Politics is a Business, a Network of Various Affiliates….

It’s obvious we need to spend a few minutes explaining the business end of modern politics for those who are unaccustomed to the process.

You might know the guy who owns/operates the family Hardware store near you. Or perhaps you are familiar with the generationally owned auto-shop in/around your town. Politics, as a business enterprise, is no different – many families throughout the country are as inherently inside the business as the family who owns the local store.


Additionally, from county to county these families know each other. They see each other, hang out together, meet at various functions and coordinate the various political enterprises that eventually lead up to the state level, and beyond.

In short, they are a network of familiarity, a network of insiders.

They also run the gambit of influence from the Barbour family in Mississippi, to the Prescott/Bush family of Colorado, Texas to Maine.   Tight circles of interconnected acquaintances who meet at various times, and then convention together depending on political season.

So when you are filtering information, which comes as a result of an election, you must always remember  if there is a unity objective, they know how to communicate and/or act in a manner that benefits the community need.

Remember this video from South CarolinaWATCH AGAIN:

That’s the mindset, the mentality when they convene.  Anyone who is not inside the concentric circles is an “outsider”.

They take actions at the local and state level to benefit the larger operational goals.  If they want to put their thumb on the scales, maybe they don’t ask for ID’s if the absence of ID’s assists the goal.   It is a very closed system fraught with corruption when anything outside of their system interferes or is considered a risk to the larger “Party” objectives.

This internecine system is why it was not accidental when True The Vote (Catherine Englebrecht) began a group, whose goals were to insure the “scale tipping” would stop, was immediately perceived as a threat and became a target – remember the IRS?

You will note the Republicans and the Democrats both benefitted from Englebrecht being stopped from her objectives.  You will note the congressional republican leadership did little to stop it, even though it was a national outrage.  Where is that investigation today?

McConnell and BoehnerThe DC UniParty, as an aggregate, benefited from the Tea Party targeting.  They had to appear outraged, but everyone in/around DC knew the pearl clutching was for national media display only.  Nothing of substance ever came from congressional review, and we even added to their oversight authority by giving Republicans’ control of the senate.

Again, where is that investigation today?

Do you really think Mitch McConnell gives a hoot that the Tea Party was targeted by the IRS?   The same Mitch McConnell who said: “we are going to crush the Tea Party wherever they appear” (2014).  Think about it.

When you begin to accept the construct of the local, state and national party apparatus you begin to see how easy it is for them to work independently but still toward a common objective.

When Mitt Romney says recently: Rubio needs to win Florida, Kasich needs to win Ohio, and Cruz needs to win wherever he can -in order to achieve the common objective- the message is received in an entirely different way by the party apparatus than by you and me.   They take action based on those objectives/instructions; we just sit around and ridicule the arrogance of the speechifying.

♦ Their action is what leads to Kansas party officials not asking for identification and allowing people to vote multiple times to benefit their larger party goals.

♦ Their action is what leads to County chairs, submitting the most useful data (for the national party narrative) while sitting on election data which is less useful.  And yes, they wait for the TV screens to broadcast a more favorable result before downloading the less useful data and updating quietly.

♦ Their action is what leads to State Party officials telling local party officials it would be beneficial if Rubio caucus attendees in Maine supported Cruz for this one because the national team objectives would be enhanced thusly.

It’s a business, and within each successful business there are techniques passed down from generation to generation which aid the guys/gals they meet every year the bar in the Hilton at the State Capital to talk shop.   It’s just simply a business technique.

Just like Sue who always brings the cookies to the off-season local monthly meetings, and Frank who can be counted on for the best coffee pot, when you roll these acquaintances up to state and national level you simply find exaggerated, albeit more influential, versions of the same enterprise.

It’s not a grand conspiracy any more than the gas station down the street checking the prices of the guy on the other corner to modify his own marquee.  It’s not collusion, it’s just a network of affiliates, friends and colleagues, who know what to do and when to do it because they know the larger goal of the organization.

Nothing grandiose. Nothing complex.  Just basic American Politics in action.

However, when you are unfamiliar with the “signals”, and/or seeing the familiar footprints in the electoral snow, the orchestration can seem disconcerting or uncomfortable.  Once you understand the orchestration you lose the discomfort.  Just like Catherine Englebrecht was gobsmacked seven years ago, yet today openly sees that upwards of half of all local elections are manipulated for specific outcomes.

This is why we are repeating the message to educate yourself, learn what to spot and what it means, and then share it when you understand the deconstructed examples.  As opposed to panicking on election day because you don’t know the “insider tricks” within the business.

You defeat the scheme, by overwhelming those who are trying to control the process.

Any questions?

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214 Responses to Politics is a Business, a Network of Various Affiliates….

  1. SeekerOfTruth says:

    My comments on the voting results.

    Ted only does well in corruptible caucus states. And he only does well in closed primaries – ones not allowing independent or Dem cross over votes.

