Bluto and The Crickets – A Curious Question: “Where Are Rubio and Cruz’s Massive Crowds”?…

Reader/Commentator Bluto puts hammer to nail.  Sometimes it helps to step back and ask the obvious:

I keep asking people: “Can somebody tell me about all the big Rallies for Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Carson, Kasich, Christie??? Are they too having several a week? Does anybody have the listings of previous rallies and upcoming rallies? The location, the venue, the attendances?”


Trump rally illinois 4

Trump is the only one working. It’s glaring. He’s not just working, he’s been chugging along lapping the field day-in and day-out for months now. Nobody is attracting the people like Trump. Nobody.

But wait, that’s going to annoy the naysayers that attack his supporters as idiots & low information boobs. So let’s take the crowds out of it.

Let’s pretend that Trump isn’t getting the huge crowds. Ignore the movement. Ignore the people.

♦  Is there anybody out there working as HARD as he is?
♦  Is there anybody as driven & disciplined at getting his message out?
♦  Is there anybody doing as many interviews, appearances and events, non-stop for months & months as he is?
♦  Who is working for it the most? Who?

Now this leads one to think, Hmmm…..why aren’t the other candidates working? Seriously, there’s nobody else even trying to campaign other than Trump. The rest of he field is 100% weaksauce posturing & hoping Trump will flame out and/or depending on the media’s Propaganda.

What are they actually doing? Anything? It’s glaringly obvious. Why aren’t they campaigning? Where’s the rallies? Where’s the energy? It’s not there. There is no there, there. They’re not EVEN TRYING. How telling is that? Why are they not even trying? What does this reveal about the field?

If Jeb, Rubio, Cruz or ANYBODY other than Trump was regularly having massive rallies that attracted thousands of people, do you think the media would be quiet about it?

How about just ONE rally? Wouldn’t they be shouting like banshees from every rooftop in the nation? Touting the surging candidate? “Jeb Rally is sold out!! 10,000 in attendance! He’s a serious contender! Jeb is surging!!!!!”

What do we have? Nothing. Zilch. Nada.A big Zero.

Trump is the only one actually working. There is no debate about this.

If one steps back from the nattering propaganda and looks at the reality of the situation, it’s quite clear. Nobody is even coming close to his energy, dedication, wit, work ethic, or expertise. Some may even claim his handling of the media is genius. But, Ya know what I respect more than his genius? His unrelenting and disciplined work ethic. It’s like nobody I’ve ever seen.  (link)

Trump rally texas

And Here’s a Recent Article About The Trump “GROUND GAME” !

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254 Responses to Bluto and The Crickets – A Curious Question: “Where Are Rubio and Cruz’s Massive Crowds”?…

  1. R-C says:

    Bluto’s right–these other candidates are not hitting the bricks with anything approaching Trump’s vigor. –Trump’s track record puts the others to shame…especially Marco Rubio, who has been missing a large amount of Senate votes because “he’s running for president”. (Like Mark Levin might say, “Can you prove that, Senator?”)

    The theory forming in my brain is that perhaps the GOPe/RNC remains smugly confident that they’ve sufficiently gerrymandered the process to ensure their favored result no matter what we do, and therefore the candidates are lazing their way to the nomination. I need to think on this some more…

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    • I tell you one thing – if you’re right, and they are confident because, with no visible support, Jeb or Kasich will magically become the nominee, these #$@%^&*s will have a revolution on their hands.

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      • don welch says:

        from whom? the same ones who revolted against obama? oh wait.

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        • ImpeachEmAll says:

          The Citizens had not been
          pushed to the extreme, then.

          Now, the situation is different.

          Merely remember the BLMer
          extracted from the Trump meet.

          The posh-back is real. The
          Citizens are primed to revolt.

          Congress was supposed to
          impeach POTUS. The RINOs
          abandoned their promises. The
          GOPe was exposed, as a result.

          George Washington took off his
          glasses. Perhaps the USA would
          be better, if he had left them on.

          The low-lifes have been trying
          to overtake the USA ever since.

          Perhaps it’s time to put them
          in their place, once and for all.

          Trump 2016. You betcha; before
          the US of A becomes the USSA.

