Secretary Kerry: The Charlie Hebdo Massacre Had “Legitimacy”, The Newer One Not So Much…

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? – John Kerry Remarks to the Staff and Families of U.S. Embassy, Paris:

kerry and hollande

John Kerry – […]  In the last days, obviously, that has been particularly put to the test. There’s something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo, and I think everybody would feel that.

There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, okay, they’re really angry because of this and that.

This Friday was absolutely indiscriminate. It wasn’t to aggrieve one particular sense of wrong. It was to terrorize people. It was to attack everything that we do stand for. That’s not an exaggeration.  (Transcript)

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100 Responses to Secretary Kerry: The Charlie Hebdo Massacre Had “Legitimacy”, The Newer One Not So Much…

  1. toontown says:

    lurch is at it again!

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    • dekare says:

      Yes, John F’ing Kerry, they are really angry, and that is a perfectly fine reaction to their god being made fun of. The real problem begins when they act upon this anger and MURDER people. That is what defines western CIVILization from the rest of the TURD world. And it is this proof that is all that is needed to show that these backwards-thinking dregs of the world are not ready to join civilization. But nope, instead, we want to spread them around the world and insert them into civilization, is if somehow, they will magically become just like us.

      America and other countries are letting these people come in by the thousands and hundreds of thousands, and use our past as the reason. They claim that the words on the Statue of Liberty are what we should live by. However, as once stated by Teddy Roosevelt, a president considered so great that he we have a bust of him next to Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln on Mount Rushmore…that the understood contract between America and the people we let come here, is that they MUST integrate. They must become American. They must speak English, and contribute to this great land, and swear allegiance to America. And that too is the problem. There was a time that immigrants did exactly this. They WANTED to become American. It was an honor to do so. Now, we have people who come here, not to become American, but to avail themselves to all the benefits of being here, but want to give absolutely nothing in return. They want America to become more like the shithole they just left…and I have to ask WHY? If it was so great there, why did you leave? They believe America should accommodate them in every way, and sadly, we have liberals in our system that are doing just that, and telling them and us that these newcomers have a RIGHT to do this. WTF?

      During the first rush of immigrants to come to America, the mentality was different, and we NEEDED warm bodies to expand and grow. Today, we no longer need lots and lots of people. We have plenty of our own to worry about as it is. Newcomers should bring something to the table if they want in. America does not need goat herders and dumb laborers that immediately run to the welfare and free housing office. Have a necessary skill that we need, and be able to support yourself and your family, and we will let you in. Oh, and adapt to US…not the other way around. If your religion or your way of life demands that you be offended by how America governs itself…well, we don’t need you. And if you are a person who demands that no one offend you at all, but you go around offending everyone you meet…well Sparky, seems to me you are the problem.

      But those that want to destroy our way of life demand We The People change our ways, in order to allow those that will not only not make America better, but instead, be part of the problem, come on in by the boatload…and we get to pay for all of it.

      I am sure I am not alone on this. But when will those who think like me become the majority in charge? Or, are we so afraid of being labeled or offending anyone, that we let our country get trashed just so some retards don’t whine about being made to feel sad. Is that what we have become?

      Finally, if this country does go under, and we are damn near that tipping point…well, then we got what we deserved, and the experiment of our Founding Fathers has proved a failure. It is up to us. Will we thrive once again, or die…a footnote in the history books of that 240 year blip where human beings thought they could govern themselves….silly fools.


  2. John Galt says:

    Kerry and Hillary are both frequently confused and need naps.

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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    We are lead by stupid people

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  4. Scott Spencer says:

    Kerry is a Traitor to America..

    So, Kerry now endorses Revenge? For a cartoon? What a moron.. By this reasoning we should all react Viciously..

    What a staunch admission. Unbelievable!

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  5. Doug says:

    OMG did he just try and justify Charlie Hebdo? im at a loss for words. What dont these people get? People that will slaughter a whole newsroom because of a cartoon drawing of some dead religious figure from a thousand years ago also have no problem indiscriminating killing and maiming random people. How are they shocked by this?

