January 27th – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Presidential Race and/or any of the candidates therein.

GOP candidates 2 mashup

This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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468 Responses to January 27th – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion

  1. NHVoter says:

    New Iowa poll!

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  2. NCPatriot says:

    On Rush: He also said one of his best personal friends is Roger Ailes ! ? !

    But I was generally pleased with him today. He said Trump is the total outsider. He doesn’t play by the rules. And the media have been trying to take him out since day one. He said Trump is not missing the debate because of Megan Kelly. He said Trump has done six debates and done well.
    But voting is ready to start——so why should Donald walk into the room, hand Fox the pistol and the bullet—and say shoot me ! He is saying, “if you want to come after me—come and get me”.

    Insightful ! Would a general lead his troops into an ambush? (that is me–not Rush)

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      Based on another article on CHT, Roger Ailes has not been at the helm at Fox for months. So this latest debacle is not his. Seems its Murdoch and his henchmen here.

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    • Howie says:

      He said Smelley is a friend and went to his wedding too.

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    • zzschnops says:

      During the last half hour, rash came out anti trump, pro faux news idolatized megyna kelly and salivated over crudz. today was his last chance with me.. I am done

      listening to Savage instead

      Trump!! 2016

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    • Sanj says:

      I’ve taken heat for defending Rush on this site. As I’ve said before, he has a personal bias like everyone, but he’s been fair to Trump. Trump is loyal and will always be grateful to Rush about defending him during the flap after his announcement to run. Trump is also very smart because he knows he’ll need help during the general, and Rush, like him or not, has a big microphone. All I know is Cruzbots think Rush is in the tank for Trump, and some of us think the opposite, so Rush has done a nice job of balancing. Before anyone piles on me, I’m not carrying water for Rush, but realize that he will play an important role against the forces aligned to take out Trump during the general.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      I noticed today that Rush seems to be standing with Cruz. Whenever he would mention Trump he would say the real Conservative is Cruz. He will never let you down. No matter what happens Cruz will never lose his cool. What cool? Cruz has the personality of a carp which has been in the sun too long.

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      From the guy who left the last debate because he had to sit at the kiddie table.

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    • Ivyredneck says:

      Wait a minute. Let’s rake Rand seriously for a minute. Is Trump king at Fox? Here’s what we have so far: (1) Trump made Michael Moore come on with Megyn to say nice things about Fox; (2) Trump made Greta poll her audience and announce the result that 83% will not watch Megyn without Trump; and (3) Trump made Ailes call Melania and Ivanka begging them to ask Donald to take his calls. That’s kingly results, Rand.

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  3. k9puppy says:

    To Jetstream, Thank you so much for finding Torch’s comments for me. For some reason my computer is very temperamental and wouldn’t let me respond. I hope you see this message, I will look for you on the threads to say thanks.


  4. redlegleader68 says:

    Oh, my – Rush had to wait till 2:07p (last hour) to begin the Rafael pump. Gag alert if you replay. If you can take it, read the transcript. I listen to understand what’s coming our way. Rush says Rafael is a “full fledged conservative.” Seriously?

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    • redlegleader68 says:

      Sorry for the 2d post to this, but I had to get it out. Last “block” of the program (segment) was a full throated defense of what a great, hard working, claw your way to the top, wants to remain on the top (snicker-ask Brit Hume!) professional Miss Megyn is and that she would in no way every insult a candidate.
      Couldn’t take it anymore. I really tried taking one for the Team, but I’m done.

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  5. YaYa TheYaya says:

    I am e challenged but wanted to share this


    Terry Brewer: Mitch McConnell is attempting, as we speak, to fast-track a bill through Congress that would give Obama the power to declare war on anyone, at anytime, across and within any borders, including our own, and utilize our military, against ANY group or person that he personally deems a “terrorist”. I call upon every OATH TAKER in this nation to stand and HONOR the oath you swore to defend with your life, and to protect our nation, our Constitution, and the American people in this critical hour.

    Robert Mark Norris Shared with sadness. Lavoy Finicum will be the name in history that started the 2nd American Revolution.


    • Howie says:

      Sounds about right for the Nazis. The Fuhrer rules. Who needs a bunch of representatives anyways. Don’t ferget. These are republicans doing this.

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    • Summer says:

      Translation: Obama is planning his long-anticipated hostile takeover of the country. Martial Law, elections on hold “until we sort it out”, suspension of the Constitution (esp. 1st and 2nd Amendments), New Black Panthers and the Farrakhan’s NOI patrolling the streets, loyal gay generals behind the throne. And all this is going to be legal.


  6. lol

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  7. R-C says:

    I dropped this comment on PJ Media’s anti-Trump article.

    “What I find particularly amusing is that, for the previous…seems like a thousand…’debates’, the moderators have gone out of their way to IGNORE Trump as much as possible (unless they were throwing pot-shots his way). Trump could stand there for 40 minutes without a question while the media tossed soft-balls at his competitors: “Mr. Rubio–do you prefer ‘natural spring water’, or ‘Perrier’?” “Mr. Booosh. Tell us again what you think of Donald Trump.” BLATHER. RIDICULOUS. Spectacularly BAD television.

