Newly Released Clinton Email Reveals Hillary Instructing Aide To Remove Classified Markings and Transmit Via Non Secure Database…

If a terrorist strikes in Philadelphia but no-one admits it’s terrorism, did terrorism actually happen?  Similarly, if a federal law on transmission of classified information is violated, but no-one admits it’s unlawful, does it actually matter that transmission happened?

There have been so many revelations in the past six months regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails (despite the internet on fire over this one) it is impossible to know if it’s actually any more damaging than any previous discoveries…..

Such is life in Clintonville; a rather bizarro-land filled with professional gaslighters, where if you get pulled over by police you can debate the implied intent of “Stop Signs”.

Hillary - orange is the new black

hillary email 3

However, one email thread from June 2011 appears to include Clinton telling her top adviser Jake Sullivan to send secure information through insecure means.

In response to Clinton’s request for a set of since-redacted talking points, Sullivan writes, “They say they’ve had issues sending secure fax. They’re working on it.” Clinton responds “If they can’t, turn into nonpaper [with] no identifying heading and send nonsecure.”

Ironically, an email thread from four months earlier shows Clinton saying she was “surprised” that a diplomatic officer named John Godfrey used a personal email account to send a memo on Libya policy after the fall of Muammar Qaddafi. (link)

Hot Air thinks this is a “smoking gun” – SEE HERE

Red lines

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134 Responses to Newly Released Clinton Email Reveals Hillary Instructing Aide To Remove Classified Markings and Transmit Via Non Secure Database…

  1. RINOKiller says:

    She gonna be done!

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    • KBR says:

      I actually would not be at all surprised if Hill has a sudden brain infarct, followed by a period of national mourning a state funeral and the whole nauseating shebang. After which the PC rules against saying a word against the “fallen heroine” will be strongly enforced: speaking ill of the dead and all that. (I personally won’t care will you?)
      Whether she actually has one or not…there’s a long history of bought off coroners.
      Getting rid of inconvenient encumbrances to party success is the Clintonian way, and Billy boy might not miss her too much, after all, especially now that he isn’t proving to be especially effective anymore. She’s definitely a party liability now, (as is her BFF Debbie who must step down if Hill goes). Liabilities don’t live long in Clintonia.

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      • Daniel says:

        Speaking ill of the dishonorable is how I would characterize it.

        I speculate she and Huma will disappear. I hear “Lesbos” is nice this time of year.


      • archer52 says:

        Billy Boy doesn’t miss her at all! He’s got a fine girlfriend. And he does not want that crazy wife of his anywhere near the WH screwing up his legacy. Besides, rumor is he is very sick. He has congenital heart disease. He’s dying slowly.

        The last thing he needs is seeing his crazy wife doing victory laps.

        As far as HRC. I’m going back to the 4D chess match here. Obama can’t be seen as undermining her, but letting her undermine herself, then announcing he is forced to “follow the rule of law” and indict her is very possible. Biden said he regretted not running and is ready.

        Brokered convention- he’s in without having to actually run exposing his weirdness and he’s the hero.

        He could win.


      • Jett Black says:

        She would be the detested departed.


    • Daniel says:

      I suspect it may have been THIS email which is the one which the FBI and everyone else is expected to go ballistic over.

      There is simply nothing more clear and overt than this. That the email itself wasn’t “classified” at least as far as the public’s knowledge is concerned speak of some levels of “protection” eroding.

      Up next, the mysterious disappearance of Hillary… where did she go? Nobody knows. I can’t imagine she would accept arrest and prosecution.

      And Obama issuing a pardon to Hillary? Well 🙂 I’m guessing it may be the most infamous thing he could do, but not the worst thing he will have done.

      How is it actually going to end? I’ve got to go to walmart to stock up on popcorn…


      • TheFenian says:

        Her directive is a felony offense. The email is a smoking gun. Makes no difference if her orders were followed. What matters is she issued the order.

        There IS, unfortunately, a downside to Hillary being indicted. Trump will win in a landslide BUT the same actors attacking him now – MSM, Dems & GOPe – will create the narrative that the vote was NOT a Trump mandate, but rather was 100% an anti-Hillary protest vote. With this narrative, they will attempt to thwart and stop President Trump at his every move. I don’t believe they will be successful in destroying Trump’s administration, but this “anti-Hillary protest vote” will give them the narrative from which to try. I guaranty this will be the narrative. So OUR jobs as soldiers will be far from over !

