Three Strikes – Third Time This Campaign Season NBC/WSJ Caught Promoting “Agenda Polls”…

The team of NBC and Wall Street Journal (Rupert Murdoch owned) has struck again with their latest highly coordinated and heavily manufactured latest “Agenda Poll”.  We have previously revealed NBC/WSJ’s prior two constructs HERE and HERE….

[AND now you know why we proactively do so.]

mark murrayNBC’s Chief Pollster Propagandist, Mark Murray et al, is out with yet another ridiculous poll (exceptionally high Brian Williams as a verb factor).  This time showing Donald Trump trailing Ted Cruz in an “explosive new development“…. Oh my.

However, this time it appears Murray has learned to insert an exit strategy to avoid the egg-face/embarrassing-sunlight factor of prior exhibitions.   In a not-so-subtle veiled attempt to save face, they have written an excuse directly in the heart of their own polled results.

It really is funny to read:

[…] “So, one poll post-Saturday debate can only reflect there may have been a ‘pause’ as Republican voters take another look at Trump. This happened earlier this summer and he bounced back stronger. We will have to wait this time and see what voters decide.”  (link)

Yes, that little disclaimer is more than a little humorous when you know the backstory.

What they are referencing (trying to save face upon) is NBC’s own prior agenda polling last year – hence the “earlier this summer” reference.   When we called out pollster/promoter Mark Murray on the last one, he ran away for several weeks.

Remember, an “agenda poll” is not created to show a statistical snapshot of the presidential race.  An “agenda poll” has nothing to do with the support.  Agenda Polls are manufactured to create media talking points, to create media narratives.

Agenda polling is about setting out to make a story, to sell a specific narrative, by using polling as the means to justify the story you are selling.  Nothing more, and nothing less.

In this NBC story, the Wall Street Journal, owned by Rupert Murdoch who is promoting Marco Rubio 24/7 in all his executive media decision-making, is merely trying to diminish candidate Donald Trump.  They are trying to blunt momentum and block the inevitability factor, that’s all.  Period.

pos 1

Go here to look at the part of the poll they will release –  Now, notice the organization doing the polling.  It is a government contract PR firm “Public Opinion Strategies“:

Public Opinion Strategies is a national political and public affairs research firm. Founded in 1991, we have conducted more than eight million interviews with voters and consumers in all fifty states and over two dozen foreign countries.

Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, our nationwide presence is achieved through a strategically sited office in Colorado, with nine partners and two Vice Presidents leading research efforts.

About half of our research is dedicated to winning elections. Our political client base includes thirteen U.S. Senators, six Governors, over sixty-five Members of Congress, and numerous state legislative caucuses. The other half of our work is involved in complex public policy battles, working with industry coalitions, government entities and private companies. This work includes corporate image, community relations, and crisis management research for local companies, Fortune 500 corporations and industry associations throughout the country. (link)

This poll is not data from a valid polling organization, it’s from a PR firm.  NBC/WSJ take the PR firm data and sell it as if they themselves, the media, conducted the poll.  They didn’t.

The technique the media use is the same as all previous attempts and carried the same basic elements in delivery:

♦ #1 – The polling sample size is heavily manipulated and intensely small.  This “national poll” result is based on 400 contacts.

♦ #2 – To hide what is transparent in #1, they do not reveal the polling methodology or internals.  (Same as all prior agenda polling.) They hide the poll data – SEE HERE – You’ll immediately note how chopped up it is.

♦ #3 –  To protect their lack of integrity being fully dismissed they use multiple “disclaimers” (as noted above)

♦ #4 –  Agenda Pollsters have a history which evidences the first three elements. Meaning they are repeat offenders.

♦ #5 – And lastly, yet again, an “agenda poll” doesn’t match anyone else’s polling, and it doesn’t even remotely pass the proverbial “sniff test”.

All five of the above factors are evident in all noted and previously explained agenda polling examples –SEE HERE– The purpose is to create a narrative for the media to sell – and you can expect to see almost all media jump into action to assist their corporate colleague.

It is simply what they do.

brian williams - NBC Polling

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340 Responses to Three Strikes – Third Time This Campaign Season NBC/WSJ Caught Promoting “Agenda Polls”…

  1. Lisa McLaughlin says:

    I’m beginning to hate this country and its overwhelming, unethical, bottom feeding, parasites.

