The Classiest Debate Moment That No-One Noticed – Never Leave A Good Man Down…

Few people will talk about this, and fewer will even want to acknowledge it, but what Donald Trump did before the debate even began shows the measure of a real man’s worth.

Trump and Carson

At the beginning of the ABC debate, each of the candidates were being introduced in a specific order.  The first name called to the stage was Chris Christie.  The applause was loud and lingered through the time when Martha Raddatz called the second candidate Ben Carson.

Dr. Carson did not hear his name called (easy to understand why when you listen to the video) and stood in the entry-way.  The moderators, with their backs to the candidates, didn’t notice his absence and called the third name on the list, Ted Cruz.

Ted walked past Dr. Carson and onto the stage.  Carson remained in the awkward, and embarrassing position, ‘no-mans-land’, on-camera but out of sight of the live audience.

What happened next shows the remarkable character of Donald Trump.

The fourth name called was Donald Trump, but by then the back-stage crew and candidates were aware of Dr. Carsons’ position.  Trump slowly approached, and then realized the embarrassing position of a fellow candidate hanging in the wind.

Trump showed his leadership by standing right next to his friend, and not walking onto the stage.

The other names continued to be called, and proceeded as mentioned.  But not Donald Trump, he remained with his colleague thereby reducing the internal anxiety felt by Carson.

It would have been very easy for Trump to walk by Ben, just like all the other candidates did.  But instead he chose to wait, and remove the embarrassment factor by infinite magnitudes.

Then, like a boss, when Dr. Carson was called to the stage, Trump waited and allowed Ben to get the audience response and appreciation.  It takes a lot of courage to make split second decisions like this, and it shows a remarkable insight into the man’s character.


People often mistake Donald Trump’s self-confidence for arrogance or even narcissism. But there is not a narcissist on the planet who would have put themselves into a position like that to assist a competing colleague.

Here’s Mr. Trump talking to an audience member several years ago, and reminding them that no-one is “less than”.

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700 Responses to The Classiest Debate Moment That No-One Noticed – Never Leave A Good Man Down…

  1. Dan says:

    And how do you know this ? Ah the great OZ.

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  2. Bill says:

    Which candidate showed respect and manners ? ONLY ONE. Donald Trump ! He stood with the doctor until the issue was resolved. In this day of “no respect”, I applaud Donald Trump for waiting for his turn. Damage Control is to late for the others, Asi…………….just saying

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  3. bonnie Worthington says:

    Donald trump as a globàl businessman has smoothed the man’s personality to a glittering diamond. He can’t be bought and is familiar with so many methods of bringing back to life a flagging administration. My vote is for trump

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  4. Marine Keys says:

    Showed class and caring about doing the ‘right’ thing. Good for Trump!!!! Showed his character!!! Why was this not mentioned on the big news??

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  5. Will I am says:

    I Will I Am vote Trump in every state I am registered

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    • Dick Albright says:

      As Will I also…in every state in which I am regerstered and every Canadian Province…just to counter any “dual citizenship” claims of any candidates or ‘near-border’ micro-communities with low voter numbers…as we all trudge back home thru the frosty snow at the dawn’s early light…

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  6. When it comes to character traits, everybody seemed to be an expert of someone else’s. I would say…you need to know thyself first before open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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    • Dick Albright says:

      Fact remains–Trump did not pass Carson, as all the rest did…knowing the problem as they all did…with no doubt. Actions speak, and pictures are worth a billion words…

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  7. Linda!! says:

    Donald Trump, Remains to show his ability to lead our country. His compassion and good manners excel when requred. He is a man of his word . He is a straight shooter with no B.S. in his vocabulary. He shows strength in ever phase . Keep up the good work Mr. Trump The world needs a Strong Leader at that is you.. 🙂

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    • Linda Libbey says:

      ..guess everyone has forgotten how he smacked down Meg Kelly and made fun of Carly Fiorina looks. How he calls some women “pigs” and those who do not agree with him “stupid” – Morons or worse. THAT IS GOOD MANNERS? This country is so fickle minded as well as short memory. Yes he is a straight shooter full of BS, a bully with big time “mommy issues”. A billionaire did not get that way by being the choir boy people are fawning about. Additionally, there seems to be quite a difference in what supposedly happened regarding his “manners” and Ben Carson. Big legends are started with less.