    “And now that he’s opted out of their FOOLISH WASTE OF TIME? –Oh, my. Pearl-clutching! “How DARE Trump defy the all-powerful media?!?”

    “Here’s the thing: there is no law that states that a politician MUST jump when the media says, “Jump!” Those who are hyperventilating over Trump’s action should remember that. You’ve become SO accustomed to ‘beta males’ and ‘feminized society’ that it is actually blowing your mind to see an ‘alpha male’ take charge.

    “Either way, it’s Trump in 2016. Start dealing with it.”

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  8. Sandra says:

    I just read that Heidi Cruz is on a leave of absence from her high-paying Goldman Sachs job. Must be nice to take time off, unpaid, but still have that cushy job waiting for you IF your husband doesn’t win the election. How are they paying their bills? Are they “liquidating their assets” again? I have no doubt Goldman Sachs sees Heidi as a potential asset, the link to political power, the same reason they loaned a large amount of money for Ted’s Senate run.

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  9. seventhndr says:

    Another lengthy, yet worthy video from Stefan Molyneux:

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  10. TexasRanger says:

    * How To Caucus For Donald Trump In Iowa February-01-2016 *

    Iowaunemployment Video Jan-2016:

    You Can Help Make America Great Again – Vote For Trump In 2016

    Vote Trump For President In 2016 Primary and General Elections.!

    Be Sure To Vote In Your States Primary Elections or Attend Your State Caucasus.!

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    • Sandra says:

      TexasRanger, I hope you can repost this every day on every page of the political open thread. This is very valuable information!


  11. TheTorch says:

    Donald Trump Rally in Gilbert, South Carolina

    at Harmon Tree Farm
    Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 7:00 PM (ET)

    YouTube (Right Side Broadcasting)

    YouTube (News Universe)

    YouTube (Live Broadcasting)

    YouTube (Fox 10 HD)

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  12. DaveNY says:

    Savage at 45min in talks Teehouse! WOOT!

    If you missed it catch the Savage Podcast Replay on Ytube

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  13. Big D says:

    So, on my way home today I caught a bit of handily. He had rick perry on and could hardly contain himself, ” Oh are you on the bus with ted now ” handily breathlessly questioned. Yada yada, ” I want ted to father my babies, he’s so conservative in a constitutional sort of way” , ( I could draw you a vivid word picture, but then would be banned ).
    Here’s the money quote from perry concerning why he has this new found and sincere (lol) faith in teddy.
    “Because he (ted) knows what he doesn’t know “………….
    Wonder if Jeb’s going to confront him on his blatant theft ?
    Of course perry parroted the party line, ” I dunno why Mr. Trump would want to insult and entire State of voters”.

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  14. Dora says:


  15. Miss America says:

    Good news on the home front…..My husband, who has had Cruz 1st and Trump 2nd, saw some of Cruz’s replies to Trump about the debate withdrawal. In particular the Donald Duck meme and the comments about Trump not being able to handle MEgyn.

    My husband was completely disgusted. He said, what happened to the Cruz from a few debates ago? The Cruz who eviscerated the media and called the media out? Husband said, if Cruz was who he says he is, he would back Trump 100% and withdraw from the debate in solidarity against the corrupt media.

    He is beginning to see the light!!!!! Finally!

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    • noritadek says:

      Congratulation Miss America! Something similar happen with my husband (the only thing was with botox disgusting Fiorina) and now he’s totally for Trump! Like they say: after a great man, there is always an extraordinary woman. Kudos to you!

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    • Dora says:

      Good for him. And thanks to you too, for I’m sure you had a little something to do with converting him. 🙂


      • Miss America says:

        Oh, we’ve had some heated discussions, that’s for sure. Husband is a Rush baby for 25 years, so every time Rush emphasizes that Rafael is a “true constitutional conservative”, husband gets all excited.

        I keep saying if Rafael were a “true constitutional conservative” then he would not be running for POTUS.

        Ah well, Cruz is digging his own grave, and with a backhoe at that. You know what they say, “truth will out!”

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    • NJF says:

      It took quite awhile to make my hubby see the light. Not about Trump, we’re NYers and I honestly think he’s going to take NY, but I digress.

      What I had trouble convincing him of was the whole GOPe roadmap/globalist agenda. Many a CTH article was forwarded, but what sealed the deal for him was Paul Ryan’s complete & utter “all in” on the omnibus bill.

      Tin foil hats were no longer ncessary, bc the guy didn’t even pretend for even a few months. Nope, within weeks he showed his true allegiance and gave us all the finger.

      I’m finding it giggle-worthy that us girls made their guys “see the light.”



  16. On the democrat front, my husband who is a member of CWA Union received info from Elizabeth Warren and Robert Reich about breaking up the big banks.. CWA has endorsed Bernie and this is his mantra. They have a slogan – Make America Work for American Workers Again.