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    • Betty says:

      What dont these people get?
      They are liars and they are tying to put something over on us, and an important part of their plan has something to do with – What?

      Just like common core seems to want to lower education to the lowest common denominator, this “spontaneous migration” is meant to lower cultures to the lowest common denominator. Besides muslims despise individual freedom and MOST OF ALL they OBEY any nasty old imam who gets the upper hand.

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  6. dginga says:

    I cannot believe this raging idiot represents the Unired States around the world. Of course, his predecessor was Shrillary.

    You know I didn’t always agree with Condoleeza Rice, but I am pretty certain she is highly intelligent, and that she was, at the very least, SOBER, while carrying out her duties on our behalf.

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  7. Louisiana Steve says:

    They’ve been drinking too much of their own Kool-Aid.


  8. PreNanny says:

    What a steaming pile he is.

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  9. beaujest says:

    This Dunce needs to be Swift Boated again !

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  10. rodney says:

    Double face palm.

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  11. aximand88 says:

    The Obama administration, embarrassing America one day at a time.

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  12. mrscribbler says:

    Kerry is a perfect match for his boss: both are opportunists, benefited from money and acclaim they didn’t earn, and both nurse pathological hatreds for the country that gave them so much. Not sure if Lurch had Daddy Issues as Choom Boy did, but it seems likely.

    And, in another remarkable coincidence, both men have more than earned long, long sentences is some maximum-security prison. Actually, both a guilty of treason, but I would not call for the mandated sentence in their cases: I want them, in robust good health, to occupy their cells for many years to come, isolated and powerless. I want them around to see how Americans rebuild the great country these two tried so hard to destroy, and to feel the scorn of those who have suffered from their acts.

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  13. Doodahdaze says:

    The democrats are in panic mode. The Obama chickens are….Coming Home….To Roost!

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  14. Serpentor says:

    So if a terror victim publishes cartoons first, that’s different.

    Okay, gotcha.

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  15. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, indeed! He needs to go slow jam with James Taylor somewhere and keep his mug out of the news. How dare he make a statement insinuating that by drawing a cartoon of the warlord Mohamed, the Charlie Hebdo staff brought that attack on themselves. Disgusting.

    Here’s a news flash Kerry – “normal” people don’t go on murderous rampages because they get “really angry” about something. If a person DOES go on a murderous rampage as a result of anger, he is arrested, tried and either imprisoned for life or executed (at least hopefully.) Not pandered to in the hopes he’ll “like” everyone and not do it again.

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  16. Rev21v3n4 says:

    He literally makes me sick. He is such a pontificating poltroon, craven cur and treasonous traitor. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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  17. Mr.Right says:

    “This Friday was absolutely indiscriminate”

    ? Kerry must be high on Saudi farts.. been kissing their asses to much.

    This was done against French people, and French values against the Caliphate.
    It was done because France help bomb the ISLAMIC State in Syria.

    The target was very specific, the perpetrators did it in the same name as the Charlei hebdo massacre (and lets no forget the Jewish people targeted and killed).

    For Charlie, it was a cartoon that offended Allah… For the Bataclan killing, it was France fighting against the Islamic state & the islamic caliphate.

    Some of the people that participated attended well known extremist muslim mosque in Belgium,
    and they shouted “allaha akkarb” during the killing…
    What more do people need to identify the problem? and compute 2+2 = islamic terrorism.

    Charlie Hebdo was islamic terrorism
    Bataclan was islamic terrorism
    9/11 was islamic terrorism

    Sick of this BS.. But good for the 2016 election, I hope..
    Because Hillary stand fully behind Obama and Kerry rhetoric and policies.

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  18. Southern Son says:

    This is person that negotiated the Deal for Iranian nukes. I M ashamed for us all. Disgraced does not come close to describe his projection of American Morals. Thank god sopreme court stopped his bid for POTUS. No telling how many soldiers lost their lives because of his bad judgement in Nam.People of his ilk are origin of term fragged in combat. If only he had been.