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  2. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    Oh, that’s a relief! I read a bit about this poll on a couple of different sites, and got just a bit worried, so it’s comforting to see that it’s one of that guy’s polls.


    • Rami says:

      I never go worried. It was clear it was an outlier. Today new polls show the Don again in his double digits. However, without even knowing about this type of polls built to simply create noise and provide the media with talking point material rather than to reflect stats, I was able to see right away that it was the purpose behind it.

      The reaction to the NBC-WSJ poll was of happy hysteria from those still hoping a trump sudden fall. Looks to me they are kidding themselves.

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      • MB Miller says:

        The NBC/WSJ national poll was indeed a dishonest attempt/designed to reduce Trump’s standing in the mind of voters. Someone should have their head handed to them for this dirty trick….but in the media their is no accountability.

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  3. I saw another note that this poll had a lot of far right conservatives and it says Republicans. Well, let’s not forget that Trump’s support is across the board. What is it with the “true conservatives” that they are so willing to overlook the fact that Cruz commits fraud (by definition) every time he opens his mouth and then waves the Bible. Someone’s sick. Remember when Mark Levin really turned on Trump because he brought up his eligibility. What a bunch of hypocrites those “true conservatives” are! I put together the following to counter the “why don’t you support Cruz” statements and in answer to the fraudulent Cruz ad saying Trump would nominate liberal judges.

    Maybe as a very successful businessman in 1999 he didn’t think it was his right to tell women what to do. Besides, if Cruz were honest, which he certainly is not, he would have listened past 1999 and heard why Trump changed his position and is against abortion. Trump saw the wonderful child that the parents had considered aborting.
    All Cruz’s conclusions in this ad are based on the lie that Trump would nominate liberal judges. FACT: Trump named two SCOTUS nominees at the debate (no one else mentioned any). They were praised by Senator Sessions “Trump really hit a home run with me when he mentioned [Pryor].” So it’s just another lie from Cruz.
    Actually this ad is nothing compared to the outright lies he has been telling.

    Then you have what Cruz did to Carson in Iowa and the fraudulent mailers. And the dirty trick pointed out by Rep. Gowdy

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  4. keebler AC says:

    NBC is pure non-credible news. What, after anchoring with Brian Williams, liar extraordinaire, the problem begins at the top – owner and managers. They are paid propagandists and media hacks for pay. Networks “news” are fiction and gossipy liars for pay. No brains, no ethics, worst kind of products being produced today for sale and consumption. They produce toxic materials for the mind and soul.

    Basically, NBC along with the other corporate media are bought up by the hedge fund and banking globablists. Sleazy Ted and especially cantankerous Heidi is feeling sad and dejected by silent majority catching on to their con so Goldman Sachs is propping him up with some feel good nectar.

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    • Gail Combs says:

      Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America by John Earl Haynes, Mr. Harvey Klehr, and former KGB agent Alexander Vassiliev
      Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe

      It is interesting that both books, show American Journalists as the largest number of ‘Spies’ and ‘Covert Operatives’ in the USA. The first book deals with traditional spying, ferreting out the enemies secrets. The other book deals with “preparing the battleground’ aka the propaganda that has become ‘Political Correctness’
      More detailed comment HERE

      The book Spies names names like Earnest Hemmingway, Dan Rather and others you would instantly recognize. There are other like I. F. Stone who had heavy influence on younger journalists.
      And yes Stone was a paid Soviet Agent. Hubby knew the family and he complained bitterly about the loss of Soviet funding for his weekly when the Soviet Union collapsed.

      Again note there were two completely different operations going on.
      One was traditional spying , that is stealing of secrets.
      The Second was covert influence. The reshaping of the USA into a socialist nation. This has been accomplished.

      “At one point during Khrushchev’s visit, the Soviet Premier boasted to the Agriculture Secretary that Benson’s own grandchildren would live under Communism. Benson replied tartly that he expected to do all in his power to assure that Khrushchev’s and all other grandchildren would live under freedom. The Communist leader then responded in essence, according to Benson’s personal account: “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism.” (Soviet Premier of Russia Nikita Khrushchev, to Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson 1959.)


