Euro-Leftists Destroy Paris Remembrance Memorial – Clash With Police Ahead of Climate Summit…

Various radical leftist groups and professional anarchists swarmed the Place de la République in Paris where flowers and candles were placed in memory of those killed by terrorists.

france protest attacksThe “green” activists, communists and various agenda driven left wing groups destroyed the memorial and used the candles to attack French riot police.   Much of their expressed anger is directed toward the new rules within a declared three month state of emergency following the terrorist attacks.

(Via France24) […]  France’s interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Sunday evening that 208 people had been arrested in connection with the clashes, of which 178 had been charged.

Speaking from an EU-Turkey summit in Brussels, French President François Hollande condemned the actions of the activists involved.

“These disruptive elements have nothing to do with defenders of the environment,” he said.

“It is doubly regrettable, even scandalous that this happened at the Place de la République where flowers and candles have been left in memory of those who were killed by the terrorists’ bullets.”

The climate pressure group distanced itself from the illegal protest, saying that the demonstrators had violated the “nonviolent pledge that every group involved in the climate coalition” agreed to.

The statement expressed hope that France would not clamp down further on freedoms during the conference following the incident.

A march planned for Sunday in Paris ahead of the UN climate change summit taking place at Le Bourget outside the capital was banned by police under the state of emergency rules imposed after the November 13 attacks, which were claimed by Islamic State group militants.  (read more)

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30 Responses to Euro-Leftists Destroy Paris Remembrance Memorial – Clash With Police Ahead of Climate Summit…

  1. littlelaughters says:

    “Defenders of the environment”, Barf, Hurl, Puke.

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  2. kinthenorthwest says:

    The whole world has gone Bat Shit Crazy…..Its just too too crazy….
    I really think/FEAR we are on the brink of WWIII

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  3. Bill says:

    Zer0 and Hildebeest want to finish turning the US into a Euro-style cesspool. For the love of God, can we stop them?

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  4. fred says:

    This is off topic but the PP shooting needs this site to do an investigation like many others here to clarify what happened there that day. No time to wait unless it may be better for the left to look more foolish. There are all kinds of clues to go on and I’ve never seen better sleuths than here.

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  5. runthetable says:

    Changeling troll

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  6. keebler AC says:

    La folie de France, on espere que ce n’est contagie. Arrêtez Hillaire et Obame.

    The people of France are not nice, except for my friends there. Very rude, and ahem, ugly in countenance and manners. Readers of Daily Mail over at the UK too. Bad hair and teef. As a consequence, these Europeans hate Trump.


    • ZurichMike says:

      Let’s not put all of them in the “naughty” category. I have lived in Europe for 15 years, traveled extensively to France, and never EVER had a bad experience with the French.

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    • CrankyinAZ says:

      I’ve lived in Germany and done some traveling in Europe. Never had any issues with the French. Always found them to be very friendly, especially once you get to know them a bit. I had to deal with more rude Germans than French actually…


  7. The irony of communists trashing a memorial to the dead, killed by the inept policies of sneaker communists, to protest against those same communists, rises to the level of art. Only in France!

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  8. preppin247 says:

    Its comforting to know that the state of emergency is only for three months…then everything will be fine and we can fix this climate thingee once and for all…… puuuuuhleaze

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  9. Paul Killinger says:

    I recall that between the World Wars France struggled as the result of a fractured populace. Govts came and went. Subsequently they’ve managed to add millions of Muslims to this volatile mix. What may have seemed like a good idea at the time has recently proven itself a catastrophe. We should take note of their experience!

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    • kellymoncus says:

      We have taken in 2.5 million Muslims since 9/11 for what reason I have no idea other than think that our own government is conspiring against those of us who choose freedom over their offer of Security, I ain’t taking the bait.
      I believe we are now at the crossroads as to what our Country becomes due to our continued efforts or one that the One World Order, open border RINO’s are pushin!
      Again, I ain’t biting !


  10. Doodahdaze says:

    The end goal is an international “carbon tax.” In order to fund the global government. It will work like an income tax. Richer nations will pay out the nose and poor nations will get an “earned income tax credit” Obama will get the ball rolling with a 3 billion dollar contribution. He will couch it as an executive agreement. This will avoid the U.S. Congress.

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  11. KBR says:

    Climate change groups are the darlings of the NWO, who is using the “climate change issue” to break down the nations into a pudding of peasants they can rule over as kings/queens of the world.
    To me it seems the climate change group was deliberately called out to protest France’s closed border, and more Nationalistic (though, with Hollande, temporary to be sure) protective stance since the Paris attacks.
    Taking Parisians’ attention away from attacks and victims, and toward the current limits of their “freedoms” seems like something those at the climate change summit might want very much.

    Backfired though, when they trampled the memorial. For now.


  12. KBR says:

    I wonder how many of the 178 who were charged were Muslims?


  13. bofh says:

    In the video’s that I watched, it looked like there were no more than about 40 black-clad “protesters” and at least ten times as many “journalists” with expensive cameras and, apparently, press passes, egging the protesters on.


  14. itsy_bitsy says:

    Green leftists, as well as global warmers, are little better than the black mobs the riot in our streets! They are simply another “power” group trying to force their beliefs (or ridiculous agendas) down the throats of the world’s citizens! Of course the outcome will do nothing but harm the world, but they could care less about the outcome, it is the power they obtain by forcing their distorted agendas on the world that gives them their kick! However, the world leaders that back this nonsense will gain a huge wealth for themselves and their friends. By taxing, so called, laggards they enrich themselves and their political allies!


    • Sandra says:

      They seem to have this overwhelming desire to provoke and damage, and they come up with some “cause” to justify it. I doubt that any of these protesters really give a crap about climate. Unfortunately social media indulges them, they can document all of their glories and feel special because they yelled at a cop or got sprayed with tear gas. Of course arrest is the ultimate goal, but only if someone can bail them out within 24 hours because they really are wusses at heart and couldn’t last more than a day in jail with real criminals.


  15. e.g.g. says:

    I just read that the leaders who are at the climate summit put out a 300,000 pound carbon footprint traveling to the summit. That figure does not include all the hot air they are blowing out their mouths from all their blathering.


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