President Obama Speech On Current Terror Threats – National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC)…

The full speech (both video and transcript) by President Obama yesterday at the National Counter Terrorism Center, McLean Virginia.  Presented below for two reasons.

  • #1 To share the substantive information provided by the President of our United States.
  • #2 Because, in my humble opinion, having spent considerable time following nuance and inter-governmental messaging, this speech -and included insurances- as outlined within the President’s delivery, are 180° divergent from the FBI federal complaint released yesterday in the San Bernardino terrorist investigation.

Here is President Obama’s NCTC speech:

And here’s the transcript:

THE PRESIDENT:  As President and Commander in Chief, my highest priority is the security of the American people.  And on a regular basis, I convene members of my national security team for an in-depth review of our efforts to prevent terrorist attacks against our citizens — around the world and here at home.  We examine any known and emerging threats.  We review our security posture and we make sure that we’re taking every necessary measure to protect our people.  

Today, I wanted to hold our meeting here — rather than in the Situation Room at the White House, I wanted to hold it at the National Counterterrorism Center because this is the hub of where so many of our experts and efforts come together.  And I want to thank our Director of National Intelligence Clapper, Jim Clapper, as well as NCTC Director Nick Rasmussen, and everybody at NCTC — all of you — for welcoming us here today.

Now, Nick, along with CIA Director Brennan and FBI Director Comey, provided a threat briefing.  And Director Comey and Attorney General Lynch updated us on the investigation into the San Bernardino attacks.  I reiterated that the investigation will continue to have the full support of the federal government and that we should leave no stone unturned in determining why and how these terrorists carried out that tragedy.  Secretary of Homeland Security Johnson updated us on the measures we’re taking here at home to increase awareness, stay vigilant, and enhance the safety of the traveling public, especially with so many Americans traveling during the holidays.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, I know that a lot of Americans were anxious.  And that’s understandable.  It’s natural.  What matters most to all of us are our friends and our families and our communities and their safety.  That’s true of folks inside of government as well as outside of government.  But here’s what I want every American to know.  Since 9/11, we’ve taken extraordinary steps to strengthen our homeland security — our borders, our ports, our airports, our aviation security, including enhanced watch lists and screening.  And we’ve gotten much better — thanks in part to the people in this room — of preventing large, complex attacks like 9/11.    

Moreover — and I think everybody here will agree — we have the very best intelligence, counterterrorism, homeland security and law enforcement professionals in the world.  Our folks are the best.  Across our government, these dedicated professionals, including here at NCTC, are relentless, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  At the operations center here, people from across our government work, literally shoulder-to-shoulder, pouring over the latest information, analyzing it, integrating it, connecting the dots.  They’re sharing information — pushing it out across the federal government and, just as importantly, to our state and local partners.  In other words, what you see here today is one, strong, united team.  

So our professionals have a remarkable record of success.  Of course, when terrorists pull off a despicable act like what happened in San Bernardino it tears at our hearts.  But it also stiffens our resolve to learn whatever lessons we can and to make any improvements that are needed.  In the meantime, what the world doesn’t always see are the successes — those terrorist plots that have been prevented.  And that’s how it should be.  This work oftentimes demands secrecy.  But as Americans, we should not forget how good these patriots are.  Over the years, they have taken countless terrorists off the battlefield.  They have disrupted plots.  They’ve thwarted attacks.  They have saved American lives.  

And so, for everybody who is involved in our counterterrorism efforts, I want to say thank you, and the American people thank you.  

I want to repeat what my team just told me.  At this moment, our intelligence and counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland.  That said, we have to be vigilant.  As I indicated in my address to the nation last week, we are in a new phase of terrorism, including lone actors and small groups of terrorists, like those in San Bernardino.  Because they are smaller, often self-initiating, self-motivating, they’re harder to detect, and that makes it harder to prevent.  

But just as the threat evolves, so do we.  We’re constantly adapting, constantly improving, upping our game, getting better. And today, the mission to protect our homeland goes on, on three main fronts.

First, we’re going after terrorists over there, where they plot and plan and spew their propaganda.  As I described at the Pentagon, we’re hitting ISIL harder than ever in Syria and Iraq. We are taking out their leaders.  Our partners on the ground are fighting to push ISIL back, and ISIL has been losing territory.

Our Special Operations Forces are hard at work.  We took out the ISIL leader in Libya.  We’ve taken out terrorists in Yemen and Somalia.  So we’re sending a message:  If you target Americans, you will have no safe haven.  We will find you, and we will defend our nation.  

Meanwhile, as always, we’re working to protect Americans overseas — including our military bases and servicemembers.  And Secretary John Kerry updated us on security at our embassies and our diplomatic posts. 

Second, we continue to do everything in our power to prevent terrorists from getting into the United States.  We’re doing more with countries around the world, including our European partners, to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters — both to places like Syria and Iraq, and back into our countries.

We’re implementing additional layers of security for visitors who come here under the Visa Waiver Program and we’re working with Congress to make further improvements.  Any refugee coming to the United States — some of them victims of terrorism themselves — will continue to get the most intensive scrutiny of any arrival.  They go through up to two years of vetting, including biometric screening.  And the review that I ordered into the fiancé visa program, under which the female terrorist in San Bernardino came here, is ongoing.

Third, we’re stepping up our efforts to prevent attacks here at home.  As I said, the NCTC is constantly sharing information with our state and local partners.  Across the country more than 100 joint terrorism task forces are the action arm of this fight — federal, state, and local experts all working together to disrupt threats.  At the state level, fusion cells are receiving tips and pushing information out to local law enforcement.  Just yesterday the Department of Homeland Security updated its alert system to make sure Americans are getting the most timely and useful information.

And with groups like ISIL trying to radicalize people to violence, especially online, part of our meeting today focused on how we can continue to strengthen our partnership between law enforcement, high-tech leaders, communities, faith leaders, and citizens.  We’ve got to keep on building up trust and cooperation that helps communities inoculate themselves from the kind of propaganda that ISIL is spewing out, preventing their loved ones — especially young people — from succumbing to terrorist ideologies in the first place.

