NBC Promotes Agenda Driven Poll Result – AND, Yet Again, Hides The Data….

Against an increasingly obvious level of support for a common sense freeze on Muslim immigration the progressive apparatchik within the bowels of NBC/WSJ rush to the typeset to deflect the damage.

We’ve written extensively before about pollster Mark Murray, NBC, and their agenda-polling promotion, so there’s no reason to re-hash that again.  However, the latest attempt is so far beyond absurd the light from where absurd emanates won’t catch it for a year.

nbc muslim poll


NBC broadcasts a poll showing 57% of Americans opposing candidate Donald Trump’s proposal to halt Muslim immigration until our political representatives can figure out “what the hell is going on“.

brian williams - NBC Polling

This reported polling result is Olympic level media bias/manipulation.  The NBC goal is to plant diversionary talking points within the media discussion narrative through the time-frame of the Sunday Talk shows.

How is this agenda visible?

A couple of ways:  ♦ First, the poll data is NOT available.  As with all agenda polls, the consumption of the narrative is dependent on you accepting “their word for it”.  This is a historical approach.

♦ Second, NBC puts the following disclaimer at the bottom of their disingenuous article:

The full NBC/WSJ poll was conducted Dec. 6-9 of 1,000 adults (including nearly 400 reached by cell phone), and it has a margin of error of plus-minus 3.1 percentage points.

The question on Trump’s Muslim proposal was asked Dec. 8-9 of 495 respondents, which has a margin of error of plus-minus 4.4 percentage points.

The rest of the poll will be released Sunday and Monday. (link)

Again, note they do not provide any actual raw data.

♦ Third, the pollster, Mark Murray, has a history of delivering a political agenda through misleading poll data.

♦ Lastly, it doesn’t even come close to passing “The Common Sense Test” – here’s a polling result asking a genuine and simple question:

lehigh valley all voters

This non-agenda Lehigh Valley poll shows a 180° different result from NBC.  However, the Lehigh Valley poll is in alignment with all other similar polls asking the same or similar question.

This NBC/WSJ Poll is, quite simply, professional “gaslighting”.


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83 Responses to NBC Promotes Agenda Driven Poll Result – AND, Yet Again, Hides The Data….

  1. R-C says:

    A textbook case of obfuscation and willfully misleading the public. I think that’s in NBC’s “mission statement”.

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  2. Pat Nohavec says:

    I support Trump and his quotes on not allowing Muslims – any Muslim, into our country when we are at war with them. They are evil, and will do as they are told by their leaders to kill Americans.
    And who in this country is going to EVER believe Williams??!!


  3. ScruffyLeon says:

    I’m not surprised at the manipulation and outright lying by these guys.
    I would love to see the list of members of our Congress who are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, what ever. Anybody know where that might be? I wonder how accurate that list would be?

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  4. The American/European left’s harm to science and applied mathematics is rapidly catching up with Lysenko’s Soviet debacle. The downstream damage, however, has almost surely been greater, thanks to politicized earth science.


    • Notmeagain says:

      I beg to differ. Bad as the hard science damage is, I think it is the politicized psychology–sociology–education which reinforces all the other things and much more. Check out the research for the last 40 years. In all these big intellectual areas, too many people depend on govt. and foundation funds and are steered to report favorably toward liberal agenda items such as abortion, transgenders, gay parents, American History. This is two generations of received wisdom about who we are and how we should be. All that PC, a basis for communication, media, government policy.

      I remember an editorial in Nature about 12 years ago when the first movements toward medical marijuana were underway: the author noticed that there had never been good research on marijuana that could be useful now when it was needed. It had all been driven by government grants to check bad effects, like how many marijuana users became heroin addicts. Now look at what’s going on, it’s legally available many places and we are having a giant experiment in just what happens. Likewise there are murmurs that being transgender isn’t always the solution to deep seated insecurities… It would be a great opportunity for research if there were some honest researchers left who didn’t have to worry about kowtowing to a donor.

