A Republic If We Can Keep It – A Message To Ted Cruz Supporters….

Ben Franklin told us long ago we have been given a constitutional republic “if you can keep it“.  What Dr. Franklin failed to tell the anxious crowd was that inside the convention hall the attendees unanimously agreed, the enemy we needed to keep it from – was ourselves.

patriotLast year after assembling volumes of research and data we shared a message that many found troubling; we outlined the GOPe road-map.  Some people immediately thought it was ridiculous, however as time has gone along reality began to settle in – what we described in the GOPe “splitter strategy” was indeed factually taking place throughout 2015/2016.

Some people cannot accept the inherent discomfort; that’s completely understandable.

We are not generally experts in much more than gathering data and assembling the pieces to explain the most logical reasoning for them; a political ‘Occam’s Razor’, if you will.

However, for those who generally understand the principles behind the larger political machinations, an evolution is now evident.  The GOPe have modified their plans, morphed and mutated the original scheme while maintaining the initial intent.

We, through the use of Candidate Donald Trump, have defeated the original GOPe scheme.  But the powerful engineers behind the design will never stop trying to influence the outcome.

We are going to outline the most logical assembly of current political events and describe where the GOPe is trying to shape the state of the 2016 political race.  However, in order to understand it moving forward, and more importantly, in order to defeat it, we must ‘begin with the end in mind’.

When Ben Franklin walked out onto the steps and said “YOU“, he meant all of us.  So with that in mind please revisit this prior discussion which was sent specifically to the Ted Cruz coalition.

What we are going to describe later as the “mutated GOPe strategy” will take all of us to block it.

This was written in September 2015:

  • I get it. You want a person who values and cherishes the constitution with the same ferocity and protective instincts you carry.
  • I get it. I understand the frustration and anxiety from years of watching our constitutional republic disregarded and torn to shreds through DC policy, judicial fiat and legislative usurpation.
  • I get it. I understand the intense core belief that we are a constitutional republic and not a democracy. It should not be too much to ask for a valiant advocate to hear the calling and stand steadfast for the principles inherent within our nation. I really do understand, and feel the same.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee lg

Long ago, during a dinner with Lou Holtz he told the story of his arrival at Notre Dame. Coach Holtz arrived to find his team filled with untapped talent, yet torn with internal conflict, turmoil, inter-player animosity and backbiting.

Holtz took measure of the team and called them to the locker room. He passed out paper and pencils and asked each player to write down their grievances and explain why their teammates were holding back the potential inherent in their own skill. A few hours later he returned to the locker room and led the team to the far side of the practice field.

There the players saw a shovel and hole he had been digging while they were writing. Coach held out a large empty coffee can; and before asking each player to place their scribe inside the container he asked them to commit to each-other and to God, that what they had written could be removed from their mind forever.

Holtz asked each player to make a promise; a pledge to themselves, to each other and most importantly to God, from that moment forward those grievances would be permanently gone.

Coach Holtz counseled everyone, without judgement, they were under no-compulsion to put their list into that can. No-one would think worse of them for retaining their grievance. He promised to fulfill the contract of those who were attending school on scholarship. Regardless of their decision, every man before him was guaranteed a college degree from Notre Dame University.

However, those who chose not to drop their grievances would not be on the team.

Even if it meant Holtz fielded a team of barely enough players, he was not going to lead a fractured army; his program could only succeed as a united effort.

Coach stood, and in order to give the young men time to think, he bowed his head in prayer. After several minutes Holtz then held out the can.

One-by-one the players folded their notes and placed them in the can; each fully understanding the severity of the counsel they had just witnessed. Each player in his own way defining himself in that moment of decision and choosing to give themselves to a greater possibility. The sum is greater than the collective assembly of the individual parts.

Holtz then took the can, sealed it, placed it in the ground and asked each of the players to use the shovel to bury their collective grievances. Linking hands they formed a circle around the now covered hole. They stood in the darkening twilight in that furthest corner of the field – and they prayed together.