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          • In 2012, I knew nothing that would even make me want to vote for Romney, other than Obama was Obamacare, and Romney was Obamacare Lite. We didn’t even know the truth about Benghazi. We didn’t know about the IRS. We didn’t know about AP, Fox, True The Vote, Lois Lerner getting off, “not a smidgeon”, the creation of ISIS, Ebola slackerhood and open borders, illegal amnesty, DACA, CGI Obamacare fail, all the other Obamacare fails, Valerie Jarrett locking out veterans, the VA scandal, sending Obamacare code to Belarus hackers, the OPM hack, the White House hack, the State hack, the Hillary server and all the Hillary scandals, the hidden email accounts, “climate change” lunacy, and SO much more.

            Sorry – I grow tired of reciting Obama’s crimes.

            We’re Americans. We try to do things peacefully. But eventually, we don’t. This is the last stop before we commandeer the bus. The End.

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      • rodney says:

        I tend to agree if they pull something like that, it would be the straw that broke the camels back. What worries me is that the beltway political class and elites are stupid enough to try and do it.

        I always thought Obama would pull something, but now it looks like Rove, the mega-donors and the Bush family are going to pull a coup.

        Democratic Pollster Pat Caddell on Fox Insiders has been warning people for months about how angry the people are and how much they hate D.C. He’s all but said, if things don’t change, something’s gonna blow.

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        • They know Caddell is right – and they ARE actually listening to him, but not in any way that is going to be good for America. They are still trying to figure out how to have their Uniparty without spilling any blood. Fools.

          My guess is that the importation of jihadists is a planned action to precipitate a security state. Cause the problem and “solve it”. Anybody who resists gets Katrina’ed. They get to declare patriots and jihadists as the enemy at the same time – the plan all along. We didn’t bite earlier, so they have to conflate us with jihadists to take us down. Once we’re pacified, we’re all subjects of the state.

          Fun times. Hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. There is no other logical explanation for knowingly importing security risks, and fanning the perception of the security risk at the same time.

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          • Guy Bee says:

            And … the Black Lives Matter nonsense plus the Occupy Wall Street – add to that the Boston Marathon and Fergeson riots – how far are we really from martial law?

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            • Perception management. It’s exactly like SD’s favorite “Anger Games” meme – “BRING ME MORE TINDER”, saith Olinsky.

              Sadly, I think that some patriotic forces in .gov are bought into the plans, because they think they can tip things their way as they unfold. My guess is that Obama and Cankles can tip things their way, just like they did with the whole Arab Spring debacle.

              Whatever. I’m ready for whatever. All you have to say is no compromise on freedom, and stick to it.

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        • Kukunet Garbel says:

          How about Moochell [ from H3LL ] being spring from WH as a Candidate ? ? ?


    • nightmare on k st says:

      I guess Ben Carson’s before bed chat with the many Facebook friends doesn’t count


    • gonesi says:

      I compared Donald Trump to Secretariat a long time ago. It is a very good comparison. He is running his heart out for us! I LOVE DONALD TRUMP!

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    • Disagreed. Carson obviously is working his butt off.

      Who is on a plane, right now, to Jordan to learn more about ISIS and the countries taking advantage of us in the region? Carson.

      Who spends more time actually answering questions from his base? I should know I participate in some of his Facebook discussions.


      • jello333 says:

        Uh sorry, no… that’s just the cover for why he’s really heading to that region. It’s been a long, LONG time since a real man of God inspected those grain stores in Egypt.


  2. angryduc says:

    It’s almost creepy. The lack of effort. Like they know something we don’t.

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    • There has been PLENTY of effort, grovelling, making silly fools of themselves, changing their policies, doing whatever it takes to “get noticed.” Trump even had Jeb exposing himself trying to create a more energetic and masculine image (refer to the ripping his shirt open).

      What has happened is they DID put all that effort into their Jeb Map to the White House Plan. Then entered Trump and it threw them all for a LOOP. If anyone thinks that these incompetent bumbling idiots are going to somehow get “smart” in 3 months worth time, I’d like to know how?

      Hillary also was thrown for a loop. She didn’t figure on her ill health, the email scandal, nor Bernie Sanders who wet her electorate’s appetite only to have it taken from them.