      It will take a long time to undo the damage and reeducate people to be a little more critical, and, I don’t think it will happen without a revolution in the way research is regulated and financed.

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  5. FireAm 85 says:

    Perfect reference to cite for the first question to Trump at Tuesday’s Nevada debate.

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  6. azgary says:

    gop prepping for suicide:

    GOP preparing for contested convention

    Republican officials and leading figures in the party’s establishment are now preparing for the possibility of a brokered convention as Donald Trump continues sit atop the polls and the presidential race.

    More than 20 of them convened Monday for a dinner held by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, where the prospect of Trump nearing next year’s nominating convention in Cleveland with a significant number of delegates dominated the discussion, according to five people familiar with the meeting.

    Considering that scenario as Priebus and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) listened, several longtime power brokers argued that if the controversial billionaire storms through the primaries, the party’s establishment must lay the groundwork for a floor fight, in which the GOP’s mainstream wing could coalesce around an alternative, the people said.


    the gop plays these game they can FOAD, Im voting for Trump in the primary and the general, and I just went to his website and sent him some $$$$

    to hell with the gop.

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  7. stringy theory says:

    They can fake it and fake it, but we ain’t buying. We know the truth and it is out for all to see. People are flocking to Trump before and even more so after his mooslim plan. No one will be influence by this horse hockey. Even Rush admitted today that the drive-bys could find a single Trump supporter who said they were no longer for Trump because of his comments about mooslims. None of the usual tools used by the drive-bys to destroy candidates work on Trump and they’re pulling out their hair (if they have any) because they have failed, utterly, to hurt him. Hear that Maygen, the Faux bimbo and teleprompter reader.

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    • FireAm 85 says:



    • shelleybear66 says:

      I agree that WE aren’t buying it…but most Americans are not on Conservative Treehouse or Drudge, etc. They are swapping homemade craft ideas on Pinterest and facebook!
      I was SO angry when I saw this manipulative, lying, slithering poll!
      How can we overcome the spoon-fed masses huddling in their safe spaces?! So mad!!

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      • helenerbrown says:

        Laughing since that was an accurate description of moi a few months ago. But there was a tipping point and after I quit yelling at the TV, I started fact checking, reading blogs, with a thirst for truthful information. I found this site and others that mirror my opinions and beliefs. Now I don’t have to spend so much time searching for the truth. And I know I am not the only voter shedding blinders.

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      • Notmeagain says:

        So true! And guys on game and mechanic forums. I have relatives who think in those terms. If only we could tap into those markets.


      • Sentient says:

        NBC’s “poll” is an agenda-driven push poll, as Sundance has clarified, but that Lehigh poll may not be representative, either. Many of us voted in it after been directed from CTH. Judging by an unscientific poll of my co-workers, I think most would be against Trump’s proposal. I live in MN and my congressman is Keith Ellison, so take that into account, but I think a lot of people will buy into the idea that Trump’s proposal is “un-American”. If Trump’s poll numbers in the GOP primary electorate move from, say, 32 to 42, it’ll be a big move, but that’s still only a subset of the general electorate.


      • KBR says:

        As for me, I spend a lot of time commenting wherever articles about Trump allow comments. Those who read and agree might tell others?

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  8. TAS says:

    But….as you all know….this will be the only poll talked about all weekend….it makes one angry to have to put up with such lies.

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  9. Bluto says:

    “14 out of 14 Dead Californians in San Bernadino were unable to be polled at this time, but we here at NBC do not think it would have a significant effect on our results.”

    “Next week: Does America Approve or Disapprove of Beards that look like pubic hair”

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  10. Ono says:

    To not show full data in a poll is sheer propaganda. Trump has the MSM is in desperation mode.

    You can rig a poll but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna come home with a fish. Or is that “If you can Tune a guitar can you tuna fish?

    Trump ’16

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  11. dadawg says:

    America’s greatest threat is the American “elite” media…

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  12. Veritas says:

    This is why the news media enjoys less respect than lepers, child molesters, and suicide bombers.

