Professional Political Class (GOPe) Give Grassroot Conservatives The Middle Finger In One Tweet!!

paul ryan mitt romney - selfie tweetTone deaf? Doubtful.  These are, presumably, not stupid people.  They are fully aware this is going to be received as…

We Win.. You Lose !


WASHINGTON DC – Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.) handily won the votes of nearly all his fellow Republicans in Thursday’s Speaker election, with the exception of a handful of dissenters.

Ryan won the vote to succeed outgoing Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) with 236 votes, well above the 218 needed for a simple majority. But nine Republicans voted instead for Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.), a long shot who was the only other Speaker candidate going into the GOP’s closed-door nomination vote on Wednesday.

Webster, like Ryan, did not vote in Thursday’s election. Although in January, during Boehner’s reelection to the House’s top job, Webster voted for himself.

The nine Webster supporters were Reps. Dave Brat (Va.), Curt Clawson (Fla.), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Walter Jones (N.C.), Thomas Massie (Ky.), Bill Posey (Fla.), Randy Weber (Texas) and Ted Yoho (Fla.). (read more)

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90 Responses to Professional Political Class (GOPe) Give Grassroot Conservatives The Middle Finger In One Tweet!!

  1. Sentient says:

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.

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  2. Steve in Greensboro says:

    Why does that photo make me think of Eric Cantor?

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  3. JRD says:

    So happy I refused to vote for these 2 corruptocrats.

    Thanks to those of us who had vision we will now have a President Trump instead of a Romney second term.

    Make America Great Again – Trump 2016 – We’re not gonna take it anymore.

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    • kallibella says:

      I voted for those corruptocrats because I believed FNC and the establishmentarians!
      No MORE!
      Trump 2016 and 2020!
      I will not support another corruptocrat/establishmentarian ever again!

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    • archer52 says:

      You should have voted. Obama’s second term sealed a number of bad acts from the first. HRC is not in jail. Lerner is not in jail. And we still have over a year of that idiot in the White House screwing us.

      Sometimes it is the lesser of two evils and one you can influence a little by complaining. Romney wasn’t a bad guy, just a rich elite guy. But you would be able to bend him with political pressure. Obama doesn’t care.

      Obama is a bad guy. HRC is a flaming vengeful witch. I’d vote for anyone on the other side before I’d let her in.

      Hope you will too.

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      • videoviewer says:

        do you really think they would be in jail if Romney had won? really? why? look at what an R congress is doing and ask yourself is that really what an R congress would be expected to do?


        • archer52 says:

          The only, ONLY reason Lerner is not in jail is the DOJ and the White House were in on it from the beginning. With Obama admin gone, the new AG in the DOJ (Think Gowdy lite) and suddenly whacking a middle level corrupto-crat is a good idea. Even if it is just to keep us drones placated. There is far too much data and news and facts out there to allow the admin to shrug their shoulders. Gowdy wouldn’t stand for it. Nor would have of his committee.

          As for HRC. The law is one of no intent. You may have not intended to handle classified docs in your private email, but that doesn’t matter. It’s like speeding. You are either speeding or not. Not realizing you were is not an excuse. A Republican AG, the head of the FBI, a screaming Congress and yes she takes a felony hit, pleads it out, loses her security clearance and retires from public life.

          Or the Congress and the White House gets lit up with endless calls. THAT is the difference between Romney and Obama. On the margins baby, margins.

          No Romney would not stop spending. That mold is cast.

          However, I have seen something lately that is encouraging. The younger stable of politicians are slowly making their way into power. We have three contenders for the White House around the mid forties? The House Speaker has a family, nice wife, does PX90 for fun (fool!), and sees the world differently. He may be an establishment GOPer, but he may not stay that way. He has time on his side. Boehner hears sickle bearing Death breathing down his neck!

          It’s a youth movement. Obama led it on his side. Rubio/Cruz/Ryan/Paul on our side.

          I think the old dudes in power are hearing footsteps.

          They are cashing out.

          It would have been fun to perp walk one or two before they left town.


      • JRD says:

        Excuse me, Romney was and still is a worthless, corrupt POS!

        Romney is the father of socialized medicine in this country. He finally admitted it this week.

        Romney was a “vulture capitalist.” He purchased companies that were cash rich and cannibalized them. People like Romney make voters socialists for life. He ruined lives.

        Romney lied when he said he wasn’t for Amnesty. He also was supposed to deliver carbon trading to the banksters to make up for the shortfall in the mortgaged backed securities debacle. Yes, he was going to shove Cap and Trade down your throat.

        Romney received an unsecured loan from the government for the Bain bankruptcy. The man who ran his father’s run for POTUS gave it to him. He paid you back 10 cents on the dollar. He told the government take it or leave it. He would distribute the money to the Bain management otherwise. Nice guy?

