The Endorsement Game – Big Picture Politics – The Resurrection of Jeb….

The South Carolina debate is over, and for those of you who are following the nuance – now the endorsement game begins.

In order to understand what is currently going on, it helps to step back in time and remind yourself what the intents are behind the political curtain – The bigger ‘big picture’.

All the way back in February of ’14, the RNC rules committee decisions for the 2016 presidential race were constructed in Washington DC.  Almost every player in the 2015/2016 presidential election was either present (mostly splitters), or had a representative in attendance on their behalf.


Republican party officials, party consultants, party donor aggregators/bundlers, regional and state party insiders, political media representatives, all present. The entire GOPe political enterprise was participating in the RNC conference.  Within those discussions there were also multiple break-out sessions.

Within the most exclusive of those break-out sessions (invitation only) were the engineers, top-level lobbyists, K-Street and Wall Street financiers, the money people.   The GOPe road-map for the presidential race in 2016 was built.

bush affluenzaJeb Bush was the next-in-line.

The pedigreed.

If you’ve read the road-map, you know the rest.

Fast-Forward to South Carolina today – – –  Ted Cruz has won Iowa, Donald Trump has won New Hampshire, a contentious SC debate now in the rear view – – – the original road-map design a tattered construct thanks to Donald Trump.

However, the principles under the foundation of the road-map still remain.

The Old Guard (Romney, Bush Clans et al) have been backed up against the cliff, and their heels are hanging off…. Or so most think.   Personally, I believe that is a completely mistaken impression of the current state of the race.

Having watched, VERY CAREFULLY, the construct of these events since October 2013 (DC Congressional Leadership action), through the February Rules in ’14 (RNC National Leadership), and forward to the party-line approach (mid-terms ’14), and into the spring ’15 presidential candidate Tripwires, the original GOPe intent is still the most likely scenario.

Remember, RUBIO WAS A TRIPWIRE (predicted way back in 2014).  Why would a 44-year-old single-term, freshman senator, with no executive experience, no assets, no accumulated wealth, a family, a wife, four children, walk away from his job, take on a long-shot presidential bid with nothing but downsides – unless those constructing the bid had promised a golden parachute/safety net.  Those providing the security had a motive.

Those who hold the aforementioned motive, also hold the cards.  The party elite never enter into a win/lose scenario, or any scenario that has uncontrolled risk.  Their ‘plays’ are always various angles which provide security for their positioning – constructed as Win/Win.

Presidential Candidate, Senator Marco Rubio has NEVER been fully vetted.  The best interpretation of their angle is that the very top power structures within the GOPe, who also control and influence the larger corporate media empire, know they can take down young Rubio at any given moment.

With that in mind, if you remove the view of Rubio as a candidate and begin to reapply the concept of Rubio as a tool (original GOPe road-map), you recognize Rubio can be used to carve through political opposition, gain support – and at any particular moment that best fits the plan for Jeb, WHAMMO the dirt is dropped and with it any viable possibility of Marco as a candidate nominee.

Senator Rubio was never intended to be the ‘ends’; he was always the ‘means to the end’.

This scenario has always look to be the GOPe’s best play.

Think about Rubio and Jeb as two sides of the same GOPe coin.  Wall Street does the flipping, the coin toss per se’, but there is no-one adverse to the result.  Any primary win for either, is a win/win for both because the ultimate outcome is a win for the next-in-line Jeb Bush.

haley-romney♦  Now to the endorsements.  Again, go back to the original road-map and cut through the media fog surrounding South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Haley has done the bidding of the GOPe DC Machine (Ryan, McConnell, etc.) with the SOU response to knock down Donald Trump.   Republican party leadership approved the script.  Governor Haley also spoke highly of Marco Rubio in the 36 hours that followed the controversy.

Absent of GOPe intervention, a Rubio endorsement from her was/is all but certain.

♦ Cue Today –  The Old Guard (Bush clan) can leverage Haley’s political and financial future to support Jeb and remove the endorsement of Rubio.  However, the most affirmative way to achieve that is to expose her to the dirt on Rubio: “do you really want to be associated with this endorsement when (—- fill in the blank —-) comes out”?

I believe that conversation took place today.

Everything surrounding this week is layers of Machiavellian political maneuvering.  My hunch is Governor Nikki Haley will endorse Bush, that was the most prudent play as understood within original plan when we first outlined it years ago.

Your thoughts?

bush affluenzahaley-550x335marco_rubio_hires


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504 Responses to The Endorsement Game – Big Picture Politics – The Resurrection of Jeb….

  1. Great article Sundance as always. The only thing I’d like to say is that Cruz did not win Iowa. He cheated, even trump states this publicly. And that doesn’t even count the election vote fraud, only the Cruz cheating Carson votes. What that means is Trump won both Iowa and New Hampshire which based on history is a very good indication of who will be the nominee. They are stealing votes from Trump and padding them for the others. The real cheating starts in SOUTH CAROLINA where it is 100% electronic voting and no paper ballots.

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  2. Cara C says:

    Interesting. Then Trump should vet and expose Rubio and remove him as the GOP’s useful tool.