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  13. Big Picture says:

    And just imagine how surprised they will be when the voters pick Trump. Can you say Bevins?

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  14. irvingtwosmokes says:

    I don’t take any poll serious that is less than n=1000

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    • LBH says:

      Even n=1000 doesn’t ensure a representative sample if it’s chopped up into many pieces. I posted this on another thread here:

      From the methodology: “The question on Trump’s Muslim proposal was asked Dec. 8-9 of 495 respondents, which has a margin of error of plus-minus 4.4 percentage points.”

      This sample size and MOE represents of ALL respondents, yet they reported percentages agreeing/disagreeing with the Muslim proposal from many subsets (Republicans, Dems, Indies, urban vs rural, etc.). I’d guess Republican respondents might make up slightly less than half of that 495 and rural dwellers even less. Sorting 495 respondents into so many buckets results in worthless insight. Total crap, IMO.

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  15. JRD says:

    Is Patrick Murray of Monmouth University Mark Murray’s bother? LOL


  16. The Boss says:

    Desperate people doing desperate things. Again. Yawn…


  17. kinthenorthwest says:

    Practically everyone I talk to says its time to put a moratorium on bringing in Mideastern refugees, even some of the liberals I know

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  18. BobW462 says:

    I had a statistics professor who regularly reminded us that at least 90% of all quoted statistics were made-up on the spot!

    (Wait….think about that for a few seconds. Are you at least grinning yet?)

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  19. Notamemberofanyorgainizedpolicatal says:

    Truth-Teller Trump always tells the truth.

    Lie-Stream Media always Lies……..or so it would appear from all their evidence they provide to incriminate themselves with…….

    CBS reports Muslims celebrating 9/11 on 9/11……

    I’m sure clips of NBC and ABC, CNN, PBS, etc. can also be found…..

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  20. Jett Black says:

    What is it with Lehigh Valley news? I mean it’s an interesting area of the USA and maybe pretty representative of “flyover country,” but just curious why I keep seeing reports from there–there’s no real city, just clusters of townships surrounding the sinkholes of Allentown and Bethlehem (though I like Bethlehem–picturesque little old steel town, cool Moravian history).


  21. Arkindole says:

    Rasmussen has them in the 60’s as well–same basically as Lehigh Valley. Who would you trust? Posted the Rasmussen link this am in the pres thread.
    The media is simply vile, but, the lofos and nofos watch that crap and believe it. That’s the problem and they roll with them and no one else.

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  22. myrightpenguin says:

    Oh what a coincidence, we have the British Defense Minister (Fallon) in town to spin some Taqqiya that everything is going hunky-dory (‘co-operation’ with Obama. etc.) and no doubt over the next few days used by the MSM to bash Trump. He’s on Greta right now, giving the impression the Brits know what they are doing. They don’t, they have zero moral authority, and have allowed Islamification of their country.

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    • yakmaster2 says:

      I heard the Prime Minister say Britain has at last decided to step up air strikes in Syria and as soon as the civil war there results in Assad being ousted, Britain may put boots on the ground there. (Never mind Russia backing Assad, eh?) He’s enthusiatic about Saudia Arabia brokering some new leadership in Syria once Assad’s gone. Hmmm. Isn’t Saudia Arabia disgustingly Islamic fundamentalist? The E.U. needs to pull it’s head out of its collective a$$ and see the burkas.

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  23. feralcatsblog says:

    Do you favor bringing millions more into America whose “religion” demands the elimination af all human rights?

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  24. IntoTheFray says:

    I’m betting that if you went to NBC’s headquarters, somewhere in that building, you will find statues of Baghdad Bob and Joseph Goebbels, because what NBC does has nothing to do with news. Pure political propaganda. No wonder they employ people like Lyin’ Brian and Mark Murray.

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  25. Phooey says:

    Thanks for exposing this SD. I had NBC Nightly News on in the background and turned to look when they put this trash on screen. My BS meter was pegged.