      Look folks, both sides had their long drawn out perfected plans. God had HIS. Is it not “strange” that every single one of Trump’s policies are in perfect timing with what is happening in America and even in the world? TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Plans based on 2011 political climate of lies are useless if the world changes and more truth has been revealed like it is now in 2015-2016.

      From illegal invasion to the realization that China, Japan, Mexico and corporate inversion is responsible for job loss, to the horrific IRAN DEAL, to the vision of the TROJAN HORSE, the BOMBING THE OIL, to now the PARIS TERROR ATTACK; and make no mistake about it, we’ve just seen the beginning of that. There will be more terror attacks during this election. Trump has been there miraculously in perfect timing and events are all on his side.

      Putin is even working against the lies of US CABAL and even that is working in Trump’s favor.

      Trump’s got FAVOR.

      I have a sneaking suspicion God knows if we have anyone else in office America will go down. And if we go down so does ISRAEL. It’s just not our time nor Israel’s time yet. America must be the beacon of light, it is just not her time to fall over that cliff.

      The REVOLUTION (as in change, not necessarily a fighting warlike revolt) is happening all over the Western world. Everybody is taking a RIGHT. Not the old “Republican right” we are used to in American politics, the churchy issues of gay marriage, etc., but a hard RIGHT pragmatic style. SURVIVAL MODE.

      Trump has the crowds, which means his people will come out to vote for him in droves. Another thing THEY did not count on.

      Let’s not give them too much credit to find their way out of this. They’re in CHECK, and possibly even CHECK MATE soon.

      Trump will win! He already IS.

      Turn that God-forsaken Television OFF. All it is is an electronic carnival barker, spewing fear and paranoia out into the atmosphere, it can actually damage our souls and make us depressed, worried, anxiety-ridden, and bonkers! TURN IT OFF. We’ve got Sundance and other internet avenues to find news. We don’t need to see THEIR news, it’s almost all lies. Propaganda machine, turn it OFF.

      Tune into what Trump is doing and what is actually happening, not their script of what they say is happening.

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      • Thanks for that. You’ve spotted the longest game at the table. Now we just have to figure out how to get ourselves fully at its disposal.

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      • insomniakat says:


        Thank you for this post! I’m thankful for the encouraging and wise words. I agree, Donald Trump is facing incredible evil, and so are we. I too believe GOD has DT’s back, and so do all of us who support Donald Trump. My prayers are that GOD will confound those who plan evil toward DT and the USA. No doubt TPTB are getting more and more desperate, and will get more so, but I have to believe that GOD put Donald Trump here at this time for HIS purposes, and I believe HE will continue to Bless and Protect him.

        I too have noticed how Donald Trump’s policies are in perfect timing with all that is happening here in the USA and the world. And you’reso right on about turning off the TV! I hate watching the “news” on TV and come here instead. The LSM and TV “news” is exactly what you said here, an “electronic carnival barker”. I love that description! Whenever I hear those nattering fools in the LSM, I find myself getting angry, raising my voice and cursing at the TV screen. I hate those liars. I’m so glad Donald Trump keeps calling them out!

        Thank’s SD for all you do, I’m grateful for this site, learning so much everyday from all the posters as well.

        Trump ~ 2016 & 2020!

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      • margarite1 says:

        You know what? I just turned off my TV and feel better already. I had tried watching The Good Wife but as soon as they mentioned “women’s healthcare”, i.e. abortion ,I turned the channel – (after Scandal the other night I refuse to let these people in my living room). The constant adverse stimulation, constant hype, constant selling is very draining.

        So I will have a nice rest of the night! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

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        • nightmare on k st says:

          That show is about change agents slowly moving our culture in a non-traditional direction

          So Hollywood’s definition of a “Good Wife” is:

          1 Staying married to an unfaithful spouse so she can commit Adultery too


      • irvingtwosmokes says:

        The Transnationals are putting their plans in motion before all the pieces were in place and you can thank Donald Vlad the Impaler for knocking their pieces off the chess board on to the floor.

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      • nightmare on k st says:

        Speaking of the MSM, I like the way Sundance has been outing some of them the Right uses, like Breitbart, Fox, NRO and Salem, there is bias there and people need to reason for themselves, take it as if it was Pravda

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      • Melzwie says:

        Amazing thank you for that!


