Ted Cruz Strategist Jason Johnson, Shares The Planned Path To Victory…

George Will had a column yesterday in the Washington Post about a conversation with Ted Cruz’s election strategist.  Within the article Jason Johnson shares how the Cruz campaign feels they can win the GOP nomination.

The pathway, as described, is so far beyond possible, it leaves the reader wondering what exactly is the real goal of this campaign.  We’ve looked at this “plan” in detail, and will outline later today.  However, for those who fully understand the state-by-state primary races, you might first want to read the full plan as outlined by the Cruz team.  (Here’s An Internal Tool to cross reference the states mentioned)

beck and cruz(Via George Will WaPo)  If America’s 58th presidential election validates Ted Cruz’s audacious “base plus” strategy, he will have refuted assumptions about the importance of independent “swing” voters and the inertia of many missing voters.

Critics say his plan for pursuing the Republican nomination precludes winning the presidency. Jason Johnson, Cruz’s chief strategist, responds: “I’m working backward from Election Day,” because Cruz’s plan for winning the necessary 1,236 convention delegates is an extrapolation from his strategy for winning 270 electoral votes.

All presidential campaigns aspire to favorably change the composition of the electorate. Cruz aims to substantially reconfigure the electorate as it has recently been.

Between George W. Bush’s 2000 election and his 2004 reelection, the turnout of non-Hispanic whites increased by an astonishing 10 million. Barack Obama produced a surge of what Johnson calls “two-election voters.” In 2008, the African American voting rate increased from 2004 while white voting declined slightly; in 2012, African Americans voted at a higher rate than whites.

In Florida in 2012, turnout of non-Hispanic whites declined from 2008 even though the eligible voting-age population increased by 864,000. Nationally, the Census Bureau’s Thom File writes: “The number of non-Hispanic white voters decreased by about 2 million between 2008 and 2012.” In the past five elections (1996-2012), their share of eligible voters declined from 79.2 percent to 71.1 percent and their share of the turnout declined from 82.5 percent to 73.7 percent, while the Hispanic and black shares of votes cast increased about four and three percentage points, respectively.  (Keep Reading)

Pay attention to the 2nd to last paragraph, and as one example – remember what changes North Carolina made two weeks ago.

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379 Responses to Ted Cruz Strategist Jason Johnson, Shares The Planned Path To Victory…

  1. stringy theory says:

    Jason Johnson described: “The man who’s been dubbed Cruz’s “political brain” has deep roots in Texas politics, including a stint as chief of staff for now-Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) when he was attorney general. Johnson helped guide Cruz to his 2012 long-shot Senate victory — a campaign model Cruz wants to emulate, with its focus on small-dollar donors and grass-roots support.”

    Looks like the focus on small-dollar donors and grass-roots support has given way to super pacs and billionaire donors.


  2. facebkwallflower says:

    Picked this comment up over at GatewayPundit.
    Batterup authemis • 4 hours ago
    H/T FR:

    “We had a precinct primary meeting yesterday when Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership once again came up, and a top local lawyer and legal expert in the group (4 decades of experience in the D.C. cesspool) finally dropped the bombshell that explains why Obama has been pushing the TPP so hard: it has provisions that allow for a backdoor amnesty and unlimited H1b immigration, which is what Obama desperately tried for but failed with the 2013 immigration bill and his despotic Amnesty Executive Order attempt last year. It’s like an end-run, a backdoor around the will of the American people, the Constitution and even legislative debate. It makes sense when consider that only a very small portion of the TPP actually deals with trade– instead it’s an assault on US sovereignty by the globalists and neocons, and gutting basic US laws on border control and the Constitution is the real main motivation.

    The basis of Obama’s “super-amnesty” plans is a specific portion of the TPP clauses called ISDS, or the investor-state dispute settlement system, which is what the US negotiators fought the hardest for. The original interpretation of the ISDS (pre-TPP) was common-sense enough– investors would have to be compensated for expropriated property. But the newer version of the ISDS clauses is outrageously broad and goes far beyond what’s in NAFTA or the other treaties, allowing plaintiffs to override national sovereignty and a nation’s basic laws– including its core border controls– if the plaintiff claims that the nation’s laws are eating into its “operations” broadly defined.