  3. 2x4x8 says:

    My thoughts are that “dirt” has always been used by the Insiders as a tool, not to eliminate an outsider friendly politician, but to promote him and keep him in the game, like a chip in the big game, to continue to do what you want

    Nikki Haley will either endorse Rubio or because of concern for offending Trump and his poll leading followers, not endorse, which would help smooth over the unhappy pro-Bush Globalist side

    remember Bush is not wanted by the electorate, Rubio is favorable, getting rid of him, only makes his voters go to Trump, same with Cruz, he must be promoted, financed and kept in the race

    their only hope is a brokered convention, not being able to win it out right, and that calls for a STRONG Rubio, Cruz, Bush (+51%)

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    • TwoLaine says:

      I don’t give a rat$ a$$ who Nikki endorses, and I don’t think the vast majority of voters in SC care either. I think she betrayed them when she tried to erase their proud history. I think there is massive Cold Anger out there for that as well. And guess what? All that began playing out the day after TRUMP announced. She is toasTed.

      Happy 8 Month Anniversary Candidate TRUMP!

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  4. Joe's Dad says:

    Voter fraud is the name of the game. The Trump movement is so massive and growing, voter fraud is the ONLY way for him to be ousted. So the million dollar (should say trillion) question is, how do we stop voter fraud in all of these states that do electronic and closed-door counting???

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    • UberRight says:

      Could all the Trump voters take a phone photo of their vote, and then register their vote on an Trump website with the photo as evidence? Then at least Trump’s people would have a baseline count to work from.

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      • Willy says:

        We absolutely need a way to keep count. There were more Dr Ron Paul supporters in our precinct than votes counted…. and we all voted.


      • DS says:

        This — or something similar — is a good idea. We need to have some way of fighting against the electronic voting system, which is just ripe for scamming. Someone with experience in election oversight needs to weigh in on this idea to either validate it or suggest workable alternatives…


  5. barton2016 says:

    She’s just another politician. Who cares who she endorses.


  6. Tony Bonagura says:

    I love the way Trump handled himself in the SC Debate by attacking GW. He and his staff are looking past SC and the SEC states, they know they have those states wrapped up. They are hammering GW because they know that more than half the country thought the war in Iraq was the wrong war and they are fishing for those votes for the run against the Democrats in Democrat states.

    When Fox Legs rolls out Karl Rove to defend GW, Trump wins. Rove sat back and allowed GW to be crucified / tar and feathered by the media during and after the war about the WMD debacle. Rove pulls out a book written by George Tennent to call Trump a liar. Why didn’t he pull out a book written by Saddam Hussein’s top general who was responsible for removing most of the WMDS while GW was dicking around with the UN and the Wacky Mindless Democrats (America’s WMDS). Sadda (the General) gave every detail as to how the WMDS were moved to Syria. Karl Rove is a worthless idiot. He should stand up like a man and take the blame for all the hatred directed at GW. He failed to retaliate when his President was attacked. Trump is just using the old news to entice the idiots on the left.

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    • El Torito says:

      Recall Dick Morris proclaiming loudly and with unwavering certainty that Romney had 2012 won? He was one of the most trusted voices/minds in DC and is now relegated to irrelevance. I believe that same future is calling Rove’s name. If Trump had not entered the race, Rove would probably go down in history as a political (albeit evil) genius. All he will be remembered for now is a failed strategy that cost donors millions and if my prayers are answered, the oaf that unknowingly, was a big hand in the donor class losing their grip on power. Forever. Amen.

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    Posted 13 Dec 2015.


  8. NannyG says:

    When I look at the 538blog’s polls plus (which includes and adds value to endorsements) Trump looks to be behind.
    So we know something is off there.
    But each of those endorsements might be one delegate.
    And that’s scary.
    It’s going to be interesting to follow the Bernie Sanders supporters fight against the super delegates.
    Is reform of that twice-removed ”democratic” process going to be forced?


  9. Will this article/book by Roger Stone hinder Jeb! at all or be a non discussed item on the news(?) circuit?

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    • Backspin says:

      Here are two other books about the Bush’s :
      Fortunate Son – J.H. Hatfield , ( now deceased … you decide )
      House of Bush – House of Saud by Craig Unger , ” The secret relationship between the worlds two most powerful dynasties “


  10. kiki says:

    Up until now, modern day elections were just establishment Kabuki dances performed for the unwashed masses by the elite dancers. Clinton/Bush, liberal/conservative, media, politicians with different packaging, but the contents are the same for the big $$$ donor class. Whether they received their present with a Republican, or a Democrat, gift card attached is irrelevant as long as they got their rewards. Then along came someone that was not for sale and started pulling off the masks of all the players and trashing the illusion. Trump is offering a choice, to wake up and realize it is a imaginary castle in the sky, there is only one government of the donors, by the donors, for the donors, and shall not perish from the earth, unless you can open your eyes and mind and WAKE UP!!!


  11. Jaelski says:

    The GOP slays another phony! Good riddance Nikki, ya fraud!

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  12. Bamalaker says:

    I’ve come to believe that Cruz is just as establishment as Jeb and Marco. Cruz’ ace in the hole is his “I’m a political outsider ” shtick. When Cruz and Trump are the last two standing Cruz will pull the “Ok, it’s time to get serious” card. But he’s bought and paid for just as much as Jeb and Marco. Cruz is Trump’s biggest competition and Trump needs to take him out now (which I believe he’s doing i.e. The lawsuit). Trump knows that nobody wants to vote for Bush, and he knows there is dirt on Marco. I think Trump has recognized Cruz as his biggest threat and I think rightly so. Everyone seems to want to lump Cruz with Trump as an outsider fighting the establishment. The dirty secret is that Ted Cruz is also establishment.

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  13. criticalbill says:

    So she endorsed Rubio..I can’t imagine she will change that until and if Rubio is taken out of the race. Won’t the then endorsement of Bush look a bit wishy washy? Very strange.


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