    • 22227z says:

      Unless they are sitting back waiting for the holidays to be over, or for “something” to happen. It is creepy.


  3. Southern Son says:

    Yea it’s creepy! Sundance…Your creeping us out, dude. Really, I never would have seen what is glaringly obvious. Thanks again SD. I am becoming more afraid each day for DT’s safety. Alot worse than LBJ are out there now. Pray for our nation and Trump.

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  4. bofh says:

    Can it be that the pace the others are on is the “normal” work rate for politicians, and over the years, we’ve come to accept their sorry-assed efforts? Have they managed to shift the Overton window so far that we expect so little, and are content to accept even less from them? They have created a slow-motion world where a go-getter like Trump looks like a speed freak. Not only that, but he’s ruining their sweet deal for them by waking people up to the fact.

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  5. highondeath says:

    Why do all that work? Far easier to find a billionaire donor and let him set your agenda for you.

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  6. Brother X says:

    Follow the money. who aside from the Wall Street/MSM/DC crime syndicate has the most to lose?

    The ME nations promoting Islam and most of all CHINA.

    Now go check the incoming flow of ONLINE support(because that’s all there is) from overseas to the various establishment candidates and it should all become very clear.

    The NSA,the CIA, and the other alphabet agencies have to know this, so that means they are in on the scam

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  7. Rick says:

    Bluto, you really nailed it!

    I tweeted yesterday that the 2016 Presidential Campaign has really been a snoozer less Trump. If we really think of it, the Dem side frontrunner is a pathological liar that is under FBI investigation. Only in America could so many nitwits support such a loon. So, she goes uncontested into the general, waving her feminine false flag. Women should feel insulted by such a flawed specimen.
    I know my wife sees nothing favorable in Hillary.

    On our side, we have a front runner that really has held the top position for 5 1/2 months. Unheard of in recent times. Yet, the establishment elite rather than solidify around the one person who could beat the criminal Clinton, would rather covertly organize behind-the-scene plans to take Trump out. Trump seems to sense this because he brought up the “we’ll see” approach when asked by Snuffleopogis about an Independent run in this morning’s interview.

    The MSM just makes my blood boil. CNN & Fox continually get away with distorting, editing and twisting Trump’s words to their own narratives. Trump is the only one bringing in these record crowds. It really is a populist movement that may be unprecedented and unfolding before our own eyes. I know what I see. I have listened to every Stump Speech Trump has made to date and his energy is boundless. Completely, unfiltered and without polling or scripts, this man is leading in every poll. Who else could have pulled this off? Rubio, Carson, Cruz, Bush, Kasich, Christie, Firorina, Jindal, Graham and on and on…now perhaps Mitt again. PLEASE! Enough!

    Trump said this, Trump said that. No matter what they throw, he throws back! He doubles down, he fights to win and the Left MSM has never had to fight a real Republican candidate since Reagan. Truthfully, Ole Ronnie was a nice guy and as a kid I remember him being the host for Death Valley Days, but he’s no where in the league of Donald Trump. The MSM tried to make Reagan look like a loon, but I don’t remember them ever outright lying and making up stories like they do with Trump.
    Carter was only a one term loser and the economy and the Iran crisis denied him a second term.
    The usurper in the WH has truly damaged this country.

    We have become a weakened country. We are less respected and feared. We are losing our sovereignty and liberties without the due process of law. We are less secure in our own country and we have become so politically correct and paralyzed that we cannot share open and honest dialogue for public discourse without being branded so many horrible terms. Kasich says that he doesn’t believe Trump supporters are not real. Trumps plans are nonsense. How can he repel an entire group of people. Muslims? Lies. When did Trump say he wanted to repel Muslims? Yet, the media let’s him go unchallenged. Read here:

    Well, Gov. Kasich the Washington Elite has repelled an entire class of people for the past thirty+ years. It’s called the middle class. Your time is done. Their time is done. The fatcats, the donors, the lobbyists, the special interests, should be scared. Yet, for some reason I really think that the things I see with my own eyes (Trump crowds), the Silent Majority movement that is middle America, the desire to Make America Great Again will be sabotaged by a much smaller group of sick, perverse, evil, privileged and demented people.