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  6. louche9 says:

    One doesn’t have to look any further than –
    – to notice what an outlier the NBC/WSJ poll is. The MSM knows that that poll is bs and still touts it far and wide, but considering that news has devolved into 24/7 infotainment, with too many players and fierce ratings wars, at least some of the cause has to be to gin up curiosity and interest. The MSM is not above making the news, in order to have news to report. The “Trump is leading in all polls by double digits” headline is getting stale, so they mix it up with a new “shocker”. Most primary voters aren’t going to be unduly influenced; if anything, it should make Trump supporters more determined than ever to get out and vote, so as with everything else the MSM has tried to take Trump down, it will backfire.

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  7. Sundance and Treepers, is there anyone who can list this PR Firm’s political clients (and others, for that matter)?

    They should ALL be Primaried as Fraudsters!

    THIS is the way for Trump to begin to clean house in Congress, without delay.


  8. R-C says:

    Let’s see…we can go with Rupert Murdoch’s fantasy poll, or we can listen to the president of Cruz’s Super PAC. From Brietbart:

    “Pollster and president of the Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)-aligned Super PAC ‘Keep the Promise’, Kellyanne Conway, told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius XM that her internal polls predict Trump will win the South Carolina primary on Saturday.”

    So maybe Cruz’s fawning sycophants ought to get on the same page…

    One further thought, for Prince Rupert: “If you’re going to go to all that trouble to cook up a faux poll to prop up your failing hero, why didn’t you manufacture a lead OUTSIDE the ‘margin of error’?”

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  9. Nick says:

    What a piece of garbage. I cannot look at Mike Murray’s picture cause it make me want to punch my monitor. Go Trump! Looking forward to your victory speech Saturday night.

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  10. kellymoncus says:

    We got your Six , Mr. Donald J. Trump, march on we can do this,

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  11. Eric L says:

    Trump is going to allow Cruz and Rubio to stay in the race for as long as it benefits Trump. They are both ineligible and everyone knows it. But for Trump, they are acting unwittingly as part of a reverse splitter strategy. Cruz, Rubio and Jeb are all pulling votes from each other at this point. The establishment can’t get anything to coalesce behind a preferred candidate so they are trying to deny Trump a majority by having multiple weak candidates.

    Trump will continue to pick up momentum. At the point (if it were ever to arise) Cruz or Rubio threatens seriously, Trump sues over eligibility and takes them out. Either they get ruled out, or the Republican party pulls back the veil on what their real dedication to the Constitution is and loses 40% of their base. I think if threatened Trump will pick them off one by one as needed on an eligibility suit, leaving Jeb with too little time.

    The establishment messed up. They underestimated Trump’s support and the blinders coming off the people. Then their preferred candidate was the weakest one other than Kasich. Then they picked 2 splitters who are not eligible for the Presidency. It’s not working. The decoys were supposed to draw votes off and keep Jeb in it, but he’s too weak a candidate. Instead the decoys are taking turns in 2nd/3rd so if they begin to rise further Trump will eat them alive. Trump is playing to win. The RNC has a narrow margin before Trump wrecks them and/or goes 3rd party. If he picks off everyone between him and Bush and they still try to mess around, he’ll go 3rd party and win.

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    • Prothonotary Warbler says:

      Another thing that’s hurting the GOPe’s splitter strategy… three guys are now running neck-and-neck for second place. As long as there’s not a clear winner between the three of them, none of them are going to be inclined to back out.

      “So, now you see that the splitters have become the splitted!,” as Bane probably would’ve put it if that last Batman movie had been about this year’s GOP primaries.

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    • Coast says:

      “The establishment can’t get anything to coalesce behind a preferred candidate so they are trying to deny Trump a majority by having multiple weak candidates.”

      Actually the Establishment is admitting that the only way to stop Trump is to have only “one” candidate so that votes are not split….but they also realize it may be too late…and they don’t have anyone that people like.


  12. Maxwell says: ‘Hart Research Associates’ must have interviewed 400 primary voters outside a Cruz rally Reuters and Q Poll both have Trump up by 20. Trump’s been leading by 15 to 20 points Nationally so this NBC/WSJ poll is either seriously flawed or deliberately false.


  13. The more this election goes on, the more I wonder whether things change even if Trump gets into office. Other than Jeff Sessions, I really don’t see a whole lot of these politicians wanting to even work with the Donald. They are all bought and paid for. Mike Lee is supporting Cruz, Rand Paul would never support Trump, Paul Ryan has previously slammed the Donald. Cruz is a snake, Rubio is a man child.