And finally, one of our greatest weapons against terrorism is our own strength and resilience as a people.  That means staying vigilant — if you see something suspicious, say something to law enforcement.  It also means staying united as one American family — remembering that our greatest allies in this fight are each other, Americans of all faiths and all backgrounds.  And when Americans stand together, nothing can beat us.  

Most of all, we cannot give in to fear, or change how we live our lives, because that’s what terrorists want.  That’s the only leverage that they have.  They can’t defeat us on a battlefield, but they can lead us to change in ways that would undermine what this country is all about.  And that’s what we have to guard against.  We have to remind ourselves that when we stay true to our values, nothing can beat us.

So anyone trying to harm Americans need to know — they need to know that we’re strong and that we’re resilient, that we will not be terrorized.  We’ve prevailed over much greater threats than this.  We will prevail again.

So I want to once again thank all of you at NCTC and every one of your home agencies across our entire government for your extraordinary service.  I want every American to know — as you go about the holidays, as you travel and gather with family, and the kids open their presents, and as you ring in the New Year — that you’ve got dedicated patriots working around the clock all across the country to protect us all.  Oftentimes they’re doing so by sacrificing their own holidays and their own time with families.  But they care about this deeply.  And they’re the best in the world.  And for that, we’re very grateful.  

Thank you, everybody.  Happy holidays. (link)


My hunch is:  The timing of this speech and the release of the criminal complaint are not coincidental.   The speech took place at 12:58 to 1:10pm EST.  The Criminal Complaint was released around 6:00-7:00pm EST.

Just a hunch, but the people actually on the ground, doing the legwork inside the CA investigation, may have sent a specific message of warning with the construct of the terrorist criminal complaint – READ HERE (and below)

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224 Responses to President Obama Speech On Current Terror Threats – National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC)…

  1. Damage control.

    The wording also continues to support the communized DHS strategy that leverages a combination of PC and “insulting the prophet” as a club against free speech. I sense that he is still planning to circle back around like a shark, repeatedly, and attack free speech on the next pass when he senses we’re not looking.

    • Justice_099 says:

      Whenever a liberal suggests that the ‘hateful rhetoric creates more terrorists’, wee need to counter that with the question, “Doesn’t that just prove all the more that Islam is violent at it’s core?”

      • Exactly.

        And not just that. That right there proves that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with not only the Constitution, and the Declaration, but with fundamental Western values. If Alibama wants to go there, good. We can settle the question now.

        • Justice_099 says:

          It’s like telling people that it is your fault for getting beat up because you didn’t give the bully your lunch money.

          It isn’t going to change the mind of a ‘radicalized’ liberal, but most would grasp the analogy.

          Sidenote: I used the term radicalized because if you look at the methods being used to radicalize Muslims, it’s eerily similar to the methods used to indoctrinate liberals. It has become like a religion to them. Their faith defies what they’re eyes should plainly see.

          • I like it. And add PC as a form of soft and fluffy radicalization. Makes sense to me.

          • Trumped says:

            Its the same as telling a woman with a skirt that got raped: “YOU HAD IT COMING”

            Its unbelievable that this B.S. rethoric could even go on for so long. Its like a damn mind prison.
            We need to look into the Koran and if it is unconstitutional. If so it has to be banned and outlawed.

            • Doug says:

              I will say this as someone who never got into the debate much about Holidays versus Merry Christmas(i said Holidays more as a lazy thing) because I didn’t care much but I notice a lot more Merry Christmases this year than I have heard in many years. Sounds silly but I think its telling of the mood of many with regards to rampant PCness.

              • ImpeachEmAll says:

                Speaking of which, the two
                grumpy old men in the pic
                seem to be focused on the
                fact that Socialism’s grip on
                the USA is eleven months
                and counting downward. 😉

                Trump 2016 You betcha.

              • Katherine McCoun says:

                True. I would sometimes say Happy Holidays as a wish for someone’s whole Dec/early Jan holiday season. That expression had its place. I also would combine Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sometimes, if I wasn’t sure of the other person’s religious views or if I knew them to not be Christians I would use Happy Holidays or I hope your holiday season is filled with family and friends, etc. just as a way of being thoughtful and considerate but still reaching out in friendship. Most of the time I said Merry Christmas, though. Now, I make it a point to always say Merry Christmas. That is what the “holiday” season is centered on and why we have it. I was sensitive until I was told I had to be constantly “sensitive” to others and they did not have to be sensitive to the country in which they live and their fellow countrymen and our countries tradition. When I Have to be sensitive to others and they expect me to suppress my culture in favor of theirs so as to make our public life suitable to them that changes everything.
                One thing for individuals to be kind and thoughtful. Another thing for gov. to force and pop culture to shame/pressure me into it! And changing our culture to be sensitive to others is them not being sensitive to the culture in the country they chose to come to
                why USA change its culture for others to be sensitive? And then Americans must be sensitive when visiting other cultures?

                • noritadek says:

                  Well said! I always say Merry Christmas and have a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year. I have jews friends and I say Happy Hanukah to them and it’s great because I celebrate Hanukah with them and I invite them for my Christmas dinner at home. Nobody gets EVER offended. It’s a matter of respect for each others beliefs.

              • MfM says:

                I’ve been wishing people a Merry Christmas and they always respond the same. I too have noticed more Christmas being uttered than Holidays.

              • kathyca says:

                Funny you should mention that. In the past few days, I’ve said Happy Holidays (yes, I’m a trained monkey in my professional life 🙁 ) and I’ve been “corrected” with Merry Christmas back to me by at least three different people.

                • keebler AC says:

                  Me too! I said Happy Holidays to an East Indian lady and she responded Merry Christmas! A Merry Christmas sign I wanted for my door was sold out in every store within 200 km. I’m thinking of driving further out to get it, lol.

              • deedee says:

                I noticed it as well….And I go out of my way to say “Merry Christmas” much more than I used to…I

      • Veritas says:

        Justice, excellent point. I wonder whennnnnn we will ever hear something non violent from the Muzzies?

      • Guest says:

      • Liberals have been using the ‘hateful rhetoric causing Islamic violence’ as an excuse for a long time to curtail free speech. This is the best speech to frame the issue and put a lot of this in perspective:

        It is long but the point Mark Steyn makes is well worth the watch. What else do you have to do today? LOL….