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        • RP says:

          Friend, they -the communist enemies of this great country – are already creating negative narratives about Trump. Yesterday we were white people afraid of shifting demographics…day before we were lofo infotainment Kardashian ignoramusus…today we are isolationist racist cowards afraid of brown people.

          Despite this…watch the POS GOPe politicians kiss out white asses and pretend they are “like Trump” (similar Cruz) throughout this election cycle.

          Trump as President will bring a mandate – THE PEOPLE – regardless and I won’t put it past this man to stand in th ebully pulpit to sow seeds of truth about the GOPe and media traitors who stand in the way of making America great again.

          Reality is that that none of the pussy Senators or Congressman would risk their seat to stand in OUR way….


      • archer52 says:

        It is rumored the FBI got emails off the server. This email is part of what was left AFTER Cheryl Mills had purged them.

        One can only wonder what the FBI got from the servers. This isn’t the smoking gun. This is the parsed, cleaned, whitewashed example of the real smoking guns.

        Which IF the rumor is correct, explains why the FBI is so anxious to lay charges on HRC AND HER STAFF!

        But the corruption of the Obama WH is beyond anything anyone else has done since the founding.

        I have an urge to dig up Nixon and Andrew Jackson so Americans can apologize to them.

        We had no idea.

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    • TRONGOD2000 says:

      We can’t count on the Failed Bureau of Investigation. AND we certainly can’t count on Obama’s B@#$* Attorney General Lynch. Clinton walks but General Patarius doesn’t and all those who come after her will not walk. Hillary and all those around her that helped her break the law should be in court already. This set of emails have State Department server address on them yet it has taken years for them to come out. What do you call that besides obstruction of justice?

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    • nhtrespasser says:

      They have to find the document Sullivan sent in response, and from the text it’s not clear whether that “nonsecure” means non-secure fax or email. If the former, then the chances to find it are nil.


  2. Regina says:

    An enraged Hillary Rodham Clinton blew up at President Obama, demanding he “call off your f–king dogs” looking into her emails during a tense Oval Office meeting, according to a new book.

    The book, “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary,” says the former first lady was furious at what she believed were damaging leaks by Obama aides that led to investigations of her use of a private email server as secretary of state. So she went right to the top to settle the matter.

    Clinton requested a meeting with Obama, against the advice of hubby Bill Clinton, believing “she was being persecuted for minor, meaningless violations,” author Edward Klein writes.

    Clinton initially took a friendly approach during the meeting and Obama reacted as if he didn’t know what she was talking about, the book claims.

    “He was almost being deliberately dense,” a Clinton source said. “It really angered her.”

    Clinton lost her temper and called the president by his first name in an emotionally driven break with White House decorum, according to the book.

    “What I want for you to do is call off your f–king dogs, Barack!” Clinton allegedly barked at Obama, according to Klein’s account, which cited sources close to Clinton and Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

    The president was so stunned by Clinton’s disrespectful demands, he needed a moment to compose himself, the book claims.

    Obama then responded, “There is nothing I can do for you one way or another. Things have been set in motion, and I can’t and won’t interfere. Your problems are, frankly, of your own making. If you had been honest . . .”

    Klein reports Clinton interrupted, “There are always haters out there to get the Clintons.”

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    • Rebel Mope says:

      Let’s not forget, Obama had an “addiction” to his Blackberry early on. That might not have been secure either.

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      • Regina says:

        Do you remember – when he first came into office – some deal about him ‘replacing’ the IT network at the White House, or putting in a separate one? This is so vague, but I recall thinking at the time that it sounded pretty odd – that he would be able to set up a private network and not use the IT structure that was already in place.

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Rebel, Obama refused to use the FBI secured cell phones and is still probably using his BlackBerry – just as he still smokes cigarettes.

        I’m sure he has all our enemies and his boyfriends on speed dial. …


  3. parteagirl says:

    Trump is right: Hillary’s greatest accomplishment is staying out of jail.

