry the flame
    While Trump throws down the lightning and rain
    Across the hills and plains, the establishment tyrants we will assail
    The American Freeman’s battle-call will wail

    Storming Imperial City DC with molten fire in hand
    Claiming back our cherished land
    To see the rebirth of America assured
    And all of these usurper’s damage cured
    Until one day the DNC and GOPe will view Satan’s Tree
    And all hang from it the same as he
    (Prose Edda)

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  12. kathyca says:

    The head of Trump’s campaign in AZ is hispanic – in a border state that tried to pass SB 1070 and with hq in the County that has Sheriff Joe! I’m guessing he understands the difference between legal and illegal. lol

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  13. sDee says:

    All this Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, Women, Millennial, Black, voter block is crap – intended to divide us. As a first generation America I was raised with a few things set in stone.
    1) Speak English or spend the rest of your life in Brooklyn
    2) Socialism begot HIlter
    3) We are Americans. Period

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  14. Rotten says:

    Central Florida is Full of Puerto Ricans, those will 90+% vote for Rubio.

    The Cubans like the Republican Party, because they like their special status. Rubio’s amnesty threatens that. But I don’t think that’s enough. The Cubans and Jews in S. Florida will go for Rubio.

    The rest of the state resents rule by Miami, and Rubio broke the social contract. He’ll do horribly in 66% of the state.

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  15. NHVoter says:

    Excellent & unsurprising news!


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  16. Tommy Frisco says:

    Someone please tell the experts that Latinos and Christians are a very diverse group.

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  17. kinthenorthwest says:

    Just because they speak Spanish Cruz & Rubio feel they have the Latinos & Hispanics

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  18. I think that pastor has some serious hangups. When Rachel Maddow introduced him, they sounded similar for a moment. She sounded more like a man and he sounded more like a woman – crossing in the middle. Weird and icky.

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  19. tuyen says:

    My dad, who does not speak a lot of English, told me the other day that a lot of Vietnamese-Americans support Trump because he can’t be bought by lobbyists, and that he will stop China from getting rich off of the US. (Vietnam does not have a good history with China.)

    Trump’s message appeals to every thinking American, no matter the color of their skin.

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    • jerrydon10 says:

      We are all Americans….I’m so glad that Vietnamese-Americans are coming on board the Trump Train….

      We have a lot in common–but the main thing is just being an average citizen, I think. We fighting for change back to a government of, for and by the people….ALL of them……no classism, racism or color of them means a flipping thing to most Trump supporters. I find this movement refreshing….And mark my words that it will be here long after our Trump guy is gone. He nails it in his speeches…..’I am just the messenger…’

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    • George True says:

      “Trump’s message appeals to every thinking American, no matter the color of their skin.”

      That says it all. Well said, sir.

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  20. kinthenorthwest says:

    Love Pirro

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  21. ezpz says:

    Beautiful! This is the what a legal ‘melting pot’ looks like.

    Legal immigrants might feel even more strongly against the illegal invasion and lack of law enforcement than do native born Americans.

    I should know – I am a legal immigrant who came here from Europe as a child. My parents had to pay fees, take an oath that they would not apply for any govt assistance until they became citizens. (And they never applied then because they were hard working and self reliant.). Also, we were detained for a while when we first arrived – not punitively – but to make sure we had no communicable diseases – as a precautionary measure to protect American citizens.

    After five years, memorizing and then reciting the Preamble to the Constitution, we all became citizens. Proud American citizens.
    And of course, we learned and spoke English!

    It’s sad to see the devolution and outright disintegration of what was once fair immigration policy, procedure, and protocol. And it’s infuriating for the pundits and politicians to conflate legal and illegal immigration! They are very different!

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    • Burnt Toast says:

      “Legal immigrants might feel even more strongly against the illegal invasion and lack of law enforcement than do native born Americans.”

      Yes, they might. Nothing quite like spending years doing things the legal ways, getting the colon-rectal exam, and having scofflaws pas to the front of the line.

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      • ezpz says:



      • tdwesselman says:

        If you think Burnt Toast is lying I can tell you with 100% assurance that St. Lukes in Manila did a pelvic exam on my wife and my 4 year old daughter. I can also tell you that the final price was in excess of $5000 for all of the fees, exams and filings for the 2 of them and that didn’t include transportation costs.


    • Trust No One says:

      ezpz, this is what the man at a rally wearing a tee shirt that said Legal Immigrants for Trump was saying….same as you….
      “And it’s infuriating for the pundits and politicians to conflate legal and illegal immigration! They are very different.”
      Trump called him up to the podium and he asked Trump if he was for legal immigration.