The final words from Coach Holtz echoed with severity amid the stillness. He asked them to look at each other, and to look at the field behind them. He reminded them that in this moment, right then, they were looking at the birth place of champions. He looked toward the direction of the stadium where thousands gather to cheer the Fighting Irish, and he reminded them that is was not over there where champions were born – it was right here on the practice field, when no-one is cheering and no-one is watching.

Coach told them each how proud he was to be a part of “their team of champions” – and he pledged with full measure of intensity that he would never disregard them, nor would he ever fail them. He then sent them back to the dorms….. the rest, as they say, is history.

Ted Cruz Value Voters Summit

This story is shared because I am willing to put all my Ted Cruz objections into a similar coffee can and bury them forever:

  • The relationship with the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • The relationship with Wall Street banking interests.
  • The votes to support TPPA.
  • The decision to support McConnell January through June 2014.

I fully understand that a man of principle can make mistakes and accidentally place himself in a position of compromise.

Ted CruzTed Cruz won victory in the 2012 Texas Senate race despite the establishment supporting his opponent Dewhurst. Cruz then went to DC to fulfill his campaign promise to repeal ObamaCare and fight against the DC constructs he later called the “cartel”.

Cruz is a very intelligent, intensely sharp and highly articulate representative Senator. All of these attributes are merited and evidenced by those who know and speak of him.

Ted Cruz walked into the belly of the beast and fought valiantly for 10 months in 2013 to bring about change. It stands as reasonable for a man who faced the severity of the professional DC Republican class, and the onslaught of a media machine seeking his destruction, that he would be exhausted in the winter of ’13/’14 and make a poor decision to trust Mitch McConnell purely based on finding himself in a position of isolation. I can reconcile the mistakes which stem as a result of psychological/emotional exhaustion.

But if we are going to stand naked before each other, and have an honest conversation, there are basic acceptances that must also stand.

During the period when McConnell was leading Cruz astray (December ’13 to June ’14) and while Cruz was vice-chair of the NRSC -which was maneuvering to support McConnell’s buddy Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran- unbeknownst to Cruz McConnell was actively engaged with the RNC in creating the GOPe roadmap.

Part of that 2014 activity, which Cruz was presumably unaware of, was the a collaboration between the GOPe and RNC to make changes to benefit the power interests who were planning the future nomination path for Jeb Bush.

Republican primary race rule changes, finance changes (hidden in the CRomnibus bill), delegate distribution changes, party primary date changes etc., were/are all part of the collaborative RNC/GOPe construct to deliver an establishment win for Jeb Bush (similar to 2012 with Mitt Romney).

Ted cruz and rand paul

While the NRSC simultaneously plotted to attack Chris McDaniels in Mississippi, Matt Bevin in Kentucky, and following the RNC success against Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia, and while Cruz and Rand Paul were leveraged to sit on the sidelines, these aforementioned plans were all taking place behind closed door.

It is accepted that by the time Ted Cruz caught on, and after he had given $240,000 to the NRSC, it was too late – the GOPe had already launched their attacks.

As a result, and after the mid-term elections, in January of 2015 Ted Cruz quit the NRSC.

Regardless of the discomfort inherent in these admissions, they are historical realities. None of these acceptances disqualify Cruz from presidential consideration today.

Fair enough?

However, the acceptance of what follows next is where find ourselves at loggerheads. The pathway the RNC/GOPe constructed to elect Jeb Bush specifically was designed to eliminate/defeat Ted Cruz.

Stop. And re-read this reality:

The GOPe road map was specifically and intentionally created by scheme and construct, to intentionally block any possibility for Ted Cruz to achieve 2016 presidential victory.

As a direct and factual outcome there is nothing Ted Cruz can do to overcome the structural dynamics currently in place which block any possibility of him achieving electoral victory. Period.

We have laid out the rules, laid out the road-map, and laid out the primary contests -REPEATEDLY- and we continued to asked anyone who finds themselves refusing this reality to outline a path for Cruz victory.

Unfortunately, it simply does not exist.

The RNC rules are now in place; the RNC primary dates are now all confirmed; the RNC delegate distributions all now set in stone; and there’s enough key state polling data for anyone to use who wants to prove this false.