      • Martin says:

        Get lost

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      • SB says:

        Obviously, no one is perfect…especially in politics!


      • Dan L says:

        Agree he is VERY rough and pray he improves quickly; however, I think the reporter that “snitched” on Donald for the Carly face comment was wrong for reporting that. It likely was just “guy talk” and nothing serious.


      • You must have it wrong. After all, Carson just had nice things to say about Trump, and even endorsed him publicly.


      • Steve says:

        If a woman (who loudly proclaims her equality) attacks you with nasty language, are you not free to respond in kind? Shall we allow this great exponent of women’s equality, at the very moment she needs to stand up and prove it, to retreat behind some “little delicate flower of femininity” excuse. Well ok, here is what happens in the men’s world that you want equality in. You will be called a coward, or worse, and be told to shut up before someone shuts you up.
        In summation, attack a guy, you get attacked back, that is his ultimate compliment. It is his saying, “I see you as an equal.” Or you can behave like a lady and expect gentlemen to continue to fulfill the great traditon of Gentleman. Just pick one and stick with it.


      • SWOhio says:

        Making a fool of yourself as usual, I see. Well, I must admit that you are getting very good at that. Must be all the practice.


  8. Raul says:

    That moment got my Vote for the Man.

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  9. Mark says:

    I believe “Sure” was just pointing out that sometimes things aren’t what they seem. You assume that Mr. Cruz knew exactly what was going on with Mr. Carson in that hallway and you choose to judge him and call him a name, based on that assumption. I assume that “Sure” wasn’t judging you, but was simply pointing out that by using the language you were, someone could assume you weren’t the best Christian. I’m not judging you, and I doubt Sure was judging you. As I assume we all know, Jesus is the only true judge and he is just. None of us are perfect so it is good that he is also gracious and forgiving. Mr. Trump is a dynamic mover and shaker with many qualities that most true US citizens like, but he is not the most biblically focused candidate. As Christians, we should be searching for and backing the candidate that best presents those values.


    • Judy says:

      Whatever Donald Trump is or his beliefs, he does spark conversation & debate and that is a good thing!


    • elenadb2014 says:

      Mark…that’s what the Evangelicals did in the last two elections and what did we get…a Muslim who is backing the murderers of Christians every where they can. Just because YOU don’t believe he is biblically focused doesn’t mean that he is not a Christian or that the doesn’t believe and worship God..Not everyone carries their religion on their sleeves for all to see. Trump puts God, Country and Family first…not last. You do not know the things he has done for people who were or are in need. He practices his religion without fanfare, not in public for praise by others…..Trump-2016!


      • Victoria says:

        This is true elenadb2014, It is the radical Evangelicals who are judging everyone else who does not measure up to their brand of religious beliefs. Not everyone in this country is a Christian, or they are moderate Christians. Radicals in any religion are dangerous. As far as Mr. Trump goes, he is what our country needs at this point in time. We must get this country back on the right track, if we do not, I don’t think that we will recover. We no longer will be number 1 in the global arena. Victoria


        • Don says:

          Yes, you are right in that, radicals in any religion are dangerous, but I can safely say that it WAS NOT the Christians that got Obama elected the first or second time. I for one (and I don’t know exactly how I knew) knew there was something wrong with Obama the first time. I definitely knew by the second term. But he was elected both times. It was the young people and blacks that got him the votes needed both times. I have been around for many years and I have a pretty good way of determining a person’s abilities and so on. Now, that said, I will agree with anybody that we didn’t have much choice the first time of Obama’s election. Because McCain, although I respect the fact that he was a POW of the North Vietnamese, was not a good qualified choice for president of our country. But on the other hand, Obama has shown where his allegiance lies; and it’s not with our country.


    • Bruce says:

      While searching for a new President I don’t believe his or her religious beliefs should be of any importance. Remember there is supposed to be a separation of Church and State


      • Separation of Church and State was born in the allustrious Halls of the Supreme Court in 1947. There is no such doctrine evidenced anywhere in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or any of the many Amendments. The Founding Fathers did discuss the issue in debates that are written in the Federalist Papers but it was about how to keep the Government itself from creating a Religion and forcing the populace to participate much like what happened under President Obama with Healthcare that was made mandatory or else face penalties. I suggest you do further research before speaking on something that is so widely held in error as fact.


