Ben Carson Supports Puerto Rican Statehood – That Solidifies His Progressive Platform…

The Bloom is off the ruse !  Ben Carson supports Puerto Rican Statehood.

65% unemployment, a mountain of entitlement debt they cannot afford to pay back; 50%+ of Puerto Ricans on some form of government financial welfare; teetering on the verge of financial collapse; desperate for a bailout – and candidate Ben Carson wants to absorb Puerto Rico into the U.S.A as a state.  Yeah, he’s a progressive.

Ben carsonThis follows candidate Ben Carson saying only two days earlier that he supports the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership and further globalization.

Mitt Romney Donors have given Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson $15 million so far in 2015 (link)

WASHINGTON DC – Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson officially backed Puerto Rican statehood in a speech on the island on Sunday.

“In a Carson administration, I will leave no stone unturned in my efforts to secure this important step in Puerto Rico’s history – establishing Estado 51,” Carson said, according to CNN.

Carson said he viewed the issue of statehood as “settled,” the news network added, referring to a referendum to join the union backed by a majority of Puerto Rican citizens in 2012.

“Mis hermanos Americanos,” Carson reportedly said, “my campaign is built around the premise of ‘We the people,’ and through such lens, I view the statehood question in Puerto Rico as settled.”

The Carson campaign estimated that 3,500 people attended the rally for the pro-statehood New Progressive Party. (read more)

Ben Carson Globalist


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272 Responses to Ben Carson Supports Puerto Rican Statehood – That Solidifies His Progressive Platform…

  1. Burnt Toast says:

    About 15 years ago, around the time of the plebiscite before the last, I worked with a guy from PR. I asked him what he thought, should PR go for statehood, independence, or same-old same-old. His response, “What do I care, I haven’t lived there for twenty years. Do you really care what happens in your home state that you haven’t been to in twenty years? Then maybe you should still be there, same thing I tell the other ‘Ricans who make a big deal about it.”

    I cannot disagree, generally it is an issue of very narrow interest. (sidebar – statehood for the vast territories in the lead up to the civil war a major issue, this issue of PR is about on par with ‘should Guam or Hawaii or Alaska be a State’)

    From a partisan perspective, statehood would benefit democrats nationally and would be a net negative for residents (who would continue to vote democrat benefiting the nationals). I think the locals do recognize this and so continue to vote for the same-old same-old (federal control, unlimited spending).

    If PR chooses (and gets statehood) or chooses independence, the US would pay off the debt. Partisan republicans would probably prefer they hit the bricks.

    Bring it all together, a republican candidate taking a solid democrat position in an otherwise trivial matter is concerning.

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    • Well, the folks who own the PR tax exempt bonds, or have insured (e.g. MBIA) them certainly care. I think it’s about $60-$80 Billion. Serious money calling. Carson’s herky-jerky campaign shows he is

      1) fully owned by special interests
      2) doesn’t even get him any votes, as PR residents can’t vote for him
      3) not as bright as advertised


      • gulfbreeze says:

        “2) doesn’t even get him any votes, as PR residents can’t vote for him”

        The Washington Post recently ran an article exploring the fact that PR’s high unemployment is pushing large numbers of them to move to the US, where they are a significant voting bloc that does not have an ironclad Democratic bias. As US citizens, moving here is simple, and by far their favorite destination is around Orlando, in the swing state of FL. So one can’t discount the significance of PR issues. PR citizens are already in the US where they can vote, and they’re up for grabs by either party. And the GOP is spending significant dollars to mobilize them for 2016.


        • OK, fine, maybe he could pick up a few thousand votes (less than 1% in Florida). The offset is that several million Conservative voters nationally (thinking about voting for him) consider the wisdom of taking on $60Billion of bad loans in an obviously corrupt/incompetent Territory of PR.

          I remain convinced that Carson’s intellect is vastly over-rated.


        • Rorvig says:

          So what we should really do is cut Puerto Rico loose. We don’t need them escaping the mess they have made of PR, and then moving here freely, with the right to vote in our elections (I wasn’t aware that they could do that).


    • itsy_bitsy says:

      Carson’s comment on Puerto Rico was a warning shot over the bow of all Republicans. He appears to be another “John Roberts” to me! You think you’re voting for one thing and you get something entirely different! We face tremendous problems in this country, we do not need another “manufactured” one! If I remember correctly the Puerto Ricans already settle this themselves a few years back by voting against statehood. It’s a non issue for crying out loud, and Carson is muddying the water, and showing his inability to think on his feet with this issue!


    • Concerning is an understatement here’s an update…

      Mark Levin: ‘Destroy-the-Constitution’ TPP Deal Would Allow Obama to ‘Take Us to Fast Track to Hell’ – Breitbart via @BreitbartNews


  2. RINOKiller says:

    The drop will start becoming unbearable

    He has truly lost it!

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  3. justfactsplz says:

    Sometimes you have to trust your gut instincts. I have had a very uneasy feeling about Carson from the very beginning. We are already up to our eyeballs in national debt without adding Puerto Rico’s money woes to the mix.

