Maryland Poll – Donald Trump 32%, Ted Cruz 15%, Marco Rubio 14%…

For those paying attention to the polls (which should always be taken with a grain of salt regardless of outcome) you might notice a familiar trend/pattern now.   Trump is in an almost identical range (30 to 35%) in almost every poll.  10 to 15 points ahead of the number two candidate.

This latest poll within Maryland (full pdf below) is yet another example.

New Hampshire, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina – all polls came in recently with almost identical results to this one in Maryland.

Here’s the full Data Set from Maryland:

There is also an ARG poll from New HampshireAvailable Here – But there’s something weird about ARG polling and John Kasich.  ARG consistently finds Kasich polling exceptionally higher than any other poll.  This one has him at 20%

The ARG results are so consistently sketchy it’s not worth putting much weight upon it.

trump winning 3

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93 Responses to Maryland Poll – Donald Trump 32%, Ted Cruz 15%, Marco Rubio 14%…

  1. Crassus says:

    Get ready for that big John Kasich surge in Maryland.

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  2. mjalbaine says:

    I’ve noticed those strange numbers with Kasich. Certainly just more propaganda polling. I am ready for this BIG win in Iowa and NH. Let’s go already, get our country back PLEASE.

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  3. KBR says:

    It is interesting that all polls all over have Trump in the same % range, and I think it’s a bit odd too.
    Makes me wonder if there’s some “rule” from Uniparty elites who control so much, that there’s a ceiling right now which can only be broken by another tremendous Trump surge upward (not so easily hidden without skewing the polls to the point they are proven shams.)

    Insofar as Kasich? They are realizing Rubio isn’t likely to rise with the press he has got already.
    Marco Rubio: Poor Little Rich Boy Runs Into Real Estate Trouble | | Observer

    And are looking down the list for another faux surger. Whackamole.

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  4. Daniel says:

    I’m just watching for the following:

    Is Trump on top?
    How far apart is Trump from 2nd place?
    How low is Bush?

    That’s pretty much it. I know there is something strange when the polls are increasingly consistent. And I’m rather concerned what will happen when Cruz’s bubble bursts.

    As outlined earlier, Palin’s involvement may signal a “good cop/bad cop” activity where Trump softens his approach a bit more focusing on getting people whose candidates have dropped or will drop soon because that’s important. The margin MUST remain big. Unquestionably big.

    But a drop from the race of Cruz and Carson leaves 24% points up for redistribution. And a drop of that plus Christie is 32% points. These things can come about “on demand” by the establishment backers and it can happen as rapidly as they want.

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    • KBR says:

      When the redistribution of real votes happens as the primaries go forward the polls will be harder to skew.

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      • mnlakes says:

        I think that is why they are slowly bringing Trump back on top in Iowa. Not by a lot, just enough to save face and still be able to say they got it right when the truth comes out. The distance between their percentage win and the actual percent after the vote should give us Trump supporters an Idea of how far off the push polls have been.
        99% of me, thinks this is Really Big and then there is that Nagy little voice inside that says what if the polls are right and it’s going to be a tight race.
        Come ON Iowa!!!! Don’t let us DOWN!!!!

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        • jakeandcrew says:

          I think it’s going to be huge. (Sorry, Yuge!)

          You just know all those little establishment gremlins are out there doing their best to tamp down the incredible response to Trump…the movement. They’re going to stifle the reporting of it as much as possible.

          But we can see the massive rallies that he’s having, all across the country. The talking heads keep talking about voter turnout, and asking, but what if people don’t come out and vote? Are you kidding me? The people who have given so much of their time and effort to attend a rally, might stay home from a short jaunt to their local voting booth to actually make their voices heard, and get their guy elected? I don’t think so!

          No, as the caucuses and primaries proceed, they’re not going to be able to hold back the floodgates.

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    • longiron2 says:

      TRUMP better stay TRUMP. If he changes he loses and I hope he realizes that. He cannot turn Politician?

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      • singtune says:

        Longiron~~ Trump is too “Old” to CHANGE~! Take it from me. I am 78 & have known about Trump all my Life & he IS a Person who has a SUPER amount of Drive. That Drive does not Change as you age. I Know because I am a person with Drive, & the only thing that Changes is the “WAY” you Apply that Push Forward, that is always within you~! He has Mastered that at age 69. He knows HOW to “Put Others” in the Position to GET THINGS DONE~! that is KEY. { That is called Delegating} He WILL “Make America Great again”~>! We MUST help get him in the Oval Office. The Forces “Against” the “AMERICAN PEOPLE {therefore TRUMP too} are GREAT. We Need to be Extra Strong in what we say & do & let everyone we Know realize how very important this Presidency is for ALL~!

        Why would TRUMP change? He KNOWS how to be Successful, why in the world would he choose to Fail? He has been a Winner because is “TRUE to Himself ” & what he believes~!