    In the past, we have heard the campaign calls that “this election is the most important”. A lot of rhetoric and simple words, but I do feel that they hold more true now than ever. The Vulgarians must wake up the citizens. We must regain a voice and be invited to the dinner table once again. Trump is our voice, not because we agree with everything he says or think that he’s the only one who can lead. Trump is the only one who can objectively do what is right for the people and not the Establishment. If that’s not good enough for the ones who have their hands on the Trillions at risk, so be it and let them cash out, move to an island with a coastal villa and leave the New World to the middle class and true Patriots clean up the Progressive shit they left us with.

    TRUMP 2016

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  8. TheTorch says:

    Bluto – you are getting famous! – Bill Mitchell has linked to this article! 🙂

    Well done and thanks Sundance for picking up an excellent post.

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  9. Paul Killinger says:

    God bless those freedom loving Iowans! They’re on our front lines now as their state is the first one up.

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  10. Rebel Mope says:

    Sometimes it isn’t what is being said, but rather what is unsaid. Today was the first time I can remember the Kennedy assassination wasn’t plastered everywhere. Of course, not owning a TV doesn’t help, but I haven’t owned one in 20 years and I still always heard about it. Not today.

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    • jackphatz says:

      It’s pretty much lost to the “somewhere in time” history books. Some of the crazy folk say it was Moosad, others say it was LBJ with the aid of the CIA. No one cares anymore.


    • kinthenorthwest says:

      I thought about that on my way home from church today. This date is a date that is burned into my memory.
      This is one of two songs that Phil Ochs wrote in tribute to JFK

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      • Possibly too much is going on in the world today to reflect on this idyllic time and the tragedy of its ending. I was 13 years old when JFK was assassinated. No doubt a conspiracy and the government has not been right since. ( btw, the documentary ‘I Shot JFK’ that runs on Newsmax is the best I’ve seen on the subject ). The quote applies here: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. The Trump candidacy reminds me of the enthusiasm that surrounded JFK and RFK back then. These men also were a risk to the establishment and the political class.
        God Bless Donald Trump. Please pray for him and for all of us!

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        • jello333 says:

          Of all the things both those men did, I think Bobby on the night of the MLK assassination is what I’m most impressed with. He single-handedly, and quite literally in my opinion, kept Indy from burning that night. But can you even IMAGINE a white politician having the courage to do something like that TODAY? Ha! He’d (again, probably quite literally) be lynched on the spot.


    • ediegrey says:

      We are dealing with so much horror today Kennedy seems a long time ago now – he sure wouldn’t recognize today’s democrat party. I like to think Trump would be a new JFK but then I was a big Kennedy fan. John and Bobby.

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    • 22227z says:

      Interesting, you are right, I haven’t seen a thing about it.


  11. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Thinking back, Romney didn’t have a lot of energy either. He would go missing for long lengths of time. We later found out he was fundraising – which he did a lot. I think that is part of why many of today’s candidates are “missing” is because they too are fundraising continuously.

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    • This election easy to see that fund raising = begging and turning tricks for the donors. they are no match for The Donald and the calling and mantle on his life. Let them beg and grovel for scraps, whilst we bask in the energy of the Sunshine of Trump and undeserved grace and second chance God is giving our country!


  12. sam says:

    The other candidate do have town halls and pubs meeting but no news network will cover them. Plus they have to work 200 times as hard consider if they have 50 people per town hall and that’s a generous estimate. They also have to split their time 50/50 for town hall and begging for money. Trump dominating the polls make begging that much harder.

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  13. sam says:

    In Brussels, 16 fugitive arrested, a few still at large. Trump database comment for refugees doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

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    • It will only get worse. We’ve just begun in that respect. Rome is on high alert, threats coming in against the pope, threats against DC and US, and more threats made against France. Those psychos are ALREADY HERE. Prayer rugs have been found at Arizona border since mid 2000’s. I am quite sure that there are already those in place here and abroad for another attack. More illegal alien crimes to come too.

      All of this will only serve to show Trump is the man with the vision, strength, foresight for the job. He’s already semi running the country!