    Trump wants this to get down to 2 – man-o-man. Then he can finally go after lying cheating Ted on multiple fronts – position stealing, Cruz real positions, history.

    Trump will soon need to start blasting the radio and TV ads as he is getting trashed by false attack and blatant lying radio and TV spots 16 hours a day for 7-10 days leading up to a vote in a state.

    Cruz executes one thing very well and it is rule #1 for lawyers and professional politicians
    1) When your power or position is threatened – LIE. Lie often, lie to the hills, spread the lie around as much as possible to get others to repeat the lie. Because for many people, if you hear a lie often enough and from enough sources IT BECOMES TRUTH TO THEM.

    Obama understood this principal and Cruz is a master of it as well. That is why I hate both of them. They are professional liars – 24/7. And because both Obama and Cruz have a God complex, they both believe that whatever they say is the truth and Gospel no matter what.

    And lies are part of their master plan to get their ends and common people do not deserve the truth.

    Bottom line: Cruz = Obama in personal traits.

    To blind followers of the conservative faith like Levin and Rush, morals and truth really are not important to their conservative religion. For example, Rush thought Cruz did really well in the debate and answered all the questions very well. Rush is blind, because to me as a more objective observer, Cruz never really answered any questions – spin, pivot, attack. And the GOPe moderators let him get away with that. Rush and others are in love and blind cultists to their religion and those elite driving their religion.

    Have a nice day.

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  2. Renee Blythe says:

    They are calling for a Trump ground team and more advertising in Ohio and Florida and Trump voters want to know why it is not in place NOW!


  3. MarkAmerica says:

    This article is correct about the depth and breadth of the network of cronies that stretches from sea to shining sea. You can observe how it transitions levels too.


  4. Excellent! If we want change it is up to us. We have the POWER if we stand together and VOTE OVERWHELMINGLY for TRUMP. If we can’t do this, we have only ourselves to blame for not being organized. As for the voter fraud, we need to speak up and speak out in larger numbers. We need to get the media to pay attention, again we need to be organized.
    This is a political chess game. Don’t think for a moment that Trump wants Rubio out of the race. He is saying that to get Rubio’s voters ‘fired up’ and vote for Rubio in Ohio thereby taking votes away from Kasich in Ohio so that Trump can win, it’s going to be a tight race in Ohio. And what about Cruz’s game – he says that he doesn’t want this to go to a brokered convention, he says that the voters will decided. Why is Cruz saying this in the Face the Nation interview on Mar. 6? Because he knows the votes are fixed and that he will win most caucus states. Cruz also is portraying himself to the public as an ‘outsider’. During the Face the Nation interview he stated that he is NOT in agreement with the GOPe and that they are wrong to take this to a brokered convention. He is lying of course, he is saying this to get people to agree with him and change their vote for him. Folks watching him on TV might think, hey Cruz is right, we don’t want a brokered convention, we’d better vote with Cruz. It’s reverse psychology. He is with the GOPe and this is the script given to him by the GOPe – it’s all part of the takedown Trump plan. Rubio’s part in this equation is to say the opposite – that he wants a brokered convention. Rubio know’s he can’t win FL or anything so by him saying he wants a brokered convention, what he’s really doing is giving his votes to Cruz. These two are pawns of the GOPe and this is the script given to them by the GOPe.
    It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Trump’s an excellent negotiator and I’m with him, all the way.
    Here’s the Meet the Press clip with lying Ted, sounding oh so honest…

    View More: Live News|More News Videos

    .cbs-link {color:#4B5054;text-decoration:none; font: normal 12px Arial;}.cbs-link:hover {color:#A7COFF;text-decoration:none; font: normal 12px Arial;}.cbs-pipe {color:#303435;padding: 0 2px;}.cbs-resources {height:24px; background-color:#000; padding: 0 0 0 8px; width: 612px;}.cbs-more {font: normal 12px Arial; color: #4B5054; padding-right:2px;}


  5. TheseTruths says:

    Excellent article. I guess I am naive. I always knew about political families and dynasties and cronyism, but I never could understand why they would do things so blatantly bad for the country. I mean, my particular goal is to restore America because I love my country and her founding principles. For them, it’s all about their employment, power, wealth, and business, I guess. How I would love to defeat every last one of them!

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    • MarkAmerica says:

      You’re not really naive, or at least not any more than anybody else. When I began to suspect the existence of what Sundance terms the “UniParty” (as good a description as any) was when in the wake of the 1994 elections, a huge number of elected Democrat office-holders on the local level simply switched parties without skipping a beat. They carried on(and many persist to this day) just like they had as Democrats. Their positions really didn’t change much, so that but for their party labels, one could barely discern any difference at all. That was when the whole of Texas went Republican, more or less, and this extended network of “good ol’ boys” aka the “local establishment” just swapped an “R” for the “D” they’d been wearing since reconstruction

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  6. wyntre says:


    Let me know when the book is out! 😀


  7. conservativehippie says:

    the “insiders” are like reptiles thinking with their reptilian lower brain, obsessed with their own survival and/or lifestyle. they’ve separated themselves from the “outsiders” for generation after generation to the point where they think they’re a superior breed.

    don’t they understand that if america fails, then so do they? that we are all in this together? their inability to “see around the bend” is astounding. i suppose it’s these kind of people that have always caused so much war and destruction since the dawn of time.

    they truly have defective brains.