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  5. americalsgt says:

    I read the National Enquirer. There, I said it, which I might add is a lot easier than admitting to being a subscriber to the Glenn Beck show for two months. But I bring up the Enquirer because this week and next they are doing an article on Trump. Never shy about bringing out the trash, the Enquirer did a really nice piece on Trump and his family, about his generosity, and his sobriety. I like the crossword puzzles too I should add. They’re not just pap, but a test of geography, history, and word games. Thought bloggers here would like to know about the story they ran on Trump as they say, Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

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    • TheFenian says:

      Whenever I’m stuck on a long line at the checkout, I take the opportunity to read the Enquirer. And I am not ashamed. Don’t forget, they brook the John Edwards scandal and their stories are heavily verified.

      I will also admit than whenever visiting some stuck in the hospital, I always bring them the National Enquirer.

      Confessions aside, the National Enquirer is VERY friendly to Trump. I think he’s friends with the owner. This is good – it’s good for the low information people to see positive story headlines about Trump – and for 99% of these brain dead Americans, the ONLY place they will see these positive headlines/stories are when they are in line at the supermarket check out.

      So three cheers for the National Enquirer !

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      • jackmcg says:

        Hell, he might own the building they have their office in! Always good to see loyalty from old friends… I think loyalty is a big thing for Trump. He was really disappointed in Macy’s.

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      • mnlakes says:

        Excellent Point!! We might ALL have to go pick up a Copy of the National Enquirer to show our Support to fellow Trump Supporters. It could be a great incentive for other Businesses to step forward too.


    • KBR says:

      Great that they ran a good story on Trump. Those papers sell. Means many people read them. Besides that they are obvious at every supermarket checkout.

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    • Christopher Johnson says:

      As part of my commercial arts degree I had to take a course on Mass Media Law and the class was told point blank that the National Enquirer is one of the most accurate news sources out there because so much of what they report would be Libel and cost the paper a fortune if they couldn’t prove their claims true (because the ultimate defense against libel is if the claim being made is true).

      Their choice of topics is generally tawdry and falls under the heading of gossip, but when it comes to accuracy, if they’re publishing it you had better believe they have airtight proof to back up every last one of their claims. They wouldn’t still be in business if they didn’t.

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    • Tina says:

      That is great news. I have been noticing that Trump is admired by a lot of people who will preface their comments with “Trump’s not my candidate BUT…”, as though they are embarrassed to admit it. He is probably the only candidate who can actually accomplish what he says he will, and the ordinary people in America know it.

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    • Crassus says:

      I was a subscriber to Beck for a year. I gave it up back in November of 2009 because I couldn’t stomach those two sidekicks of his anymore. If I’d wanted to listen to a Morning Zoo I would have listened to a rock and roll station.

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  6. texasmama6 says:

    Did you see this Florida poll?
    Trump has 48%! 32% over second place Cruz.

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  7. TheFenian says:

    Didn’t Trump mention a Connecticut poll last night ?


    • NJF says:

      Done! I can’t believe that a FOX poll would have Bernie winning, by a lot!!!

      At least the rest of R field is trailing Trunp.


      • John Galt says:

        I just voted for Bernie cuz I know Trump will crush him.


        • jello333 says:

          I think Trump will beat whoever the Dem nominee is (even if they try to sneak in Biden or someone). But I also think that, contrary to popular opinion, Bernie would give Donald a tougher time than Hillary would. Because all politics aside, Bernie can be (at least IMO) a likable person, while Hillary is… well, something else again. 🙂

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    • NCPatrick says:

      OK Pops .. I voted and at that time they said they had 8402 votes, and 58% of them were for Bernie Sanders in Iowa! Trump 15% and Clinton 15% and the rest were in fractions. That cannot be right, is it? 58% of Iowans want Bernie Sanders? Please tell me this is a fake poll.


      • Notmeagain says:

        OK, yes it is fake. 🙂 Because of people like John Galt voting to mess with the Dems. It doesn’t matter to the Republican Caucus who the leader in the Democrat Caucus is. Note that Trump and the others are still in the usual ratio.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Well, now we know who Fox News is for; they are just lulling the GOPe and working for the socialist/Uniparty.

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  8. NJF says:

    Kinda OT but I’m doing a happy dance. Back in September I changed my party affiliation to republican. I never got any kind of confirmation–which I thought I would get–and whenever I called I kept getting run around answers and I started to fear my application was mysterious lost, meaning I missed the deadline.

    Well I just called and they have me down as a registered republican (ewwww) and I would see it on the voting reminder that gets sent out prior to the election.

    Yay me!!! Also, the woman I spoke with told me it can be verified online. I’m in NY, but this may be true for other counties/states as well, so FYI

    Gosh I’m so relieved!


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    • nhtrespasser says:

      will he take large donations in the general election?