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    • jello333 says:

      Wait, what?! You mean Donald was only talking about a database/tracking of refugees? He wasn’t talking about ALL American Muslims? But, but… I heard on TV that he was wanting to do a Hitler/Jew yellow star kind of thing? I’m confused… how am I supposed to known what to believe from the MSM?

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      • sam says:

        The yahoo reporter Hunter Walker original back and forth questions with Trump was about Syrian refugees when Trump say he can look into that. Hunter Walker then cut off the first half of the video and only show the 2nd half about database.

        CNN even edit out the part when he was talking about his wall and Trump say “absolutely, he will implement his wall”

        Media are such SCUMS! This week started out good, then midweek the database lies made me angry, now these polls made it a bit better to swallow.

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        • The media are getting desperate. I think some of the mid-level leftoid editors and the highly paid leftist faces now understand that there will be “h377 toupee” when Trump is elected.

          Trump actually understands the leftist media and owes them nothing. He can work around them at will. People who treat him fairly will be treated like journalists. People who don’t will be treated like what they are – political operatives.

          There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Good.

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      • nyetneetot says:

        I’m thinking we should be asking the same type of questions at the other candidate town halls;

        Mr. Bush, do you really support feeding irradiated tapeworm to Muslims for tracking purposes? When he answers “no” we publish that he supports feeding tapeworms to all immigrants regardless of origin or document status.

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  14. prognomore says:

    A handful of wanna-be frontrunners spent Friday night at something called Presidential Family Forum 2015 sponsored by something called The Family Leader. I skipped around in the video. Pretty low-energy.

    I suppose this sort of thing would work if Mr. Trump wasn’t showing everyone how to run an exciting campaign that connects with something very deep in a nation wanting to be great again.

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    • sam says:

      I know now why Trump never appear in town hall with these other wannabe. Trump doesn’t want to draw big crowds for them and give them the spotlight. Good Strategy.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      I noticed right off how most of the candidates started flip flopping into many Trump’s campaign views, especially the ones that are very popular.


    • Athena the Warrior says:

      This is the only way the others remotely draw crowds that are the size of Trump’s overcrowd rooms.


  15. jackphatz says:

    All of this will be decided long before the general election. How much time will there be between the last of the deciding primary and Nov 2016? Four months? We might be looking at a very dismal, destructive, depressing summer next year.

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  16. yohio says:

    Congrats Bluto,
    I’ve commented a lot about enjoying your sense of humor, and your great support of Trump and wanting to see things get better. We see a lot of things the same way and once again your spot on with your article on Trump. I’ve had a good time pestering a lot of folks at Breitbart, consider you my friend and hope to see this thing through with Trump winning the Presidency. Then we can enjoy this with our friends at the treehouse. Remember to donate to CTH every penny helps.

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  17. RVAguy says:

    Only 10 days for the Virginia primary filings to be done. Still only Trump and Bush? Where can we find out?


  18. ZurichMike says:

    Surely all the splitter candidates have purchased advertising time in 2016. While candidates cannot coordinate with SuperPACs, nothing prevents SuperPACs from coordinating with each other. I smell a massive, coordinated multi-SuperPAC attack starting in mid-January in each primary state that will (1) try to take out Trump and (2) foist the GOPe puppet on the electorate, aided and abetted by mainstream media who also stand to lose if Trump is elected.

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  19. zephyrbreeze says:

    I’ve said the same thing to family members who thought the other candidates still have a chance. Today, I came across this, and wondered: Who is showing up at these 35 rallies? Donors? Who would donate to someone polling in the single digits?

    “Republican voters needed no one to persuade them to distrust Obama — but GOP candidates kept trying anyway. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who held his 34th and 35th New Hampshire town halls this weekend, started both of them by saying that “Paris has changed this election.” Christie condemned a “weak, feckless” president. His crowds spilled out of the venues and, in quiet moments, the chatter was all about Paris.”