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  22. feralcatsblog says:

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  23. George True says:

    Here in Phoenix AZ a friend of mine who is Puerto Rican is the one who first turned me on to Trump last summer. He went to Trump’s first rally here which I believe drew 25,000 people. Most of the Hispanics that I know here are either supporting or leaning Trump. Very few that I have talked to are enamored with either Hamrod Clinton or Burn-You Sanders. The blacks that I know who WORK for a living are leaning Trump. They get it. They realize that the illegals streaming across the border in record numbers are coming to take THEIR jobs.

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  24. flawesttexas says:

    Trump will win Hispanic votes because Hispanics are many different peoples…not just one monolithic group

    Many Anglos have English and German surnames…yet we do not lump together as “Germanics”. Why should folks with Spanish surnames be automatically lumped together as one?

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    • Sentient says:

      I love how morons try to mock Trump by referring to his old family name of Drumpf. It sounds like a perfectly normal German name to me. Do they have something against people of lineage? Know the biggest ethnic group in the USA? Germans. #Germanics for Trump!

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  25. Garrison Hall says:

    A canard being offered by the establishment media is that there is a “Hispanic” community and a “Hispanic” vote. That may be how things look from inside the DC bubble but out in fly-over country that’s not how things are at all. Mexican citizens, for instance, tend to think of Mexican-Americans as country bumkins who speak bad Spanish. Throughout the Southwestern US, from Texas to California, Mexican Americans know full well, that the illegal migration from the Southern hemisphere is anything but the “act of love” that Jeb! likes to claim it is. For Mexican-American journeyman carpenters, roofers, auto-bodymen and many other tradesmen who work from job-to-job they have first-hand knowledge of how easy it is to come to work only to find that low-wage illegals are competing for, if not actually taking over, their work. Even when the illegals are related to them, they know perfectly well that it is their livelihoods, their ability to send their kids to school, and live in a decent neighborhood that’s being threatened by open borders.

    Although the drive-by media will never admit it, Trump is right when he says he has substantial Hispanic support. When it’s your job that being threatened, when it’s your kids schooling that being threatened, closing the borders makes a hell of a lot of sense. Your cousins in Mexico can get in line and wait for their green cards like everyone else. **GO TRUMP!!*

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  27. Honest Abbey says:

    At the Chicago Riot the other night, the camera panned a rather large group of Hispanic Disrupters and a woman was holding an interesting sign that said:


    I was waiting for all of them to be Un-der Arrest.

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  28. TheFenian says:

    One America.

    I love this article, but even more I LOVE THE COMMENTS I’m reading. So positive and spirit of One America is so strong. It’s uplifting.

    There are certain regular commenters who, not surprisingly, are not posting comments here – clearly they don’t feel their constant bias’s would be appreciated. Good. Because they’re NEVER appreciated. Hate, and the division if encourages between the races, belongs to the left. There’s no room for hate among Trump supporters.

    “One America”, that’s the place I want to live. That’s why I support Donald Trump and this historic movement.

    It would be nice to see more articles like this – article that bring us together by discussing the inclusive nature of the Trump movement.

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  29. rinokiller says:

    Even the Waterboy’s own people don’t like him!

    Good luck getting out the vote.


  30. Charlotte says:

    No relevant but take a look! At Nancy Reagan’s funeral. Now we know know how the GOPe runs..

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  31. Charlotte says:

    Now THIS is relevant:
    Donald Trump’s Tampa Office Is an Unlikely Melting Pot of different ethnicities and nationalities


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  32. paulraven1 says:

    Breitbart does come up with some good in-depth reporting sometimes. They have a moving story today about the father of a young man murdered by an illegal immigrant. The father (a Trump supporter) is fiercely insistent that Rubio and Kasich and all those who support amnesty should be tried for treason. He is informed on the issues and eloquent.

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  33. keebler AC says:

    The Census Bureau defines “hispanic” according to self-perception. The findings are very interesting because without a doubt, Mexicans self identify as “hispanic” but not necessarily those from South America or other Spanish speaking countries. While so-called dictionaries try to define “hispanic” as anyone who speaks Spanish, reality doesn’t abide by same reference.

    Identity politics completely lumps Mexicans together with other Spanish speaking cultures, while also lumping legal Latino Americans with illegal hispanics. Hence, the non-judicial accusation of racism. Hispanic is not technically a race too. Many also self-identify as white.


    … 99% of all immigrants from Mexico call themselves Hispanic. But just 87% of immigrants from Venezuela adopt this label, as do 86% of immigrants from Argentina, 70% of immigrants from Spain, and only 67% from Panama.