We have studied this road-map intensely. We have explored the district-by-district level possibilities within each of the pre-March 16th 2016 states a hundred different ways, the numbers for anyone other than Trump just don’t add up.

The GOPe road-map was specifically created to block Ted Cruz, or anyone like Ted Cruz, from achieving victory.

Team Jeb is: Rubio, Fiorina, Christie, Huckabee, Kasich, Perry, Graham, Pataki and Gilmore. (10 establishment candidates all part of the RNC/GOPe machine) We have outlined it all HERE.

If, for the sake of intellectual exercise, you remove Donald Trump from the race and apportion his supporters in a reasonable manner, what you will find is that the GOPe road map kicks back into play – and no non-jeb is able to pull enough support to defeat Jeb.

Remove Trump and Ben Carson becomes Herman Cain 2012; Cruz becomes Gingrich, Jeb replaces Romney and the 2016 outcome becomes 2012 ground-hog day. Just as designed.

Here’s the kicker…. As previously mentioned, Ted Cruz is a smart guy, and therefore Ted Cruz also is aware of this.

Ted Cruz is fully aware of this – he picked up on it months ago. Hence:

trump cruz 2

We don’t like it either. It’s almost too bitter a pill to swallow – too big a bitter pill to accept. But that doesn’t change the result.

However, if you find yourself still seeking some proof therein, just ask the man himself. Ask Cruz, or a Cruz campaign insider to outline a pathway to victory.

———————  End September Discussion ——————–

update-1The recent events in South Carolina prove our research as valid.  Candidate Cruz did not win a single county, nor did he win a single congressional district in South Carolina, nor did he win a single delegate.

75% Evangelical Voter Turnout.  A year of ground-team campaign assembly.  6,000 volunteers and boots on the ground…. and not a single county was won.

sc counties

(Full Details)

The next series of discussion threads is going to share with all readers what the current GOPe Power Brokers are trying to do now.  The GOPe have accepted the NEW LANDSCAPE and are modifying objectives in order to deal with it.

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566 Responses to A Republic If We Can Keep It – A Message To Ted Cruz Supporters….

  1. Paul Killinger says:

    I’m sorry, but I do not believe anyone who can lie to his voters to the extent Sen Cruz did to get elected deserves political redemption. And I suspect our Founders would come to the same conclusion, as well.

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  2. lineabirgit says:

    has this been posted yet?

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    • Melania for 1st Lady says:

      And the wheels on the bus go “thwamp thwamp thwamp”.

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    • lovely says:

      I posted the information but not the picture. It appears that Cruz would like people to believe that he surrounds himself with people who are antithetical to himself. It also appears that Cruz is under the delusion that people think those closets to Cruz, those in his inner circle keep doing things that Cruz doesn’t like.

      Cruz has a problem of ethics.

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      • Rino Hunters United! says:

        Not sure their is a politician alive who does not have a serious problem with ethics…. We have built a beast that survives on MASSIVE cash ‘donations’ – no one apparently can stand up strong to the ability to bribe someone OR the ability to take the bribe. That is exactly why we are here today…

        Trump even is not fully ‘donating’ to his own campaign – but is INDEED making LOANS to his campaign – those loans are 10 of millions of dollars (and God Bless him) but after the election is over… his campaign will be able to pay him back with other donations??? – made after the campaign.

        The money levels in politics – is going to be our downfall.


  3. sundaybu says:

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  4. Tuskyou says:

    Ted Cruz made his bed hard and now he has to lie in it. Done.

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  5. PhillyGirl says:

    I dislike Cruz but at some level I find Rubio much more unacceptable ( this beside any problem with eligibility as per the Constitution). I was a big supporter when he ran for the Senate in 2010 because I believed on his anti-illegal immigration. Well, we all know how that ended… I find his lies much more egregious than Cruz. Cruz is not the only liar in this campaign, Rubio continues to lie about his position , past and present, on immigration. I also find him also totally unqualified, with no accomplishments whatsoever. A veritable empty suit.

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    • In the house of Monique, we find them a tie and cannot seem to find any tie breakers to go either way.

