Fox Business News Prime Time GOP Debate – 9:00pm Open Discussion Thread…

Fox Business News will be hosting the GOP Presidential Debate tonight. Hosts Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo will be moderating the Prime Time debate at 9:00 p.m. ET, from the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center in North Charleston, South Carolina.

fox debate top tier

In addition to the TV broadcast, Fox Business will be live-streaming the debate HERE and also you can find a radio broadcast of the debate HERE – there is also a live-stream ap available HERE (i-phone and android users).


If you are watching – share your thoughts and comments below

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1,831 Responses to Fox Business News Prime Time GOP Debate – 9:00pm Open Discussion Thread…

  1. Katherine McCoun says:

    love seeing the trump family on stage after the debate talking with each other with camaraderie and genuine family support

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  2. lecombatblog says:

    Yes! “We will win with everything we do.” Trump final debate words. #GOPDebate #OWNthePrimary #VoteTRUMP

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  3. Baehr thinks Bush had a good debate!!!!

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  4. R-C says:

    Many thanks to all who endured that debacle by posting here! I enjoyed everyone’s comments and perceptions.

    This open thread made an otherwise intolerable event tolerable.

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  5. mcfyre2012 says:

    Ha-ha! Brett Baier said this was Jeb’s best night!


  6. TheTorch says:

    Good grief – Brett Baier – Strong debate for Trump!

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  7. Regina says:

    Who’s the idiot redhead talking about their “performances”?

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  8. wanthetruth says:

    One microphoner (name I don’t know) saying some of Trump’s answers were incomprehensible to him, then he says Trump speaks with a simplicity that appeals to the people – kinda gave away his own IQ there I guess.

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    • 1hear2learn says:

      Good catch! They twist themselves into pretzels to diss on Trump … and we should listen to them why??? Not stupid, they’re despicable, evil people. Pundits, journalists, lawyers… hard to find an honest one in the bunch.

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  9. JoeS says:

    GREAT CLOSE TONIGHT! BY TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MAJOR TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALMOST NOT DESCRIBABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  10. NCPatriot says:

    I think the audience was stacked FOR Rubio—Deliberate attempt to take down Ted—-and Trump had a solid, passionate debate coming off as the leader and very solid —-ran circles around them all on the economy and trade—did not back down on security and his America first mindset.

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    • KBR says:

      Yes, you know the RNC just coincidentally had their winter meeting right there in Charleston don’t you? No doubt the people of the GOPe brought all their relatives and friends to stay in Charleston too.
      Conveniently, they managed to get all the lottery tickets, too bad the Trump supporters didn’t get any even though Trump is so strong there…

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    • USA Patriot says:

      Trump also stuck to his guns on possible Tariffs on China even after much Cavuto badgering. Now Trump needs to expose the dangers of TPP to America — the Obamatrade that Ted was for before he was against.

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  11. Juan says:

    Trump wins hands down. Cruz & Rubio seemed to get the most time & may have cancelled each other out. Christie didn’t do anything of note. The rest were/are non factors.


  12. frjas says:

    Rush and Levin will have their work cut out for them tomorrow to resusitate Cruz after his debate performance tonight.

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  13. LoreneTN says:

    Also if you are on Twitter go to Klaven’s page to vote: Cruz winning there.

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  14. myrightpenguin says:

    OMG, their heads are going to explode at TheRightScoop with the poll (current %’s).


    • Katherine McCoun says:

      funny headline over there “Cuban vs Cuban” … better than calling him a Canadian? would be offended if called a cuban v. cuban heritage/cuban descent when running as an American for the American presidency!!!

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  15. Katherine McCoun says:

    Fox split screen showing Trump the most, and he is swamped by reporters and members of the audience. Don’t see anyone else in the split screen.

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  16. seventhndr says:

    My opinion… Trump up, Rubio up, Ted down, Jeb down, the rest would be minor shuffling near the bottom.

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  17. chuffed-beyond-words says:

    Cruz vs Rubio, I’d say that Rubio won that. I don’t honestly care either way, though. I’m just glad that they both exposed the other one for what he was.

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  18. NJF says:

    Lol Slate has CNN as a choice!


  19. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Check this out. Ted’s New York Values not going well with conservatives.