        • Brb says:

          Lol The Establishment Clause of the Constitution IS the separation of church and state!! Congress can’t make any law that establishes religion. There is your wall. That’s like 4th grade civics dude.


    • Deb says:

      We NEED OUR USA companies to return! We don’t need handouts! Free college without OUR companies is empty dependency! DEPENDENCY IS NOT FREEDOM!!!


    • Davey says:

      Really? I’d prefer a candidate that respects our constitution”s first amendment and what our founders intended. Free Exercise of Religion. Now, Cruz’s faith privately does not bother me at all, but I’d think twice about getting some “Militant” Christian in here trying to force certain “Christian Values” or ideas upon the rest of America. It’s actually one reason why I respect Carson far more than any republican at this point because he knows our country is about the constitution first and to check any other extreme views at the door before going to work!

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    • intertect says:

      Presents those values you say Mark?
      What about this value:
      Better to stand back and be called forward than to step forward and be sent back.

      Cruz made that smug look of “Oh Well” as he walked on by Carson. Talk is cheap, and we saw how petty the one who calls himself “Ted” really is right there in that real world moment.

      Make Believe Marco is a jewel, as one can see the joy in his face as he understood the predicament Carson was in as he walks on past both Carson, and now Trump standing alone with Carson also.

      Bush looked like a cruel fool with that face he made as he walks on by both Trump and Carson.

      I’m sick to death of people talking the talk, and not putting that talk into action. Most talk, few do. Trump, (like him or not) walks the walk, he is a doer of good deeds. He has put to risk so much to save the America he loves.

      They told me when I was little to “Discern by deeds, not words”.

      And as for me; I Pray to God & I Vote for Trump


      • when you post only the comments you like and not everyones comments then you can kiss my ass and go straight to hell you backward butt fuck bitchs! i will tell everyone about your editing practices no good


        • grace alva says:

          Um…project much Tim?
          Back up and calm down. Ur entire name is visible, and therefore, forever connected to this offensive and ignorantly nasty comment. Our personal views, along with how we choose to express them, reflect our own character…so u may want to make sure any future expressions of “CRAZY” you attempt to share with the world are carefully cloaked in anonymity.

          Just trying to help you.


    • SWOHIO says:

      How can you possibly know just how ‘biblically focused’ candidate Trump was?

      Can you read minds? Or are you simply practicing your best quality, using a lot of empty words for something you have absolutely NO knowledge of?

      Being kind to his fellow man – and friend – in a situation like that one, certainly shows me – and everyone who noticed – that candidate Trump is, in fact, most likely more ‘biblically focused’ than those who attack and insult him are – that means you.

      How about ‘judge not, lest you be judged’????? You must have missed that. Not very ‘biblically focused’, are you?


  10. Nell Hunter says:

    I think it showed character, and it gives me another point to consider as I choose the best cand


  11. Terry Kruse says:

    Trump additionally went as far as to allow Carson to have his moment of introduction even when the moderators tried to get them to both come out after the gaffe. He waited like a true gentleman. Asi you are mistaken. Watch again.

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    • Jeph Foster says:

      No, if you actually listen, it’s just that the moderators were terrible at their job, and didn’t wait for applause to die down like they are supposed to.
      When Trump waited the first time, he couldn’t hear his name called because everyone was cheering.
      When Trump waited the second time, it’s because they casually said “And Donald Trump” while everyone was cheering for Carson.
      Kasich was also called up once and didn’t hear his name through the cheering. Rubio couldn’t even hear it through the crowd, as he kept saying “What about Kasich? Can I introduce Kasich?”
      You’re definitely giving credit where credit isn’t due.


  12. Jan says:

    Donald Trump has class and respect for others except for those that don’t deserve respect.


  13. Linda says:

    He showed so much class and respect in that single moment than anyone else on that panel!


  14. Debra says:

    Yes this is an excellent example of who Donald Trump is and one of many reasons we need him to lead this country . We can not wait for the day he is sworn in , then the USA will begin to be GREAT again. Thank you for writing this.