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      • Prettyplease says:

        I find Rubio less icky than Cruz. There’s a dark something that emanates from Cruz that makes my skin crawl when I see a picture of him n gets worse if I have to listen to his voice. It’s like a subliminal “other” being speaking at the same time as he does. This “other” is mouthing vile things. Ugh!

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        • Reginald Arford says:

          The word you’re looking for is “Nixonian”; as, being similar to the late President Richard Nixon.
          Nixon was a fairly good President, but the name “Tricky Dicky” stuck for a reason. And Watergate – not the burglary, but the cover-up – was his downfall. You CAN tell a lot about a candidate by those whom he surrounds himself with. Sen. Cruz isn’t doing too well, by this measure. It’s a pity, because the guy’s brilliant. Just not that kind of brilliant, I’m afraid.


  6. ssupsky says:

    We should all unite to overcome the political elites and biased MSM. They want us divided. Let’s be strong and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

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  7. drartaud says:

    Can somebody explain this article to me, I have read it over and over, it meanders too much and sounds like unilateral disarmament. What the heII is burying the stuff in a can supposed to mean?

    American Thinker pours on more and more anti-Trump screed everyday. I’m not about to start singing kumbaya.


    • ssupsky says:

      No, it is an appeal to the Cruz voters to set aside their differences and stand with us behind Donald Trump.

      Burying the stuff in the can is a metaphor to allow old of your old angers, rebellions, and hatreds to be cast aside and forgotten. bury the hatchet and work together to give Donald Trump the nomination and then the General election because if we do not we will no longer have a country to call home.

      Hate the sin, not the sinner. Love your enemies and pray for them. Be united and stand as one for a house divided will fall.

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      • drartaud says:

        Thank you. For some reason though it leaves me with an unsettled feeling. I write procedures, bullet points and line numbering to multiple levels, so that one thought is emphasized or clearly a subset of another. 1.0 -1.1- 1.1.1 – etc.

        My wife and I both see this article as asking for mercy in keeping Trump in the race.

        With Cruz mocking Trump on eminent domain, when is Cruz going to bury his can?

        I had a link to an article at a Canadian company bragging about using eminent domain for the Keystone Pipeline, but they pulled the article when a Nebraska Judge said they couldn’t use it to take a farmers property. I support the pipeline, they’ll eventually work this out, but I’m tired of hearing of this woman’s house Trump tried to take, she was offered $1,000,000 for a house she paid $20,000 for. She won her fight against eminent domain, the house was not torn down at the time like Cruz suggests, and recently the property sold for $530,000, about 1/2 the original price.

        Even if we forgave his past transgressions, when is Cruz going to stop the ongoing ones?

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        • ssupsky says:

          Look not only at the moment at hand, but look also at the big picture. The focus of getting to the end goal has many steps that must be taken as well. Each of these must be done or the entire scheme will fall apart for not having the foundation laid first.

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        • yohio says:

          You need to look at ALL the blue links to understand what is going on, SD does a terrific job laying out the path.

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        • Prettyplease says:

          I think the point was to find a common ground with Cruz supporters, not Mr. Mephistopheles himself, to win over soon to be “homeless” to the Trump banner.

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      • varangia says:

        Too complicated. I’m not reading through all that rigmarole.


    • tz says:

      The way I see it is Sundance will ignore Cruz’ past misdeeds (and I guess would expect them to reciprocate with Trump’s past). Assume for the sake of discussion that Cruz really is the golden boy his supporters claim him to be, he’s natural born, is good on all the issues.

      (Note this was originally written last September before his style of campaigning became clear – Now we have Trump the lion v.s. Cruz the lyin’; but since the race is still on, lets talk to Cruz’ supporters).

      The basic problem is that, like Ben Carson, he cannot be nominated. You can hope he can get a majority of delegates in 8 states, but that may not even happen. You can hope he will hit the magic number of delegates to win, but that is even less likely. If there were a brokered convention, they aren’t going to nominate Cruz.

      Right now it is a three man race, and Rubio is the establishment darling. Were Trump not there, the entire establishment machine would insure Rubio would get the nomination. The next four years will be more of the bipartisan establishment.

      Trump CAN win the nomination and destroy the establishment. (Glenn Beck said today that Trump would destroy the Republican party as we know it. My thought – and I suspect any other Trump supporter thought – “and your point is?”).