    How dumb can these donors be?–and-electorate/2015/11/22/4ef899b8-8fc7-11e5-ae1f-af46b7df8483_story.html


  20. Bill Withers says:

    I have to disagree a bit. I’m from NH and the candidates have been here constantly but your correct, they are not drawing the crowds. They can’t get enough people to come to fill a room. I believe the problem is none of them have a message that anyone wants to listen to. The reason I feel is that Trump has taken all the “oxygen” out of the room. Trump is mentioning things that the other candidates are trying to shy away from because of fear of alienating their donor base or most importantly the RNC. In a nutshell, the other candidates are “tongue tied”.

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  21. Jay says:

    I went to two of his speeches. You can just feel that he is for real.


  22. Lars says:

    I was going to attend a Lindsey Graham event that was offering free beer, free T-bone steaks, free massages, and a special “biscuits and gravy room”. It was cancelled due to scheduling difficulties.

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  23. Waynestrick says:

    I would have gone to that event too, but it was over a mile away.


    • wondering999 says:

      Like like like like!!!! “The current crop of politicians are not telling us the truth.”
      Well-spoken articulate calm woman. Love her and want to see this reposted… (thinking about where I want to see splodeyheads!!!)


  24. yohio says:

    Here is exactly what talking about with Cruz and then think about all the donors buying his influence when saying this, and notice the fake laugh and his face when Colbert says who pays for the candy


  25. Solo Tester says:

    Bluto, my man, great job. I’ve been a writer for most of my life and your topic about Trump’s gravitas in pulling such large crowds is just one of many subjects that keep popping into all of our minds about the Don.

    Any writer would love the wellspring of material that Trump gushes forth. Every time I analyze him, I’m amazed at another positive bullet point that comes to mind: the energy, drive, handling of the media, self-funding his campaign, everything is “great, YUUUGE and powerfully positive, the unique brand that no one else has — hell, even his hand gestures and mannerisms could take a paragraph or two.

    Come to think about it, I can feel a book proposal coming on. “The United States of Trump: How a Man and a People Made America Great Again.”

    Liked by 6 people

    • Great idea! But if you can get a quick “Trump for Dummies” in right now, you may actually be able to explain him to the GOPe, before they ruin the best thing to happen to them since Reagan! 😉


      • Love it, Canks! But I fear the GOPe masses haven’t learned how to read yet, let alone be able to channel any reasoning, logic and common sense. “Trump In the Hat” by Dr. Seuss would be a stretch for them.

        And while we’re at it, do you hear that GOPe flushing sound? That’s Rick Wilson I just crammed down the tubes.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Curry Worsham says:

        I believe you mean the worst thing to happen to them since Reagan.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Like I like to say, “First there was the Ronald, now comes the Donald.”

          Liked by 1 person

        • jello333 says:

          I’ll admit to being a little confused about the Reagan comparisons, and I can tell you that I know a bunch of people (my wife and me included) who couldn’t stand Reagan as president, and yet are totally behind Trump. Oh I’m sure there ARE a lot of former “Reagan Democrats” who now support Trump, but it goes beyond that. Either way, though, it’s fine… if someone wants to compare ME to the supporters of Reagan, that’s fine… as long as it helps Donald get elected. 😉


  26. Bluto says:

    I’m humbled by all the kind words here. Feeling the love, and it’s great! And, boy is that a good thing…The positive comments are really welcome because when I originally wrote this, I was feeling a tad bit angry. Oh okay, more than a bit angry. I was feeling pissed.

    It’s all about the work ethic. The work ethic thing is a big pet peeve of mine. I’ve always had a great work ethic and it’s helped me really succeed in anything that I do.

    What annoys me so much about it, is people who may casually see that I’m succeeding, seem to think it’s easy or that it’s luck. I HATE THAT. I’ve worked my butt off honing my skill set. It wasn’t easy.

    So when I see the bogus reactions to Trump’s success, sometimes I internalize it and take it personally too. He didn’t get where he is by being a celebrity or by saying funny things. Those are by-products of his hard work, NOT the actual work itself. It kinda pisses me off…..a lot.

    Okay. Rant done. Back to feeling the love….:) 😉

    Liked by 5 people

  27. myopiafree says:

    Not to be forgotten – Hillary has the same problem. She can not generate any “crowd” support. You always appreciate a person who goes out and hustles and is enthused about making a better America. That is what Trump is doing. The others – seem to be sitting on their ass most of the time – with no real new ideas and concept.