  15. jlue says:

    I don’t plan to vote for Donald at this time, but I agree that he was the only one on the stage who did the correct thing. The other candidates should have waited, also. ABC should be ashamed as should CNN. Both appear racists to me.


  16. Willie Gregg says:

    I noticed this and never said anything, however that was a class act #Trump done. #Donald Trump 2016


  17. Dan L says:

    My firstidea for a winning ticket was Trump/Carson. I really wish Trump didn’t make those negative comments about Dr. Carson; I don’t see how he can ever choose him for VP after all of that!


  18. Vicki Stone says:

    I totally noticed!! I also want Trump!!


  19. Michael says:

    Bottom Line. Trumps raw honest opinions and unscripted speeches are extremely sobering in what has become a never ending cycle of lies and unkept promises by schooled politicians paid off by special interest groups in a broken political system. This is America – Even Lying, radical, weak, Obama could not harm us that much. So do not fret people – let’s hirecTrump for 4 years and send Hiliary home to her lying cheating husband.


  20. Cheistine says:

    Oh we noticed, kudos!


  21. Karen says:

    Or maybe Trump felt going on last would give him the entrance he deserves…you know, “save the best for last”. Meanwhile Carson showed his usual unruffled calm and patience, something we really will need in a leader going forward.


  22. Cindy says:

    Good job Trump for caring.


  23. Dr. Carson is a good man & should be on the president’s cabinet. He is a gentleman, extremely bright & a wonderful ambassador for our country. Mr.trump, you demonstrated who you are and I,for one admired your actions.Carson for VP


  24. Nancyjackson says:

    Oh!My! I just want to say Trump is the best we have to choose from!I like that he tells us how great our country is and he wants to make it great again! AS for Obama ya all should have seen this coming!Osama- Obama! Just saying!




  26. Jeff Gregg says:

    Trump is a class act, a True leader. Our next President. He knew what happened and he waited with his friend and refused to come out when he heard his name called, while all the other sell outs just passed them by, because they are scum. Not the TRUMP, Respect TRUMP, Know Trump, dont be a media brain washed ignorant american, leave America now if you dont realize Trump stood by Carson and refused to leave his side. Thats a true leader. Leave our Country if you want anyone but Trump, your a sell out, just trash. Speak the facts and you win, thats why Trump wins. Thats why President Putin has been embraced by every one of our former allies. Putin is endorsing Trump, and why? He knows Trump is no sell out. He will unite us with our greatest Ally we ever had, Russia. With Russia and the US we go after the Rothchilds and shut the federal reserve down just as Abraham Lincoln did and we go after those Rothchilds, Putin said, Rothchilds are not too big to go after and destroy, and destroy them we must, and seize their 500 trillion dollars!!!!


  27. I very much like and as well as I wonder who trump will pick as VP. Let’s just say it wont be another politician


  28. Rita says:

    Trump to me was awesome here , just loving.


  29. Deb says:

    ONLY TRUMP can bring back OUR USA COMPANIES! We need OPPORTUNITY NOT HANDOUTS! Return our HOPE AND PRIDE! We don’t need to depend on the government when we are INDEPENDENT! What good is free college without OUR COMPANIES? Parents need GOALS and OPPORTUNITY! Keep your perfect, robotic, rehearsed speeches on how you promise us HELP, when what you’re promising us is dependency and control! WAKE UP AMERICA! CUT THE STRINGS!


  30. Linda Bins says:

    From my point of view, Donald did hear his name , was walking quickly until he saw Dr Ben Carson , then had compassion for him , touch him and waited with him in that terribly awkward moment !!! Give credit where credit is do , Donald Trump was a good friend and I would be honored to have him as a friend!!