      • georgiafl says:

        Probably not – the RNC has to fund Trump’s campaign, at least partially, if he is the nominee.

        Or he might just keep on letting the media fund his campaign.

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      • yohio says:

        Imo no way Trump would or can take donations from anyone for the general. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of saying I dont owe anyone anything? Plus if I was Hillary or Bernie I would pound on him forever that he was a hypocrite, and second why give them any ammunition to use against you


        • Sentient says:

          He should use the party’s money if he’s won the party endorsement. There might be $500 mil spent on Trump’s side (against the democrat nominee). If he gets the nomination with no help from anyone else, he shouldn’t have to fund the whole damned campaign while the democrat gets hundreds of millions from others.

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  9. The Boss says:

    Meanwhile, Jim Gilmore is poised in his Virginia burrow to do two things on February 2. First, see how the Iowa caucus shook out, and 2, look for his shadow.

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  10. joshua says:

    attention immigrants and “refugees”….The Donald is going to make America Great Again….you are on NOTICE.

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  11. BobW462 says:

    Another poll with Trump in the mid thirties. As I have said before, they just are not going to report any true numbers for Trump until they have absolutely no chance of hiding it anymore.

    However, the truth will soon be impossible to deny.

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  12. LearnEdOne says:

    What if Cruz is one of the splinter RINOs? From this poll, if Jeb, Marco and Cruz are combined, that would give the GOPe 33% to Trump’s 32%. Please tell me why this will not happen.

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  13. Bull Durham says:

    The history of polling is the history of corruption. Eventually, they sell themselves. Look carefully over the past decades and most polls we once depended on are gone or so tainted by reputation of fudged numbers and thumbs on the scales that they are deemed worthless.

    It’s big money waved under their nose. Few men can resist it in a very competitive field where a mistake or error is easily forgiven or made irrelevant.

    The rationale is they get close and a miss of the entire target is understandable. So the Kasich thing will be forgotten. They took the dough, dished the phony numbers and moved on.

    Here’s a link to some good info and links to deeper info on the topic.

    Buyer beware. Sundance understands the fundamentals and warns us.
    Politics is dirty business. The nobility of democracy is tainted by corrupt and criminal practices.
    One more reason why our foreign policy is not working. We export these practices to other “democracies” and the people are repulsed by the dishonesty.

    No one wants what America has become. Except the Establishment and Elites.
    That is the reason why Trump is rolling. To Make America Great Again he has to destroy the corrupt practices of Media, polling, Super Pacs and career politicians and their political parties.

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  14. NYGuy54 says:

    There has to be some fear in the Cruz camp that after their best shot, Trump is still standing. After the Cruzbots got all smug about their NY Values campaign, Trump managed to get an “endorsement” from Jerry Falwell Jr, John Wayne’s daughter, Gov Branstead and Sarah Palin.
    Suddenly no more NY Values. No more attacks on Trump about women. No more he’s not conservative enough.

    Now the polls come out and Cruz has not made a dent anywhere. He’s in trouble and I think they know it now too. Even big money is coming to Trump now and they want to help the campaign.

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    • Polar Vortex says:

      I don’t think big money is coming to Trump’s campaign. Donald wants to leave the impression that big donor’s are reaching out to him now. This just bolsters his argument that candidates who take money from the the big donor class are bought and paid for with donor agendas

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  15. The Boss says:

    I wonder if anyone has factored into poll analyses the impact of robo-call blocking software? Polling companies use computers to dial random numbers, and when blocking software is properly operating, the computer dialer is disconnected on the first ring. I think that would tend to skew respondents over time to a non-representative sample of the population.

    We put Nomorobo on our phone lines and reduced nuisance calls and hang-up messages by better than 95%. Once in a while one sneaks by, but this campaign season has been remarkably quiet compared to previous years. No campaign has gotten through yet this time around.

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  16. internetcomment says:

    Noticing another trend, Carly keeps surging to the bottom.

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  17. kenramsey says:

    Actually, the ARG poll is one of three recent polls that have Kasich in second place in New Hampshire. So there is a Kasich trend. It’s still way behind Trump and it seems to be coming at the expense of Rubio and Christi, but it is there. The GOPe forces in NH are moving now to Kasich for whatever reason. The man has been nothing but an absolute turn-off in this race, if you ask me!


  18. R-C says:

    This is big news, really. Even the ‘Inside-the-Beltway’ republicans are going Trump.

    Also noteworthy that Martin O’Malley is getting pasted by both Hillary and Bernie in his HOME state.


  19. andymilken says:

    It is interesting to see Trumpy, right now, is at the highest number of states, since his announcement, at 26 w/ 5 shares from Wikepedia statewide polling. That is over 60%.


  20. NJF says:

    Hmmm. On fox they just stated that the clintons will be releasing, per FIOA request, some 400 documents relating to their foundation & trump???

    Doesn’t make sense to me.


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