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  4. Tampa2 says:

    “Screw national security. I wan’t this now”! HRC

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  5. spacette55 says:

    She was past her sell-by date in 2008. 8 years later, it’s time to take the lid off the milk jug and pour it down the drain.

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    • She was past her sell date after her first book “Living [Lying] History” came out IMHO-that was when, 2003, I think? You still had people standing in lines at her book signings. She didn’t want to run against W in 2004, that would have been the optimal time.


      • Trust No One says:

        I thought it was something like It Takes A Village. No? Thought that was made into a book because crap went over so well.


    • aximand88 says:

      Don’t even bother pouring it, just throw it all away the day before the trash guys come.


  6. trapper says:

    Hillary didn’t get her TPS reports? Lumbergh, is that you?

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  7. zadatn says:

    Her fate is definitely in Obama’s hands. I hear the FBI wants to go after her, but we shall see what Obama, ValJar, and Lynch decide.

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    • Yes-my theory is it could come to them telling her to get out and no indictment, then they can put Biden in. But even money she would still insist on staying in-sociopaths believe they’ll never get caught-and they might have to arrange some kind of massive stroke or something. Wild!

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    • don welch says:

      it’s funny that an elitist white female ‘crat feminists is at the mercy of an elitist black racist ‘crat and that everyone knows that they can’t stand each other.


  8. NJF says:

    I freaking love it. There is no way FBI doesn’t recommend filing charges. Doesn’t matter that Lynch won’t follow through. She’s cooked. This can’t be blamed on the “vast right wing conspiracy .”

    There is a small part of me that doesn’t care who wins the WH as long as Killary is taken down.

    Ultimately I do care of course. With Trump poised to take it all, seems like a win win all around!


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  9. Travis McGee says:

    I’d like to know if the FBI has to wait for Hillary to dump before they can figure if it smells or not.


  10. 300 says:

    The SMOD is coming her way

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  11. R-C says:

    There it is. Proof positive that Hillary herself is directly guilty, at a minimum, of conspiracy to commit at least ONE felony violation of the Espionage Act, among hundreds of possible counts.

    Of course, when you step back out of the weeds, we know that Hillary herself created the illicit unsecured/non-government server which she then willingly used for all her official correspondence, all the while knowing that she was wrong in doing so. (And don’t claim ‘she didn’t know’–she signed documents to the contrary, and, as “the Smartest Woman in the Universe”, she has ZERO credibility in claiming she didn’t know.)

    This woman is GUILTY. Period, the end. We’re done here. Done.

    Hillary for Federal Prison, 2016. I pick Huma as her ‘running mate’.

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    • Malatrope says:

      If you are the originator of the classification, and the material is in a grey area, you can sometimes get away with not classifying it (it’s your call). However, if it is already classified, and you remove or tell someone else to remove the headers it is an instant felony with national security implications. Had I ever done that, I would have had my butt in jail so fast my head would have been left behind somewhere along the road.

      1776, anyone? These politicians are acting as though they believe they are untouchable gods, and it’s about time to yank their power cords.

      Hillary is not only mendacious, corrupt, and arrogant, she is very, very stupid.

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  12. KBR says:

    Wow! The video!

    That Bugsy is such a great actor! I never realized he could play Obama so well!

    But the costume of the other guy is all wrong, no towel on the head for instance.

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  13. Rebel Mope says:

    Assuming Sullivan had clearance, because these are classified, he also is on the hook for transmitting over unsecure networks. If he had clearance, he too should be prosecuted. Let’s get the whole nest. Everyone at State should be forced to declare what they know about this whole thing. Under Oath. “Process crimes” works both ways, not just on people like Scooter Libby.

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    • R-C says:

      Yes, spot-on. These people most definitely held TS/SCI clearances.

      And you are 100% correct: this Sullivan person (the sender) is in deep soup. In fact, any person who knew of this is on the hook; none of them reported it–and they are compelled to report it under the same statutes. NONE of them did.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      ANYONE who sent her anything at an email address that was anything other than is guilty of being an accomplice.

