Mitt Romney Coordinates Pre-Debate Speech To Set Stage For Thursday Night Ambush….

The GOPe is entirely too predictable.  Former, and failed, presidential candidate Mitt Romney has announced his plan to deliver a full-throated attack upon the frontrunner of the 2016 presidential race in order to protect the party hierarchy from the continued grassroots uprising. (must watch video follows article).  

The Washington DC oligarchy must be protected at all costs.  Mitt Romney won six of 10 contests on Super Tuesday four years ago. In the Super Tuesday contests that took place this week, Trump won seven of 11 states.

Romney sideBLOOMBERG – The rapidly intensifying effort by the Republican establishment to dislodge Donald Trump from the top of the party’s presidential nominating race will star 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, who is preparing a speech for Thursday when he’ll lay out his case against the front-runner.

With Trump’s convincing victories on Tuesday, the single biggest day of voting in the Republican race, Romney was motivated to make a more formal case against him in hopes of keeping him from coalescing more support, according to a Republican source familiar with Romney’s plans. Romney has voiced criticism for Trump in recent months, including his attack last week on the New York businessman’s refusal to release his tax returns. 

“Mitt doesn’t believe Donald Trump is the right person to lead the party,” the Republican said. “There are a number of mainstream Republicans falling in line with Trump, and he wants to speak up before more people go that route.”

While making the case against Trump, Romney is unlikely to endorse one of his opponents, the source said.

[…]  Ahead of Romney’s speech, a pair of conservative groups were spending millions on TV ads that hammered Trump, including spots that targeted Michigan, which holds its primary on March 8, and Florida and Illinois, two of the biggest prizes in the race, both of which hold rare, winner-take-all contests on March 15. (read more)



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502 Responses to Mitt Romney Coordinates Pre-Debate Speech To Set Stage For Thursday Night Ambush….

  1. Kay Elle says:

    This from another forum:
    “Received notification that I will not be getting tickets to the GOP debate in Detroit. My email was signed “Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel, Chairman Michigan Republican Convention. So expect the audience to be stacked, again. Is anything on the up and up anymore?”

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  2. carolmcd says:

    Something weird is happening at Fox. First, Sean Hannity totally upset the Rubio people by criticizing Rubio today.

    Second, Rupert Murdoch tweeted that Republicans would be “mad” to not get behind Trump!! Can you believe it??

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  3. NHVoter says:

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    • PhillyGirl says:

      Smart men!

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      • MB Miller says:

        Why have the Koch brothers had a change of heart? Strange.


        • LW says:

          Something smells fishy. Koch brothers announced they have decided to stay out of race, Sean suddenly attacking Rubio, Ailes backing off him, Romney plans a news conferance, all in one day. Nah! They have a plan.

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        • Gail Combs says:

          The real question is what type of targeted mega-nuclear bombs does Trump have in his vaults?

          I keep remembering that off hand one liner about the elite sleeping in Trump hotels….

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    • nyflacon says:

      That is BIG! They smarter than the other fools.


      • trump’s a LOT smarter – an he moves much quicker.
        remember when “he walked” from last fox news debate – quit one afternoon, had venue, live coverage, veterans groups & presenters and a full house up and running before FOX could re-script debate. AND…. he had jumbo-trons set up outside with those big outdoor patio heaters for the overflow crowd – out of his own pocket, thoughtful & classy.

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        • el says:

          I agree. Trump is one of the most intelligent person in the World with a Genius + Status.
          Liked by Foreign Business People and known as a Mastedmind.
          Of course will not listen to Romney. It’s like someone coming back from the dead.
          I will not listen to someone who is going to tell me who to vote for especially Romney.
          Romney stop embarrasing yourself.
          You might think that we don’t know what they are trying to do.
          They are acting more like Communists instead of supporting their party. They are the ones that are shameful.
          They must be for Clinton with her criminal record that the FBI is ready to Indict. Why are they not working on that issue go take her out.
          Romney disgusts me. Since losing he has not done anything great with his life.
          Trump is so much better than any of those corrupt money hungry blood suckers.
          Trump for our next President of the USA.
          Be brought 20,000 Democrats in Massachusetts go change over in MA alone.
          Millions of more people out to vote.
          Trump consistantly donates millions of $$/to the Vets, $20 million go St. Judes Children’s Cancer Hospital. and so much more.
          Did not force anyone for their property just offered her lots of money and NO was no. Not like what the Government is doing stealing farms and peoples property and shoot the owner.
          Trump paid an elderly couples mortgage. Saved people their farm and endless good things.
          Trump is nobodys fool.He has the know-how.
          Who is going to listen to anything Romney has to say? Who cares what he has to day. Romney get over yourself you are not liked .No one likes a Loser.


    • Gomez Cooley says:

      Typical communist strategy when they discover they have been exposed.


    • Dennis says:

      This will NEVER happen. Reuters article is nonsense.


  4. Pops says:

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  5. Ono says:

    Do you think Mitt will build a wall? No way! His family has property in Mexico.

    Mitt who didn’t show his returns until after he got the nomination?

    Mitt the two time loser?

    Mitt the Ship that last word was misspelled. It ended with a ” t “

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  6. corimari2013 says:

    Video of Romney praising Trump in 2012 is now third headline from the very top corner of The Drudge Report.
    Spread it far and wide, oh yes!

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  7. Mike says:

    Guy begs Trump for support and then becomes Hatchetman for GOPe. Is that GOPe values or Mormon values Mittens?

    I will not be watching this debate cause it’s on Coyote News.

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  8. dogsmaw says:


  9. anonymous says:

    Who cares about MItt Fomney? NOT Trump sjupporters. MItt needs to shut his pie hole. Let Americans exercise their Constitutional right to vote for whom they want to. This is America idiot! We the people have spoken loud and clear. Get a life.

