A Note To Those Suffering From “Battered Conservative Syndrome”…

Don’t get pulled into the weeds.  Don’t get caught up fretting over ridiculous issues which have no substantive bearing on the larger issues we face; and don’t forget the UniParty, both Democrats and Republicans, love to use “social issues” to keep you from noticing the treasury is empty.

patriotIt’s doesn’t matter if Mitt Romney does it, or if Debbie Wasserman Schultz does it, the goals of both are exactly the same – they try to obfuscate the argument to nonsense.

The last federal budget was signed into law on September 23rd 2007 by George W Bush, that was for fiscal year 2008.   There has been NO BUDGET ever since.  Democrats controlled the process in ’08, ’09 for fiscal years 2009, 2010.  The Republicans controlled the process in ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15, for fiscal years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Neither party passed a budget.  The UniParty was go-along-get-along through continuing resolutions, raising of the debt ceiling, Stimulus I, Stimulus II, QE1, QE2, Omnibus 1 (’08), Porkulous (Dec ’09),  Omnibus II (’11), and Omnibus III (Dec ’15), leading to the eventual removal of the entire debt ceiling by Paul Ryan in December 2015.

Are you aware our Republican house and Senate no longer keep track of the national debt?   If not, why not?  Getting caught up on definitions of “torture” maybe. Or was it the confederate flag that made you stop paying attention.

biden obama selfie

President Obama is the first president in U.S. history to go through his entire presidency (two terms) without a federal budget on entry, or a federal budget on exit.  Obama has NEVER had a single day in office with a federal budget.

Yet conservative stood up at CPAC last Saturday and gave Speaker of the House Paul Ryan a standing ovation.   THINK ABOUT THAT !

That’s “Battered Conservative Syndrome”.

They want you, me, us, focused on ridiculous smaller -albeit important- but far less significant issues, like defunding planned parenthood, etc.   Meanwhile, those same leaders passed a $2+ Trillion Omnibus, and wiped out the federal debt ceiling.

Those same congressional leaders voted to approve a $1 trillion spending bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), or “Stimulus”, which has been spent seven consecutive times, in seven consecutive fiscal years, because of the absence of a budget, and the baseline budgetary approach to spending.

paul ryan mitt romney - selfie tweetStimulus spending ’09 (the non-shovel ready jobs) led to QE1, the Fed printing the money and pumping it into the economy while buying back the debt.  Stimulus II was actually the December 2009 (post mid-term “shellacking”) Porkulous spending bills supported by exiting blue-dogs before the incoming Tea Party insurgents took office (Jan ’10).

Porkulous took us to QE2, again the fed printing money and pumping it into the projects which were approved in December 2009 by the outgoing congress, including examples like Delaware’s Mike Castle (Karl Rove campaign Mgr), who lost his republican seat – but voted to approve the $1.2 trillion spending measure as the final middle finger salute.

We are fighting the UniParty.

Fiscal years begin on October 1st of every year.   In fiscal year 2011 (began Oct ’10) the $1 trillion stimulus was spent again (3rd time) and added to the debt.   Ask yourself what they heck was it spent on this time?

Keep asking.  What did they spend it on the fourth time? The fifth… the sixth?

What you’ll discover is that Obamacare, yes ObamaCare, is being carried with these funds so the “battered conservatives” don’t actually identify the economic impact of said ObamaCare.   Yes, that means, in essence, that hundreds of billions, maybe trillions, were delivered directly to insurance companies via programs like the risk corridor guarantees, etc.

Nice trick eh?

Of course you would find out if they had to use a normal budgetary process.  But they don’t.  So you didn’t.  See how that works?

Do you like your plan?  Do you like your doctor?  Do you like your premiums?  Do you like your deductibles?   Oh wait, lets argue about Trump University….. shiny things. Shiny things.

When Donald Trump stands up at the post election night presser and says about Paul Ryan:

“I’m going to get along great with Congress, Okay? Paul Ryan, I don’t know him well, but I’m sure I’m going to get along great with him, and if I don’t– he’s gonna have to pay a big price.(link)

I say “Yahoooo, damn skippy”!

Then again, I don’t suffer fools – and I’m damn sure not going to allow myself to become a victim of Battered Conservative Syndrome.

Of course the same CPAC attendees who just stood and cheered for the usurpation are going to try and convince the BCS audience that mean-old-dictator Trump is being all harsh or something.  Bad Trump, bad Trump.