    With Bernie’s Whitehouse visit, you have to be wondering what is going on. We will listen to the phone conference and let you all know what it is about.

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  17. Rev21v3n4 says:

    I’m sorry if this has been stated in the thread before (it’s hard to read all these really lengthy threads when you work full time), but Rush did his “Cruz is a true conservative” shtick again today. In fact, you can be totally confident that that’s who he is. He’s not gonna have to remember what to say when. It’s in his heart. It is part of his fabric. It’s the essence of who he is. I thought he was the Mayor of Realville. He and his brother David have really jumped the shark on this. Is Ted paying them? Because these guys are, IMHO, way too bright to not see all the cracks in the armor now. There is just too much factual evidence out there Cruz is NOT a conservative, is NOT eligible and is a genuine LIAR. Or am I Alice?

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    • Rene says:

      I know. I hope people remember that when this is all over. These people talking heads HAVE to know the truth. Yet they are foisting a flawed candidate on us. Ugh!


  18. noritadek says:

    I got at least 4 email from Cruz to donate today. Apparently he thought I was “missing” Hmmm.

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  19. cheekymeeky says:

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  20. Sandra says:

    Just saw this:

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  21. Sandra says:

    Breitbart has dug up some interesting info about the Muslim chick who was invited to the debate. http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/01/26/2868743/

    The perspective of the Muslim woman, Noor, has been shaped by her Bangladeshi immigrant parents, who were paired off by their parents in an arranged marriage as teenagers, aged 17 and 14.

    These Bangladeshi Muslim parents migrated to the United States — while hiding am anchor-baby pregnancy — and later kept Noor in the house for many years to prevent her from integrating with American society. “Growing up, we weren’t allowed out much, our parents wanted to preserve our culture at all costs,” she said. They even refused to let her date a man, even after she had gone to college, Noor said in a biographical video. The parents also arranged a marriage for Noor’s older sister. Her mother still wears a head-covering to mark her as a loyal Muslim.

    Aspects of Islamic culture remain part of Noor’s personality, under the outward appearance of an American fashionista.

    There is more. Well worth reading.

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  22. Trumpster2016 says:

    Ok Treepers, lets let Luntz have it!

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  23. redlegleader68 says:

    I swear to God this is beyond the pale. If anyone knows how to get Trump some direct info, please send this along. I strongly recommend that one of his first acts as President will be to re-instate this Hero and promote him. Read this outrage here: http://freebeacon.com/issues/army-command-recommends-green-beret-be-kicked-out-for-confronting-afghan-child-rapist/

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  24. Sanj says:

    I’m on a brief stopover flying back to Tampa and I’ve banned Fox. How’s Trump doing on OReilly?


  25. HELP– did anyone DVR Erin Burnett interviewing Corey L. tonight? I was at gym and coming out of a break at 6.17 to 6.18 pm a Screenshot faded out that was of the White House in the background and in bold letters—CLINTON and underneath, BUSH. It was a blur—maybe race for the white house; not sure. I thought, WOW, the fix is in. Bernie has no chance and Trump has no chance if the AD promo templates are already set over at CNN. Am I over reacting?


  26. Backspin says:

    Now is the time to Sell … Sell … Sell .. Fox News Stocks .Dump those 401K holdings . Before the Lame ‘ NoN-debate ”
    Ticker symbols // FOXA , NWSA , NWS, FOX … on the NASDAQ. The slide should be ……………….. Enlightening.


  27. Bastiat says:

    My first post here – great site!
    I just watched Trump’s interview on O’Reilly.
    Not my place to give any advice to Donald, but in case it helps, here it goes. O’Really main argument was that Trump is obligated to show up for debate so that American people see how he reacts to an attack. It’s important for them to see the reaction to biased stupid questions so that they could make their choice about future President. One possible answer for Trump: “I was the main target of all the attacks in all previous debates. When I am not on the stage, if the process is fare, the American people will get the chance to see how other candidates react to ferocious attacks as well. So you see, Bill, I am doing this for the people.”
    The funny thing was when O’Reilly defended Fox on Trump’s accusation that they make a lot of money on the debates bc of Trump’s presence, but refuse to give some to the vets: “Fox allowed me to raise 20 mln for the veterans.” They allowed him – very generous of FOX! And how independent O’Reilly really is!


  28. jackphatz says:

    Michelle Malkin has discovered the FOX ruse with the special YouTube quest at tomorrow nights debate.


    Her Facebook page has lit up over this , they are not happy. But once you read some of the comments there you understand why and how we got Obama twice! But still, this is not going to end well for FOX or the RNC. .LOL


    • Sandra says:

      I can’t see any of the comments (dang it!) but I liked the article. I especially enjoyed her comment that the debates co-sponsored by Google have been “bountiful gardens of political plants”. Haha.

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  29. Check out this ‘chat session’ with the commentators you hear during the Fox10 live coverage of Trump events. They are hoping to cover the Trump event instead of the Fox debate! They also cover Trump and Sheriff Joe’s persona and strength. If they play their cards right they have the potential to become huge celebrities as a result of their coverage of Trump.

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