      • Notmeagain says:

        He’s exactly right. Hateful rhetoric by Islamists is creating more terrorists by the minute. Meanwhile he is lying like the proverbial rug in every breath.

      • Doodahdaze says:

        He is a whacko muslim marxist liberal. Until he is gone nothing will improve.

        • yy4u says:

          In Iran in 1979, the Reds joined with the Ayatollahs to take down the Shah thinking after the Shah was gone, they (the Reds) would take over. After all the Boshies had driven religion underground out of Russia, China, N Korea etc., hadn’t they? Like Obama, they underestimated the ruthlessness of the Muslims. The Reds were the ones ending up in the slammer or dangling from the end of a rope. Islam and Marxism are pretty compatible so long as Marxism agrees to be secondary to Islam. Being both, Obama will be safe no matter which sides win.

          • Jett Black says:

            <0bum0 won’t be “safe” if his goals are achieved–he’ll be among the early purge victims, though he might get a glass sarcophagus in the capitol somewhere. Real, effective, ruthless people always rise from the ashes of these scumbag revolutions, leaving the weak, incompetent, temporarily “useful” idiots literally to twist in the wind. The message to all DC-rats: It is not better to rule in hell than to serve in Heaven. They won’t even get to rule in hell.

      • yy4u says:

        Count this as a “like”. We are asked to believe Islam is the religion of peace but if we say bad things about these peaceful folks, they’ll go bonkers and gun us down or blow us up.

        We’re asked to believe they want to live by the US Constitution but every chance they get they advocate Sharia Law which is antithetical to the U S Constitution.

        They don’t belong here just as we don’t belong there..

    • tappin52 says:

      I just want to know why only American citizens are capable of “hateful rhetoric” and not the Imams in the mosques. Don’t their hateful sermons provably create more terrorists than angry citizens reacting to jihad?

    • smiley says:

      another perfunctory, mechanical, trite speech of soft-pedaling, subliminally pro-muslim rhetoric.
      try as I might, I can not stand to listen to the whole thing.
      it doesn’t help that he has to READ IT and is continually flipping the pages of his prepared script back & forth, while Biden fidgets in the background trying hard to keep a straight face.

      • criticalbill says:

        Biden was fidgeting in the background because he didn’t have a female to put his hands on to ..keep them still?

    • criticalbill says:

      The fact he hasn’t criticized students ( Yale etc) for wanting to get rid of free speech means he is behind it. By rotating whatever Obama say’s 180 degrees; the truth is revealed.
      I wonder who is pulling Valerie Jarretts strings, we know she pulls Obama’s.

  2. Justice_099 says:

    Would I be considered crazy to start suspecting that he is sending signals to them with these speeches?

    It seems every time he has one of these speeches, a major attack happens somewhere within days.

    I certainly know that I am not the only one thinking things like this. Normal, sane, intelligent, everyday people I encounter throughout my workday have been intimating the same suggestion privately that O is a Muslim and may not be on our side.

    • WSB says:

      Yes, not the only one.

    • It also makes excellent political sense. Even though he gets criticism for making the speech – saying something wrong or out of touch or otherwise subject to criticism – and then there is an attack – I think it would appear more negligent if he didn’t say anything. It’s odd, but in the same way that his stream of scandals protects itself, his stream of irrelevant bo-scat protects itself, too.

      • “irrelevant bo-scat” great term! A combination of two meanings of the noun scat – the meaningless, non-word, patter of a jazz musician and the excrement of animals. I’d like to add it’s meaning as a verb as in Barack Obama, get out quickly, go!

    • mketch says:

      I am inclined to agree with you. Things have turned all the more strange. Shutting down the major school districts, sketching border facilities, bizarre presidential speeches, approaching holidays…

    • Bluto says:

      Justice 099, please stop reading my thoughts. It’s creeping me out! 😉

      “There is no threat. Remain Calm. All is well”

    • When you are bombing “the enemy” for a year with little to show for it, it becomes glaringly apparent that “protecting the target” is priority #1 !!!

      zippy the fuslim is all in for anything fuslim especially if it comes down to fuslims vs We the People.

      To NOT see zippy the fuslim for what and who he really is, is wanton disregard for the obvious!

    • Duchess says:

      Have been thinking this for a long time. You are not alone!

    • Notmeagain says:

      At first I thought it was a case of “speak of the Devil and up he pops” but I’m beginning to think there is a connection, although maybe not what you think. Because every time he does this and then there is an attack, it’s like they are saying “in your face” and my impression is that they win, psychologically. It isn’t helping his credibility here, but if he is really a sociopath/NPD, he doesn’t care. They are stupid that way. Either way it isn’t good for us.

      • yy4u says:

        It seems far-fetched that he is sending signals, but I have to admit he did say ISIS was contained right before the Paris attacks and we’re in no danger right before San Bernadino. Maybe not so much sending signals as softening us up. On alert, we might not obey “gun free zones”, might not invite a Muslim to our Christmas party etc. etc. etc.

        • Jett Black says:

          I guess I’m already on alert. Certainly nothing <0 says will do anything other than elevate my alert status.

        • Chewbarkah says:

          I think it is more a matter of the Islamists wanting to humiliate Obama and demonstrate his weakness by unleashing preplanned attacks right after his empty assurances. They see Obama is a proxy of the USA, little knowing that most Americans view him as a buffoon and/or an enemy.

    • Mike from Portland says:

      Yep, not the only one.

    • You are right on the money, it’s as if his speeches are coded messages to terrorists to launch yet another attack.

  3. RINOKiller says:

    What a totally, effing waste of time!

    The Furher WANTS terrorism here, not prevent it!

    He created the terror problem and has no intention to truly fix it.

    He is even ONE!

  4. He says “radicalize” and “especially online.”

    He’s going to come after us, not after them. Ending internet anonymity is on his agenda. Mark my words.

    • That’s OK – we just pound him mercilessly for it. Having weaponized the IRS against us, he gets NOTHING between now and when he leaves. NOTHING. Barack Hussein Obama is proof of everything the Founding Fathers warned us about and prepared us for.

      • criticalbill says:

        At this stage, barring a military coup ( are only liberal Generals left?) how or who can stop the ONE doing anything he wants ( as if he isn’t already). What will be the proverbial straw that breaks his or our backs?