  19. Steve in Greensboro says:

    Kerry said in his speech “…And that’s why when some people – I even had a member of my own family email me and say, “More bombs aren’t the solution,” they said. Well, in principle, no. In principle, if you can educate and change people and provide jobs and make a difference if that’s what they want, sure. But in this case, that’s not what’s happening. This is just raw terror to set up a caliphate…So this is not a situation where we have a choice. We have been at war with these guys since last year…”

    Obama is getting ready to expand the U.S. involvement in the conflict in Syria. Kerry would not have said that otherwise. The Europeans are getting sick of the massive immigrant flow out of Syria and want to use the U.S. military to stop it. (Why not just let Russia and Iran do it, as Pat Buchanan recommends? ) And in any case, the Ruling Class which directs both Obama and the neocons is addicted to war in the Middle East.

    And war or peace in Syria, the immigrant flow into Europe out of the Middle East and Africa will not stop, because it is at least partially driven by economics and open borders (another fetish of the Ruling Class).


    • KBR says:

      If Russia and Iran do it Bummer won’t be able to protect the people he really cares about: ISIS


      • Steve in Greensboro says:

        Obama is in a pickle.

        On the one hand, Obama would like to have ISIS overthrow Assad as part of his overall plan to destabilize the Middle East, along the same lines as the overthrow of Kadaffi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt.

        On the other hand, Obama is a strong supporter of Iran and they support Assad, partly as a client and partly because Iran is Shia and wants to prevent the rise of the Sunni-ISIS.

        But I believe the Europeans are pushing him to do more to help destroy ISIS. So Obama is going to have to put his project to destabilize the Middle East on the back burner to try to stem the flow of Syrian immigrants into Europe.


  20. angie says:

    Muslim terrorists didn’t like cartoons and so then the terrorists kill people because of the cartoons and it is legitimate? God help us because there have been lots of anti Obama and anti Kerry, cartoons. If these 2 clowns kill the cartoonists, does that mean Kerry is ok with it because it’s “legitimate”? Guess, Kerry would be ok with getting rid of both the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.
    Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot is 100% on target.


  21. Dems B. Dcvrs says:

    “There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not a legitimacy, but a rationale …”

    Chalk up another one for Democrats. One of most ignorant and callous statements ever.
    Sorry France, we can’t fix Stupid.

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  22. Venus says:

    “The future most not belong to those who would slander the prophet.” ~ Obama at the UN in 2012 following the Benghazi 9/11 attack that killed our Ambassador and even other Americans, which this administration was blaming on a “vile” video.

    So Kerry is just stating this administration’s position.

    OT — how many Christians refer to Mohammad as THE Prophet? Yet Obama ALWAYS refers to him that way. Never heard him refer to THE Lord Jesus Christ. Funny — huh?

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  23. Doodahdaze says:

    As I have said. What you are witnessing is The Doctrine of Social Justice in the media. The Jihadi’s qualify as oppressed minorities. Bet the ranch. No, I am not kidding.

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  24. KBR says:

    Legitimate=legal, right. So our Secretary of State thinks Charlie Hebdo attack was legal?
    Kerry is legitimately an idiot.

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  25. Mr.Right says:

    My understanding is that the attack in Paris was in response to this

    France is now moving its nuclear aircraft carrier to the region to intensify attacks,
    and requested the EU to join in this war. (mutual-defense clause)

    Russia is now using heavy bombers with jet escorts, and seem to have launched 34 cruise missiles last night alone.

    Russia is also using troop transport to move ant ISIS battalion directly behind ISIS lines.

    I’m not sure, but this could evolve into WW3 .. Specially if Hillary could impose her “No fly zone” over Syria and shoot at the Russian air force.


    • Mr.Right says:

      Need to add this. But some Intel report ISIS is now close to a quarter million soldiers.
      This is why the page linked above show the IS to be 200,000 strong.

