Key State Florida Poll: Donald Trump Crushing Marco Rubio in Home State, Ted Cruz Highest Unfavorables…

When the professional pundits and the chattering class speak of Marco Rubio possibly winning Florida they are completely oblivious to reality.  Floridians have a very specific  disdain for Marco Rubio based on his self-serving backstabbing of his own constituency.  The anger is personal, deep, widespread and will never go away.

Forget Senator Rubio.  Marco Rubio doesn’t stand a chance in Florida, he won’t even carry his own home county because he’s never there.  This latest Quinnipiac poll (full pdf below) merely confirms what is obvious to those who live there and talk to their neighbors.  This sentiment is top of state to bottom, and coast to coast.

However, what is even more amazing than the weakness of Rubio and strength of Trump, is when you ask evangelicals who they would NEVER SUPPORT…. they say, Ted Cruz.  This is absolute affirmation of what we’ve continually pointed out as the non-discussed flaw in Cruz’s overall campaign.

Looking at the depth of support for Donald Trump you find almost every demographic of Florida voter puts Trump at the top of their preference:

Quinnipiac FL poll 2-25-16

(click image to enlarge – or see pdf below)

[*note* Remember Rubio has been in DC office for almost 6 years (he ran in ’09), so the youth vote is higher for him because they didn’t experience his candidacy and have attachment to his broken promises – Yet Trump is still crushing him.]

Additionally, Marco Rubio has NO HOPE in Florida because he can’t run positive campaign ads touting his accomplishments.  He ran on a very specific platform back in 2009, and he has turned his back on EVERY PROMISE he ever made during that very intense election.  Trust Floridians when they say he has ZERO chance.

Now check out who Floridians say they will NEVER SUPPORT.  Notice how Ted Cruz, who has been almost exclusively campaigning for the evangelical vote, is less supported by evangelicals than any other candidate.  Ted Cruz has the highest negatives amid White Evangelical Florida Voters.   That reality is like a bucket of ice-water on the chattering class punditry:

Quinnipiac FL Poll - NO SUPPORT

(click image to enlarge or see pdf below)

Here’s the full poll pdf:

(Via Quinnipiac)  The Donald Trump juggernaut rolls into Florida where the GOP front-runner leads native son Sen. Marco Rubio 44 – 28 percent among likely Republican primary voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has 12 percent with Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 7 percent and Dr. Ben Carson at 4 percent.

Men back Trump over Rubio 49 – 25 percent, while women go to Trump 39 – 31 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University Poll finds.

Trump gets a low negative score in the Sunshine State as 21 percent of likely Republican primary voters say they “would definitely not support” Trump for the nomination, with 26 percent saying no to Cruz and 17 percent saying no to Rubio.

Five percent of Florida likely Republican primary voters are undecided and 30 percent of those who name a candidate say they might change their mind before the March 15 primary.

Strong leadership is the most important quality in a presidential nominee, 32 percent of Florida Republicans say, as 23 percent most want someone who is honest and trustworthy and 20 percent most want someone who shares their values.

“Florida is the single biggest prize of the primary season because it is the largest state to allocate its delegates on a winner-take-all basis. If Sen. Rubio can’t win in his own home state, it is difficult to see how he can win elsewhere,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“Florida election law makes this contest more uncertain than earlier primaries. Only registered Republicans may vote here, which raises the question of whether the flood of new voters Donald Trump seemed to bring to earlier contests will be able to participate in Florida.”  (read more)

TAMPA, Florida  (Two weeks Ago)

trump rally tampa 17

trump rally tampa 15

trump lion

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201 Responses to Key State Florida Poll: Donald Trump Crushing Marco Rubio in Home State, Ted Cruz Highest Unfavorables…

  1. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    Keep praying for Trump, especially for a hedge of protection around him, the anti-Trumpsters are insane…they say terrible things…and nothing is done. But someone said something nasty about Hillary and that person was arrested…see an attitude here? I sure do


  2. tgmccoy says:

    Cruz beclowned, er, beBecked himself. Beck now is going to give Rubio the rubber nose and
    floppy shoe…


  3. Where’s Rubio? I’ll ask it again. If he’s “not there’ in Florida, and he’s “not there” in the Senate to cast votes and to attend his committee meetings, then where IS he?


  4. jameswlee2014 says:

    Where is Sophocles when we need him? How often does hubris have to be punished before they learn. First, Eric Cantor told his constituents that their opinion be damned, he was going to give America away to foreigners. Punishment was swift in the person of Dave Brat. But the hubris of those who accounted themselves our betters was so great they ignored it as if they were so powerful they could wish it away.

    Then they tried to give us Jeb and Marco. In doing so they reaped the Trumpnado, but didn’t know it at the time. How could they forget that the sitting House Majority Leader, one of the most powerful men in the world was not just defeated in the primary, he was trounced by a guy few had ever heard of. It was a one issue race, immigration. But so great was their overweening pride that they could not see what was right in front of their eyes. It wasn’t like Cantor was from Wyoming or Idaho, he was from Virginia, close to DC. How could adults be so blind? Psychology professors will be giving essay assignments on this unique type of Delusional Disorder as long as there are psychology professors.

    If all doubt were not already erased on the unadvisability of heavy investment in an open borders-amnesty candidate that should have done it, but that is exactly what they did. Jeb! where are your millions now? Hey, somebody got that money, it didn’t just disappear. The people who spent it kept some. The people they paid kept theirs. Do you want to talk redistribution of the wealth? Some day there will be a Bush wing of the socialist party, having hit upon a quicker and more effective way of fleecing the rich: trickle down socialism.

    The battle between Trump and Jeb was like the battle between King Arthur and the Black Knight in Python’s Holy Grail, with Jeb as the Black Knight at first all studly sure of himself and ending up cut to pieces. on the ground, bleeding, and all alone. Trump looks around and says, “Okay Marco, see you in Florida. If he is not gone by then, on March 15th Donald Trump will end Rubio’s quest by trouncing him in Florida. However, after Rubio blanks this Tuesday, he may want to spare himself the embarrassment and end it on Wednesday.

    It was your hubis that led you to this calamity and it is your continuing hubris that is carrying you quickly to your extinction. No candidate; got that? No candidate who advocates amnesty is going to get anywhere near the Republican nomination. It is not going to happen. Here is why. Many have reported that they are feeling a movement. Here is what it is: It is the Rise of the Republican Rank and File. It is American citizens disinheriting the usurpers and reclaiming that which is theirs.


  5. Mimi Hanna says:

    Rubio is horrible. Here in Florida we hate him. He is lazy and he never really wanted to be a senator, just wanted to use the Senate as another step closer to the highest office. Just to make it easier for him to run this year . He never did a thing for Florida and Floridians as their senator. Now he is barking day and night like a Chihuahua. spreading lies about Trump. Rubio the Barking Chihuahua …I wish Trump would call him a Barking Chihuahua because that’s what he is.


  6. jackie says:

    I sure hope Florida rejects Rubio who has missed more votes than any senator in history ! I hope they reject Cruz who wants to be a morals officer and we need leadership for the “people” not ideals from a gone mad do nothing “party !” Simple as that, vote Trump Florida, puh leeeze !


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