        • Why should we tell him? His arrogance will be his demise. Let him overstep. Obama is a Muslim terrorist. He tests. But we know he’s testing.

          I think he already made the mistake that sinks him. Jarrett backed off their last scam for a reason. We just need to find it.

          • cali says:

            ^^this! 🙂

          • lastConservinIllinois? says:

            “…Obama is a Muslim terrorist….”

            I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.
            I agree with tyranno often, but possibly never more strongly than this statement.

            By the way, I’ve been thinking of how different scenarios have been discussed which would allow these filthy Muslims to maintain residence in the white house after the 2016 elections. Either America at war offshore or a major domestic uprising. – both/scenarios completely, potentially, choreographed by the white house muzz.

            But i wonder, why not both scenarios simultaneously?

            The situation in Syria is just waiting on one wrong move to go nuclear (figuratively and possibly literally).
            And Obama already has been probing soft targets within our borders, testing our responses.

            I believe, in the months leading up to election 2016, we are going to be very, very busy defending ourselves.
            That is the environment our muzz leaders are setting up now.

          • wyntre says:

            Which scam is that? (There are so many I can’t keep track)

        • WSB says:

          Unfortunately, another attack.

        • Notmeagain says:

          Scare story of yesterday on the Daily Beast, “Pentagon officers will resign if Trump elected.” Good, I say. Get out of the way. There is a lot of dross there.

          • Doug says:

            Seriously I would be more likely to vote for Trump if they resign. Dont these people in DC get that we dont like any of them?

          • joanfoster says:

            I hope they do resign then Trump won’t have to fire the do nothing riff raft that’s cluttering up our agencies. These are career government workers – not officers. The government agencies need streamlining anyway. It’s part of the fraud and waste Trump talks about.

          • Jett Black says:

            They’ll resign to keep from being court martialed or fired. Same cowardice they’ve shown as they cravenly cave in to <0’s dictates to hobble our soldiers, abandon our diplomats, arm our enemies, lie to the citizenry, and allow internal traitors to stay in power. No loss.

          • ctdar says:

            those remaining that have not resigned already might be indicative of who’s side they are really on or blackmail.

      • amjean says:

        Tell that to Paul Ryan. LOL.

    • Justice_099 says:

      When I noticed that the left, the media, AND the GOP establishment all jumped on the ‘absurdity that they can’t screen social media’ I seen plainly through it. The intention is to create new laws and rules to look at US, not them.

      Couple that with Lynch’s not-so-veiled threat to prosecute people using ‘hateful speech’ and it is clear what the intention is.

      Whenever all those forces agree on something, it is never going to be good for the American people. I’m sure they wiould give the bill some pretty name, too. I mean who would vote against the PATRIOT act or FREEDOM act? Aren’t you a patriot or lover of freedom?

      • Bluto says:

        It will be the “No really, it tastes like Chicken” Act.

      • Veritas says:

        Excellent post Justice. Keep it up.

        • Totally. We need to be ready to lay down nuclear fallout on these b#stards if they even try to go after our free speech. Make the downfall of Cankles the salvation of America.

          Heck. Let’s do that anyway.

      • PatriotKate says:

        They already did. Apparently, the previously strongly objected to Cybersecurity was buried in the Omnibus they are about to vote on. Everything they do is designed to motivate the Legislators to take away our freedoms.

      • yy4u says:

        “When I noticed that the left, the media, AND the GOP establishment all jumped on the ‘absurdity that they can’t screen social media”

        Bet they’re “screening” the conservative treehouse.

      • wyntre says:

        Check this warning to America taped 26 years ago by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov. It is chillingly prophetic.

        • Notmeagain says:

          This is a great description of psychological warfare. He doesn’t use the term “PC” but it is part of the indoctrination (demoralization) he speaks of. Note how he assumes a minimum of 15 years to shape a critical mass of sheeple, and how the breakdown of moral standards has contributed. Watch to the end for the whole process.

    • KBR says:

      I really didn’t think internet anonymity existed. Does it?
      I more suspect a shutdown of sites like this: anything not PC and not agreeing with the demon.

      • Absolutely. They know who we are. Every one of us. But once Obama crosses an invisible red line he can’t see, he crashes and burns into the ash heap of history. Let him cross it.

  5. ZurichMike says:

    He uses “folks” – such a soft, inappropriate word at time of mortal danger. I only scanned the transcript. I don’t need to infect my mind with his lies, obfuscations, and islamo-apologies. I don’t want to listen to him — I don’t need to see or hear this lying, anti-American, jihadist speak so disdainfully and disrepectfully to the American people. I look forward to the day that this man-boy ghetto puppet, his snarling, racist beard/wife and perpetual mother-in-law guest waddle out of the White House for the last time, slurping down the last of the lobster bisque, after they have used Air Force One like Uber, and the White House like a hotel room. I loathe him even more than I loathe Hillary, and she had previously set the bar as the most despicable human being every foisted upon the body politic.

  6. tappin52 says:

    The more disturbing thing to me is the number of people around him in this government who completely agree with him.

    • Justice_099 says:

      With the surely unprecedented number of people he has fired throughout his administration, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

    • KBR says:

      He has been shown recently to be incoherent and stumbling without teleprompters. So the “people who agree with him” within the govmt might be the “people who keep him” and answer to the power that runs him.
      (Prop him up, keep him drugged down or up, write speeches? I dunno).
      But the same has been said about Hillary lately that she can’t speak without teleprompters and is dependent upon handler-huma…

      • Interesting. Sounds like Biden. The whole thing is strange.

        • Dixie says:

          They are rotting from the inside out……

        • KBR says:

          Is there a hazing initiation rite upon getting into DC govmt? Like “they” take you and force drugs until you can’t do without, meanwhile taking all manner of nasty photos?
          And the higher you go in govmt. the more “they” control your every bodily function with fancy Pharms until you are REALLY a puppet?
          “They” being I dunno, but have a few suspicions.
          BTW I read that Bilderburg group is meeting soon…
          Far Fetched? Mebbe, mebbe not.
          It would explain the complete change that seems to come over even the most promising “patriots” as soon as they arrive in sin city…and I don’t mean Vegas.
          I hope Trump keeps his personal security around all the time after he gets to the WH, and continues to carry.