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  8. dna1993 says:

    …whose goals were to insure the “scale tipping”…

    Sundance, with the utmost respect, the teacher in me feels obligated to gently correct an error as to more effectively allow you to project your message without distraction:

    ensure–to make certain (We want to ensure a Trump victory in November).
    insure–to purchase insurance (I insure my car with Allstate).

    May God bless you for all that you do!!


    • Tparty says:

      You are making me feel bad. The other day my auto correct was playing games between ‘affects’ and ‘effects’ and with the ‘buggieness’ of the comment system… I just posted anyway! 😉


  9. pawatcher says:

    This is exactly how We send Our military into battle, (since VietNam), and how We send our police into the streets, Our teachers to the classroom, and our politicians to DC–We play by the rule book while the adversary plays with no rules but their own. But worse yet We are called the enemy.
    This is distortion, where lawlessness is the norm and favored. Where following the rules is viewed in disfavor. But it is the only way to divide and gain the upper hand of control.
    Cruz has crossed to the GOPe and will spin to his supporters about his grassroots ties- they will not be the ties that bind- global conservatism will bind him to do the GOPe bidding. He is bought and paid for. But his supporters think he is doing the winning legit, poor tools.

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  10. jakee308 says:

    For the third time the Nation is poised to elect a foreign born lawyer to the Presidency. Yet the so called conservatives strive actively to ignore this fact. Because Trump upsets them with his words and demeanor and doesn’t give them pleasant things to believe in.

    This is not a coincidence and I don’t see a pleasant outcome to this election even if Trump is somehow elected. They will not roll over for Trump like they have for Obama. They will fight him tooth and nail and they’ll stop every attempt to secure the borders and put the country back on it’s feet by getting rid of the leeches and free loaders who infest both the government and the welfare rolls.

    They’re succeeding in destroying our American Culture and once that’s done they will have complete control. And at this stage of the world’s population and politics there is no where to run anymore. Those who do not wish to be slaves will be cast out or killed one way or another. Those who do comply will be allowed to eke out their pathetic meagre existences and spawn more slaves do do what the robots can’t.

    May God save us.

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    • p'odwats says:

      Won’t happen. Cruz would get walloped by Hillary in November. He’s serving as the GOPe’s lackey to deny Trump the necessary delegates before Cleveland. The GOPe will dump him aside for Romney at the convention.

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  11. KBR says:

    Not certain where to put this info, but will put it right here, and probably will repost it too.

    Late as it is for primaries, there are STILL changes going on in NC. (This might be true in other states! Check your state’s page!)

    In NC, when you vote in the presidential preference primary, the congresspersons will be on the ballot too. You may think you have voted in the primary for your congresspersons. THINK AGAIN!

    NC is having another primary for congress June 8! There is a proposed change in the mapping of the districts now ongoing. Your current Congress-critters might NOT BE YOUR CONGRESS CRITTERS by June 8! Even though they are there on that ballot now!

    Those you have selected/ may select for congress on your presidential primary ticket,

    This seems highly suspicious to me. I think it’s very late in an election year to be making changes like this! What a way for those rinos to remain in their comfy seats round the trough in DC!

    Go here for NC and see for yourselves! Click the different map dates. And we still don’t know whether these changes will or won’t apply. Kinda harder to vet your congress critters when you don’t even know which district you will be in, and thus who represents you now vs. who will represent you by June 8!



  12. p'odwats says:

    Is it me or were the vote counting tallies in Louisiana and Kentucky extraordinarily slow last night? I have no doubt in those two states and in places like Iowa and Maine there was and is vote tampering going on big time. So tired of these idiot Cruzers thinking this is big momentum for that snake. If Trump is cheated out of the nomination I will not vote for the Republican nominee in November. I don’t give a damn if Hillary gets in the White House if that occurs. The GOP doesn’t give two cents about us so I won’t give their hand-picked candidate the time of day. I’ll vote Libertarian or American Independent instead.

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  13. duchess01 says:

    Don’t know if anyone cares, but here is the Puerto Rico Republican Primary Results:



  14. Bahb says:

    “You defeat the scheme, by overwhelming those who are trying to control the process”. Sorry if I am dense, but I don’t get how the “overwhelming” happens. We see the what and why of the opposition. We understand their motives and mission. We KNOW the enemy. I guess I need “marching orders”. I want to “overwhelm” the controllers.


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