      Also this is ISIS, not all the other islamic extremist groups..

      I have to look into the data, But it seem possible the Caliphate & Islamic forces are well over a quarter million in the region…

      And the media tells us 10 to 30 thousands? BS, because Europe said 6,000 European alone joined ISIS. European dont make 30% of ISIS….

      We might actually be at war with a sizable army, with 2 billion in income (oil and other forms of income) + almost infinite support for Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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    • folma says:

      Carson also wants a no fly zone and said we should shoot down Russian planes. How are these people not locked away in an asylum?


  26. e.g.g. says:

    “They are attacking for what we stand for”?!!!!

    Oh, forgot..they are upset with global warming…..(rolls eyes)

    And people actually believe this nonsense, and the facist politicians know that if they keep repeating the lies, people believe it……and it’s working…..Unbelievable

    Obama, Kerry, Clinton and their minions are not incompetent. They have been working slow and methodical to get to this point……destabilize the country and other Western countries… is a plan of Soros and so far it’s working…..this is why Trump scares them.


  27. R-C says:

    These comments by Kerry very aptly sum up the views of this entire administration. They quite clearly “don’t get it” and never will.

    The ISIS attack on France was not “indiscriminate” to anyone who understands that ISIS intends to destroy “The West” in its entirety. (And, for that dolt Kerry: France is part of “The West”.)

    ISIS has very plainly informed the world of their goals–they are at war with us and intend to wipe us off the map to be replaced by them.

    Kerry’s foolhardy comments merely highlight the idiocy of the Obama/Jarrett “foreign policy” that appeases those whose stated end-state is a world without us in it.

    At what point will this reckless administration be declared “a clear and present danger” to the United States of America? –30 governors seem to be awakening to that proposition as I write…

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      Great summation. I’d also add that with the organization of territory under their control in a way which provides public services, it’s clear it’s not a passing fad. Of course, they can only provide these public services due to the theft of assets: oil, ransoms, etc. Trump was right long ago when he indicated the key was cutting off the $$ flow, oil sale and the banking system, where possible.


  28. mazziflol says:

    Kerry is a DB. If a victim’s family member ever came out and just flat decked him…I wouldn’t think it was ‘right’ per se…but I would certainly understand.


  29. Bitterlyclinging says:

    Obama, Kerry and the rest of the Democrats searching full time for nuances between the attacks under every rock and stone. The only thing that counts for ISIS are the bodies of dead infidels.
    He’s obviously still the same John Francoise Kerry that said American soldiers “Behaved like the forces of Genghis Khan’ in front of the Fulbright Committee and went, as a private citizen, to Paris, while still eligible to wear the uniform of the US Navy, to negotiate the surrender of US troops in South Vietnam with representatives of the North Vietnamese government.
    Definite sick man, there. Very sick.

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  30. emet says:

    And what of the French and Rue Mumia Abu-jamal, the Muslim who executed Officer Falkner? Is he still a towering figure? A hero to French everywhere?

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  31. NJF says:

    Wow I feel like a true vulgarian. This morning I remarked to my husband, “you know when Charlie Hebdo happened the all said behind closed doors ‘well they kinda deserved it.'”

    Man, I can’t believe he just admitted it. SMH

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  32. pyromancer76 says:

    Obama must be impeached so that he cannot pardon the criminals in his administration. Or: don’t go after the criminals legally until Trump’s administration is in place. Unfortunately, way too much damage can be done before then. We must stop them now with everything we have. Remember all the weapons and military vehicles and ammunition that went to the Dept of Homeland Security and just about every other department they could stuff weapons into — meanwhile they continue to attempt to disarm Americans.


  33. NJF says:

    Whoa. Has this been confirmed?


  34. Mr.Right says:

    Anyone following this… Check what is now in play with Russia and France.
    Report show Putin moving heavy and long range bombers and ordered its Russian fleet to work width France commanders. (including cruise missile launchers)

    And if France get the EU to join, this will send a sign of a unified world against the Islamic state.