        Oh, you have been very successful in bending Boehner and McConnell with political pressure!!! LOL

        The corrupt gopE hates your guts and you still don’t get it.

        Let me let you in on a little secret: THE PLAN ALWAYS WAS THE DAUPHIN JEB in 2016. Because after 8 years of 0bama Americans would finally be ready for another Bush, Jeb.

        Romney was just the Bushies dope in 2012.

        Who do you think leaked the garbage Romney said at a closed meeting with the donors about the 47%? Romney was NOT smart. He allowed the Bushies to have too many of their Mafia chieftains involved in his campaign.

        Here is another secret: The Bushies leaked the Bridgegate garbage. Christie was only supposed to be running interference for Jeb. He started thinking that he could actually run for POTUS himself. Jeb ordered the hit.

        You still have no idea who the Bush Mafia is.

        Maybe one day you will wake up. Boehner and the Bush Mafia could have put both Hillary and Lois Lerner away if they wanted to.


        • Gerald Thomas says:

          Barring the elitest cabal of Bushies and or Clinton machine assasinating the leaders in republican primary so far……thier sphincters are getting a bit tight due to curtain being pulled away so all may see the corruption…sun light is the real disinfectant…the vulgarians are going to be getting more restless by the hour…I love it !


        • So how come is Christie running now?


  4. beaujest says:

    Dynamic Duo that lost to Dummy Biden and the Kenyan ! How can we miss them if they won’t go away !

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  5. Pops says:

    I’m surprised ‘bama isn’t in it.

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  6. Annie says:

    Somehow Romney cannot get over his lost to Obama in the last presidential election and he seems to be inserting himself whenever he is able in the politics of the GOPe. Thought he had more class but shows his true self or as that old commercial for camera film said,”let your true colors come shinning through.”

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  7. Backspin says:

    We Have ZERO Representation , !!


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  8. coltlending says:

    How does a guy like Romney, a supposed successful businessman, fold like a cheap suit in the last presidential election and allows Candy Crowley to sucker punch in the debate and not punch back?

    Because he wasn’t running to win.

    The Uniparty candidate won.

    That tweet is indeed Romney’s and the GOPe’s “sucks to be you” tweet to conservative America.

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    • Guest says:

      Yeah, remember when it was all over and Romney even had the gall to say he didn’t WANT to win?? It was all just theater for us peasants.

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    • I said it for years, and was called crazy.

      Same with McCain. 2 establishment liberals who pretended to run for president on the GOP ticket… while doing everything except pasting an “Obama 2012” and “Obama ’08” sticker on their respective podiums.

      “I think Barack would make a GREAT president!!!” — Romney and McCain, while pretending to run for president.

      What an incredibly stupid time to be alive, where ANYBODY AT ALL believed these two wanted to win.


      • robb says:

        That’s because these weak-minded white people are more afraid of being called racist, then they are of being known as cowards…hence the undue praise for their opponent, even though, had he been white, he would have been laughed off the stage early on!


  9. yohio says:

    A selfie of the loser corruptaclowns. We need to remember this, and when we elect president trump, we need to send a ton of selfies of ourselves celebrating with the captions were coming for you, or the end is near.

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  10. JoeS says:

    Mitt Romney has been really disappointed me in the last 7-10 days. He defended Obamacare seemingly in Tom Stemberg’s Eulogy, he criticized free and open speech and harkened back to the good ole days of three-network dominated media (where the NYT set the agenda of what was important to talk about as the STARTING point for the big 3-DAILY!), and endorsed Paul Ryan! I have to wonder if he changed or if I woke up. Maybe both!

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  11. stringy theory says:

    It ain’t over til it’s over and it definitely ain’t over yet. We’ll see who has the last laugh in the election coming up. Ryan the selfie had better enjoy his stint because I can’t see the GOPe holding onto the Congress next year–not after the complete sell-outs they’ve been. Screw you Romney and Ryan.

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  12. coeurdaleneman says:

    That photo of fake grins reminds me why I hate politicians regardless. Shallow so-and-sos that I remember from high school elections for class officers. Only on steroids.

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  13. craigusc says:

    Little Ryan will be summoned to the Whitehouse in 2017 for his marching orders.

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  14. three by one says:

    Pro-tip for people with prominent probosces: wide-angle closeup selfies are not your friend.

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  15. NHVoter says:


    The Donald is up to something…

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  16. WeeWeed says:

    Dear @mittens – please quit sending me letters begging for money for that nut Kasich from YOUR peeps. Stop.It. WW2

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  17. furtiveadmirer says:

    Cosmetic his & her facelifts for the ROMNEY RODENTS WHO LOOK younger than “Lawrence Welk” Ryan.