          • Notmeagain says:

            They take you to the basement where the pods are growing.

            • KBR says:

              So, pods in the basement? Must be an old sci-if flick.
              In a more modern era, were I to write a “pod in the basement” type script,
              I rather would suggest pills, or even powders served in food or drink, not peas nor pods.
              Perhaps injections, or IVs on occasion, although long sleeves are then a requirement, unless the veins of the inner thigh are used. Leg veins being used can cause leg vein damage leading to clots sometimes. Addicts are often quite adept at injections in strange places. Adhesive patches might suffice for some things.

              Whatever, the point is there are at least two who once were considered “eloquent” but can no longer manage to speak coherently even a sentence or two, without assistance. All else is speculation.

          • west1890 says:

            I’veo ften thought that when new people come to D.C. they take them into a dark room, stick a vacuum hose into their ear and suck out the honesty and integrity and then set them loose on us

          • Chewbarkah says:

            The ritual is called being a Democratic Party activist. They hire each other, no matter which party holds the White House.

  7. LawrencePaul says:

    Wow just looking at those three fine specimens is enough to inspire confidence that all is well. What men, what leaders. Men of integrity competence. We are so lucky to have them.
    Sorry but I didn’t read what he said but I can pretty much guess what the great teleprompter orator said . “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH” “Same as it ever was”

  8. yohio says:

    So if Trump gets nomination, and he needs to say something outrageous when it gets closer to November. Does he promise to investigate everything Obama & Hillary have ever done or does it polarize to many dems against him? I think it helps if things continue on this way, it may draw some repubs who hate Trump but hate Obama or Hillary more to vote for him

    • Sentient says:

      As soon as he’s locked up the nomination, Trump should start saying he’s not going to investigate anything about Obama. Say he’s about the future, not the past. It’s the best general election strategy and it might – just might – lull the deep state into complacency so they forget to fully cover their tracks. Once he’s in office, he should clean house – especially at the CIA – try to find some people he can trust, and then investigate everything.

  9. R-C says:

    “And on a regular basis, I convene members of my national security team…” –BH Obama

    Yeah, say once a year or so. This guy is notorious for blowing off his “Presidential Daily Briefing” and not meeting with his own cabinet. WHY would we wish to believe that he’s meeting with his national security team? –Does Obama even know who’s on his national security team?

    This president has been far more engaged in selecting his “final four bracket” than he ever was with “national security”.

  10. archer52 says:

    I texted my police friends after hearing Obama once again assure us that we were safe.

    “We screwed! Obama said everything okay for holiday season.

    Said ISIS contained- then Paris.

    We’re safe in America- then San Berdandino.

    Now this?! The guy is like a sh*t magnet!

    Arm up!

    I’m wearing my helmet to work for the rest of the month!

  11. georgiafl says:

    Star Wars Movie Theater Threat… and now this:

    • KBR says:

      Wonder how many such incidents went unreported before Trump opened the door and said its ok not to be politically correct?
      Just go about your business and keep your eyes open…so you can see the floodwaters as they come roaring down.

      • georgiafl says:

        Muslims have been caught on premises of utilities all over the US late at night – they use the excuse that they are just students studying the technology. Then why did they not make an official appointment for a tour?

      • yy4u says:

        The MSM participates (including Fox). We have to find information on our own which thankfully is available due to the Internet. Remember the stabber in CA who stabbed some folks. Turns out it wasn’t collegeplace violence but rather a radicalized Muslim.

    • Stinky-Inky says:

      Maybe they really, really like catfish. Everyone in the big MO knows there are catfish the size of Buicks in Bagnell Dam.

    • Stinky-Inky says:

      Also, what is it about rural Missouri, for crying out loud? If all these reports (bulk cell phone purchases, propane tanks stolen, foreign men walking through deer stands) lead to crazy aloha snackbar types, do they understand who they are messing with in rural Missouri? May I suggest they rent the following movies: “The Outlaw Josie Wales,” “Ride with the Devil” and “Winter’s Bone.”

      • KBR says:

        The muz bought the liberal lie that rural people are both weak and stupid. That might be a good thing, like being undercover in plain sight.

  12. winky says:

    Found this on Shoebat…a little info and film on Islam…pretty sick

  13. KBR says:

    If Donald Trump hasn’t noticed this tweet, he should! Newt Gingrich tweeted “California terrorist attack” 13 Nov.
    The SanBernadino attack had not happened yet!
    The post is still on his Twitter account right now.
    See it below:

    Newt Gingrich (@newtgingrich) tweeted at 6:18pm – 13 Nov 15:

    Maybe scale of the Paris attack following Russian airline bombing and California terrorist attack will convince our leaders this is real war (

    When people questioned “What California attack?” the CYA was “the attack on the grid.”

    But no shooter of the grid has been found, so who/what group or nation does Newt want to make war on due to the shooting of the power grid? Or, otherwise, how does Newt know that the unknown automatic weapons grid-sharpshooters were ISIS?

    But it is not known that the UNKNOWN “automatic weapons sharpshooters”were
    of any nation nor group upon which we could make war, which was the subject of Newt’s post.

    And I didn’t realize that there were “sharpshooters” of automatic weapons?

  14. KBR says:

    Never mind the last sentence,mom course there are, so ignore the last.

    I have a bad feeling about the Star Wars premiere: too many kids, too many possible methods, too many crowded theaters, and too close to Christmas.

  15. El Torito says:

    I refuse to watch it. I have had enough of his indifference to loss of American lives. Bring on Trump.

  16. 2x4x8 says:

    oh boy

  17. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Under the Islamic principle of Taqiyya Muslims are allowed to say and do anything to advance the Islamic principle of world domination and the elimination of ALL that do not bow to Allah. Obama single handily has destroyed western civilization by the policies he has forced on us and Europe. There is no hope for Europe but if we can keep our guns though 2016 and elect Trump there is a small chance for redemption. But it would take a purge of our government to take out all the tentacles of Islam and Marxism that are now part of out National, State and local governments!