  31. Kat Swigert says:

    How badly does the Left want to win this next election?
    (1) badly enough that they would install shills at the polls – shills willing to break the law and encourage voters to support ‘the first woman candidate’ – that’s what they did in Nevada.
    (2) badly enough that they would bring in trainloads of illegals to vote for Hillary? They are still doing that and have been for a number of years. Why do you think BHO just issued a No Arrest or Detain order to our Border Patrol? It’s why Liberal Governors declared edicts allowing illegals to vote. Why did they issue edicts allowing illegals to get driver’s licenses? (so they could show IDs when laws at polls required them)
    (3) badly enough that they will encourage voting fraud (expect illegals in states not requiring Voter Identification to be bused from poll to poll for that purpose.)
    (4) badly enough that corpses will be voting Democrat? (it is common practice by the Left, and corpses cannot be arrested. Without a doubt, some are already registered to vote. In fact, it’s already been reported that some ‘voters’ are 112 years old, so expect it.
    (5) badly enough they would orchestrate and encourage vote-splitting? Consider the following:
    (6) The recent poll showing Ted Cruz surging ahead of Trump has already come under scrutiny, has already been shown to be misleading. What did that accomplish? Cruz supporters went wild. They were envisioning Ted winning, although all other polls are showing he is lagging far behind Trump in second or in third place. The Left is fairly certain, what with their blatant disregard for integrity in elections (and in reality) that they can beat the less popular Republican candidate. To that end, they may well be pushing Ted Cruz to be the GOP nominee for that ticket. Hillary (with support from illegals, Muslims, Liberals and resurrected corpses) can beat Ted Cruz; she may have a harder time beating Donald Trump, and even the GOP doesn’t want Trump.
    Please don’t be fooled. The Left will do anything to win this election; please don’t help them do that.


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  33. Obinna Onyekwena says:

    The introductions were a complete mess. They were repeating the names over and over again. He main problem was that they called the next candidate in the midst of the ovation for the previous one, so Ben didn’t hear the first time he was called and Donald may not have heard the first time he was called nor the second time. Even if he heard the second one, it would have been of disservice to him to walk out when the audience was still cheering Jeb.


  34. Lot says:

    Baloney. You are projecting human traits onto this soulless entity.


  35. milly says:

    I watched this vid several times, and was debating whether Trump heard his name called too. HOwever, it seems to me that the backstage guy was telling Carson to go forward and he didn’t and Trump was aware of what was going on backstage–that Carson was left behind…so Trump came out not ready to go yet and stuck around with Carson. I only wish we culd hear what Trump was telling Carson to be sure, but he is a class act. I think ppl GROSSLY underestimate the people skills that are REQU IRED to be the consummate biz man Trump is. That’s why many admire him and think of him almost as a mentor like a Big Papa, lol.

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  36. Mikey Zangar says:

    I noticed. And once it became apparent Carson wasn’t going to make the cut I switched to Trump. That moment spoke VOLUMES to me.


  37. Doug Anton says:

    It’s a nice thought and I’m a supporter of trump but that is not what happened at all. Both Carson and trump did not hear their names because it was so loud. I’m a little disturbed anyone would twist it into anything else.


  38. We all know what we saw no matter how you try to spin it!


  39. Donald J Trump, knew why he was there, and certainly he did hear his name, and proceeded to enter, until it clicked to him- that they had overlooked Carson.. Well Donald did not become the success that he is by being deaf, mean or thoughtless… ! Shame on you. Also notice he is NOT a racist !! wakey wakey !

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  40. Jim Pinto says:

    Now THAT is bullcrap what you said. The others back there, they knew what happened – everyone of them. The stage hands were trying to get Ben’s attention and the rest of them knew what was what. Cruz, Rubio, Bush – but they chose to breeze by Carson, AND then by Trump, because Trump decided he could not simply bypass Ben like the others were doing. When Trump was called he did hesitate because he’s a bigger man than all those sloughs who were so pissy eager to get themselves onstage.

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  41. Steve says:

    I love the 4 Trump characteristics.
    1 Passion
    2 Tenacity
    3 Willing to take a risk
    4 Revenge is good

    Sure sounds like how we got here. Let Donald be Donald and all the critics be da**ed


  42. Steve says:

    This is a great example of what I call the three to one rule. If you point your index finger at someone you are pointing three st yourself. After a lifetime of observation. I have found that when the accusations start flying, they usually tell more about the soul of the accuser than the accused. It seems as if the darkness that stains our souls calls out to us as the worst that could be said about someone else. I have seen incredible amounts of this phenomenon in the reporting on Trump.
    We should be building a database of liberal sins, except that sounds kind of creepy. Anyway, look for this when liberal accusations get hysterical and laugh


  43. dawn says:

    Like like like!


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