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      • Rebel Mope says:

        That is a great point. Even people without clearances who sent her government related e-mail could only have done so to keep her from being recorded. When you get sued and the plaintiff sends you notice to save all e-mails, you better or you are cooked. This was a CYA operation all the way. Cook them all.
        Patreaous’ biographer had clearance. I’m sure it wasn’t for everything, but they cooked him.
        The way I see it, the only way she gets out of this is by getting elected and frankly, she is unelectable because she is unlikable.

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      • Rebel Mope says:

        I’ll just drop this here. Standard Form 312 seems pretty straight Forward.


  14. John Galt says:

    Clinton responds “If they can’t, turn into nonpaper [with] no identifying heading and send nonsecure.”

    That appears to kick it up a notch, beyond negligent to intentional.

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  15. Trent Telenko says:

    The senior national security state cannot let Hillary go on this.

    They will never be able to have real secrets without her getting convicted for her communications violations.

    Obama can pardon her, but he cannot stop the process that is running her down…and that pardon won’t happen until after the 2nd Tuesday on November 2016.

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  16. I agree with “Hot Air”…

    This email thread IS the “Smoking Gun” that proves Hillary was totally aware that some of the documents being transmitted through her non-secure email account and server WERE classified and had been intentionally stripped of identifiers. AND this shows that it was done not only with her approval, but under her direct orders!

    Say goodbye to “Plausible Deniability” Hillary, and get ready for prosecution. If Loretta Lynch won’t do it, then Donald Trump will appoint an honest AG who WILL!

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    • 1hear2learn says:

      Like Sundance was saying though, with the Clinton’s they will argue what the meaning of a header…and God only knows what else!

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    • Paco Loco says:

      I sure hope that Trump has the guts to investigate all of the Federal government agencies for corruption and criminal acts by the senior executives from the Obama administration. The Civil Service, the great stinking beauracracy, needs to be cleaned up and reduced in size. Americans needs justice. Why and hell do the Federal administrative agencies have their own armed forces? The IRS, the EPA and even the DOE have “police forces”. The entire Federal government has become a threat to liberty and justice.


      • janc1955 says:

        Trump is certainly not short on guts. His challenge will be to find enough like-minded brilliant, decisive, effective people to get the work done.


  17. Madmax110 says:

    This bi tch needs to burn at the stake.


  18. Sanj says:

    Would everyone just leave her alone. Shes innocent of everything shes ever been accused of…..ever……Barack O (as long as she tows the line)


  19. Sanj says:

    Alex Castellanos (RINO GOPe biggie) conceded that Trump could “Fix everything, clear the drains, but not be the long term future face of the GOP” quite the concession from a couple months ago.On Morning Joe

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  20. RangerDoc says:

    Sounds like time for Hil to call Martha Stewart for some pointers… 😉

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  21. winky says:

    She needs to get a pardon from O or Trump will go after her. If he does not pardon her she has nothing to lose as she can really spill the beans on O and she knows a lot. They are both guilty of war crimes.


  22. There is a loon with the handle of “Tlaloc” over on
    posting on this e-mail on Ms Clinton there, it is big time fun to watch this troll, troll.


  23. Now keep in mind Lt. John F. Kerry of the treason in Paris France.
    Still free as a bird, guilty as sin.


  24. 2x4x8 says:

    Anyone remember Rush Limbaugh’s ongoing position on Hillary emails?

    I do

    First he said the “server was wiped clean, don’t expect to get anything, nothing there”

    Later on he said there would be nothing of importance being released by State Dept except for Clinton-Obama rivalry, so he wasn’t going to be mentioning them when they came out

    Now its Clinton will never be charged, WTF Rush lead the charge to have the FBI indict to her, get off your Fat @ss, he’s snatching defeat from the jaws of victory just like the RINO’s with the fake ObamaCare Repeal and Planned Parenthood Bill, when the real fight was the Budget Bill (by the way heard Kevin McCarthy say that Harry Reid would no longer filibuster budget bills, probably part of the deal worked out)

    Rush could get a petition going to sign saying indict Hillary so Obama addresses it
    Rush is there to slow things down and keep a lid on it


    • Rush has been owned for some time. There are very few free voices.

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    • Crassus says:

      Rush is like Obama in one way. He’s too busy on the damn golf course to care about what’s really happening in this country.

      Conservative talk radio—Bellowing loudly and accomplishing next to nothing for nearly 30 years.