  35. RINOKiller says:

    The botox sure has gotten to his brain.


  36. Scott Spencer says:

    We been at war.. We need to duly finish the deed though.. Ally with Russia & end this barbaric people..


  37. folma says:

    This is what Obama said after he skipped the march against the terrorists who killed the cartoonists in Paris. He put the blame on those at the magazine as well. Kerry and Obama see the west the same way the jihadists do. This is outrageous.

    [citizens of ]“modern, complicated, diverse societies” should “exercise civility and restraint and judgment. And if, in fact, we defend the legal right of a person to insult another’s religion, we’re equally obligated to use our free speech to condemn such insults and stand shoulder to shoulder with religious communities, particularly religious minorities, who were targets of such attacks,” …Just because you have the right to say something doesn’t mean that the rest of us shouldn’t question those who would insult others in the name of free speech.”..


  38. Well, no need to take a poll on this one….

    Ketchup Boy’s cheese has definitely slipped off its cracker. WAY off…


  39. maggiemoowho says:

    John Kerry needs to be impeached NOW!!!!, like get the ball rolling tonight. Congress needs to call a special meeting or whatever they need to do. He is just as evil as each and everyone of those ISIS monsters. He sympathizes with ISIS and thinks it was ok for them to kill people over a cartoon. F**k John Kerry, he is a disgusting piece of sewer sludge and a disgrace to America.


  40. keebler AC says:

    And people get upset when the Donald calls these idiots exactly what they are: STUPID.

    Joe Biden, current VP, claimed ISIS wants closed borders because that’s why they are crashing thru Hungary and Greece borders because, uhm ……. it’s somehow invading borders is easier with a wall. Wait…. what the hades kind of logic is this?

    Then there’s Piers Morgan who claims the Paris murderers are not muslims even tho…..uh, a few of them were Syrian muslims and they yelled Allah Ak Bar while uh…..wearing jihad suicide vests.

    These liberals quite frankly talk out of their derrieres. Logic for them is a gaseous, noxious fart that passes for sound bites and logic. They make their claims out of thin air, and here I though Ben Carson was the pathological liar. Even tho, he is.

    Clinton’s followers are easy targets for used car salesmen. I spoke to one who said very frankly to me that they laugh when they sell cars to women and other gullibles. Hilary knows women are vulnerable which is why she targets them with smooth talk while stabbing them in the back, denouncing women as biotches and liars when it come to being raped. Hilary, maybe the email scandal won’t take you down, nor Benghazi and being financed by the middle east and Wall Street …… but you will go down as a liar throwing women under the bus.


  41. warmac9999 says:

    This is the way most socialists think. They have to come up with some convoluted rationale, even if it is made up of lies. Obama, Kerry, Hillary, Nancy P, Harry R – the face of a very ugly and distorted political party that once used to be liberal and is now fully socialist.

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  42. keebler AC says:

    And people get upset when the Donald calls these idiots exactly what they are: STUPID.


  43. grlangworth says:

    This is the basis of Pres. Obama’s strategy with Iran:


  44. texan59 says:

    Hey! Jean Francois. We’ve got something to say to you, you dipstick.

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  45. joanfoster says:

    John Kerry has been eating too much Heinz ketchup.


  46. goodoldboy66 says:

    Kerry “This Friday [PARIS] was absolutely indiscriminate. It wasn’t to aggrieve one particular sense of wrong. It was to terrorize people. It was to attack everything that we do stand for. That’s not an exaggeration.”

    BGI / BLM never was legitimate and has become less-so. It is absolutely indiscriminate. It wasn’t to aggrieve one particular sense of wrong. It was to terrorize people. It was to attack everything that we do stand for. That’s not an exaggeration.”


  47. peachteachr says:

    Has the US ever had a traitor who served inside government longer than John Kerry?


  48. moe ham head says:

    is that their wedding picture?


  49. charlie21751 says:

    Just think where the Mayflower would have ended up if John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden were in charge. Blind, leading the blind……….!


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