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  10. syrakelly says:

    Mitt is getting ripped on his FB. 1000s of comments telling him to stay home.

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  11. auscitizenmom says:

    I hope Trump plays that video of Romney tomorrow night.

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  12. LM says:

    Watched Newsmax….(Dennis Michael Lynch). Dick Morris said all negative attention snd focus will be on Trump, so Ted Cruz (remaining unscathed) will be able to challenge him effectively. D.T. needs 800 delegates and Ted needs 900…so they are close. Mr. Trump, he thinks, will be too radioactive in people’s minds to be the nominee.

    I have a question to add to this cheerful post. If Hillary is indicted and the Democrats are left without a nominee (and the Republican Party implodes because they succeed in destroying Mr. Trump) can B. Obama declare an emergency and extend his presidency?

    I hope I can sleep…..


  13. Level One Kenobi says:

    Alternate theories for what Mitty will say on Thursday:

    1 – Introduces the rebooted Jeb! campaign

    2 – Endorses Trump, on the condition he gets to be the guy standing behind Christie standing behind Trump

    3 – Reveals he will be Rubio’s personal trainer for his next bout with Trump

    4 – Admits he voted Obama in ’12

    5 – Denies once and for all that he is the godfather of Obamacare

    6 – Apologizes to Santorum for the scorched-earth primary campaign he ran against him

    7 – Apologizes to Obama again for ever inferring the President, even in the slightest, bears an iota of responsibility for Benghazi

    8 – Apologizes to the American people for raising Paul Ryan’s national stature

    9 – Publicly challenges Biden to see who can hold out entering the ’16 race the longest

    10 – Announces he is running for Speaker of the House in January ’17

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  14. KBR says:

    Nasty piece, but good oppo research.
    Megyn says there will be a “level 10” question but not the first one, they want to ease into it…
    (She considers the Woman hater question a level 10- hate her) The other two Foxbuts plan their insults as well.

    Fox Moderators to Face Donald Trump in Thursday’s Debate – The New York Times®ion=Footer&pgtype=article&version=newsevent&rref=collection%2Fnews-event%2Felection-2016


  15. kimosaabe says:

    Well lookey here…Mittens ♥️♥️♥️ Donald Trump ♥️♥️♥️ before he hated him


  16. Joe's Dad says:

    These peoples’ wickedness & corruption is so transparent.

    They are really disgusting, rotten individuals.

    If/when Trump gets elected and makes America great again, I will NEVER forget these peoples’ actions/words. They are literally trying to deny our collective right to freely elect.

    You DO NOT mess with Freedom.

    They deserve swift & harsh punishment

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  18. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    I held my nose and voted for this creep. If the GOP screws over Trump I won’t hold my nose again.

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  19. Didn’t take long….Fyi everyone, Drudge just now posted the video of Romney praising D.Trump.

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  20. beaupre03 says:

    Are there any cruzbots left who think Trump is establishment? If so, they’re total idiots.


  21. emma says:

    Seeing something about ‘GOP foreign policy experts’ going after Trump – butthurt neocons whining because Trump tore into their Bush wars?


  22. cwf60 says:

    Scroll down this link and view the video from 2012 where Mitt Romney praised Donald Trump’s business ability. This illustrates the hypocrisy among the RNC/GOPe.


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  24. Me says:

    When you had the chance to shut down Obama during the debates, you choked. You were such a disappointment. Go. Away.

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  25. Gail Combs says:

    That SOB IS running for President!!!
    Look at the bottom left corner of:

    It says
    Paid for by Romney for President, Inc.


  26. shirley49 says:

    This is the guy that let the media sh** all over him in 2012 and lost to a loser who has destroyed our Country. We are supposed to listen to him? NO WAY


  27. TwoLaine says:

    Dear Mitt,

    We don’t give a $hit!
    Take your Gruber$ and go home.
    We don’t want any of you anywhere near OUR dome.
    In 2012 you couldn’t be a man.
    Why is it now that you think you can?
    Rove may call you the boss,
    But we’ve known for along time that you’re a total loss.

    Gruber me once, shame on you.
    Gruber me twice, shame on me.

    Signed, Cold Anger

    Mitt Romney And Jonathan Gruber, A Love Story That Will Haunt Him In 2016
    Videos, op-eds, and press releases show a close connection between Romney and Gruber.
    Jan. 20, 2015
    Andrew Kaczynski
    BuzzFeed News Reporter

    You foisTed Gruber and R1N0Ryan on us. For that you will NEVER be forgiven. I hope you will all enjoy yourselves on your continual descent to h3ll.


  28. sheridan says:

    Big “choker” Mitt steps up for little “choker” Mario.
    The worlds biggest loser against Donald Trump??
    My moneys still on Donald Trump for the landslide win!!
    Mr Donald J Trump for President.


  29. Truthfilter says:

    That’s it for me. I’m calling for Trump to go third party. Listening to Romney’s speech. It’s time to rendezvous, folks.


  30. ShePon says:

    This from a guy who couldn’t handle Candy Crowley


  31. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    In what could be seen as a foreshadowing of his Thursday remarks, Romney outlined his views on the 2016 race in an appearance last month at Babson College in Massachusetts. Speaking to students, Romney said he shared the feeling of many Americans that Washington has failed them and urged national leaders to tackle big problems such as ****climate change, poverty, education and income inequality****.“


  32. Dennis says:

    Romney THREW AWAY the 2012 race. Obama’s re-election is due to Romey. Stepping in now is Romney’s attempt to get Hillary elected.


  33. DaveNY says:

    mitt = FAIL


  34. The backdrop for Mitt Romney’s speech says Hinckley Institute. John Hincklely tried to assassinate President Regan. It just seems creepy to me.


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