  18. Stinky-Inky says:

    If San Bernardino is a one-off, carried out by independent crazies, why do they have a thumb drive with a spreadsheet showing purchases specific to this crime? Are they just really OCD about bookkeeping, or are they reporting to a higher up and getting reimbursed? If it’s the latter, who else is that higher up managing?

    • NCPatrick says:

      The last thing San Bernardino is is a one-off IMO. After all, someone has been paying the $200/mo wife rental fee as well as the other deposits in their accounts? Surely the banks involved could trace those back? Much more to come I’m sure.

    • MVW says:

      This has the feel for an experiment, a test, a way of making improvements and to work out the kinks. If it had worked as planned with the bombs it would have been much worse.

      Don’t count on the next one for the bombs to fail to detonate. And bombs increase responder uncertainty so that the muslims can do other things, ya know mix it up.

      We talk about cold anger here, this is cold hatred.

      • yy4u says:

        Cold anger can turn into hot anger. It did after 9-11 when even the San Francisco Lefties were (temporarily) angry. When GWB retaliated against Afghanistan, even the left wingers kept silent because the American people were mad and would have turned on them with viciousness if they’d said to just let it go and try to understand why they hate us. I remember that time when wherever you went, a movie theatre, a play, “America the Beautiful” was played. We were united. But gradually the lefties began to turn the tide. GWB gave them the hand grenades when he attacked Iraq, and from then on, “America the Beautiful” stopped being played, the lefty newspapers like the NY Times and Wash Post were up and running, tearing at Bush and America. I’ve never seen such invective directed at a president and/or a country from within as I saw directed at GWB and that resulted in Obama. It was obvious anyone running as a Dem would win and it is curious how it was as someone said above that a questionable nobody without any credentials won against a woman who was first lady to the most popular president since Reagan, had served as a US Senator (and did a fairly good job from what I understand). I’m no Hillary fan; I think she’s corrupt and venal; but I do not believe she is responsible for Benghazi. I believe she was ordered to stand down. If I’m right, her character flaw is that she didn’t disobey her orders and resign or get fired. She wanted to be president more than she cared about those men’s lives. I don’t approve or condone, but I see why she did it. Like Bosheviks, Democrats put PARTY above all others, including and especially others’ lives.

  19. Stinky-Inky says:

    Pg 25: “Preliminary FBI laboratory results have found fingerprints on the rifles and IED components, but not positive matches to Marquez.”
    Question: fingerprints other than dead perps?

    • Sandra says:

      My take is that they are being very narrow-focused in that criminal complaint document. They are not revealing anything more than necessary to secure a conviction of Marquez.

  20. americalsgt says:

    It’s not often you see someone fall asleep during the speech they are giving.

  21. Sandra says:

    6:22 We continue to do everything in our power to prevent terrorists from getting into the United States

    No we don’t! I don’t know how we’re going to endure another year of this imbecile.

    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      He presents this like it’s impossible, even with our best efforts, to prevent terrorists from entering.

      NOT TRUE !!!

  22. MVW says:

    Marquez said there are more groups than anyone can imagine. Marquez is an idiot so this had to have come from his dear Farook. Marquez wasn’t a hate filled cold blooded muslim, reminded me of Igor in Dr. Frankenstein.

    In contrast, I have met a room full of young muslim students and their hate for an infidel such as myself would have boiled water then and there. I have never felt anything like it, ever.

    We haven’t seen anything yet… anything.

    • MVW says:

      A couple of points more. I had a close friend who was muslim, and I can say he was a different person than these ‘students’, so in that regard, something major has changed, major. Donald Trump has in clear eyed simple terms stated the key issue which is we need to understand this hatred, especially the scope. He hasn’t said what we do after that, but obviously nothing can be said until it is understood.

      But let me say a couple of words about the hate. Farook killed over a dozen of doe eyed Americans that befriended him… in cold, calculated, blood, people he worked with for years. Then planted bombs to kill the responders and more of those he left behind. So, few normal Americans can really understand this hatred. It is outside of our normal experience.

      I have heard it said that killing someone with a knife is personal, but what is it that Farook did? Islamic?

    • Director says:

      Dude. They are obviously going to conduct a massacre in a college of school in LA.

      It’ll be Beslan. Another one of the Chechen bitches showed up too. There are only 200 in the US and 7 of them are confirmed terrorists.

      How is a Philipino married to a Chechen? And not under surveillance?

  23. bitterlyclinging says:

    James Clapper looks like sweetheart in the photo. The president, along with his his two National Security heads, all three enamored with Islam. What could possibly go wrong?

  24. BobNoxious says:

    Just saw this over at mediaite; Obama had one of his “private meetings” w/ journos yesterday and said this (before the NY Times stealth edited out of the article).

    In his meeting with the columnists, **Mr. Obama indicated that he did not see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino…

    So, Obama basically heard about the attacks & America’s anxiety on the news… WOW!!! If that doesn’t prove this guy is in a bubble, what does???

    • IntoTheFray says:

      I would bet that Alibama did watch, cheering on his Muslim brother all the way. Alibama lies, and his lapdog MSM provides cover. He is NOT in a bubble, hes is evil!

    • tinkerthinker2 says:

      Also shows he has no common sense…at first, then you realize he does know everything we do…and just trying to gruber us all..

  25. Mike says:

    Obama looked arrogant and detached, like he could care less about the whole thing, but was annoyed that he had to explain his brilliance to the rubes. The same old PC nonsense – “we can’t give in to fear, that’s not who we are” SHUT UP. WHO ARE YOU TO DEFINE AMERICA’ VALUES. “Happy Holidays” the POS says at the end, not “Merry Christmas.” He couldn’t miss that little dig

    His body language told me he was lying through the whole thing. What a repulsive little man.

    • KBR says:

      While Obama was attempting to mask, or else is psychopathic enough not to need to try, Biden was rapid blinking, shifting, scratching his head(“well I don’t know about that” touching his left eye, touching his nose (at key points, a “something stinks” tell) glancing left. The guy to Obama’s right was also dancing.
      Guess they knew the lies and weren’t expecting anybody would watch their body language. It is quite interesting if you can move the speed along to watch them dance.

    • IMO says:

      0bama day dreaming about watching 🌈 Hawaiian sunsets and 🌭 roasting weiners with Reggie Love.

