Unreal – Paul Ryan Announces Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Will Be His Chief of Staff…

With this announcement representative Paul Ryan is openly announcing his intention to destroy the conservative elements within the republican party.  And yet again, its doubtful anyone will try to stop him.

The president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, recently announced his intentions to eliminate opposition to their progressive big government positions and destroy fiscal conservatives (Tea Party).

Tom Donohue demands: ♦ approval of the TPP trade deal, ♦ continuation of ObamaCare, ♦ comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty, and ♦ federal education Common Core education standards.

Previously we explained how deep the tentacles of the CoC reach within the Republican party – SEE HERE.

tom donohuepaul-ryan

Now today, to put the cherry on the cake, Paul Ryan announces he will appoint Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist David Hoppe as his Chief of Staff as Speaker of the House.

WASHINGTON DC –  As he builds support for his bid for speaker of the House, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan has announced he will name as his top aide a longtime corporate lobbyist whose past clients have significant business before Congress.

The Washington Post reported if he wins the speaker’s job, Ryan will name as his chief of staff registered lobbyist David Hoppe, a former aide to Sens. Trent Lott and John Kyl. The announcement comes a decade after congressional Republicans’ so-called K Street Project, which sought to bring lobbyists closer to the Republican policymaking machine, resulted in federal indictments.

Federal records show since 2010, Hoppe has lobbied for major financial industry interests such as insurance giant MetLife, the National Venture Capital Association and Zurich Financial Services. He has also lobbied for investment firm BlackRock, which could be affected by efforts to change federal financial regulations and which could benefit from a recent proposal to shift military pension money into a federal savings plan managed in part by the Wall Street giant. And Hoppe has lobbied for Cayman Finance, whose business “promot[ing] the development of the Cayman Islands financial services industry” could be affected by legislation to crack down on offshore tax havens.  (read more)


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149 Responses to Unreal – Paul Ryan Announces Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Will Be His Chief of Staff…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    Donorists, Ryan Plot Amnesty Coup—But Can They Be Trumped?
    James Kirkpatrick
    October 25, 2015


  2. TwoLaine says:

    Ann Coulter: Save Us From Paul Ryan And The Kemp Boys
    Ann Coulter
    October 21, 2015



    • AnthonyDog says:

      Did Ryan Construction get many new Federal Road Construction CONTRACTS


    • archer52 says:

      first of all, Kemp wasn’t that bad. that is all I have to say about that.

      The rest is this. I cannot help but think Ryan is trying to sabotage his leadership position. Or he is so certain he’s in, he is rubbing salt into the wounds.

      Either way, I am so disappointed in the kid. What or who got to him did a good job.

      I keep thinking in the back of my mind this one thought:

      “They know something we don’t know. And it is really, really bad.”

      I fear that the system is just limping along, one mistake away from just crashing. But nobody has any clue how to undo it.

      For example, we need to reduce entitlements. There is no other way. But the leaders have seen what is just below our questionably civil society. Ferguson and Baltimore reminded us of this. So what would happen if this guy and this crew realize they are going to be just a little hungrier??


      Or this crew:


      Seriously, check out the names:

      Martavious Craig

      Shirlandria Dixon

      I’m not making it up. We used to believe that the dumber the kid was thought to be, the longer the name the mother would give them to “create substance” to their character. If she was a crackhead banging a heroin addict, you can bet she was looking up long names!

      If the guy got caught with a gun, dope, an under-aged girl, IN a stolen car, his name was likely to be Dameirtrisus Qwanizeion and the last name something simple like “Brown”.

      Do you know how hard it is to interview a suspect who has two- thirds of the alphabet in his first name. “Uh, dameirtruisus..Daaamitruuuis-us? Am I saying that right?”

      “No dog, the “t’ is silent. What chu, stupit?”


  3. Me@mudd.com says:

    Absolute Traitor, and should be dealt as such…


  4. Southern Son says:

    Wish Ryan could be Cantor’d. They smell money and/or power, and lose all sense of responsibility to “We the People”. Simply disgusting!!


  5. Lulu says:


    Pbs Documentary: House Freedom Caucus Founder Was Key To Paul Ryan, Luis Gutierrez Open Borders Effort



  6. Martin De La O says:

    Ryan is like obama. He has fool the people who votes repulican. He and Obama are out to ruin this country. Why help Obama health care providers whose company are loosing funds get a government bail out. Ryan is a turncoat.We are a one party country under the progressive communist party (Democrats).


  7. Richard Diamond says:

    Just another fake republican who is working hand in hand with democrats and internationalists to destroy America, Ryan is the enemy, all for his masters and his own personal gain. When are the people going to wake up and put and end to this?? This is why I support Trump, he will put an end to this nonsense and political intrigue. Ryan has thrown his support to the Council on Foreign Relations and the other groups such as that who wish to destroy America.


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