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  4. Brother John says:

    Radio Derb had the right attitude with regard to Puerto Rico: cut it loose, install a ferociously anti-American and bloodthirsty dictator, and then blockade the place.


  5. His new name is Dr Ben CARJACK!


  6. conservativehippie says:

    seems very tone deaf. here we are wanting a wall to control our borders and not only is he weak on that issue, here he is saying it’s “settled” that we absorb a failed state (and the failed mentality of the people therein). sheesh!! it’s like these leftists can’t kill this country fast enough. and yes, apparently he is a leftist. i was fooled for a while there but it’s clear now.


    • conservativehippie says:

      and he’s even speaking spanish, jebito style, to boot!

      i hope he sinks in the polls in the coming days and weeks based off the trade deal and this.


  7. yohio says:

    Carson seems like he is drawing a lot of the religious right, but I thought this was the cruz and beck crowd. So what gives, we have discussed how Cruzs ties to the religious right would hurt him, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting Carson is it cause he is black? Cruz seems to be the better candidate if your really religious. Is this a way the left and maybe the GOPe setting up to show the right and conservatives as whacko religious and nutty and they are going to try to pull Trump into this to define him and those following him. It seems a long shot but they keep grouping Trump, Carson, and Cruz together I wonder if that’s where this is headed. Trump 2016.


    • keebler AC says:

      Carson talks about personal miraculous transformations due to religion. It’s entitlement miracles. Beck and Cruz can’t talk about that. I’m sick of candidates starting with Bill Clinton pushing his poor-me childhood and eventual rise to fame as a key criteria for presidential office. Rubio and even Ted does this. So does Carly as poor secretary.


  8. snaggletooths says:

    Dr.Carson has been a thorn in my side since he entered the race, he has no solid positions is more a flip flopper then Mitt Romney which is not a compliment. Watching him speak he can barely keep his eyes open something very off with him the art work in his house of him I find strange.
    Just can’t get over how many Carson supporter’s just are happy to vote for him because he is nice scares me when I hear that.

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    • Luck is not all says:

      I don’t think he gets his votes because he is nice I believe he gets his votes because he is black. We are repeating the same pattern of 2008 with Obama. It seems to me that many blacks who are Democrats will vote Republican in the primaries and that is not going to be an easy hurdle to overcome

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      • Athena the Warrior says:

        The same non-vetting too. This time, supposed conservative media like Rush, Levin, & Hannity won’t discuss Carson’s liberal positions.

        Today, Rush was all hand wringy over poor Ben Carson. I turned him off.


  9. Given the choice I’d rather have PR statehood than have Obamacare. But I’m afraid it would be a twofer.


  10. itsy_bitsy says:

    We cannot continue to elect people WE THINK we know, but in reality we actually have no clue about. I have always contended that Carson dues not have the knowledge needed to run this country, also that he could be EASILY rolled by democrats! It appears to be happening already! Carson is clueless and that is the last thing in the world that this country needs now! George W. Bush often put his “Christianity” before the good of the country with his turn the other cheek attitude. It was very Christian of him, but was not always the best position for the country! We need a fighter, who will stand up for the Constitution on all things and not be backed into a corner because of his religion or lack of it! A Constitutionalist Conservative above all else! We cannot feed the world, we cannot free the world, we cannot support the world, but we can do what’s best for this country and it’s people for a change, and Ted Cruz is the man to do it!


  11. sam says:

    The thing about Ben Carson is he’s probably a nerd in school with a very boring life. In order to sell books he lied and incorporated controversies in his autobiography. Carson is all about the money, he will sell out to the highest bidder if he’s elected.

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    • mpmp2015 says:

      I absolutely agree. There is no doubt that Dr. Carson came from very humble beginnings and in a financially challenged upbringing. His mother was his rock and guided him to where he is today. That in and of itself is an amazing success story, no need to embellish the facts or fictionalize certain accounts to make it more commercially viable. However, I think the latter is what happened.

      Whether it was at the urging of his publishers or advisers at the time he wrote his autobiography, there is enough preponderance of circumstantial evidence that points to the fact that many key moments that speak to a religious redemption narrative in Dr. Carson’s life most likely did not happen or did not occur as described in his book. This doesn’t take away his personal and professional accomplishments, that is all true. However, it can hurt a political candidate exponentially running for office because it squarely highlights a dishonesty issue with a candidate and in this political environment, a politician has to be seen as trustworthy in order to win any election.

      Once these issues of honesty are brought forth and then Dr. Carson’s about face support of TPP and now supporting a left wing agenda of Puerto Rico statehood, then this brings into focus of Dr. Carson as a candidate that panders to voters versus someone with deeply rooted convictions on conservative issues. He may be starting to make the same mistakes Jeb is doing in his campaign. He is campaigning to the LEFT or CENTER like he has already won the Republican nomination and he is implementing a general election strategy well before the nomination is secured.


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