That’s good Trump, good Trump.  Waterboard Ryan, remind him exactly who he works for, and what his job is supposed to be.   Then when you’re done with him, invite Pelosi to the cellar too, allow her to participate in the sensation of futile leverage for a while.   I’ll hold her pearls.

Too many people are getting caught up in the UniParty messaging and accompanying media narrative.  Too many people are being victimized and cannot even see it.  Too many people are being co-dependents to their own abusers.

Too few people are using the word:


ryan waste fraud and abuseeat-your-own-damn-peas1

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175 Responses to A Note To Those Suffering From “Battered Conservative Syndrome”…

  1. Take Elon Musk for example at the meeting.

    Without the hand the elite give him into our tax money he would be out of business in a week.

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  2. The two space companies same thing.

    All our dimes.


    • Americafirst16 says:

      BB says Jeb! Is meeting with all remaining GOPe candidates except Trump ? What the heck is that all about ?


  3. MDiceman says:

    I heard a caller to Breitbart Daily News this morning talk about Romney and how he should have beat Obama in 2012. She said it was like a fighter taking a fall.
    That got me to wonder; maybe Romney (and the GOPe) did throw the election.
    If Romney had won, the GOP would have had to follow through on their stated promises to repeal Obamacare and put an end to illegal immigration. By keeping Obama in power, the GOP has been able to blame Obama for their inaction on these objectives (all the while colluding on massive spending).
    This thought is line with the UniParty theory, but is it too conspiratorial?

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    • sDee says:

      Given our understanding of the uniparty, Romeny’s membership in it, and the globalist agenda they all serve…………..the only explanation for how Romney ran his campaign is that he was sent in to throw the race.

      The globalists knew that Obama had the press coverage, mandate, zeal, and immunity form any criticism to advance the their agenda faster and further than all US presidents who preceded him, combined. No Republican would allowed in – they would not be able to do it as far and as fast.

      “” Mitt Romney didn’t really want to win, his son Tagg Romney claims in a recent interview.

      “He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life,” Tagg Romney told the Boston Globe. “If he could have found someone else to take his place . . . he would have been ecstatic to step aside.””” http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/12/mitt-romney-didnt-want-to-be-president-son-claims/

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    • ShePon says:

      Our biggest issues have been immigration and obamacare. So they ran McCain and then Romney. Don’t know how much more obvious it can get. No republicans voted for obamacare because they didn’t have to. When it came to funding it, they were all exposed. It was clear to me they wanted it all along. Now while the middle class suffers, they’re all fat cats with private jets,meeting on secret islands.


    • Esperanza says:

      In the despicable Republicans video, McCain’s pollster says he is taking care of Trump’s numbers. Rather begs the questions, if he’s so good, why did Mcain lose? Did he not use all ressources and skills for McCain? Did he throw the election on purpose? I thinking yes.

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  4. Bluto says:

    Not completely off topic…..

    I know it’s been posted elsewhere, but just in case anyone missed it. This short interview with a Hawaiian man – one of the directors in the local Trump campaign, is wonderful & emotional. This is the type of thing Bluto is trying to focus on – the POSITIVE that is happening around the Trump candidacy.

    Watch & enjoy and maybe shed a tear. I sure did. 🙂

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  5. chojun says:

    Not even the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean can stop the Trump Train. Aloha Hawaii!

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  6. Smarty says:

    Dear Sundance,
    Whomever you may be, girl or boy, you are truly a leader and patriot.
    I come on this blog everyday. I rarely comment, except when I freak out and worry about Trump screwing up. Only because, I want him to win so badly, and for my country to survive this chaos.
    This is without a doubt my most favorite blog. I always leave inspired, bucked up, ready to go again. You are really that amazing and brilliant! I wish you were paid for this! Trump should pay you!
    Thank you for all you do
    may God keep you and bless you!

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    • stringy theory says:

      Well said. CTH is like an oasis in a vast desert where we can all pull up our camels and take a nice cool drink of truth.

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    • MVW says:

      It is hard to keep up morale when being constantly battered by the media. I come here too to glean insight and catch a warming ray of hope.


  7. stringy theory says:

    The GOP has lost me for good unless it’s to vote for Trump. I will, however, retain my R registration so I can vote against incumbent RINOs in both primary and general elections. I will not be fooled by shiny objects and doubt that any Trump supporters will be fooled either.

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  8. ezpz says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for clearly putting things into proper perspective.