    A one & a two and…

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  18. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    Ah…………..that’s what evil looks like.

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  19. Cameraman says:

    This will wipe the smiles off their smug faces.

    Very nice post-debate numbers for Trump (Gravis poll).

    Won debate: Trump 27%, Rubio 21%
    Lost debate: Bush 26%, paul 24%, Kasich 15%
    Would vote for: Trump 33%, Carson 23%
    Was CNBC Fair? Unfair 76%, Fair 16%

    Read ’em and weep GOPe, read ’em and weep. 🙂

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    • stringy theory says:

      I think the massive numbers by which Trump won several large on-line polls (e.g., Drudge) also speaks to the huge following Trump has. All this blabber about him fading and Carson gaining is just that. I expect this debate will actually damage Carson.


      • Bagandahalf says:

        Wouldn’t surprise me to see Trump and Carson having their own splitter strategy going on. I think it would be pretty awesome.


  20. Ellie says:


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  21. Jethro says:

    Never have taken a “selfie’. I have always thought the act rather plebeian and prosaic. Anything the Kardashians have ever done is not worth imitating. Boorishness is not a quality I desire in my representatives.

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  22. tz says:

    Hubris is not stupidity, but blinds worse than having your eyes plucked out.


  23. bobby1122 says:

    Mitt is the scumbag bitch boy who said he was happy when there were only 3 mainstream networks to control.- He’s a worthless RINO establishment slug.

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  24. hocuspocus13 says:

    Well…we’ll see who has the last laugh when Trump becomes President 👍


  25. stella says:

    What’s the deal – sworn in by John Conyers?


  26. michellc says:

    Only 9 didn’t vote for Ryan. Those they are supposed to represent have called and e-mailed them telling them they didn’t want Ryan as speaker. Hopefully, people will remember that next year.


  27. Redware says:

    I have voted Republican for over 40 years.The GOP is no longer my party.I will vote for Trump and nobody else!


  28. Optimistic says:

    If Trump sees this, I hope he adds it to his list of stupid politicians doing stupid things.


  29. USPat says:

    LEAKED …what Jeb and his team think of the American Voter …

    Jeb Bush’s Campaign Blueprint

    A 112-page internal document provided to U.S. News

    Document provides a rare behind-the-curtain look at the gritty
    details of a campaign at a crucial inflection point. Here’s a breakdown
    of the most illuminating pieces of intelligence contained in Bush’s 2016

    Jeb Bush: “The race will fluid for some time because …voters have A.D.D”

    Page #3


  30. Ron Clouse says:

    Ryan still has one of the most impressive smack-downs of Obama ever witnessed, when they all went to the president’s budget 2009. He dropped some math on them, and it wasn’t pretty. That took some guts to sit there and lecture Obama, but it seems every time I think Republicans are about to launch some devious new plan to actually get the budget on track, they just give in. What we need is real leadership, and we haven’t had that for many years. Everyone in power looks so scared, and that’s why I like the fiery group of GOP candidates this year. Fiorina, Trump, Christie, Rubio, Cruz — more leadership in their little fingers than all of DC right now.


  31. Re that photo — Scott Walker has taken his ball and gone home. Levin (and others) are calling for Rancid Pubis to resign over the disgraceful treatment given to the GOP debate candidates. That leaves the last of the Wisconsin Three Musketeers (Paul RINO) to flame out. C’mon, “three on a match!”


  32. PatriotKate says:

    I am very suspicious that Mitt and Ann Romney were apparently there at the Capitol! Think about that folks. What are they doing there?

    You don’t suppose they now want Romney to step in since Bush is about to fall. If that happens, they likely promise all of Bush’s organization so Romney would only have to step in.

    These people are such scumbags!


  33. regedit says:

    Was this photo taken in 2012?Back when they insured obamas win
    It almost makes you wonder if romneys and maccains earlier candidatures were on purpose


  34. Lou Lou says:

    Capped teeth society —


  35. texan59 says:

    Hey Willard. I got one word for ya. 👿


  36. RINOKiller says:

    Thanks a lot Wisconsin!

    If they had any cajones, then they would vote him out of office!


  37. RINOKiller says:

    For the record, RINOney and son should be in the fed pen for their series of Ponzi schemes.


  38. 22227z says:

    Definitely need a vomit bag to look at that picture.


  39. ImpeachEmAll says:

    The Mrs. seems to be missing something.


  40. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Those lying eyes.


  41. moe ham head says:

    ok america everyone bend over
    we are doomed


  42. Kim Southworth says:

    I agree with many of the comments here. If it is true that the Freedom caucus got Ryan to agree not to push amnesty, then I will look a little kindlier upon him. Will see how he does working with President Trump!


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