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  20. rjcylon says:

    Kasich, Rubio, Christie, all had some pretty intense exchanges. Cruz too. Going to be a tough race to the nomination.

    Am I missing anyone else?


  21. Sentient says:

    If Cruz can’t win the presidency, I think his wife’s going to leave him for a heterosexual.

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  22. TheFenian says:

    Trump owns.
    Rubio rises. Bitchy little cat fighter isn’t he ?
    Christie stays the same. But he’s funny. Like Dom Deloise
    Jebra … poor Jebra.
    Kasich bla bla bla bye bye Kasich. No VP for you !
    Cruz does his Hindenburgh impression oh the humanity !
    That sums it up
    Oops ! Forgot Carson but it doesn’t really matter at this point

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  23. rjcylon says:

    Let’s narrow it down, Trump, Rubio, Cruz. Top three. Trump is the only one with a real chance, those other two guys will fight for second place. Having more than three people on stage is an insult at this point.

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  24. chuffed-beyond-words says:

    Trump probably had his best debate yet, he was eloquent and sharp. Carson did well (whenever he actually spoke, pretty far and in-between).

    The others all damaged their campaigns (minus Christie or Kasich I guess..)

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  25. redlegleader68 says:

    Night everybody … loved reading the comments … see ya tomorrow

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  26. flyanddive says:

    Who won the debate is a simple answer, but will likely go unnoticed except on this website, and the Tickerforum: This whole debate was on Donald Trump’s talking points. If Trump wasn’t there, all these other asshats would have different positions on the issues.

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  27. Regina says:

    “Doing a show in Iowa”
    “Really loved the show tonight”


  28. cwf60 says:

    It is fascinating to watch Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz blame President Obama for his liberal policies and destruction of America. Three equal branches of government were set up to prevent one branch from controlling the other two and becoming a dictatorship. Rubio and Cruz are Senators in the majority party who have done nothing to stop the dictatorial behavior of the president. Quite the contrary, President Obama has been very successful in his fundamental transformation of the United States with the lack of resistance and sometimes assistance from an impotent Congress. Once again, Rubio and Cruz want the American people to trust and vote for either of them to be president. That would be funny if the survival of the country was not at stake. What arrogance it takes to believe the American people will vote for the same ineptitude that has permeated D.C. for the last several decades. Not a chance. GO TRUMP! 2016 Hoping for the best!

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  29. El Torito says:

    Jeb in fantasy land speaking to Cavuto. Saying he’s strong in FL? He’s nuts!


  30. El Torito says:

    Good night friends – this was fun!

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  31. Dixie says:

    I’m watching a roundtable discussion on Fox…..Harris, Charles, Jessie, and two females whose name I don’t remember and they are saying Trump would do well to choose Patraeus as his VP and that they would vote for that combination !


  32. WSJ POLL: Who won the Republican debate in South Carolina? Vote here: #GOPDebate

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  33. Regina says:

    WOW – so I switched over to msnbc (just to see if Chris was tingling yet) and I could Literally tell when they had loaded reader board or whatever it’s called – the Script was In.
    His whole demeanor changed – the big news is the fight! Let’s look at that! Here we have Omarosa!
    unreal…so many people hear this yammer all day, every day.


  34. nimrodman says:

    some spokesdroid in the after-action spin room saying “we need to unite and draw, and I think Jeb is the guy who can unite the independents!”


  35. budmc says:

    Citizen Cruz R.I.P.

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  36. R-C says:

    Bet it’s a very quiet limo ride back to the hotel for the Cruz’s…he’s getting pasted in all the online polls, save Beck’s Wonderland Poll.


  37. yy4u says:

    Trump spoke eloquently when he replied to Senator Cruz’s accusing him of having “New York values.” Mr. Trump also showed class and restraint in addressing Governor Nikki Haley’s classless and slimy attack on him during what was supposed to be a Republican rebuttal to the President’s State of the Union Address, but was used by the Establishment as an effort to take down Mr. Trump as front runner and silence the Americans opposed to open borders, amnesty, unfair trade deals and the V-A treatment of American veterans. Governor Haley’s rebuttal did little harm to Mr. Trump, but drove home the fact the Republican Establishment expects the Republican base to deliver votes for the candidate chosen by the Establishment, otherwise sit down and shut up.


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