      Here is Beck on the Boehner – Ryan betrayal – before Ryan was elected. Glenn is right

      Around 4:00, but the lead up is also worth a listen

      You want to know why Donald Trump is winning? And why people in the frickin’ Tea Party are backing him? Do you know why that’s happening? Because they are righteously tired of it. They have righteous indignation. They have lost their principles on the Constitution because they want somebody to do something!

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      • drartaud says:

        Thank you, your explanation is easy for me to understand, and I agree.

        I differentiate earnest Cruz supporters from Cruz. Though I have issues with Cruz, I can see why they were attracted to him. But Trump’s abilities are something easiest to see by his accomplishments, not by his ostensible oratory style. But his style, his actions, conceal a shrewd and skilled negotiator. This video “Donald Trump is a Master Psychologist” reveals why there’s much more to Trump than at first seen.

        Thanks again for helping me out.

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      • jello333 says:

        Psstt… keep in mind that the “bury the can” part was written months ago.

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        • Boudica says:

          Good thing cause I don’t see much can burying going on right now. There are questions of eligibility for Cruz and Rubio both yet their supporters won’t even entertain those when they have to understand the Dems ARE GOING to force those issues. Frustration! They refuse to see anything wrong with the lies and manipulations Cruz is using against Trump….it is downright vile. Get a can, dig a hole….beyond that lots of luck;/ Wait a minute….naaaa that can’t be….???? oyh;/


      • tz says:

        The longer version of Beck starts at 22:30 and runs past the hour.
        He basically makes all of Sundance’s points on cold anger.

        If I betray my audience, and put somebody up there and ask them to back them, and they turn out to be the wrong guy, my credibility is shot


    • What we are seeing over at American Thinker is the tip of the iceberg. The deluge of paid trolls will just become stronger and louder. The GOP Elites are regrouping, having been surprised by Mr. Trump’s continuing success. Their efforts to dissuade people have included giving support to Mr. Cruz, and Mr. Rubio. However, the GOPe have no use for either of these men, and are using them until they can figure out a new plan of action. If Mr. Cruz could graciously accept that he cannot win, he could become a positive force in fighting against the onslaught that is building up. To do that, though, Mr. Cruz will need to put away his emotional ties to his failed campaign, bury them, and work for the common good, which is keeping the Republic alive.

      I would add, that at this point conservatism or liberalism, or any of the “isms”, have no meaning. Those are philosophical arguments, which can be brought back for discussion after this is over. Because, at this point, we are fighting for the survival of this great country. All of our petty differences are as nothing, when compared to the possible failure and collapse of our country, our sovereignty, and our citizenship.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      drartaud, this may help – https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/02/22/about-ted-cruz-using-trans-pacific-trade-deal-example/

      Your comments and referenced links will be well-read here, possibly debated, always appreciated. I have given up on AT. They are everything now that they have always warned us against.

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      • drartaud says:

        Thanks for the kind words and link. One point made at the link is Cruz supporters are not Cruz, I hold no malice towards them. American Thinker (AT), I saw one commenter once asking for civility by the Cruz supporters, and on AT many of them are trolls, undoubtedly a few individuals using multiple Disqus accounts. The comment threads went from 300 – 500 daily to over 1500. There are multiple new accounts showing up each day. Something weird is going on there. The comment threads, that’s the unfortunate nature of Disqus, but the article selection, it’s downright evil. The authors we respected impugning the residents of New Hampshire because they didn’t choose Cruz, that’s going too far.

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        • Linden says:

          Yes, I used to LOVED AT, read it daily, but lately the caliber of the commenters, and the “regular” authors, are mediocre at best. No real stimulation, no deep thought.

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    • Larry says:

      Dittos on American Thinker. I am beginning to think that AT really stands for Anti-Trump.

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  8. PhillyGirl says:

    I watching Rubio with O’Reilly right now. Why are his ears beet red? Weird

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  9. John Galt says:

    “Conservatives” for open borders, globalism, amnesty and gay marriage. They’re all on board except Trump.