    Electing the Donald would be nice, but we need to get rid of a lot more people for it to have a long lasting effect. There are just too many low lives in the office right now

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    • This election will be a target-rich environment of RINOs and stiffs. Hopefully we have some primarying to do here…

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Careful about getting rid of.
      Teaparty did that and nothing good happened.

      Trump will break them. Better the known corrupt than lost to the Dems.

      He has plans and probably leverage (blackmail you might call it) on the key “leaders”.

      He knows how the game is played and he has studied NYC politics his entire life.
      He’s been up close and personal with scum worse than these clowns.
      He’s dealt with union bosses, mafia, syndicate, Russian Jewish gangsters, Dems, Repubs, and all sorts of hypocrites of every persuasion.

      He’s stand atop the hill. They are scattered or gone.

      When he says “Smart” and points to his head, he is also saying “Tough”.
      You don’t accomplish what he has because the wind was at his back or some stroke of timing was perfect and he struck it rich.

      He built everything he owns. The man is titanium tough. He is his own Uncle Nunzio with the baseball bat. Knees first. If they don’t cooperate. Then some heads.

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      • Gail Combs says:

        I can recall reading in one of his books a comment about politicians showing at his hotels with people not their wives….

        Remember Trump has been planning this for well over 16 years. I am sure he has files that would burn the rumps of 90% of the politicians in the USA.

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    • RINOKiller says:

      I guess Trump will be in recruitment mode to clean-up Congress.

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      • Gail Combs says:

        As I mentioned above it is not Congress he needs to do an Augean Stable cleaning of but the bureaucracy. And as President he is THE BOSS of that fetid pile of manure.

        He can order all those bureaucracies to streamline their regs to a readable 100 pages and completely close others.

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    • Golden, make no mistake about this, WE have a YUGE responsibility to ourselves, our country and our fellow citizens to continue the fight to replace the Ruling Class. President Donald Trump is the first step. We must keep working to get these traitors out of office after Trump is elected.

      Also, when Ronald Reagan won in a landslide victory, all of the Congress recognized that American people were sick of their failure. They cooperated with President Reagan because the American people, their constituents DEMANDED it.

      We have a YUGE role to play and will continue to have one.

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  14. M Vigil says:

    No one has polled me and I will vote for Donald Trump even if I have to write his name in.

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  15. Steve says:

    Imagine a future where manipulating data to manufacture opinion or rousing some portion of the population into a murderous racial fury would get you the death penalty. Hmmm.

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  16. Chris says:

    You have no idea how angry it made me when Cruz referred to himself as the new front runner. What a liar. I hope that Mr. Trump obliterates him on Saturday.

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    • O Chris, I think we DO. I just did a google search “Trump polls” and headlines that Cruz is now on top, total BS and all articles pro Cruz, not that they like Cruz, not that I believed Cruz’ poll for one minute, but just seeing them using him to disrespect Trump’s lead and Trump supporters, trying to get us down and discouraged. They are of the spirit of death want to make everything dark and dreary and they don’t like seeing THE HAPPY PEOPLE. Total direct hit against us and Trump.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      He’s referred to himself as God, Jesus, the Messiah.

      Frontrunner is a comedown.


    • flyingtigercomics says:

      There’s something about cruz. He really is the peanut in so many people’s ideological shit.

      Just something noisome, unwholesome about him.

      And compared to the rest of the non-Trumps he’s about average, other than Carson who is a human being. The rest… Sinister forces.

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    • Chris says:

      What is wrong with this guy? I find him so repulsive that I actually change the channel if I see him on TV. I can’t stand the way that he speaks, and he drives me crazy with those annoying pauses. He says five words, pauses, then utters another five words. Even his facial expressions really bother me. I hate to sound mean, but I cannot stand him. There is no way I would ever vote for Cruz.

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  17. trumpeter says:

    Have never seen so many underhanded tricks during a run-up to an election, and this time most of the stunts/tricks seem to be perpetrated by the GOP. Shameful! Now it’s clear why some folks refer to both sides as the “UNI-PARTY.”

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  18. RINOKiller says:

    Why do we continue to do things so reprehensible AFTER getting busTED?

    I just don’t get it!


  19. oldschool64 says:

    I understand there is a really, REALLY important poll getting released Saturday night being done by the state of South Carolina. They’ve spent millions of dollars on this poll and I understand it has a margin of error of 0%.