    Here’s the basic core of the matter. We can all recall crony-capitalists, open-borders enthusiasts and GOPe bootlickers like George Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Bill Gates, factory farms recruiting illegals, Mark Zuckerberg, Carly Fiorina (yes, Carly is one of the globalists) and the Chamber of Commerce, whining that their “operations” are being harmed by US laws securing the border and stemming the flow of H1b workers. Under those ISDS portions of the TPP, they would be able to successfully sue to shut down US border control and H1b laws, creating an effectively open-border system.

    Remember that Obama tried to gut the US border and Constitution with the 2013 immigration bill (with the treasonous help of several traitorous RINOs like MCCain, Rubio, Graham, Ayotte, Hatch, Collins, Kirk, Flake, Corker and Hoeven), but failed when the House rejected his bid. Then Obama made a brazenly tyrannical move by trying to force open the borders through executive order, but again he was frustrated this time by the courts. Obama desperately wants this for his pathetic “legacy” and the failure of his open-borders agenda represents his biggest disappointment of his entire Presidency so far. (Regrettably even Ted Cruz has tried to help Obama out by pushing for big increases in the H1b visa figures– a shame because we used to support him but now he’s permanently lost our votes with this betrayal.)

    So now comes the TPP, Obama’s third and most atrocious attempt to force his open-borders globalist agenda on the United States, destroying the country and shredding the Constitution.The ISDS courts created by the TPP would be decided by arbitrators with an outrageous amount of power, enough to strike down basic US federal and state laws on border control and national sovereignty, if they are claimed to interfere with the corrupt operations of Adelson, Zuckerberg or the Chamber of Commerce. And the people would have no power to appeal the decisions made by the ISDS arbitrators against US laws.

    And it gets even worse, since the ISDS is also structured to be most favorable (both for bringing the lawsuits and staffing the arbitrators) to the crony capitalists already in bed with the Obama Administration. Many retail outlets for example tried to push against both the open carry and concealed carry laws on the books in several states, making the dumb claims that gun ownership was scaring customers away. The states, of course, told these outlets to go suck it up– our gun rights are protected by the Constitution itself, and thus a bit of inconvenience for the retailers, restaurants and other complaining outlets is no excuse to infringe upon the people’s right to bear arms. But the TPP ISDS system would finally give these gun-grabbers the excuse they’ve been salivating over to override the state laws and the Constitution itself to ban gun ownership– with the power the ISDS courts have and their mandate to strike down statutes inconveniencing the businesses of crony capitalists, not even the Constitution or US sovereignty would protect our basic rights anymore. The same goes for Obama’s green-tech buddies in Solyndra and other failed companies, which would have the power to sue any state governments for (ex.) cutting their green-tech subsidies or demanding they compete on equal terms with local firms.

    This explains why Obama has been teaming up with the Chamber of Commerce, Zuckerberg, Gates, Adelson, Big Ag and other big business crony capitalists as butt buddies in his TPP push: all of them for their own abhorrent reasons are desperate to have open borders and virtually unlimited slave labor from Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China through the hiring of illegals and the treasonous anti-American H1b visa. They know they’ll never be able to accomplish this legislatively due to the resistance of the more conservative Republicans in the GOP-held House of Representatives. And since the 2018 mid-term elections will likely return an even larger majority of conservative GOP governors and conservative state legislatures, the next Congressional districts and thus the House will be even more conservative in a few years. So they see their hope in gutting US border laws and the Constitution in the form of undemocratic systems, in this case the TPP. They don’t care that they’d be destroying the basic identity of the United States, turning us into a miserable, 3rd-world ghettoized disaster zone which would inevitably break up into a bunch of squabbling feudal fiefdoms. It’s all about their short-term, PC, neoliberal globalist gratification. True scum these traitors are.

    Any Republican official who even hints at supporting the TPP is the very worst form of RINO traitor and must be challenged vigorously in the primaries and general elections. If anything they should hope to lose in the primary, because the TPP represents the kind of betrayal and national backstabbing that starts revolutions among the betrayed people.”


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