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    • kathyca says:

      That’s a very interesting list. And Beeson isn’t the only rubio peep on it.
      For example:

      Sally Canfield
      Policy Director, Romney for President, 2006-2008, and Deputy Chief of Staff, Senator Marco Rubio, 2011-2015

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  10. Jett Black says:

    No amount of idealism, even if it really were pure, can get past the eligibility problems of a guy born in Canada, probably not to US citizens. Like him, love him, loathe him-matters not. Not only can’t win; he can’t even run.

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    • Linden says:

      Degrade, discount, destroy the importance of the Rule of Law, the importance of the Constitution, while delaying anyone’s appreciation or experience of the consequences of same, until the trap is sprung, the Republic is dead. Can’t express how much I hate these people.

      Both Rubio and Cruz KNEW they were ineligible BEFORE THEY EVER DECIDED TO RUN. That alone should cause anyone to reject them both.

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    • singtune says:

      Completely Agree~!


  11. laineethecat says:

    Everyone needs to understand that Cruz and Rubio do not qualify as natural born citizens. Neither did Obama. Why are these ineligible candidates being shoved down our throats? I suspect some really foul play here, and I wish Sundance would take a hard look at it. Once we accept more unqualified candidates, it sets up precedence. That makes it more difficult to object to down the road.The “One World Order” crap that Obama is dragging us in to is somehow involved.
    Why are two naturalized Cuban candidates running at the same time Obama is getting chummy with Cuba? There is something really sinister going on. The Road Map may be part of it. If Bush had won, my guess is he would pick Rubio as Vice President to succeed him after eight years. That gives room for a lot of One World Order damage, and subservience to the United Nations, to be done.

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    • lilbirdee'12 says:

      Welcome, Lainee to the Treehouse. Your comment: “I wish Sundance would take a hard look at it. “…..Sundance and others here have been addressing this issue for years. Check search function on right for more.

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      • laineethecat says:

        You are right! I am new to the Treehouse. Thanks for the suggestion to use the search function. I’ll get on it. I post & comment a lot about it. This issue really has me bugged, and I appreciate having a lot of sources to cite.
        And, my apologies to Sundance for my error.


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          lainee, since you’re new here, I too want to wish you a welcome to the Treehouse.

          Also, I will add. Begin some basic research on any issue you’re interested. Then if you’re on to something, post some info with links where you got it. Sometimes Sd, will pick up on what we’ve been posting (or another Treeper will) and before you know it……… (That’s how this site seems to work)

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          • laineethecat says:

            Thanks, Mama. I’m still trying to figure out how WordPress works. I seem to have lost my password!


            • BigMamaTEA says:

              Well, try to log in, and then somewhere (after the login shakes it’s little self ha!) there is a “forgot your password” you can click on, and they will either email it to you, or link you a place to change it. (which only if I suspect I’ve been hacked do I change it, I just type in the same one, or add one more letter or digit to it)


  12. yohio says:

    I ask this Question to Cruz supporters whether you like Trump or hate him how can you not want to see him take on Hillary Clinton. This could be the most exciting, crazy thing to EVER happen in politics. I want to see him just DESTROY her

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  13. yohio says:

    To those here that are new if you haven’t been reading all along from the GOP roadmap and even before when they were putting together. You have to read all the links to understand!

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  14. DaveNY says:

    From reading the comments above it seems we have 3 different reactions to SD’s “taking the lumps out” post.
    1. Take the Lumps Out : Make peace with ?cruz? SUPPORTERS to get them to come to Trump
    2. Ambivalence: Let them come around on their own
    3. Tough Love: Keep hammering them. (my preference due to my personality and skill set)

    All three are viable options and I encourage everyone to pick one or use a combination that suits your personality and skill set.

    I am a hard line kind of guy and will continue to MAKE WAR on ?cruz? and his supporters until he is finished.

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    • The only thing we need to know about Cruz is, is he Constitutionally eligible for the office of president? If not, this whole discussion is academic, and Cruz’s financial contributors have been taken to the cleaners big time. What is a “natural born citizen?” Who will define that term, and whatever it is, will it establish Cruz’s eligibility?

      Do presidential candidates get vetted any more, or is it come one, come all, we don’t care?