    Pretty sure after Saturday night, the NBC/WSJ national will die the death it so richly deserves

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  20. Gail Combs says:

    As I said earlier look at the top of the page.
    On the left they say interviews 400 republican voters but on the right it shows a box with:
    54 male
    46 female

    They may have CALLLED 400 republican voters but it looks like they used data from 54 male plus 46 female = 100 people.
    Going down further ALL the numbers add up to 100 for each question/

    This is backed up by looking at their
    September poll

    Click to access NBCWSJSept2015.pdf

    October poll

    Click to access NBCWSJOct2015PollFinal.pdf

    If you add up the number of people in each age catagory you get 100 people.

    In all three polls all the answers add to 100 and no where does it say this is percentages nor are decimals used.

    I see ZERO evidence that these polls actually use answers from more than 100 people.

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    • Steve says:

      Right under that box that you reference: “54 male, 46 female”;
      there is a statement in very small letters with a very bold underline stating:
      Please note: All results are shown as percentages unless otherwise stated.

      Very easy to miss.


      • Gail Combs says:

        Thanks Steve, The eyesight is not what it used to be. I cannot read below 10 point type any more. Thread a needle? Still don’t know how I do it. Must be muscle memory because I sure can’t see the thread.


  21. Gail Combs says:

    My Comment om Hackable voting machinces disappeared. Hopefully it will reappear.

    In looking around the internet on the subject of voting machines, I came across a very useful site.
    Verified Voting It captures the news on voting machines of various types. More important:

    “Verified Voting provides resources that allow you to find what voting equipment is used in each State, how the equipment works and laws and regulations in place across the country to promote transparent and verifiable elections. Click below to visit The Verifier interactive map, and our pages devoted to Voting Equipment, Post-Election Audits and Internet Voting.”

    From another site a Hackability Map — Green = secure, Red = hackable and South Carolina comes up very hackable….

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  22. Gail Combs says:

    South Carolina is prime for fraud from what I can see, thanks to the above site.

    What the abbreviations mean and more info on each for those of us who are computer challenged.

    DRE — Direct Recording Electronic Voting Machines
    Direct Recording:
    Ease of use vs Ease of Computer-based Fraud

    VVPAT –Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail Printers
    What Is a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT)?

    BMD— Ballot- Marking Device or System.
    Patent Description It is not a paper ballot.


  23. Gail Combs says:

    Last comment went astray…
    To follow on about South Carolina and its questionable Voting machines, They all are Election Systems & Software Inc.

    According to sourcewatch has had problems and represents 1/2 the voting machines in the USA.

    Election Systems & Software Inc. is a subsidiary of McCarthy Group, LLC The McCarthy Group (Or at least was)

    our passion is creating the stories that drive your business
    We help our clients remove the impediments to growth by re-imagining strategy, honing branding and positioning, clarifying story across myriad channels and providing day-to-day support in implementation of business transformation, brand introductions, sales and marketing plans and communications programs.

    Now doesn’t that give you warm fuzzies about the integrity of those voting machines?


  24. Haven’t we all absolutely had enough of this dishonesty? When we elect President Donald Trump in a landslide victory will they get it then? I wonder.

    They have so screwed up our lives, our children’s lives, our country, our rights to enjoy the fruits of our own efforts…. we’ve been violated so badly, robbed blind, disrespected, threatened, manipulated and bullied into submission to their progressive agenda…. E N O U G H ! ! !

    We have had enough of this! Go away Ruling Class! Get real jobs that produce something, contribute something to society, create jobs. You leeches are done!


  25. Richard Travers says:

    When NBC morning Joe and the crew are suspicious u know it stinks…

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  26. CatLady445 says:

    Funny thing we already figured this out last night. WSJ/NBC/Rupert Murdoch has insulted our intelligence and further deteriorated their credibility.


  27. Meremortal says:

    And people say Trump supporters are gullible, LOL. I love this poll. The tears of the status quo supporters will be delicious after SC.


  28. Jim says:

    The funny part is even eith such a high degree of dishonesty, they could only concoct a statistical tie.

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  29. Nig says:

    I’ve noticed a small but significant feature in honest news sites is to allow a comments section. now why would dishonest medias not allow comments


  30. honeycat155 says:

    im praying trump blasts them all tomoro with even higher lead .please jesus x


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