    As for race, 54% of all Hispanics in the U.S. self-identify as white, 1.5% self-identify as black, 40% do not identify with any race and 3.8% identify as being two or more races.

    The politicians who are racist are those who divide Americans into categories according to “skin color” and “differences”.

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    • WSB says:

      So is the Obama redesigned, re-assigned, racist Census just a big lie to increase the number of House representatives? The numbers, from what I understand, are based on counts INCLUDING illegal aliens, thus more electoral votes in Democrat districts.


    • Garrison Hall says:

      A friend who is from Spain once applied for a teaching position. She was told she couldn’t be hired because they preferred to hire a “Latino”. We figured they just wanted to hire a homie and not a European. She would have made a wonderful addition to their faculty.


  34. Linda says:

    Cruz is down to 741k followers on Twitter. Before Friday, he had 1.2M.

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  35. keebler AC says:

    Latino refers to geography. Specifically, to Latin America, to people from the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic), South America (Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, etc.) and Central America (Honduras, Costa Rica, etc.)


    Hispanic technically refers to Spanish-speaking with the exception of self-identity as discussed above. But “Latino” is NOT the same as “Hispanic” because latino refers to geography.

    Summary, hispanic refers to language not race and many Spanish speaking or descendants do not self-identify as hispanics. Latino label applies to geography, and Mexico is NOT considered part of the “latino” label.

    Democrats and racist mongering hate rhetoric attempts to group and label all these groups into one. Tell me who are the racist?

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  36. Dick Albright says:

    Says a lot about Cruz (Lyin’ Ted) and his Hispanic heritage, evangelistic rebirth (sans Canada), and Dominion Theology…amidst the massive Catholic pop. of FL. And Rubio?…hmmm!


  37. Dick Albright says:

    And I still keep getting those $5 pleas for donations from Cruz but not Rubio any more…(leftover from pre-Bromance days). Am hoping for Illinois win for Trump too.

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  38. Charlotte says:

    How Democrats abandoned the working class and spurred rise of Donald Trump


    People are waking up as to whats going on And Hillary made a faux pas:Said the were going to put coal miners out of business…Axeldouche commented

    ‏@davidaxelrod awkward opening line to answer: “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of business.” #DemTownHall

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  39. keebler AC says:

    Barack Obama and the Democrats lied when they said Sotomyer was the first hispanic Supreme Court Justice.

    Judge Benjamin Nathan Cardozo was the first “hispanic” Justice in the 1930s. America had already made gains long ago in representation. The charges of racism by Barack Obama that no hispanic judge had been appointed until he arrived is patently false.

    Judge Cardozo was appointed by Herbert Hoover and was of Portuguese heritage.

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  40. George says:

    My wife and I came from Cuba 15 years ago. We became American citizens and we both voted for Trump a week ago on Broward county. We are happy to be part of this big movement. Go Trump!

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  42. RoseD1st says:

    excellent news! 🙂


  43. Dawn Bello says:

    Glad to see the Hispanic population didn’t let us down! I disagree with the Time’s comment on Central Florida, however. As a Puerto Rican, I am very conservative, as are many. I believe other Puerto Ricans will vote values – NOT party. If you have conservative values on economy, jobs, education, immigration and military (in which many Hispanics serve), Trump is the only candidate who is in alignment with those values.

    Liked by 3 people

  44. Alex says:

    My parents are Cuban-American, I live in Miami, and I voted for Trump! Cruz sealed his fate with me when he justified the Chicago riots and called Trump supporters low-info. Talk about “How to Lose a Campaign”.

    Liked by 4 people

  45. heyjudesc says:

    Wait…. The lame stream media is misleading us?! GASP! I am no longer surprised by them… However, as always, disappointed. Where have all the good ones gone?

    Liked by 1 person

  46. keebler AC says:

    The aware latinos are completely informed on what LaRaza means unlike a lot of us outside of the culture. They are voting for Trump because they know that the illegal migrants are largely dangerous drug traffickers and violent which is why they break laws. Nobody in their right minds, regardless of culture, wants this intrusion into their new country.

    Only the lawbreakers like Trump protestors want more lawlessness. Indoctrination at universities under the guise of Mechna is responsible too. Bernie too is no less a rapist than Slick Willy. He rapes the taxpayer coffers. He’s also a fraud because what Berniebots don’t understand is if Hillary is assigned nomination – he would fall in line quickly accept the VP role. Bernie is no one’s friend, least of all, his supporters.


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