  26. Paco Loco says:

    For the country it’s “a time for choosing” between “them or us”. I don’t think that anything can be more clear than that Obama is the “Manchiran Candidate” created by Muslim puppeteers to create the Caliphate in America. Years and years of planning got him into the Presidency in 2008. How does a nobody from Chicago, a first term senator become the Democrat presidential candidate winning it from the well known Hillary Clinton? All his records sealed as to who he really is. Since his election and reelection, He has actively promoted the spread of Islamic socialism, and now the congress and Supreme Court are infected with that terminal cancer. The new proposed omnibus budget deal is the culmination of his program to destroy the US. If this passes Obama will open “the gates of Hell” and in the next 400 days fundamentally change America for ever. We are out of time to stop this Muslim megalomaniac and his policy of destruction. What is needed now is a call to action. The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting. It’s all about the last resort in dealing with traitors and to secure the other inalinable rights that the founders declared in the Declaration of Independance. If not us than who? Do we have the courage to end this and call it for what is – treachery, Do we have the courage to get out from behind our keyboards and rally our friends and family to prepare for the inevinable? We need to prepare and be ready as the time for choosing draws near and Patriots will be called upon to stand firm and defend the Constitution. With Donald Trump as our commander in chief, I pray that we can take back our country and “Make America Great Again”.

    • wyntre says:

      You might find the video of the KGB agent who defected to the west warning America – and this was 26 years ago – interesting.

      It’s posted upthread, a response to Justice 999

  27. John Galt says:

    Taqiyya from the empty chair. Farook was radicalized and plotting terrorist attacks since 2011. Obozo & crew terminated investigation of his radical mosque.

  28. H Hutto says:

    0bama lies so bad, he has to get someone else to call his own dog.

  29. Ono says:

    Politically correct?

    When was the last time a politician did the correct thing. The only thing they are good at is making up excuses for their bad behavior.

    PC…Pure crap

  30. So, everytime this clown opens his mouth it seems something bad happens……when is the next terror attack scheduled?

  31. TwoLaine says:

    Hagel: The White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me
    In an exclusive interview, Chuck Hagel said the Obama administration micromanaged the Pentagon, stabbed him in the back on the way out — and still has no strategy for fixing Syria.
    DECEMBER 18, 2015

  32. Scirparius says:

    The past two times Obama has give the “everything is fine; you’re totally safe” message, there have been major terrorist attacks shortly afterward.

    If there is an attack at a movie theater or a dam in the next few days, I will officially begin making myself a big tinfoil hat.

  33. Ivehadit says:

    In 2016, Incompetence is code for traitor/treason. We all know what’s going on…but as mentioned before, “don’t disturb the horses”…until November, 2016!

    I do find it so very interesting how the media will attack say, a Baptist faction like the hideous Westboro group and expect the Baptists to handle that (and condemn for not handling) and yet, will go out of their way to protect a certain religion that has done NOTHING to stop the killing within such religion. And blame/shame those who expect that certain religion to handle THEIR problem. (You know who I mean)

  34. zephyrbreeze says:

    San Bernadino was the 75th attack on America due to Islamic terrorism.

    “Prior to the events in San Bernardino, there have been 74 Islamist-inspired terror attacks and plots in the U.S. since 9/11. This is the 64th terrorist attack or plot that has been perpetrated by self-radicalized U.S. citizens. ”

    • archer52 says:

      I’ve vetted that list before. It’s close but short by a number of attacks. It is closer now to a hundred.

      Still, this is a war between ideas- a civilization moving forward, and one that is stuck in the 7th century with murderous intent.

      The outcome will decide the future of the world.

  35. zephyrbreeze says:

    Maybe this explains Ryan’s new beard…

    “passing this legislation, the House has approved funding for the issuance of nearly three hundred thousand visas to migrants from Muslim countries in the next year alone.

    “Ryan’s bill accomplishes this migrant surge by fully funding every U.S. immigration program currently in existence, as well as funding the President’s expansion of the refugee program through Syrian migrant resettlement.”

  36. IMO says:

    Rubio misses spending bill vote | TheHill

    Rubio a no show again. Florida get rid of this punk.

    • Concerned says:

      Is this going to be like most/all of the MLK Drives throughout the country? Always running through the worst neighborhoods, which is a shame because MLK didn’t represent welfare dependence and crime.

      • Concerned says:

        I did a Google Street View drive. The section being renamed is limited to Riviera Beach. It’s not the worst neighborhood I’ve ever seen but the drive-through liquor store is a nice touch.

  37. jakeandcrew says:

    Obama to Director Comey, “You sound like Trump!”

    At a meeting prior to this speech, Comey is said to have suggested a temporary pause in immigration from countries with strong terrorist ties. Obama didn’t like it.

    The president, who until then is said to have appeared both bored and irritated at having to attend the meeting that was primarily part of a Jarrett-initiated public relations campaign intended to show Mr. Obama remains “strong on terror” preceding what will be an Executive Order gun control measure due to be unleashed by the White House very soon, did a “double-take” following the suggested immigration pause in the face of what is a very real and ongoing terror threat.

    Mr. Obama apparently sat at the head of the table clearly unhappy for the remainder of the meeting over the immigration policy suggestion and then made certain that Director Comey stood farthest from him (so far in fact Comey was not even shown by the news cameras) as Mr. Obama addressed the nation – no small feat given Director Comey stands six-foot-eight and thus towers over Barack Obama.

    It must be so hard for Val-Jar – trying to ruin America through a petulant child. {sarc}

    • Concerned says:

      I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m wondering how a person could be more concerned with his appearance than the safety and security of the country. Does this not qualify him as a traitor?

  38. 240grjhp says:

    If you refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to
    liquor – You may be a Muslim.
    If you own a $3,000 machine gun and a $5,000 rocket launcher, but you
    can’t afford shoes – You may be a Muslim.
    If you have more wives than teeth – You may be a Muslim.
    If you wipe your butt with your bare hand but consider bacon to be
    unclean – You may be a Muslim.
    If you think vests come in two styles: Bullet-proof and suicide – You
    may be a Muslim.
    If you can’t think of anyone you haven’t declared jihad against – You
    may be a Muslim.
    If you consider television dangerous but routinely carry explosives
    in your clothing – You may be a Muslim.
    If you were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than
    setting off roadside bombs – You may be a Muslim.
    If you have nothing against women and think every man should own at
    least four – You may be a Muslim.
    If you find this offensive you are part of the problem in America!
    If you delete this you are, most likely a Muslim or cater to them.