  26. clash108 says:

    This Rasmussen poll for comparison has it 46% favoring a temporary ban with 40% opposed. 66% of Republicans agree with Trump. This from a sample of 1000 likely voters. My gut feeling is NBC has more unlikely voters than likely voters. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/current_events/immigration/december_2015/voters_like_trump_s_proposed_muslim_ban


  27. NJF says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read through the comments, but I saw this link posted at WeaselZippers

    Democratic Congresswoman: “Between 5 And 20%” Of Muslims Willing To Use Terrorism To Institute Caliphate – BuzzFeed News


    The math on that is freaking scary.

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  28. preppin247 says:

    I’m surprised they had the airtime left to show this story ..what with all the coverage of the imam’s denounceing the S.B. attacks… thousands of peaceful Muslims protesting the violence and other religion of peace displays….eat sheot and die msm

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  29. RINOKiller says:

    NBC is asking to be TRUMP-SUED again!

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  30. Every individual reacts differently when being lied to and each has their own high water mark. A point when reached that the who, why and how often no longer matter, fate intercedes, things just happen and there is an end to the lying. Until the next liar happens along.

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  31. nyflacon says:

    Seeing and hearing how Trump only has 8 weeks to decide if hes going to run IND. These people are fools. If Trump doesn’t decide until after the convention, because they screw him, we would just write him in. Do they think Trump couldn’t run a successful write in campaign? Just ask Lisa Murkowski. Trump is a lot easier to write too. Dummies.

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  32. Of course the permanent ‘non’ ban on illegal entry at our southern border ……whilst a mere trickle…..versus the tax payer funded one way ticket rides from the sewer, holds a greater probability of being the route of choice for a ‘jihad ready’ (read as “known terror adherent”, whether formally acknowledged by LE or not).

    Now, if I buy a one way ticket to any islamic sh^thole, I may be placed on a no fly list. Just like the US journalist learned.

    Conservative patriots in government would win a lot of praise for pulling a jujitsu reversal move – citing that the “A one way ticket from islamo-slums for future terror perps” AS the reason they are not allowed to enter the US.


  33. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    These kinds of polls only feed the resentment that drives the voters to Trump! We knew they did this but now it is not even hidden!

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  34. Travis McGee says:

    I’d prefer to hear Trump call for a pause to all immigration “until we figure what the hell is going on”. I also cringe when Trump says we need to figure out why they hate us. That’s what the PC bunch was asking after 911. It doesn’t matter why they hate us, but if you need a reason then maybe their religion calls for them to hate and kill infidels.

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  35. keebler AC says:

    In a Rasmussen Poll this week, even Clinton supporters agree that the news media is NOT biased AGAINST her.a

    Voters See Media Biased Against Trump but Not Clinton


    Wednesday, December 09, 2015

    Voters are far more likely to think the media is biased against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump than against his chief Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.


    Seventy-five percent (75%) believe that when it comes to covering prospective presidential candidates, the media is more interested in creating controversies about them than it is in reporting where they stand on the issues.

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  36. keebler AC says:

    Purple Insight as reported by Bloomberg says that the majority is robustly in agreement with Donald Trump over temporarily banning Muslim Immigration. It reports at least 2/3 agree which is in line with most polls and contrary to the NBC/Wall Street polls. But then again, we knew that Wall Street likes any money, even dirty money from oil magnates in the middle east and NBC is…..well….the corporatist spawn nest of Bri Will.

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  37. Lulu says:

    Bloomberg Politics Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Likely GOP Primary Voters Back Trump’s Muslim Ban



  38. TeddyOn20th says:

    Are pictures like this one well known?

    Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter Mecca from the highway; there is a bypass that they have to take. Trump probably already knows about this, but if not, someone tweet this to him:


  39. 1American1st says:

    It appears that the political whores took a poll of 1,000 adults. Donald Trump has more than that in just the first 2 rows of his rallies:


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