  28. Bessie Blazejewski says:

    I love Trump! He’s the only hope for America! Go Trump. America needs you.


  29. Jeff says:

    Trump is the only one I would consider , the mainstream media are so corrupt they are a super pac for the democrats .The RNC is just as corrupt ,Better wake up RNC and enforce your only worthy candidate #Donald J Trump .


  30. Marian says:

    I really, really want to be positive about our country’s future and having a good president again. However, I have those nagging doubts about Odumbo’s treasonous plans and how armed the Federal Government is…


  31. Johnson says:

    Cruz Rally in August
    Kasich Rally Nov 4th

    Kasich Rally in Ohio Tue Oct 27,h:407,t:1,c:ffffff,q:80,r:1
    Paul Rally April 10 in New Hampshire
    Paul Rally Nov 9 in Minnesota
    Cruz Nov 15 Bob Jones University
    Cruz Rally in Tx Sept
    Cruz Rally Georgia August
    Marco Rubio July 9th Iowa

    Jeb Aug

    Just a few minute image search picking the best shot of the candidate with a crowd, trying not to include their launch speech. The rally’s are out there, but many are smaller and older and in home territory. But Cruz in Bob Jones is a sizable crowd. You are right though that besides Bernie Sanders, Trump is the only one booking the largest venues, not restaurants, High Schools, or Local Companies with the employees required to attend.


    • keebler AC says:

      Very sad little affairs and sparse. Those dates should represent at least one candidate but instead it is spread across 4 candidates and goes all the way back to August. Trump is outpacing them by 30 to 1. One of Jeb’s rallies looked like a bake sale at a high school. A lousy bake sale at that.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jeb is all ads now. Like the Gary Trudeau hat icon about his bro. All hat and no cattle. A media creation.

        BTW, have you caught Jeb’s media persona makeover? Very interesting. Pounds off, more serious, a growing resemblance to Bruce Campbell that seems too perfect to be coincidental. The physical changes also offset and distract from the obviousness of tougher talk and “borrowed” bits of Trump.

        Like I said, media. Where Trump masters the media, Jeb lets the media remaster him.


  32. coltlending says:

    He’s also been the first, if not the only one, putting in writing what he intends to do and addressing the really serious stuff.


  33. Athena the Warrior says:

    Very hard to find Cruz rallies online that aren’t religious oriented or part of a summit. The couple that I have found don’t show the crowd size. A Kalamazoo rally shows him in a large space with the crowd in front but doesn’t show the crowd. The space behind him is empty.


  34. Athena the Warrior says:

    Just for the fun of it, here is Rubio a few hours ago in Carroll, Iowa I believe but it doesn’t list the location. Have at it:


    • Athena the Warrior says:

      At the 25 min. plus mark, this little fool will have us in WWIII by putting boots on the ground and embedding our soldiers. He will have us doing exactly what Trump talks about-picking and choosing Sunnis vs. Shiites. He sounds like a HS/college kid giving a presentation.


    • jello333 says:

      Someone needs to get hold of the fire marshal to check out the size of that crowd! Potentially dangerous situation…


  35. Tom says:

    Crickets? Censorship is more like it. Intentional suppression of news, information and opinion.


  36. woody jones says:

    Ladies and cohorts. I am ready and willing to remove all members of the sitting Congress and Senate with whatever means is needed and to start this Great nation with new leaders that have the interest of America in their mind and not just be looking to line their pockets with a dollar.


  37. Trump is the people’s President, he speaks the Truth, he doesn’t sugarcoat anything and that’s exactly why #Trump has the supporters he has. We are tired of the liars, lip service just to get elected, #Trump is a proven leader, he’s capable of turning the country around and he will work for the people not against them like the current one in charge! I’ve never been this excited and interested in an election ever…why now? Because we finally have a great man who will do what is the absolute best thing for the American people and our Veterans, Children, Grandchildren…etc. Donald J. Trump is the real deal, he might be harsh, but that’s the leader we need, our country is going to hell on the fast track with the current one in charge….People better wake up and make the right choice this time or we’re doomed with Killery Clinton, she’s just another Ovomit !


  38. Derigitable says:

    Love Bluto!


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