  39. dondeg says:

    Hi Everyone

    Dick Morris has a debate poll with Cruz and Trump tied. Lets see if we can tip it!

  40. Totally Domestic says:

    A. He is lying. Said San Bernardino jehadi’s were: Self-initiating. Self-mitivated. (Nothing more to see here, move along). I haven’t heard LE make such a claim.

    B. He watched the Rep. Debate
    He now has a bright idea to partner with high tech leaders.

    C. He is hiding behind Nat. Counterterrorism center
    Yes, there are hard working & sacrificing people trying to keep us safe & he is probably blocking them at every turn.

    D. Folks folks he says over & over, i am sick of the use of that word!

    Thanks for the transcript, i can’t stand to look at him any more, much less listen to him lie to us.

    • Concerned says:

      At what point does someone go from self-initiating to whatever the other choice is, initiated by others? We know Syed and Tashfeen were supporters of ISIS and got instructions for bomb-building from an ISIS magazine, and we know ISIS openly encourages individuals to wreak havoc. If ISIS or other Islamic terror organizations didn’t exist, would Syed and Tashfeen have committed this act? I think not.

      • Totally Domestic says:

        Why was the investigation of the mosque they attended ended by BO?
        Who were all the Middle Eastern men coming over to their house that the neighbor
        was too fearful to report till after the massacre?

  41. angryduc says:

    barry the filthy pandering muslim dog lying to the United States again. Counter terrorism has never thwarted a single terror “event” they didn’t instigate.

    couldn’t even say Merry Christmas

  42. warmac9999 says:

    If there is any doubt that Obama is a muslim, this should eliminate that doubt:

    President Obama signed an executive order Monday barring federal contractors from discriminating against the Muslim community by erecting “offensive religious displays” on Federal Property including nativity manger scenes.

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced announced the order in conjunction with a package of gun control measures designed to curtail the recent trend of holiday violence.

    “There are things we can do”,Earnest told Fox News,”The President is determined to keep everyone safe during the Holiday season and the removal of imagery that some consider offensive or hate speech is a good first step.”

    The Obamas have reportedly decided against any religious themed holiday displays at the White House since the First Lady thinks they are creepy.

    Juggalos For Allah,a Muslim activist group,applauded the decision saying this would go far to diffuse anger towards Christians usually felt by Muslims as we near the Christmas Holiday said Moe Lester,group spokesman.

    “Yeah,this is good.”,Lester said,”It’s just not fair Christians have all these holidays and we don’t.

    Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee didn’t miss the opportunity to comment.

    “It should come as no big surprise that President Obama and his wife would like to neuter Christmas in America,” said Huckabee. “That’s their natural step to Sharia Law — to ban the public display of Christian symbols. Have any doubts?

    • archer52 says:

      Funny and so true. Carlson at FOX had four former military men on his show. One of them who has contacts within the Pentagon. He stated it was almost “Stalin-like” inside the building. Not only couldn’t you talk out loud, you couldn’t even have water cooler conversations without worrying if an Obama plant wasn’t going to report you.

      Forget offering any alternative to his “plans” about national security. He won’t listen.

      I hope we have all learned the lesson about voting in a liberal, narcissist,progressive,racist PC using person in office.

  43. strat4evr says:

    Anyone who argues that Sharia,Islam practiced by any Muslim who enters the United States with the intent to establish residence here has the rights of protection of “Freedom of Religion” is proclaiming that Sharia, Islam can coexist without opposition to our constitution. The teachings of Shariah Law under Islam completely opposes Christianity as well as our constitution so if the argument is that a majority of Muslims practice a form of Islam that allows for the legitimate peaceful disagreement and denial of Islam it seems to be an argument unsupported by the proliferation of Terrorism worldwide in support of Islam, the inability to all too often recognize and identify “Radical Islamist” from “Non Radical Islamist”, the silence/unwillingness of Muslims who claim to be coexisting peacefully to dramatically assist law enforcement in identifying acts of radicalism with-in their own communities, and the growing number of Muslims in this country who are claiming to be offended by practices in this country that just because they perceive them as practices which conflict with their own beliefs it certainly gives the appearance of expectations of more than just acceptance. Just as our Grandparents, our Parents and many of us alive here today fought for the preservation of America and the assurances for next generations they will enjoy the same freedoms and liberties against Dictatorships, Fascists, Communism and any other ideology that oppose the Laws and the Constitution of America including those who hide behind a proclamation of a “Religion of Peace” yet support annihilation of all who oppose their beliefs.

  44. truthwitness says:

    Firstly: ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮to another depressing Obama speech
    Now I will move on and enjoy the Reason for the Season and celebrate the birth of Christ and hope for all of us.

  45. archer52 says:

    Let me share a funny story from my intel days. We were designing our unit by visiting other units in the state that were established- picking the best ideas, leaving the rest.

    We had an opportunity to be part of a statewide conference involving all the agencies. Now this was years ago. In the meeting, fifty or sixty men and women- all senior police detectives- where milling about and talking. The time came for the meeting to start. The guy in charge was yelling at everybody to settle down and like most cops,we weren’t listening.

    So, the the guy yells really out loud, “Everybody quiet down and let’s get started!” The place goes quiet, the people sit down.

    Suddenly, I hear this lone voice at the back of the room,


    Immediately, there was a responding chorus from dozens of professional men and women “I’ll KILL YOU!”

    Then the whole place broke out into cheers and laughter and the guy in charge just threw up his hands.

    Now, I turn to my partners with a confused look. One was laughing, the other was just shaking his head. I had no idea what happened.

    Turns out, I had missed the Jeff Dunham act “Achmed the dead terrorist” thing. It appeared that EVERY intel detective had not. Suddenly, saved videos came up on laptops, people were laughing and I was exposed to this;

    What a hilarious moment. Serious men and women being tickled by such a silly thing. We are just humans after all.

    Then it was back to work and after that day, I wish the only terrorist I knew about was the bony one.

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