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      • 2x4x8 says:

        Laura Ingrahm has a Dave Brat notch on her belt, straight out defeated Eric Cantor and Amnesty


      • NCPatrick says:

        Is anyone else as sick of Rush’s “see, I told you so” stuff? Everytime he goes back to the Groove Yard to play his omniscient words from a week, month, year ago, it makes my teeth hurt. He should keep his mouth shut when criticizing Trump for bragging .. nobody blows his own horn more than Limbaugh. Nobody!

        His show actually consists of him reading headlines from blogs or using recordings from TV shows where his name was mentioned. I think Rush and Fox have become quite irrelevant except to people who do not use the internet to gather information.


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Rush is a total troll.


  25. TeaForAll says:

    Hillary will be Indicted and Loretta Lynch will be thrown under the bus, to bring the indictment. The FBI are on a roll. Obama, Michelle. and Valarie are behind the curtain. It show time coming soon

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  26. nwtex says:


  27. don welch says:

    so is it the deed or the lie? there probably aren’t three people in this country that could dodge an indictment in this situation. two are named clinton and the other is named obama. teflon cockroaches.


  28. Here'ssss_Franky says:

    So lets say by some chance HRC gets indicted, convicted, sentenced.

    Would her lifetime Secret Service Protection, have to sleep in the same cell as hers,
    or just outside the door, to keep her from getting shanked ???

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  29. NJF says:

    Given what we’re finding out, it’s terrifying to consider if this is what “slipped through” can you imagine what was in the stuff that was deleted????!!!

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  30. drdeb says:

    Hellery “be” up the creek without a paddle. Let’s see the “Obama” administration try to wiggle out of this one.


  31. Frank O'Pinion says:

    COMSEC rules clearly violated. Clinton – national security risk.
    Vote her in to the office of the POTUS.
    No different than the current usurper.


  32. ctdar says:

    lets play a little game: choose the title of the redacted subject :
    1) Libya
    2) C Stevens
    3) Annex
    4) Zero Footprint


  33. bofh says:

    I think there’s soon going to be a very large line-item written out of the Clinton Global Initiative checkbook for a donation to the Baraka Obama Presidential LIbrary Slush Fund.

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  34. Doodahdaze says:

    I wonder if the FBI has to get an indictment to arrest her. Can they arrest without one upon probable cause. They Lynch would have to drop the charges and refuse to prosecute her I think.


  35. NannyG says:

    Donald Trump has made a point that Hillary’s offences have statute of limitations that continue into the next presidency, and therefore next DOJ’s term.
    As such we may be seeing Hillary trying to get elected as president based on her great competency….
    Then Hillary use her medical records to defend herself from these charges based on her incompetency!
    Frontpage Mag has an expose’ on her poor health here:


  36. don welch says:

    as i have fired fox news since kelly did her deed on trump, does anyone know if any of the talking heads, namely the lawyers greta and kelly, are going after this huge story? as i see it, they’re boxed in. if they help take down clinton, that helps trump and those witches on fox want a women before a GOPe potus, even a ‘crat women is ok with them.


  37. JAS says:

    She’s gotten away with it all her life but this time the holes in the Swiss cheese are quickly lining up.


  38. At least CBS and Fox are providing enough context to allow its readers to make some preliminary judgments, rather than selectively characterizing the story, as at other news sites (ABC, CNN, NPR etc.), chiefly by the minimization of the most significant part of Friday’s dump –

    “They say they’ve had issues sending secure fax. They’re working on it,” [Jake Sullivan] writes to Clinton. She responds, “If they can’t, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure.”

    In light of the ‘issues’ Sullivan mentions, and the very fact that the subject matter was redacted, Clinton’s response seems to be a suggestion that somebody commit a federal crime. A non-redacted version would help enormously in clearing this up.


  39. archer52 says:

    I appears what she was wanting was Talking points for a meeting with a Russian official about several very important issues. I’m looking for the link now. The two were covering a number of sensitive issues. Someone found the press meeting where Victoria Nuland was talking about that meeting the day after that email exchange.


    if this were you or I and we were saying something like, “But we didn’t order someone to kill the ex-wife!” and they showed this email exchange, our attorney would be looking for a deal.


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