      • If it is true that candidates don’t get vetted any more and anyone can run, we are at the state Rome reached in about 300 A.D. The Empire had pretty much run out of or killed Emperor candidates, so the candidates started to come from the back office. Former bureaucrats, all “foreigners” since Rome had few citizens left who weren’t on the dole – remember “bread and circuses?” Anyway, the bureaucrats stepped in and began to rule as Emperors.
        A similar thing happened in Great Britain a few hundred years ago, and now the Royal Family is pretty much not English or even British any more. OTOH, the latest incarnation of the royal family may return them to British rulers, since the last two guys have married English girls – Diane and Kate!
        I have said this before, but my biggest fear is the growing power and influence of bureaucrats/civil servants in the U.S. Govt.


  15. Steve Nickerson says:

    Doubts about Cruz and ethics
    And Trump sails along
    The world is upside down


  16. BigMamaTEA says:

    Wow, quite a voice.


  17. Mike says:

    I don’t get SD’s purpose here. He’s spent months writing (correctly) about how cruz is virtually a manchuruan candidate, working with the establishment at turn after turn but claim to be working against it. A cynic who uses God to win political points (however foolishly), belying integrity with disingenuous statements and underhanded campaign tactics. Now he is to have the benefit of the doubt and have all his transgressions tossed into a can and buried? I think not. If the justification for opposing cruz is because we reason that “he can’t win” because the establishment design prevents it, we are reduced to conspiracy theorists, and this will not win the hearts and minds of those supporters who think otherwise, no matter how many references you make to looking at numbers etc. I was a cruz supporter before I turned to trump because I recognized cruz as opportunistic and dishonest, and not merely because of what i read here. This is a more important reason for opposing him, and not one I will overlook for an argument that is essentially the same as what we have been made to swallow for years….”the more principled candidate just can’t win”

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    • Mike says:

      I meant “more conservative” candidate.


    • Mike, I believe that Sundance is talking about Mr. Cruz putting his false hopes of winning into a can, and burying them. Mr. Cruz does have some real strengths, and could be of use in fighting against the GOPe. He has to realize he has been tricked, though. Not an easy admission for anyone to make. He has been used, and will continue to be used, by the GOPe. Time to bury the hopes and aspirations, and start working with the people who are opposing the GOPe. We all need to bury our petty differences, and realize that the vast majority of people in this country have 95% of the same needs. The other 5% is mostly trivia. And the vast majority of people in this country have almost nothing in common with the Ruling Class, the GOPe, and the Donor Class.

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      • singtune says:

        I KNEW CRUZ was a “GLOBALIST” when I came to this Site in September. Sundance Confirmed all that I learned & added some more evidence. However, I have Found that there are some CRUZ Followers that have CHANGED after I held FAST with my convictions. when they backed down at bit, I become less harsh & find POINTS of Agreement.

        So ~~to Sundance’s Point~~~Some of these People are “Approachable” & will Change at this Point. But these PAID TROLL CRUZBOTS~~~are just that. There is a Patterned that can be noted & engaging them is pointless.

        If this old Lady can Change 2 a week, I am sure the rest of you can gather more of them. But remember, be very firm at first, then soften on Points of agreement & they may come around.

        I will NOT Change My Viewpoint on CRUZ. He IS a NWO Globalist. However, his FOLLOWER’S really seem to believe he is a Constitutionalist.. So showing them Cruz has been BETRAYED is the TRUTH , & that he can Not Win, any way you look at it~~~is also the TRUTH..

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Has anyone floated the idea that Don and Ted are working together on this one? Certainly, a 3-way race would be easier for Trump to win than a 2-way. Some of Cruz’s behavior makes me wonder. You know, like letting Glenn Beck stalk him, especially when it’s apparent he’s doing him NO favors. Ted ain’t oblivious to that fact, yet he lets the guy stick around while his behavior disintegrates. A Don-Ted alliance seems bizarre, but certainly no more so than the road map initially did. The 3/4 (or even 5, including sleepy) man debates coming up will give me a good opportunity to test this. Will Ted focus his worst attacks on Trump or the Rubot?


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