    I almost got into a tiny tiff with someone here the other day about Cruz trying to gay shame voters. I basically said that we have much bigger problems, even issues of life and death, than gay marriage.

    The planned parenthood, gay marriage, etc. issues may have mattered (somewhat) in elections past, but we are in a much different time when there is too much at stake w/regard to the country and the world at large than these wedge issues that serve only to distract.

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  9. margarite1 says:

    Apparently Rubio might drop out before Florida primary. Just on FOX news.

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  10. brcajun says:

    What PPL’s don’t think about is we hear “separation of church and state” but thru common core (check it out do not take this as gospel but in my view it is!} they are already indoctrinated into spanish culture and now Muslim faith and practices. That is a tip of the iceberg! Think about it! They are indoctrinating our OWN children to use against us when they get a supposed brain! This has been DOE’s agenda for quite some time with other issues. Our kids know more Spanish holidays, now it appears DOE is using common core to teach muslim names and holidays and what they stand for. That is the reason PC (another word for silencing the many for a few) to stop Christmas to Xmas and now happy holidays. It has been watered down I suspect changing the reason for the season to a different name just like Presidents Day. Remember that! I did not mind MLK but replace honoring our presidents? INDOCTRINATION like WWII tactics overseas. Reminds me of the movie Independence Day movie: “they are using our own schools and teachings against us”. And now think about this! They are using the very INDOCTRINATION tactics against Mr. Trump calling him Hitler type, and those types of reference. Where is the PC boundries patrol?


    • sDee says:

      “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”

      ― Karl Marx

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  11. truthandjustice says:

    Re Romney throwing the election on purpose – yes, that is what I have “gathered”. He was a straw man to be taken out. Sadly, people haven’t been aware of all these horrible tactics until the last few years. They just “assume” what seems like “common sense” like – of course the R party wants to win! No – they don’t. It’s the “Uniparty” you know.
    Depends on the circumstances and what is needed at the time, etc. Obama was the perfect Manchurian candidate. They wanted someone with Muslim sympathies/ties to help further their Globalist agenda which includes importing Muslims here (and Europe), Islamization for their great uni-world utopia (for them) where they rule. Things like that.
    Doing to us what they’ve “accomplished” in Europe.
    Now Trump blindsides them, the masses are more informed about what’s really going on – and…voila! Here we are. Onward fellow Revolutionaries!


  12. Arkindole says:

    What choice(s)?


  13. OMG, you have got to read this by John Kluge…maybe he’s SD? Certainly sounds like him but the writing technique is different.


    • steph_gray says:

      The Kluge article is interesting with many good points, but I don’t like its flippancy about the goal of cutting down big government or its assertion that Mr. Trump doesn’t care about that. Correcting trade imbalance for us is yuuuge, but overgovernment and runaway leftist regulation have hurt our markets a great deal too. I can’t imagine that Mr. Trump is not aware of those things.


  14. ShePon says:


    Just another reminder of why we’re angry. Once we’ve been bilked of everything we’re worth for generations to come, shiny objects will be meaningless.
    We just gave away $500M for god know’s what, but I didn’t see this on the news and I’m a news junkie. But what, did Trump say crap today! OMG!

    (hope this works, haven’t posted links before)

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    • Chris says:

      This type of reckless spending makes me sick. What a waste of money. We have so many problems, and we’re throwing away $500mm that we don’t have. At least if we’re going to spend it, we could have done something worthwhile (infrastructure, debt repayment). Almost anything would have been better. I get so angry when I think about the $19 trillion debt and all the mismanagement. Someone needs to overhaul the entire budget and freeze spending entirely. Everything should be put under review, and all non-essential payments should be cut. This is just out of control.


      • ShePon says:

        This has me just furious. We can thank Paul Ryan for this. It’s a dog and pony show. They all know what happened here.


  15. jldnagg says:

    I’m not voting a party, I’m voting for America first! And Trump is America! Not a politician! And will owe not favors $$ Self funding his campaign!

    🇺🇸 America will have her winner! 🇺🇸 And the winner is going to be Trump! 😇 God Bless America! 😇
    🇺🇸 Go #PresidentTrump 2016! 🇺🇸


  16. SPMI says:

    Only one answer T R U M P!


  17. TwoLaine says:

    Sundance, you need to post this again, for so many reasons. ONE, Remind everyone who Paul Ryan is and what he didn’t do while he’s out there trashing President TRUMP.


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